BTFTLIAW – Chapter 362

Chapter 362 – The Restaurant Is Attacked

Yes, to Megan’s eyes, Meg and Laura were very outstanding. It even extended to Nier, to Megan, she was a very good lady.

Unexpectedly these three girls were actually with Zhao Hai, Megan couldn’t understand. She has seen Zhao Hai, he was not tall for Laura, and his appearance was also ordinary. Manners? In general he looked very boring. Such a man with no merit to get Meg and Laura’s affection was very unreasonable.

Although this was what Megan thought deep within her heart, she didn’t say it out loud. In any case, Meg and Laura didn’t discuss this topic with her.

Sky Water city was a paradise for women who love window-shopping. You could see and buy everything here that was from the continent. The three went to a variety of shops accompanied with several guards. They kept going in and out of stores, their escort guards were stuffed full of things that they bought. Even more pressing was the carriage behind the guards was also full of things.

Women window-shopping was akin to men drinking. Many women do not understand why men liked to drink just as men don’t understand why women loved window-shopping. Going out to stroll and buy items, even sometimes coming home with nothing, this made men confused for millenia.

Shue also followed behind Laura and Meg. Zhao Hai sent him to watch over Laura and Meg so that there would be no worries just in case they get into trouble.

For even more guarantee to their safety, Zhao Hai also gave Meg the Ghost Staff. This was so that If something happens, Zhao Hai could arrive at the fastest time possible.

They strolled until noon, when Megan saw that the weather wasn’t morning anymore, she turned her head to Laura and said, “Sister Laura, let’s go take a rest and eat.”

Laura also watched the skies, she nodded and said, “Right, I’m also quite hungry, let’s go.”

Megan smiled and said, “Since we are already outside, we should head towards East District where a famous seafood restaurant is located. That place is very famous inside Sky Water City.”

Naturally, Meg and Laura wouldn’t oppose. It was rare for them to have chance to come out and play, so they would take every opportunity to stroll around.

Not long after the group boarded the carriage, they immediately arrived at the front of a restaurant called Ocean’s Home. This restaurant was large, its building was seven stories high. It was here that one could get the best seafood inside Sky Water City, the entire building composed the entire restaurant.

Today, Laura and the others rode inside Megan’s carriage. Megan’s carriage was pulled by the magnificent 4th rank Magic Beast Snowflake Horse, the same as the one Laura previously used. It seems like women tend to be partial towards this beautiful white horse.

As soon as the carriage stopped at the front of the restaurant, a man walked out of the store alone. This man was dressed in a businessman’s garments and looked very ordinary. However, the smile on his face was something people would get mesmerized to see.

When the person saw Megan get down from her carriage, he immediately went forward and bowed, “This one has seen Miss Megan. The restaurant is very honored to be visited by the Miss today.”

Megan wore a polite smile and said, “Manager is being too polite, today I came to introduce my two friends to your seafood. I’ll have to ask the Manager to prepare us a table.”

The Manager immediately complied, “It has already been prepared for the Miss. The table is on the 6th floor inside the Sea’s Verse room. In there, not only can you and your friends eat your meal, you could also witness the city’s seascape. This is our restaurant’s best room.”

Megan smiled, “I really troubled Manager. Then please lead us there.” Then the Manager made an inviting gesture and welcomed Megan and the others in.

The Manager personally led Megan to the lift and up to the 6th floor then into a room named Sea’s Verse. The room was very nice, it was more than 40 square meters with a resting area as well as a dining area. The resting area faced the clear glass window showcasing an amazing seascape.

On the sky-blue sea, ships could be seen docked. Sometimes there would be smaller ships that passed by those larger ships, the scene looked very beautiful.

Because Sky Water City was beside the sea, it was still quite warmer her than other places even though it is winter. Today, the city’s skies were very beautiful, the sun was in full bloom up above. Although there was no magic furnaces inside the room, the place was still warm, it was neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature was just right.

After asking Megan to enter the room, the manager told Megan, “Miss, please take a seat. The dishes will be served immediately.”

Megan replied politely, “Thank you, Manager. The manager has taken very good care of me and my friends.” The Manager nodded and smiled, then he turned to exit the room.

Laura looked at the Manager’s departing back, then she smiled and said, “This manager is very interesting, he’s very well-behaved. Do you know him?”

Megan smiled and said, “Not really, but he’s a person from Count James’ family. The relationship between Count James and our family isn’t bad.”

Laura understood, “So, majority of the businesses in the city are controlled by nobles. What businesses does your family have?”

Megan shook her head, “I don’t know about these things nor did I care about it. But the businesses of the family should bear our family insignia, I think they should be very easy to recognize.”

Laura nodded, “Right, from what you said, your family should have more than 100 businesses in the city just from what I counted today. Amazing, that’s a lot.”

Megan stared blankly, “Really, that many? Why didn’t I notice? Hehe, why did you take count of the businesses? You want to take seize the businesses of my family?”

Laura replied, “I’m afraid I’ll exhaust myself if I manage to get your family’s property. I just want to see the kinds of businesses your family has. You should know that Brother Hai came here to do business and he’ll also partner up with your family. I just want to understand the businesses your family depended on.”

Megan looked at Laura and asked, “Why are you very attentive? Does your fiance let you handle these matters? Then what does he do?”

Laura wore a stiff smile and said, “He has way more important things to do, also his body isn’t that healthy. I don’t want him to over exhaust himself. Why are you asking? You seem to have an opinion on him?”

Megan, “I don’t have any opinion on him. I just don’t understand why a beautiful girl like Sister Laura would like such an ordinary looking man. He’s not even as tall as you.”

When Laura heard what Megan said, she couldn’t help but laugh and answer, “Our story is quite long, but Brother Hai is a good man, he’s certainly not like what you imagine. You must know that if a man is good-natured, his status and appearance won’t matter. If a girl wants to marry a man, she should marry one who will be good to her, not because of their properties, or status, or ability. It doesn’t matter if they are the world’s richest person nor the most competent person, if they couldn’t make you happy, then what’s the point?”

Megan looked thoughtfully at Laura, “You say that he was very good you, but if he really loves you, and also very good to you, then why would he also be engaged to Sister Meg?”

Laura smiled, “Brother Hai grew up together with Meg. Their feelings for each other are very deep. If Brother Hai would really give up on Sister Meg for me, then Sister Meg would get sad. For Sister Meg to be on his side for many years only to be left behind isn’t something a proper man would do. If that happens, then what stops Brother Hai from leaving me behind in the future? Little Megan, sometimes, man’s heavy affection isn’t a bad thing, on the contrary, it is quite better for men.”

Meg looked at Megan and said, “What’s the matter Megan? Do you have someone you like? How about bringing us to take a look?”

Megan’s face immediately reddened, she looked at Meg and retorted, “Don’t talk nonsense, with such number of people in the city, how could I find someone I fancy?”

While the girls were chatting, a voice suddenly came from outside, “Young lady, Dean James seeks an audience.”

Megan stared then she nodded and said, “Please come in, Dean.” The door opened and then a 20-year old young man came in.

This young master looked like a well pampered son of a wealthy family. He was 1.8 meters tall and had good features. He looked like sculpture of a general. He also wore a tailor made suit, it was impossible to not describe him as handsome.

Megan stood up and bowed towards the young man, “I’ve seen young master Dean. How come young master Dean has any free time to come visit today?”

Dean returned the courtesy and then smiled, “I heard that the beautiful Miss Megan has arrived, so I naturally must come and give my greetings no matter what. After all, this shop is under my responsibility.”

Megan faintly smiled, “Young Master Dean is too polite. I just came here to have a meal with my friends, not really a big deal. It’s quite an honor for young master Dean to come.”

Dean smiled, “Miss Megan to coming to dine inside my shop gives me happiness. Today’s meal will be my treat, I hope Miss Megan wouldn’t decline.”

Megan actually shook her head and said, “There’s no need for young Master Dean to do that. Today I treated my friends to eat a meal, so if the young master pays for the meal, then I’ll be unfair to my friends. Also, it would seem like it was the young master who invited us to a meal.”

Dean just smiled and looked at Meg and Laura, since the two of them were not wearing their veils, their appearance were clearly seen by Dean. His eyes couldn’t help but light up for a moment, then he wore his charming smile and said, “I didn’t know that Miss Megan’s friends would be such beautiful ladies. For a group of beautiful women to visit my store is certainly a blessing. I’ll immediately go to the kitchen and let the chefs prepare your dishes quicker. Then, please excuse me, young ladies.” Then after talking, he turned around and left the room.

After waiting for Dean to leave the door, Laura turned to Megan and said, “Megan, that Dean seems to take a liking to you, do you know who he was?”

Megan nodded and said, “Of course I know, he is the second-in-line to the James Clan. Don’t think that he is attractive, he’s extremely lascivious. Although his business ability is quite good, his lust was more famous in the city. I heard that he has already more than 10 girlfriends.”

Laura smiled and said, “Isn’t this a common thing among nobles? It fact, that isn’t a big deal.”

Megan frowned and said, “It’s not a big deal, but I don’t like it.” As she said that, the waiters already started serving their meal. All of them were made from seafood, and the dishes were beautifully made as well. It stimulated the group’s appetite very much.

Women’s resistance to delicious food was very low, even Laura wasn’t an exception. Now that they have the opportunity, they certainly wouldn’t hold back, they ate very well.

Despite this, from the many years of noble training they had, they ate gently, but they didn’t eat little.

After lunch, they didn’t immediately leave the restaurant. Instead, they sat at the resting area and drank some tea while chatting. Dean didn’t come and bother them, it looks like Dean still had some sense in him, he clearly noticed that Megan didn’t take a liking to him.

While the group chatted, there suddenly came a sound of metals colliding with each other. Both Laura and Meg’s face changed. They were people very experienced with life and death battles and immediately understood that they were under attack. Laura immediately pulled Megan behind her.

Meg used Wind element magic to place and keep the tables and chairs on the room’s door. At the same time, she also watched the door with extreme vigilance. The Ghost staff was also taken out to inform Zhao Hai.

Megan hadn’t encountered this kind of situation before so she still didn’t quite understand what was going on. When she looked at Meg and Laura’s anxious expressions, as well as when the tables and chairs were pushed towards the door, she immediately asked, “Sister Laura, what’s the matter? What happened?”

Laura looked at Megan’s appearance and smiled as she said, “We’ll be alright, it’s just a small matter. We’ve dealt with these in the past, there’s no need to fear with Meg and me right here.” After saying that, she took out her rapier.

Although Laura was a 5th ranked knight, her rapier skills were still quite good. Also, in such a small and narrow room, using a rapier such as this was the best choice.

Megan became frightened by their actions, she didn’t think that she’ll experience this situation inside Sky Water City. From the time she was little, this was the first time that she was attacked. Although she was also a good mage, she wasn’t very experienced so she didn’t know what to do in this situation. She just stood behind Laura wearing a pale face.

The sounds of weapons colliding became louder and louder. At this time, even the streets outside became chaotic as the city’s urban management brigade arrived. At the same time, they were also accompanied by a team of soldiers. Obviously, nobody quite knew what was happening here as well as who instigated the entire affair.

Seeing the situation, Laura’s heart couldn’t help but loosen. She was very clear that when the soldiers arrived, the attackers would immediately retreat. No matter what, this was Sky Water city, and Megan was the City Lord’s daughter. Those who dared attack Megan inside Sky Water City surely had a lot of guts. But at the same time, they needed to act swiftly and accurately. There was no salvation for them if they miss this opportunity, the Calci Family aren’t really known for being lenient.


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