BTFTLIAW – Chapter 360

Chapter 360 – Business

Smith looked at Megan who was hastily walking and then smiled to Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, come. I’ll introduce you two. This is my daughter Megan, the little princess of my family. Megan, meet Zhao Hai, ah, he currently uses the alias Wales.”

Hearing Smith saying that Zhao Hai was Wales, Megan couldn’t help but stare. Then she remembered Laura who gave her milk wine yesterday.

However, Megan immediately recovered, she went forward and gave Zhao Hai a salute and said, “Megan has seen Mister Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai got up immediately and returned her courtesy, he said, “Miss Megan is too courteous.” Since she was still standing up, Megan went to sit next to her big brother.

But when Zhao Hai looked at Megan, he couldn’t help but feel stunned. Not only because of Megan’s name, but also because of her appearance. When Zhao Hai first saw Laura, she was surprised because Laura closely resembled a certain Taylor back on earth, but she has a bit more courageous aura.

And this time when he saw Megan, he was startled, this was because Megan not only has the same name as a certain american actress, she also resembled her appearance. Both their statures were a bit tall, a sweet and pretty appearance, but this Megan has a certain look on her eyes that the other Megan didn’t have.

Currently, Megan was wearing a young lady’s skirt that most Noble young ladies wear. She appeared very beautiful, as attractive as a real princess.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that staring at a girl for too long is impolite. Therefore he looked at Megan for a short while then turned his head to Smith to continue talking.

Chris and Diya were also sitting at the side and calmly listened to the people speaking on the table. Although they were of the same age group as Zhao Hai, they felt something different from him. It’s not only because of his imposing aura, but it was also mainly because he was comfortably talking with Smith as though they were equals, it gave the two young men tremendous pressure.

At this time, the meals were already prepared, since it was breakfast, the dishes on the table weren’t very complex, each looked very defined but still simple nonetheless.

Smith invited Zhao Hai and the others to the table, Laura and Meg were Zhao Hai’s fiancees, so naturally there were also ushered to the table. In Sky Water City, Laura and Meg didn’t need to play a role as Zhao Hai’s maids. Presently, Zhao Hai introduced them as his fiancees.

On the table, Smith introduced Megan to Laura and Meg. Laura and Meg were of the same age as Megan, so naturally Smith was hoping that Laura could befriend his only daughter.

After breakfast, Zhao Hai asked Laura and Meg to go the city and play around with Megan while he went to his carriage and went to Shelley Hotel and see Ruyen. He also needed to see Marriott and have his cooperation with Shelley Family begin.

The bull-pulled carriage arrived at the hotel’s front door quickly. When the carriage arrived at the hotel, an attendant immediately came forward to greet Zhao Hai while another one went and informed Marriott and Might.

Zhao Hai first went to the suite Ruyen was staying in. Ruyen’s room was naturally the best accommodation in the hotel. Because of her connection with Zhao Hai, the hotel has taken good care of her.

Outside Ruyen’s room, Shun knocked on the door while Jill opened it. When he saw Zhao Hai, he immediately led him inside the room.

Since this was the hotel’s best accommodation, there was a living room present. After Zhao Hai and Shun arrived and sat down, Jill went and served Zhao Hai some tea. Zhao Hai looked at the silent Ruyen and calmly said, “Young lady. This trouble was caused by me. I have already talked clearly with the Grand Duke. He will send a ship to come and meet you, you need only to stay in the hotel these days, you could also take a walk around the city, you’re safe here.”

Ruyen lowered her head and said, “I thank mister for the care and I apologize for the trouble I caused along the way, I’m sorry.”

Ruyen becoming very polite made Zhao Hai feel very strange. Then he shook his head and said, “To talk about trouble, the majority we encountered on the road were mostly caused by me anyway. It should be me who’ll say sorry. This time you’ve lost so many guards without knowing, I’m really sorry about that. If miss Ruyen has any trouble in the future, you can go look for me, I’ll see what I can do to help.”

Ruyen looked up at Zhao Hai, then lowered her head again as she said, “Ruyen thanks Mister.”

Zhao Hai saw that Ruyen didn’t want to get in contact with him, but he didn’t say anything, he just stood up and said, “Then I won’t disturb the young lady any further. Rest well, young lady, farewell.”

Zhao Hai led Shun out of the room and saw Might and Marriott standing outside. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, then he laughed and said, “What are you two doing here? Are you eavesdropping?”

Might and Marriott couldn’t help but stare at each other and smile bitterly, obviously they didn’t come to eavesdrop, they were here to see Zhao Hai.

Before, when they heard that Zhao Hai would visit the City Lord, they thought that it would only be an ordinary visit. After all, the status between Zhao Hai and Smith was quite too far.

But who would’ve thought that Zhao Hai would actually be given a residence inside the City Lord’s mansion? The City Lord even sent some people to tell them that Zhao Hai will now live inside the mansion and that they were here to collect his things.

They didn’t dare stop them, one must know that Calci Family was the hegemon inside Sky Water City. They immediately handed Zhao Hai’s things over.

This made the two of them worried, they didn’t think that Zhao Hai would have such a good relationship with the Smith. If Zhao Hao chooses to cooperate with the Calci Family, then what would happen to them? This became a problem, after all, the Calci Family is much stronger than Shelley Family.

Yesterday, they were very worried that Zhao Hai would cut off his cooperation with Shelley Family. If this was the case, their losses would be very huge. Although losing 10,000 jin of milk wine isn’t a big deal to Shelley Family, Zhao Hai was. Zhao Hai was a Space Mage. For such a person to have a connection to them, it would be very good for Shelley Family.

So when they heard from the attendant that Zhao Hai came, the two of them couldn’t sit still. They immediately went to Ruyen’s room and wanted to intercept Zhao Hai. But when they looked at Zhao Hai’s joking appearance, they immediately sighed with relief, this meant that Zhao Hai wasn’t intending to cut their partnership.

Marriott immediately smiled and said, “How could we just let you go. Come, come, let’s drink a couple of cups” Zhao Hai didn’t refuse and followed Marriott to his office.

After the three sat down, a waiter poured the three of them a cup of fruit wine each then he retired. The people that remained in the room were the three people and Shun who stood at the side.

Marriott saw that Zhao Hai didn’t make Shun leave, so he reckoned that Shun must be Zhao Hai’s confidant. He didn’t hold back and asked Zhao Hai, “Wales, you’re close with City Lord Smith?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s just okay, the City Lord was being overly hospitable, so I have no choice but to accept his invitation. He also gave me Sweet Plum courtyard, but I don’t like living there, it’s too constrained, I might as well live outside.”

Marriott can only smile bitterly, if others heard what Zhao Hai just said, they would think of him as a hypocrite. Inside Sky Water city, if you can manage to live inside the City Lord’s mansion, then you certainly are someone with extraordinary status. Not to mention, Smith gave him Sweet Plum Courtyard, this was one of the best courtyards inside the mansion.

Might gave a smile and said, “Come on, stop showing off. Right, did you make a partnership with the City Lord?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes, we’re also partnering up for milk wine as well as other things. Thus, there would be no way for me to increase how much I supply here. We only have to wait until later on when the output of my wine increases, then we can slowly increase the supply. What do you think?’

Might and Marriott relaxed, it was like piece of heavy stone fell out from their hearts. They were very afraid that Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to cooperate with them anymore. As long as they have a partnership with Zhao Hai, everything was good.

Marriott immediately responded, “Of course, we’ll wait until you increase your production.”

Zhao Hai looked at Marriott and smiled faintly, “I also have several things that may be used for our cooperation, I don’t know if you’ll accept?”

Marriott stared, then quickly nodded, “What kind of products? Let me see.”

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile as he waved his hand. On the ground, there was a pile of things. Might and Marriott saw very ordinary things, Bamboo rice, and various magic vegetables. These were very common in the continent, not really remarkable.

Seeing their appearance, Zhao Hai just smiled as he said, “Make your people prepare some dishes using these. After he have a meal, then we’ll continue discussing.”

Marriott wasn’t a fool, he knew where Zhao Hai was getting at. So he immediately ordered an attendant to take these rice and vegetables to the kitchen to prepare some dishes and have them sent to the dining hall.

Before long, the group arrived at the dining hall and saw the dishes. The dishes were very ordinary, Zhao Hai smiled and let Might and Marriott taste it. Marriott wasn’t polite, and he immediately tasted the food.

Marriott immediately noticed the differences on this dish. Although these were ordinary dishes, they were cooked by the chef who made his food everyday. But today he felt that even though he had eaten the exact same dish, this one was much better than what he usually ate.

Marriott could confirm that the improvement of the dish’s taste wasn’t related to the chef. This was surely because the vegetables used were very good, so when adding on to the chef’s exceptional skills, the dish made was naturally a delicacy.

Marriott placed his fork down, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “You’re saying that you’ll cooperate with this?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right, what do you think? Can we strike a partnership? I can guarantee that the vegetables’ quality will stay the same in the future.”

Marriott’s eyes lit up, “Of course! With your vegetables, the services of our hotel will reach another level. By the way, how much vegetables could you supply?”



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