BTFTLIAW – Chapter 359

Chapter 359 – Plum Blossom Princess

After handing off the liquor to Megan’s servant, Shun returned to Laura’s side. Laura bowed towards Megan and said, “This one wouldn’t bother the young lady and her friends anymore.” Then she smiled towards Megan and headed back towards the house, Shun naturally followed her back.

Megan was surprised to see what just happened. They were some of the less influential children of their families, or those who were not that valued by the direct line, thus they didn’t have much experience. They hadn’t experienced this kind of situation before so it’s good that they now knew what they should do.

It took long for Megan to respond, she glanced at the closed door then bit her teeth as she turned to the group and said, “Let’go, we’ll head to sweet plum garden.”

The people looked at Megan as if they didn’t understand what she just said. In their opinion, they should just leave the courtyard, this was basic courtesy of a noble.

Megan glanced at her friends and said, “The gentleman had already given us a bag of wine. We don’t want to disappoint the mister’s good graces either right? So let’s go, let’s head to sweet plum garden.”

When the group heard what Ruyen said, they all thought for a moment then they cheered up and followed Megan towards the garden. They couldn’t wait to enjoy the scenery of the garden.

Hearing Megan’s group cheering, Zhao Hai smiled and didn’t say anything. He held his cup and took a sip of his tea. Zhao Hai really liked the taste of milk tea, it tastes like Zhao Hai’s most favorite tea. It tastes lighter than dark tea, but since there was milk inside, it feels very good in the mouth. Zhao Hai loved it very much.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but smile, “Brother Hai, is it really okay to give those wine to them? Those are 10 jins of strong liquor.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smiled and said, “Wouldn’t it be better if they drank it? They could advertise it for us.”

Laura’s smile became brighter, this was because she knew that this wasn’t good advertisement, she clearly knew that Zhao Hai was just pranking them.

Megan and her group arrived at the plum garden and they immediately had their servants prepare the cloth to spread around the small square. Then the charcoal stove was lit and the servants prepared the kettle to warm some wine on the stove. At the same time, the table was also filled with several small dishes, but it was clear to those in attendance that these dishes were only meant for decoration, nobody will eat these.

Currently, nobody present was in the mood to enjoy the plum garden. Their interest was preoccupied by the liquor bag on the servant’s hand.

These people weren’t in contact with their clan’s businesses, therefore, most of them simply haven’t seen a beastman liquor bag before. So when the servant presented the leather-made bag, the group became very curious.

Megan knew what they were thinking, She looked at the liquor bag in her servant’s hand and nodded, “This should be a beastman’s milk wine. In seems like we are going to taste a fresh one today, go warm the wine up.”

The servant immediately complied, then carefully poured the wine to the kettle then placed it on the charcoal stove. Megan looked at the liquor bag surprised as she said, “That’s not right. I remember that milk wine should have a creamy color. How can this wine be transparent?”

A young lady at her side also nodded, “Yeah, I used to drink milk wine back at home. The liquor was milky and looked like goat’s milk. But this one looks like water, are you sure this isn’t water?”

However, it was clear that nobody believed it to be so because soon enough the scent of wine came out from the kettle. There were several young men who couldn’t help but sniff the wine, one of them said, “This wine is very fragrant, this is the first time I smelled such pleasant fragrance. Now I’m curious as to how it tastes.”

Several people nodded. They also smelled the wine and the wine was indeed very fragrant. Currently, there was a strange scene inside the garden’s square, everyone was looking at the kettle and not even sparing attention to the blooming plums around.

Before long, the kettle had warmed, then the servant immediately served each person a cup. The group impatiently drank the liquor, and no matter whether they were men or women, they immediately coughed continuously, their faces were extremely red.

When the group recovered, the young ladies couldn’t help but placed their wine cups down. They looked at the wine with a bit of fear. However, the young men didn’t let go of their wine, they relished the experience and took small sips of the liquor.

It didn’t matter whether it was strong or not; they couldn’t stop drinking. The taste of the wine was really good. Especially during this wintertime where this fragrant warm glass of wine was a very welcome beverage.

The young men couldn’t help but drink a couple more cups. When the young ladies saw the men, they eventually overcame their hesitation and learned to take sips like the young men. Soon they managed to place a cup of wine on their stomachs.

High alcohol content wines have their own characteristic. After drinking it, the person would feel heat all over their body. After taking her sip, Megan could feel her body heating up. Although the weather was cold, the group was already currently sweating.

Another characteristic of wine was that the more you drink, the more you feel like drinking more. The feeling of faintness and dizziness was really amazing.

The servants felt that something was wrong. Their young masters and ladies seemed to turn into drunkards and kept pouring liquor to their mouths. Soon afterwards, the 10 jins of liquor that Zhao Hai gave eventually ran out. Looking at these young men and women, their faces were very red and their had a very dizzied expressions.

The servants immediately escorted them home. When they reached the courtyard’s door, Shun was already there who just silently looked at them while smiling.

Shun was very clear to the strength of their wine. Not to mention these young nobles who didn’t drink wine on their own, even old drunkards in the continent probably would also get drunk from drinking this much wine. The degree of that wine isn’t something to joke about.

At this time, Shue arrived and looked at Shun, “What’s this?”

Shun smiled, “They’re drunk, it’s young master’s advertising plan. When these people come home, they should become the best type of advertisement for the wine.” Then the two of them revealed a sly grin.

Early next morning, Megan opened her eyes and looked around for a while and saw that she was in her room. She stood up but couldn’t help but stagger. She sat up and was puzzled, worn in her body were her sleeping clothes, this was normal but she felt that something was wrong.

While she was puzzled, she suddenly saw a person lying underneath her bed. This was her own maid.  The maid wore a neat dress and had also fallen asleep.

Megan suddenly felt her mouth turn dry, she nudged her maid and said, “Little May, Little May. Give me water.”

Little May was naturally the girl who was sleeping just below her bed. When the girl heard Megan’s calls, she immediately woke up. She happily looked at Megan and said, “Miss, you’re awake! Great! Wait a moment, I’ll go bring you some water immediately.”

The Little May ran up to a table and poured Megan a glass of water from a canteen. The canteen was wrapped with leather, so the water inside wasn’t too cold and was very suitable for drinking.

Megan drank the water and felt a bit better. She turned to May, “Little May, what happened to me? When did I fall asleep? How come I can’t remember?”

May looked at Megan’s appearance, she knew why Megan couldn’t remember anything. She quickly responded, “Miss, you really can’t remember? Yesterday, you and Miss Holly along with the others went to plum garden to enjoy yourselves. Then you drank the liquor that Mister Wales gave and got drunk off of it. yesterday , you didn’t eat dinner and immediately went to sleep.”

Megan stared and frowned, she thought for a moment and saw that the memories only looked like an impression. She couldn’t help but nod and say, “The events look very vague, the wine was very strong. I remember Holly drinking a lot along with me. I didn’t expect to get drunk. Did father know?”

Megan’s father was naturally Smith, Megan somewhat feared that the matter was made known to Smith. Although Smith didn’t prevent her from playing with her friends, she didn’t know how he’ll react when he finds out that she got drunk. After all, the teachings of the family were very strict.

Little May didn’t think anything of it and nodded,” He knows. Last night, the Lord was informed. But when he learned that Miss got drunk off the liquor that Mister Wales provided, he didn’t say anything but made you take a good rest.”

Megan sa stunned, then she immediately said, “Come help me change clothes, I want to see father.” May complied, then helped Megan dress herself up.

At this time, the family was eating their breakfast, so Megan went towards the dining hall. She naturally went to the section where the members of the family ate. That was where Smith usually ate.

Calci family had a definite order of rules, if there were no special situations, all of the family members should dine inside the dining hall. If someone dared to make false excuses just to avoid having a meal with the family, they would be heavily punished.

This rule was to make everyone in the family understand that you are on the same level when they ate. If you want to eat at a more advanced place, then you’ll have to work hard and provide huge contributions to the family.

Megan arrived at the dining hall where they usually ate their meals. But when she entered the room, she froze. She didn’t expect to see that her father wasn’t there. Not even a single one of her family was present.

At this time, a servant could be seen walking towards Megan, he immediately bowed and said, “Young lady, you came. The Lord said that today the family will be dining at hall number three.”

The servant immediately continued, “Even though Mister Wales came yesterday, the lord still wanted to introduce him to the family. Therefore, the Lord invited the family to dine inside dining hall 3.”

Megan understood, she nodded and walked towards dining hall 3. Before long, Megan arrived outside the dining hall. Outside the hall was a servant, and inside the hall was the sound of people chatting.

When the servant saw Megan, he hastily said, “Miss Megan!” Then while the servant was opening the door, Megan immediately went inside.

Upon entering the hall, Megan saw that his father, mother, and two brothers have already arrived. There was a large table inside the hall, but the group surprisingly sat on the side table commonly used for resting.

Megan was City Lord Smith’s only daughter. It was a strict rule in Calci Family that men can only have one wife. And that daughters cannot be used to marry outside for benefit.

This rule ensures the prosperity of the Calci Family. Each adult male inside the family is only allowed to have single wife, so the children will have only a single pair of parents. This made it very unlikely for the family to fragment.

Moreover, it was also an ironclad rule for the Calci Family that daughters couldn’t be used to marry for benefits. There was a saying inside Calci Family that basically means, if a family sold their women for benefits, then that family will be deemed to fall, this was because if you are forced to marry your family’s women for benefits, then that meant that the men were incompetent.

Under these rules, the male descendants of the Calci family’ became very outstanding. They took complete obedience to their ancestor’s words, so each of them only took a single wife. Because of this, the family showed its solidarity, it didn’t show any signs of splitting.

Even though City Lord Smith was only a third-in-line successor of the family, he also respected the words of their ancestors. He only married a single wife and had three children, Chris, Diya, and Megan.

Since Megan was his only daughter, Smith loved her very much. And because of the Calci family’s strict standard of education, Megan didn’t turn out to be like Ruyen. In contrast, she was a very gentle and well-mannered young lady. The friends that she had were also very simple friends, this was because all of them knew that she had no influence back at her home. If you ask her to go back to her family to do something, she certainly wouldn’t have any power to do it. So those who came in contact with Megan were also like her, children who didn’t have any influence back at home. In some sense, they were just people who live there to eat and live simply.

Although the household knew about this, they didn’t give Megan a hard time. Instead, they ensured that Megan grew up in a safe environment.

Additionally, Megan’s fame was also very good inside Sky Water City. One couldn’t count the number of poor people inside the City who have received her good graces. This made her have a nickname inside the city, Plum Blossom Princess.

The nickname had two meanings. The first was that Megan liked plum blossoms, and the other was that she was as pure as a plum, and during the cold winter, she would be there and open up beautifully.


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