BTFTLIAW – Chapter 354

Chapter 354 – 13th Young Master

Zhao Hai noticed that Marriott already had cleared the place earlier. Inside the dining hall, there was only one table with something in it, the other tables were empty. There were well-dressed waiters present on the vicinity, and all of them were staring at the young man eating the food and drinking the wine on the table.

Upon analyzing the situation, Zhao Hai reckoned that the young man must be a member of  Shelley Family. Moreover, his status couldn’t be that low, otherwise the waiters wouldn’t have left him alone.

When Marriott saw the young man, his complexion changed and looked at the young man with a stiff smile, “13th young master, you came.”

The young man didn’t care about Marriott. He just continued to eat and drink. At this time Might came forward and greeted, “Might has seen 13th young master.”

Thirteenth young master’s attitude to Might was much better. He looked up at Might and said, “Might, how come you’re here?’

Might smiled and said, “This time, I was sent by the family to escort Mister Wales.” Then Might introduced the 13th young master to Zhao Hai, “This is Mister Wales, a distinguished guest of the family, they instructed to provide him with the highest level of hospitality.”

Might’s words actually warned the young master to mind his attitude towards Zhao Hai. To Great Nobles such as Shelley Family, their system of education had already been ironed out. All family descendants would be educated from a very early age, something most noble families do.

Naturally, it was impossible for them to learn by just going to regular classes. So to merchant family such as Shelley Family, they would also teach their children merchant training from their early years. But to be a successful merchant, one should have good people skills, so they would generally bring their descendants to social events to hone their skills. The Shelley Family was good at this aspect, their descendants were already very prepared.

But there would always be one or two black sheep inside a Family, and this 13th young master was Shelley Family’s black sheep. Even though the education that he received from childhood was the same as his elder brothers, the 13th young master still turned out different, giving the family a huge headache.

Although this 13th young master had learned a lot of things, he didn’t use it at the appropriate places. In the entire Shelley Family, he was the only one who acted like a spoiled brat. Apart from some high ranking elders in the family, he didn’t give anybody any face. Some time ago, he actually had a fight with the son of Grand Duke Lionheart. Later on, the Grand Duke went on to suppress Shelley Family’s business, the business matter and the earlier scuffle weren’t completely unrelated with each other.

But the mother of this 13th young master also belonged to a Great Family that was also very influential. This made his mother have a high standing within the family. It may be because of this reason that the 13th young master was very arrogant. He even looked down on his elder brothers.

This character of his was what made the Shelley Family’s head hurt. He didn’t give anyone face, he even treated Marriott like trash. He even made huge troubles for the family, this made the Shelley Family come up of ways in dealing with the troubles he caused.

But in the end, he was a member of the Shelley family and had an influential mother so nobody inside the family dared to be impolite to him. Even for someone like Marriott, he still needed to show respect.

This made him even more lawless. In the past few days, it wasn’t known how many businesses of Shelley Family he managed to destroy. The number of people he offended wasn’t low either. Fortunately, they took into account Shelley Family’s face, so they only regarded him as a child who never properly grew up.

Marriott had received prior information that the young master would arrive at Sky Water City in three days. He thought that there wouldn’t be an accident this time, but he didn’t expect the young master to appear today. Moreover, he actually went to the dining hall and rudely ate and drank the food that wasn’t meant for him.

Marriott turned to look at Zhao Hai, Zhai Hai seems to not be angry. He just looked at the young master, furthermore an amused expression could be seen from his eyes.

Hearing what Might said earlier, Marriott couldn’t help but be thankful to him. He was very clear on the importance of Zhao Hai to the family. Now he only hoped that the young master would give Zhao Hai face and not act too rowdy. Otherwise, if Zhao Hai gets offended, it would be a huge loss for the family.

After listening to Might’s introduction of Zhao Hai, 13th young master didn’t say anything but the contempt inside his eyes could be clearly seen. In fact, he didn’t even try to conceal it. He ignored all of Might’s warnings and looked at Zhao Hai contemptuously, “Boy, did you come here thinking that the family will give you free food and drinks? Do you think my Shelley Family are fools?”

Zhao Hai looked at the young master and smiled faintly, “The Shelley Family certainly aren’t fools since they wanted to partner with me. But a fool is definitely one who offends someone without any knowledge of what’s going on.”

13th young master complexion changed, even Might and Marriott’s face changed. The two of them understood the young master’s temperament, 13th young master absolutely wouldn’t allow anyone to give his face a slap. The two naturally heard Zhao Hai’s irony that was directed at the young master. Zhao Hai basically said that he was not the fool but the young master was.

Sure enough, the young master’s face immediately worsened. He looked at Zhao Hai and sneered, “Boy, I don’t care who you are but do you believe that the Shelley Family will still keep on cooperating with you? Do you want to get chased down by the Family?”

Zhao Hai just smiled faintly and responded, “I don’t believe, are you Shelley Family’s patriarch? Do you have the authority? If the Shelley Family did stop their partnership with me because of your order, then it has nothing to do with me. The Shelley Family doesn’t have anything worth for me anyway.”

13th young master’s face turned ugly, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai would actually face him. He coldly looked at Zhao Hai, “Boy, do you understand what you’re saying? From what you just said, it seems like it was my Shelley Family who actually reached out to make a partnership with you. Is this what you’re implying?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “That is exactly what I am implying. It wasn’t my intention to cooperate with the family anyway, it was them who reached out to me first. So I could say that I can stop cooperating with them at any time and look for another partner. Did I explain myself properly?”

13th young master’s face was pale, he turned to Might and Marriott and furiously roared, “Did you hear what he said? Immediately kick him out of here!”

Might and Marriott could only share a stiff smile, they didn’t make a move. Zhao Hai looked at this scene and found it funny. He turned to the young master and didn’t say anything, he only wore an amused smile on his face clearly taunting the 13th young master.

13th young master looked at Might and Marriott and shouted, “You won’t listen to me? Don’t forget that I’m a foreign affairs elder, I have the authority to command you. Do you dare defy the clan’s orders?”

A family didn’t necessarily have a foreign affairs elder, the matter of foreign affairs could be handed to any other member of a family. So this foreign affairs elder title of 13th young master was nothing but an empty title. However, just like what he said, he still has enough authority to command the two.

At this time, Might smiled bitterly and took a step, “!3th young master, you haven’t contacted the family recently have you? The patriarch already removed your foreign affairs elder status. He also spread out the message that as long as someone see you, they should immediately take you home. Thus, you don’t have any authority to command us right now. Moreover, the family’s cooperation with mister Wales is of utmost importance. You won’t be able to destroy it.”

13th young master froze, then his face changed for the worse, he looked at Might and said, “Did father really revoke my position as foreign affairs elder? Mother didn’t prevent it?”

Might looked at 13th young master with a hint of pity on his eyes, Might was very clear that this young master in front of him hadn’t been in contact with the family these past few days. He has hidden himself, possibly because he knew that he was the cause of the feud with Grand Duke Lionheart, and his father would certainly not let him off. He tried as much as possible to not come in contact with people from the family, he only appeared recently because he may have ran out of money to spend.

When he hid before, the clan didn’t know of his whereabouts, but now that he has recently appeared, the clan had some people follow and secretly protect him. This was also the reason why Marriott knew that he would arrive at Sky Water City in three days. He just didn’t think that the young master would arrive early and was very eager to sabotage the family’s cooperation with Zhao Hai.

It was precisely because of this hiding that the young master didn’t know the happenings back in the family. Might originally wanted to wait for the 13th young master to arrive before telling him about what happened. But there was no need for it now, with the young master’s temperament, if Might didn’t interject now, it would really be possible for Zhao Hai and the family’s cooperation to disintegrate, this would further add to their headache.

Might sighed and said, “13th young master, you should go home, you will know everything by then.” Might naturally didn’t want the internal matters of the family to spread. He wanted the young master to be rid off first to reduce having more problems. It would be better to inform him when they are alone.

However, the young master wasn’t in such a mood, he yelled at Might and said, “Know what!? Now that I’m not a foreign affairs elder, you’re not gonna listen to me anymore? Don’t forget that you’re a slave, a mutt that my Shelley Family raised.”

Might’s complexion changed, although he was a servant of Shelley Family, even the Family’s Patriarch did not say such words to him. With an ugly face Might looked at the 13th young master and said, “Young master, the family has found out that your mother was sent to the family to destroy it from the inside. The businesses that you destroyed had some traces of you mother’s hands in them. This time, your feud with Lionheart was found out to be instigated by your mother as well. In fact, your mother’s clan and Lionheart’s clan actually formed an alliance years ago to deal with my Shelley Family. Now, your mother’s clan is already exterminated along with your mother. The reason why the family took a long time to deal with Grand Duke Lionheart is because they were already dealing with your mother’s clan. The family had already removed your name from the registry and ordered for your capture so that you would get imprisoned back at the headquarters.”


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