BTFTLIAW – Chapter 355

Chapter 355 – City Lord’s Mansion

13th young master’s face looked like an extinguished ember as he stared at blankly Might, then he said, “Impossible, how could the clan already know? I’ve been very successful these past few years. Why did this happen?”

Hearing the young master’s words, Might couldn’t help but sneer, “It seems like 13th young master already knew about his crimes, good, I’ll report this to the family to save the young master from being interrogated. Maybe the family might even be more lenient to you.”

The scene right now could only be described as a rollercoaster. Zhao Hai thought that the few words he said would really make his cooperation with Shelley Family collapse. He didn’t think that the situation would actually take a dramatic turn, this was beyond his imaginations.

Marriott looked at Zhao Hai who was still smiling and apologized with a slight smile, “I really apologize for this situation, mister. Please wait for a moment while we prepare.” Then he waved his hand as some people immediately came to take the 13th young master. The waiters at the side also cleaned the table and prepared the meals and drinks again.

Right behind Zhao Hai was Laura and the others who were very stunned. They didn’t think that something like this would happen today. Like Zhao Hai, this was beyond their imagination.

While Zhao Hat sat down, Laura could only stand behind. Zhao Hai looked at Laura and the others then turned to Marriott, “Manager, can you arrange a meal for my people? No need to keep them here, just have them retreat; I know it must have been very hard for them these past days.”

Marriott was already used to this situation so he didn’t disagree. He smiled and said, “I’ve been very rude to mister’s people, forgive me.” Then he waved his hand as a waiter led Laura and the others to eat and rest.

Zhao Hai really disliked eating while Laura and the others just watch. This made his heart uneasy and apologetic, so he had them go to another place and rest.

Inside the dining hall, only Zhao Hai, Might, and Marriott were left. Might looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Mister isn’t angry?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “This matter isn’t worthy for me to get angry.”

Marriott smiled, “Mister is really good-natured. Mister might have not known, but you have greatly helped the family this time. Because Grand Duke Lionheart was very preoccupied in dealing with you, the family had the chance to take care of its other enemy. Now that the clan will start dealing with Grand Duke Luyen, I believe he wouldn’t be able to last much long.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “As long as someone isn’t an absolute idiot, they wouldn’t dare move against a family like Shelley family. Seeing how deep you family’s reserves were, how could the Grand Duke survive?”

Hearing this, Marriott appeared proud but quickly hid his expression. With a stiff smile he said, “To be honest, this time was actually quite dangerous for the family. We didn’t think that someone would send a woman to destroy us from the inside. Marrying a woman to our family, waiting for her to bear a child, then have the child destroy partnerships and businesses. This plot went on for decades undetected, it was very embarrassing.”

It was not only Marriott who felt it, when Zhao Hai heard Might’s words he couldn’t help but shiver. In order to destroy Shelley Family, 13th young master’s mother’s clan actually went to such degree. This was a very ridiculous amount effort put into such a plot.

Might turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, didn’t you come this time to seek cooperation with the Calci Family? Mister Wales, since you are a friend of mine, allow me to say something you might not want to hear. Your present strength isn’t enough for the Calci Family to consider you for a cooperation, the qualifications that family needed is very high.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smiled, “Don’t worry, this time I came to Sky Water City to visit Calci Family with a letter from a mutual friend, they should at least consider me. I offended some people back at Aksu Empire, there’s nowhere I could go but here.”

Might and Marriott didn’t say anything since this situation was too common. Offending a person of power in their country but not having the strength to fight back, so they plan to seek refuge at other countries. This scene wasn’t rare in the continent, so the two people wasn’t very surprised.

Might can only look at Zhao Hai and ask, “Mister Wales, can I know who you managed to offend? If it’s possible, the Shelley Family might be willing to solve this matter.”

Zhao Hai looked at Might with a profound gaze, he faintly smiled and said, “Since we are partners, I don’t want to hide the truth from you for a long time. The person I managed to offend back in Aksu Empire is Southern King.”

Might and Marriott looked at each other and saw a trace of understanding from each other’s eyes. The couldn’t find any previous information about ‘Wales’ before. What they only knew was that he suddenly appeared and had gotten a title form Grand Duke Evan. Anything before that, they couldn’t find anything which made them very confused.

However, after further monitoring, they couldn’t help but associate Wales with the Dark Mage Zhao Hai from Purcell Duchy. Although Wales didn’t use Dark element magic in front of people, some clues still gave it away. Adding all of these observations, they managed to finally get a concrete clue.

This time, Might asked Zhao Hai who his enemy was not only to inquire additional information about him but also to see whether he was really sincere in cooperating with the family.

For Great Families like them, forming partnerships couldn’t just be casual. They must understand their collaborator, otherwise they might enter into unnecessary troubles.

This was also the reason why Shelley Family’s inquiries about Zhao Hai’s identity didn’t stop, and it was only until now that they were fully convinced that Wales was the Dark Mage Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s reply clearly made his identity known to the family. The two were also aware that Zhao Hai knew that they were testing him but still told them his identity, showing his trust in the family. However, they also heard that Zhao Hai not only offended Southern King but also the Radiant Church. Now wonder he wanted to seek refuge inside Sky Water City. This was because there was zero presence of the Radiant Church inside the city.

Marriott looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Please be assured, mister Wales. You will always be known as mister Wales.”

Zhao Hai smiled and didn’t say anything. He knew that Might and Marriott understood what he wants. At this time, the food and wine finally arrived and were served to the their table.

The guest was eating very happily with the hosts. Nobody was asking any further questions. Zhao Hai didn’t ask about 13th young master’s matters since it was Shelley Family’s internal matter. At the same time, Might also didn’t inquire about Dark Mage Zhao Hai anymore, Zhao Hai had already shown them enough sincerity. If they continue, then they would be acting in bad faith.

In the evening, Zhao Hai and his group rested inside the hotel. Although Ruyen was higher than Zhao Hai in terms of status, Ruyen didn’t exist in the eyes of Might; to him, Zhao Hai was much more important. This also made Ruyen know that her status of Purcell Duchy’s young lady meant absolutely nothing inside Rosen Empire.

The next morning after Zhao Hai took his breakfast, he asked Might about the directions towards the City Lord’s Mansion. He was planning on giving his respects to the City Lord today as well as deliver Bell’s letter to him. Zhao Hai wanted to see how Sky Water City’s city lord will receive him.

Sitting inside his bull-pulled carriage, Zhao Hai slowly travelled towards the center of the city. Zhao Hai calmly looked outside as shops and people passed by, but his heart wasn’t as calm as his expression; he was thinking about what attitude the City Lord will use to meet him.

One must know that Zhao Hai wasn’t a very influential person, so to the eyes of Calci Family, he may only be an ordinary member of the League of Dark Mages. Calci Family’s influence inside the league was very enormous, the two’s status was miles away from each other.

Laura also shared Zhao Hai’s concerns and was also very nervous. This time they would meet the Calci Family, one of the pinnacle families inside the Continent. It was understandable for their hearts to feel uneasy.

It took more than an hour before their carriage reached the central part of the city. This time, along with Zhao Hai and Laura, there was also a person sent by Shelley Hotel to provide directions.

In front of the City Lord’s Mansion, there was a large square paved with flat blue stones. The  area was about a few thousand square meters and was very lively. There were pedestrians passing through as well as peddlers setting up their stalls. This scene made Zhao Hai anticipate his meeting with the Calci Family. He thought that the Calci family was really a good family to have the magnanimity to allow stalls to be erected here.

There were no people in the place several hundred square meters in front of the City Lord Mansion’s front gate. And it could also be seen that there were no stalls there.

The carriage slowly parked in front the the City Lord’s Mansion. The front gate was very tall, more than five meters high. There was also a giant piece of horizontal tablet about that had the letters “City Lord’s Mansion” written on it. In the place above , the Calci Family’s insignia was carved. The family’s insignia was a magic staff surrounded by mists.

The insignia was very simple, but this symbol was very famous all throughout the continent. It was because the magic staff shown was the Calci Family’s heirloom treasure passed down from generation to generation, the Dark Scepter.

Just by listening to its name one would feel like it is very imposing, and it is indeed very formidable. This staff was a treasure for Dark Mages, it was said that it could amplify Dark element spells by about 50 percent as well as reduce the amount of time needed to cast it by also 50 percent. Seeing these two functions, one couldn’t help but feel that this magic staff is very fierce.

In the midst of a Mage battle, these advantages were very important. If your magic was a second faster than the enemy, this meant that you can attack the other party first which gave you initiative. This made the Dark Scepter a very famous treasure in the continent. At the same time, it was because of this scepter that the ancestors of Calci Family were able to rack up huge contributions to the Rosen Empire and lay the foundation for the entire family.


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