BTFTLIAW – Chapter 364

Chapter 364 – As Expected

Smith never thought of using this method because it was very dangerous for a Dark Mage to turn a body into an Advanced Level undead. Smith didn’t expect that Zhao Hai surprisingly wanted to do so.

Smith looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Don’t bother, doing that kind of thing is too dangerous and it will have a huge impact on you. Just believe in the power of my Calci Family, we’ll definitely find out who is responsible for today.”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “Consider this matter finished, it’ll take too long and I suspect this wouldn’t be the last time that they’ll attack. Moreover, I suspect that this matter has something to do with me. Otherwise, how do we explain the fact that Megan was attacked just as I arrived at Sky Water City?” He didn’t wait for Smith to say anything as he waved his Ghost Staff and muttered a small incantation. A dark mist went out from the Staff and surrounded the doomed soldier’s corpse.

Before long, the mist vanished and on its place was a doomed soldier standing there. His wound was gone and if not for the bloodstain you wouldn’t think that he just went into battle.

Moreover, the doomed soldier didn’t look like an ordinary undead with a body riddled with rotten meat. It’s present appearance didn’t differ from an ordinary person aside from the fact that it was not breathing and also having a blank expression on its face.

With a serious voice, Zhao Hai commanded, “Tell me your status and why you came here.”

The doomed soldier immediately replied. “Yes, master. I don’t have a name, I’m only called Thorn 23. I was a member of Grand Duke Lionheart’s doomed soldier troop. Our only purpose in Sky Water City was to kidnap Miss Megan and force City Lord Smith to expel you from the city.”

Thorn 23’s words were simple, but he clearly conveyed his identity, the person behind him, and their purpose in coming to Sky Water City.

Upon hearing Thorn 23, Smith’s face couldn’t help but pale. He didn’t think that Thorn 23 would actually be Lionheart’s person. It seems like Grand Duke Lionheart really hit his head on something.

Zhao Hai could only smile bitterly and turned to Smith, “I’m sorry, brother Smith. I didn’t really expect this thing to happen because of me. I gave Miss Megan a fright.”

Smith waved his hand and said, “Brother, you cannot blame yourself on this matter. I just didn’t think that Lionheart would actually be this overbearing, to dare run up to my Sky Water City and kidnap my daughter. He’s clearly disregarding my face, he will pay for this.”

Zhao Hai only forced a smile, then he asked a few more questions to the doomed soldier. Unfortunately, Thorn 23 was only a doomed soldier, he didn’t know many things about Grand Duke Lionheart, so there were many questions that he couldn’t answer.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand as Thorn 23 vanished. He turned his head to look at Megan, “Miss Megan, I really made you frightened today. Please accept this gift as my apology.” He said as he put out a Spatial Bag and gave it to Megan.

Megan already recovered at this time, she looked at the Space Bag on Zhao Hai’s hand and became confused, so she asked, “Mister, what is this thing?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This is a Spatial Bag, the inside of it can store three cubic meters worth of items. Using it is very simple, you just hold the bag towards the thing that you want to store and it’ll take it to its special space.”

After hearing what Zhao Hai said, Smith and the others were all stunned. Then didn’t think that Zhao Hai would actually give Megan a Spatial Item. One must know that a spatial item is very precious in the continent, this gift was way too expensive.

Smith looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, please don’t. This gift is too expensive, we cannot accept it.”

Zhao hai smiled and said, “It’s fine. This is the gift that I’ll give to Miss Megan.” After leaving the Spatial Bag in Megan’s hand’s, Zhao Hai sat back down and turned to Smith, “Brother Smith, how do you plan on dealing with Lionheart?”

Smith snorted, “Brother doesn’t need to worry about it. Leave it to me, I’ll promise that he wouldn’t fare any better.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Brother Smith, I just want to inform you that you’re not the only one with enmity with Grand Duke Lionheart. There is also someone who hates Lionheart more than you and they already had a plan on dealing with him. Perhaps you could cooperate with them.”

When Smith heard Zhao Hai, he was slightly surprised. He immediately responded, “Brother, are you talking about Shelley Family?”

The matter of the Grand Duke suppressing Shelley Family was widely known throughout Rosen Empire. Naturally, Smith also knew about it, so when Zhao Hai proposed cooperating with someone, Smith immediately thought about them.

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes, it’s the Shelley Family. Some time ago, when Lionheart started suppressing the Shelley Family, the family already wanted to deal with him. But because of an internal matter, the family didn’t have a chance to counterattack. For this reason, I was also implicated. The reason the Grand Duke wanted to deal with me is because I had a partnership with the family, moreover, I did not follow his command to not stay at their hotels. This made the Grand Duke chase me around up until here. But now that Shelley Family’s internal matter was resolved, they can now carry on and deal with Grand Duke Lionheart. I think that with your help, Lionheart would certainly have no chance to escape.”

Smith nodded, “That is reasonable, for someone like Lionheart, one should finish him in one swift strike, if you fail, he will certainly take revenge. My strength isn’t enough to kill Lionheart. But with Shelley Family being a big merchant family added to the mix, this matter would be easier. I agree, I must ask Brother to mediate this matter for me.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “This is not an issue, I think that the Shelley Family would certainly be willing to work with you. Brother can rest assured. Right, Brother Smith, I forgot to say one thing yesterday. It’s also about business, I don’t know if Brother Smith is interested in dealing with Fire Fishes?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Smith’s eyes couldn’t help but light up, he immediately replied, “Brother, say it carefully.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I already expressed my intent to supply the Shelley Family with 10,000 fire fishes per month. If Brother Smith is interested, I could supply you with 20,000 fire fishes each month. I don’t care what you do with it, I’ll just supply you with those fire fishes.”

Smith’s eyes were sparkling with divine light at this moment, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Can Brother really guarantee a supply of 20,000 fire fishes per month?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I absolutely guarantee it, moreover they will be alive.”

Smith pat the table and said, “Very well, it’s settled. 20,000 fire fishes per month. I don’t care about the price as long as Brother can guarantee the supply every month.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then we’re settled. I’ll go back and prepare. Tomorrow I’ll go to Shelley Hotel and tell them about the matter of your cooperation. I’ll excuse myself.”

After saying that, he stood up and gave Smith a salute before he led Laura and the others to the exit.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s group go out, Chris couldn’t help but turn to Smith and said, “Father, this Zhao Hai is too mysterious. Why do you place so much trust in him?”

Smith looked at Chris and said, “Nobody in this world doesn’t have any secrets. Why should we fear his secrets, as long as he isn’t a threat to us then we’re good. He has a lot of enemies in the continent, he could only rely on us for help. So why should we not trust him? Chris, you have to remember, everyone has their own secrets, as long as someone is friendly with us, we didn’t need to fear anything.” Chris nodded and expressed his understanding.

At this time, Smith turned his head and looked at the Spatial Bag held by Megan. “Megan, show me the spatial bag. It’s my first time seeing a bag-shaped spatial item.”

Meg complied handed the spatial bag over to Smith. Smith took the spatial bag and carefully inspected it. What he saw was a very well made course leather bag. It didn’t have an extraordinary look to it, if it wasn’t Zhao Hai who gave it, Smith would have thought that they had been duped.

He untied the rope of the spatial bag and curiously looked inside. A magic formation appeared in front of him which gave Smith a scare. But he immediately understood what the magic formation was used for. He went to a chair in the room and pointed the magic formation as he said, “Receive”. Then the chair immediately vanished. He placed his consciousness inside the bag and instantly saw the chair hovering inside the space.

Then when he thought about withdrawing it, the chair immediately appeared back on its original position. Smith couldn’t help but look surprisingly at the small bag, he didn’t expect this very unremarkable bag in his hand to be very extraordinary.

But he didn’t take it for himself, he returned the bag to Megan and said, “Megan, this bag is a very special thing. You must take care of it well. Also, do not use it casually and expose it to other people’s eyes. There are a lot of people who covet this thing, they would do everything to acquire it. Do not make others know that you posses this thing, understand?”

Megan nodded as she looked happily at the small bag. She also saw the process of Smith using the bag, she didn’t think that such ordinary looking bag was very mysterious.

Looking at Megan, Chris and Diya were envious. One must know that spatial items inside the Calci Territory were very scarce, even Smith didn’t have one, not to say them.

At this time, Smith’s wife stood up and looked at Smith, “Dear, I’ll head back with Megan. I’ll be giving her a bath and then have her rest, you still need to get busy.” Then she led Megan to back to her room.

At this time, Diya looked at Smith and said, “Father, what do you want to do to deal with that bastard Lionheart? Will the Shelley Family really cooperate with us?”

Smith sneered and said, “Our family has been too low-key these recent years that the other powers have forgotten about what happens when they offend us. This matter should be reported to the family as soon as possible. And don’t ask me that stupid question, Shelley family cooperating with us will only bring them benefits and no harm, how could the Shelley Family disagree. Now, the two of you, go”

Chris and Diya bowed then turned back.


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  1. “I suspect this wouldn’t be the first time that they’ll attack.” Shouldn’t it be not the LAST, an in, they will attack again?
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