BTFTLIAW – Chapter 361

Chapter 361 – Fire Fish Business

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Plenty, and I also have some magic vegetables not seen before in the continent. If you are interested, I can also supply you with those vegetables along with a few recipes. This will become your unique business. Interested?”

Marriott’s eyes lit up even further, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Really? If you have vegetables that didn’t exist in the continent, then we want a lot of them.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Brother Marriott, you’re being too greedy, I like it. Be relieved, when I go back, I’ll immediately make an inventory on how many vegetables I could produce each day. I’ll tell you after then, what do you think?”

Marriott nodded and said, “Good. then I’ll wait for the news. Much better if it came sooner.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then looked at Marriott, “Brother Marriott, I have another business, I don’t know if …” Without even waiting for Zhao Hai to finish, Marriott immediately replied, “Sure.”

Zhao Hai continued, “I haven’t even said what business it is. This business is risky. If they’re not a big family like the Shelley family, they won’t be able to handle it, even afford it.”

Marriott’s expression sank, then he calmly asked, “Tell me the business, as long as it’s your business, the Family will be willing to cooperate.”

Zhao hai smiled faintly then said, “It’s not that serious, this business can also be considered as a unique business. But this one will make a lot of people jealous, Fire Fishes!

Marriott stood up, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked seriously, “Fire Fish? How much do you have?”

Zhao Hai gave a smile and said, “10,000 per month.”

Marriott muttered, “Ten thousand, ten thousand.” While Marriott was walking back and forth, Zhao Hai observed his appearance and couldn’t help but faintly smile. Then he turned to the still surprised Might, he shook his head and said, “Hai, these two people, it seems like they went to another dimension.”

After hearing Zhao Hai’s words, the two people immediately recovered. They looked at Zhao Hai with eyes as bright as the sun. Marriott rushed towards Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, are you sure about what you just said? Can you really provide the family with 10,000 fire fishes per month? It’s not 100 or 1,000 but 10,000?”

Zhao Hai smiled and confirmed, “Correct, it’s 10,000. How about that? Would you dare take this business?”

Marriott laughed and said, “Of course! I’d be killed by the family If I decline this business. Brother, ah, you really are my lucky star! You’re Shelley Family’s lucky star!”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Come on, they’re just fire fishes. If you have a lot of money, you can easily get tired of it. To tell you the truth, I barely eat it anymore.”

Marriott didn’t get angry with what Zhao Hai said, he only retorted, “Other people will beat you up if they hear what you just said. Brother, you don’t understand the current situation of the Shelley Family. When we were pressured by Grand Duke Lionheart inside Rosen Empire, our businesses on other parts of the continent became affected as well. Even if we managed to deal with Lionheart, our hotel business would still be in a slump for a long time. But now that brother will supply us with fire fishes and vegetables, we could use them to promote our hotel and get good business. This is why I said that brother is really Shelley Family’s lucky star. But brother, does City Lord Smith know that you have some fire fishes? How could he let go of this business?”

As a native, Marriott clearly knew the value of fire fishes to the people in the continent. The reason fire fishes were valuable was because they were very rare. If it could be seen everywhere like radishes on the street, it wouldn’t be valuable.

This fire fish business was sure to be profitable. Do not underestimate 10,000 fire fishes per month. After processing, Shelley hotel could bring from at least 4,000 to at most 50,000 gold coins per day in income. For other people, seeing the amount of profit that these fire fishes could generate, how could they be willing to give it up?

Upon hearing Marriott’s question, Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “This is something that brother Smith didn’t know. But don’t worry, when I head back I’ll go and inform him. After all, these fishes are mine, so I get to choose who to sell it to. He wouldn’t object as to who I partner up. Right, I can supply you with 10,000 fire fishes per month but you need to make sure to prepare somewhere the fishes could be stored. You should know that these fishes are quite fragile.”

Marriott nodded, “Yes, this should be readied. Don’t worry, I’ll have it ready in no time.”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled, “Then that’s it. In two days I should have everything inventoried. You’ll also have to tell me where to take the products, but I’d much prefer them delivered here. Transporting cargo to Sky Water City is very convenient.”

Marriott nodded, “Ok good. Also, how would you transport the fire fishes? Will they come in a single shipment, or is it possible for you do them in batches?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Okay then, let’s do them in batches. Every batch will take ten days, the first two will have 3,000 fishes while the last one will have 4,000. What do you think?”

Marriott smiled, “That’s good, hahaha, then it’s settled. We’ll just wait here for the news.” Zhao Hai nodded then stood up, “Then I’ll head back first, I still need to tell Brother Smith about the fire fishes as well as the other businesses.” Then he walked out of the office with Marriott and Might escorting him.

Looking at Zhao Hai leave, Marriot and Might returned to the office. Marriott looked at Might and said, “Might, where did you say Zhao Hai was from? How did he have so many good things on his hands?”

Might replied with a still smiled, “You haven’t checked with the family? Well, there’s no point anyway since there’s not much information about him. From what the family found out, the earliest period where Zhao Hai appeared was when he came from the Black Fortress. It’s the only thing we got from his appearance, he was very low-key. His means were also very fierce, and he always had a lot of good things on his hands. It was precisely because of these products that he couldn’t stay inside Aksu Empire because of Southern King Boris. Boris coveted the things on his hand and even made Zhao Hai form an enmity with the Markey Family. It was then that Laura had a falling out with the family and went with Zhao Hai; she even got engaged to him. It could be said that he had gained two good things, Laura’s business experience as well as the amount of money he made. Afterwards, they went to the prairie. Nobody knew what he did at the Beastman Prairie, he just suddenly appeared again disguised as Wales and went straight to here.”

Marriott nodded, “His identity is too mysterious. Moreover he came from Black Fortress, a very chaotic place. No wonder nobody could look him up. I suspect that he’s from a powerful influence sent to get trained, and especially to amass a lot of money. Otherwise, how would Smith be good to him. We all know that Smith is a fairly arrogant fellow.”

Might agreed, “This matter is truly strange. If he had a relationship with Smith, he should have immediately went to Rosen Empire in the beginning. Why did he have to run up to Aksu Empire, especially in a place such as Purcell Duchy? Moreover, with him being driven out of the duchy, the Calci Family actually never gave help. If the Calci Family pressured Boris, there was no way for Zhao Hai to suffer that much. This is really weird.”

Marriott nodded, “Only Zhao Hai could explain this matter. But what struck me strange was also the fact that he was quite worried about meeting Smith. Also why did Smith suddenly accept him immediately?”

Might gave a forced smile and said, “Smith isn’t an idiot. Zhao Hai is a Space Mage. How could he not regard him as important.”

Marriott patted his head, “Oh, I actually forgot about that. We’re actually really lucky for making contact with Zhao Hai. Right, did you ask whether it was possible to buy some spatial items from him?”

Might smiled and said, “I’ll find an opportunity in the future to ask him. Anyway, it’s already good to have a connection with a Space Mage. We might even be able to get some spatial equipments to play with later on.” Then the two of them widely grinned.

At this time, Zhao Hai was sitting inside his carriage and headed towards Sweet Plum Courtyard. After he arrived at the courtyard, he immediately went to the Space and returned to Iron Mountain Fortress. He asked Green to perform an inventory on their products to see how much they could supply. After having everything finished, then they would start their business with Smith as well as the Shelley Family.

Today, Laura and Meg were out playing around with Megan. This was also what Zhao Hai wanted, he wanted to have the two women take a short vacation. The two had followed Zhao Hai for so long. They were subjected to the cold winds in the prairie as well as the tension of hurrying along because of the attacks, they didn’t have any time to get relaxed.

Now that they arrived at Sky Water City, they had Megan accompany them around. With the City Lord’s little princess with them, their security isn’t an issue. Thus, Zhao Hai just let them enjoy their vacation.

Laura and Meg were quite happy, it was quite a long time since they were able to play around. They were different from nerd hermit Zhao Hai, they weren’t used to always staying indoors. They were females, they liked window-shopping as well us buying clothes. It was just a pity that because of their situation, they couldn’t do that. But today, since they had the opportunity to do so, naturally they would enjoy themselves well.

Megan was also delighted, after all the three’s ages were very similar. Moreover, Laura had been a businesswoman for a long time, so she knew how to interact with people and with Meg’s gentle disposition that was akin to calm water, the three women immediately bonded with each other very well.

But Megan was confused as to why such beautiful women like Meg and Laura would like Zhao Hai. She really couldn’t see anything remarkable with the man.

Megan was only 17 years old, ladies at her age wanted to fantasize. In her opinion, her lover should have a high status, long hair, and a gentle temperament. With Zhao Hai, quite a few of those qualities weren’t present. She couldn’t understand why women like Laura and Meg took a liking to Zhao Hai.


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