BTFTLIAW – Chapter 363

Chapter 363 – Furious

At this time, the window of the room suddenly shattered. Strangely, there was nobody that could be seen, but the shattered window was the one closest to Megan.

Zhao Hai’s voice suddenly reached Meg’s ear, “Be careful, there is a doomed soldier behind Megan, their goal is her.”

After Zhao Hai’s words ended, the Ghost Staff on Meg’s hand suddenly casted several wind blades to Megan’s back.

Meg also responded, she immediately shouted loudly, “Laura, be careful, there’s a doomed soldier behind Megan, she’s their target!”

Laura was also experienced in battle and reacted the moment he heard Meg’s voice. She immediately turned Megan around and blocked with her rapier.

The spells coming from the Ghost Staff became quicker and quicker and before long, in the space in front of Laura a person’s shadow suddenly appeared. The person was obviously injured by a wind blade.

Laura didn’t let go of this opportunity, she immediately attacked fiercely. For a knight like Laura, her fencing techniques were very formidable, so the rapier in her hand snaked outwards to deal a fatal blow.

For the doomed soldier in the shadows, this kind of confrontation wasn’t his strong point. Not to mention Laura’s rapier, Meg’s spells also gave him a headache.

He didn’t know that the spells that Meg casted were actually caused by Zhao Hai controlling the Ghost Staff. The spells were very fast and powerful, each of them had the power of a 7th rank mage.

Finally, the doomed soldier wasn’t able to resist the constant barrage of attacks from Laura and Meg. Before long, he was slain by Laura’s rapier. The doomed soldier’s body was immediately wrapped by a black mist coming from the Ghost Staff before it vanished.

Laura and Meg were no strangers to this situation, they knew that this was done by Zhao Hai. Megan, on the other hand, was terrified.

Megan was a princess who was pampered since she was at a young age. So when she encountered this situation, she couldn’t help but be extremely scared, especially after seeing the dead corpse wounded by wind blades. The blood that came out after Laura withdrew her rapier made Megan sick and vomit out the contents of her stomach.

When Laura saw Megan, she froze lightly, then she immediately withdrew a cup of spatial water and supported Megan to sit on a nearby chair. She comforted the young lady and said in a soft voice, “We’re okay now Megan, no need to be afraid anymore. The other person was a bad one, we’re only fighting those bad people. Come here and have a glass of water to make you feel better.”

After Megan heard Laura comfort her, she actually cried. She was really afraid, this was the first time that she witnessed death this close.

Under Laura’s comforting voice, Megan felt better, then she received the water on Laura’s hand and drank it bit by bit. When the water reached her stomach, Megan’s body immediately experienced a warm feeling as the uncomfortable feeling disappeared until her body became stabilized.

At this time, someone knocked on the door of their room, the three women immediately became anxious. Then they heard Shue voice, “Miss Laura, Miss Meg, are you alright? Please open the door.”

Laura looked at Meg, then Meg lowered her head, she was waiting for Zhao Hai’s instructions. When she heard Zhao Hai’s affirmation, she looked at Laura and nodded her head. When Laura saw this, she couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Meg immediately used wind element magic to move the tables and chairs out of the way. Laura opened the door and saw the anxious Shue standing there. When Shue saw Laura open the door for him, he felt relieved. However, when he saw the broken window inside the room, his expression couldn’t help but worsen. He bowed and said, “I’ve made Miss Laura afraid, please punish me.”

Laura waved her hand and said, “It’s nothing, we didn’t get injured anyway. Has the enemy been dealt with?”

Shue immediately nodded and said, “It’s solved, the people from Calci Family are also here so the place should be very secure. But Miss, all of those who came and attack us committed suicide.”

Laura showed a faint smiled, “Did they think that suicide is useful? They forgot that the Calci Family is a family of Dark Mages. The have the means to interrogate dead people.”

Shue nodded, at this point a group of armored soldiers walked over led by a young man. Shue looked at the man and opened the door for him. He knew that the young man was Megan’s older brother, Chris.

It was very obvious that Chris felt guilt over Megan. He threw away all noble courtesy and rushed straight towards the room. When he arrived, he saw Shue holding the door and Laura who was beside it. Seeing Laura, Chris relaxed and wiped a cold sweat, then he asked, “Miss Laura, is Megan alright?”

Laura smiled and said, “She’s alright, but a bit frightened, currently she’s getting much better.” Then Shue opened the door further and invited Chris towards their room.

Inside the room was Meg sitting beside Megan, comforting the latter with soft words. Chris quickly entered the room and inspected it. When he saw the broken window, his complexion changed. He thought that Megan hadn’t suffered an attack but it looks like it wasn’t so. Someone unexpectedly broke through the window and attacked them.

When Megan saw Chris come in, she immediately stood up and rushed to her brother’s chest and cried while saying, “Big Brother, I was very afraid. A bad guy jumped in from the window and wanted to kill me.”

Chris held Megan and comforted her immediately, “It’s alright, Big Brother is here, Megan doesn’t need to be afraid anymore”

After comforting Megan for quite some time, Megan calmed down. At this time, a voice suddenly came, “Young Master, young master Dean came to ask for an audience.”

Chris’ complexion changed as he replied with a cold voice,”Make him come.”

Before long, Dean came in, he didn’t have his prior demeanor and his head was full of sweat. When he saw Megan was alright, he felt relieved, but when he saw the shattered window, his heartbeat immediately sped up.

Dean immediately arrived in front Chris as he bowed, “Dean has seen First young master Chris. Today, it was our fault for being too lightly guarded that Miss Megan was given a fright. Please accept my apology, I’ll promise to visit at another day to apologize to the City Lord.”

Chris wore a cold face as he looked at Dean, “Dean, be thankful that my little sister did not have an accident, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to forgive you. You better provide an explanation for today or else I will be impolite.” After he said that, Chris turned to Megan and said, “Megan, let’s go, come home with big brother. Father is very worried for you.”

Naturally, Chris didn’t forget Laura and Meg when they left. Chris knew clearly that Megan didn’t have battle experience. For his younger sister to be safe, it certainly has something to do with Laura and Meg. In addition, the two ladies were also their guests so he didn’t dare to forget about them.

Seeing the group leave the room, Dean’s face immediately turned ugly, then he shouted at command, “Someone come here!” A warrior immediately ran in and stood in front of Dean and said, “Young master, what are your orders?”

With a cold voice, Dean commanded, “Go and find out who are responsible for today’s attack. When I find out, I will rip them to shreds.” Dean didn’t express dissatisfaction with Chris’ attitude. He understood that in Sky Water City, Chris’ status was the same as a country’s crown prince. Chris’ earlier actions were already considered polite, if he was replaced by Diya, then Dean wouldn’t be able to move from the terror.

Dean’s clan had many meetings with the Calci Family, and they even had more meetings with Smith’s. So he knew Megan’s position inside Smith’s family. If something really happened to Megan here, what would Chris do?

Thinking about that scenario, Dean couldn’t help but sweat a lot. He believed that if Megan truly had an accident here, Smith would certainly place his anger onto his clan, and the clan wouldn’t have any peaceful days from then on.

Smith’s power inside Sky Water City was known by all its inhabitants. When they heard that someone attacked Smith’s daughter inside Sky Water city, they knew that a storm was coming. All of the powers here knew that they could only bear the brunt of Smith’s anger, whether they were involved or not. This was because to them, Sky Water City belonged to Smith.

Chris and the others quickly arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion. As soon as they entered the gates of the place, they immediately saw Smith waiting there. When Megan saw her father, she immediately complained tearfully, and naturally Smith comforted her.

The group immediately arrived at the living room. At this time, Zhao Hai also arrived. Zhao Hai asked Laura softly about their situation. Since he was not at the scene, he naturally worried about the ladies.

At this time Megan recovered, Smith’s wife was also comforting her. Then Laura and Meg told the family about what happened when the doomed soldier came in from the window.

Then Meg released the man’s corpse and didn’t explain anything. Smith also didn’t ask too much. He just thought that Meg had a spatial item on her.

The doomed soldier wasn’t any different from when it was stored, but this one had its cover removed, revealing his face.

Smith looked at the corpse and became mad as he said with a deep voice, “Someone come and hang this person outside for the public to see. After three days, throw him into the water to feed it to the fishes.”

Zhao Hai quickly interjected, “Slow down, Brother Smith. We still need to find out about some information directly from his mouth.” Smith looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Do you want to…?”

Smith was also a Dark Mage, so he knew what Zhao Hai meant. Zhao Hai didn’t hide any truth from him as he nodded and said, “Right, I’ll turn him into an Advanced Undead then let’s find out who dared to attack Megan inside Sky Water City.”



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