BTFTLIAW – Chapter 352

Chapter 352 – Big Harvests

When Might saw this, he was stunned at first but then became relieved. He thought that Zhao Hai just used the Space Mage’s spell ‘Teleportation’. This spell can instantaneously shift oneself to another place, naturally it would be a place that the eye can see; if it isn’t, then one may get trapped inside the turbulence of space and time.

Might didn’t know that Zhao Hai just used the Space monitor’s function. The monitor can allow Zhao Hai to teleport freely within its scope of view. Currently the monitor’s range is two kilometers, which was also the area where Zhao Hai can move freely; if he wanted to go somewhere in that range, nobody can stop him.

While the five Water element mages on the boat were stunned, Zhao Hai suddenly arrived at the center of their boat along with a storm of wind blades. Before the Water element mages got to recover from their confusion, they were already cut to pieces.

After Zhao Hai killed the Water Mages, he immediately took them inside the Space. Just after they were placed inside, the Space transmitted a prompt to Zhao Hai, “Deadly toxic water has entered the Space. Testing water quality, water is cold and toxic, highly aggressive and extremely dense. Space absorbs new type of water, opened up new cold water spring.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he asked Cai’er what just happened. Cai’er told Zhao Hai that the Water element Mages had this cold and toxic water inside them. The water was extremely poisonous and lethal. This water can increase the abilities of the Space so it absorbed the water and created a new cold spring. The quality of the water in the spring was the same as the cold toxic water from earlier.

Zhai Hai was surprised, and immediately turned the Mages into undead and asked them for more information. The mages didn’t hide anything from Zhao Hai, they told him that this water was one of the treasures all Water element Mages yearn for, Profound Glacial Liquid. The one that they obtained had very lethal poison in it, moreover, it was also very cold; even colder than solid ice. But what was strange about this liquid was that even though it was colder than ice, it maintained its liquid state and did not freeze.

However, as long as this liquid comes in contact with another object, it will freeze it immediately. One could say that if a Water element Mage could get their hands on this thing, their strength could get easily increased by at least five levels.

These five Water element mages had 7th rank strength, so adding on the fact that they had Profound Glacial Liquid, they managed to rack up infamy all throughout the continent. This was the reason Might shouted ‘Ancient Black Permafrost’ before. [1]

Coincidentally, they also took refuge under Grand Duke Lionheart these past years. This time, they were asked by Lionheart to go deal with Zhao Hai. They knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t weak so to ensure the accomplishment of the task, they decided to bring their Profound Glacial Liquid. But they didn’t expect that not only did they fail, they also gave Zhao Hai’s Space a new profound glacial spring.

Zhao Hai was quite happy, he appeared back on the ship as Might looked at him silly. Seeing Might’s appearance, Zhao Hai couldn’t’ help but smile and say, “We’re good, the Ancient Black Permafrosts wouldn’t bother us anymore. Let’s go on, Grand Duke has sent a battleship up ahead.”

Might and Stack didn’t ask anything, they slowly sailed on the river and before long they saw a giant warship. The warship wasn’t bigger than Stack’s ship, but it still displaced about 5,000 tons of water. This was because even though the ship wasn’t outfitted for cargo transport, it still carried a large number of magic cannons and guns as well as some military necessities. The ship also carried 5,000 soldiers onboard. A flag waved on top of the ship bearing the image of a fierce swordfish.

When Might saw the battleship, his face couldn’t help but turn ugly. “A Swordfish! Isn’t that Rosen Empire’s famous Swordfish? How could it appear here? Did Grand Duke Lionheart lose his mind?”

At this time, Zhao Hai saw that the Swordfish was turning to align its cannons towards their ship and was getting ready to shoot. Zhao Hai certainly wouldn’t allow that to happen, if the cannons manage to fire, their ship will certainly get obliterated.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as a large number of undead appeared on the Swordfish. The soldiers onboard didn’t have time to understand the situation before the undead started their slaughter.

After the soldiers were dealt with, Zhao Hai immediately absorbed the ship to the Space. But under Might’s eyes, it looked like Zhao Hai swallowed the Swordfish using a spatial rift.

When Zhao Hai finished taking the Swordfish, Might immediately took two steps forwards to support him. Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m alright. I just need to take a break. I’ll head back and rest. I’ll leave the rest to you.” Then Zhao Hai walked towards his cabin.

Zhao Hai wasn’t actually tired, he just wanted to head back to the Space and look at his huge harvests. This time he has really profited greatly. He didn’t think that Grand Duke Lionheart would actually be so generous and send him a warship.

It was quite obvious that this warship wasn’t meant for freshwater travel. It can be clearly seen that this was meant for the sea. Now that Law river was about to connect with the sea, the warship was only able to reach here, it was impossible for it to travel along Law river seeing the volume of water it displaced.

The soldiers on board were also turned into undead by Zhao Hai. Not only did he gain a battleship, he also didn’t have to worry about people to man it. Also a more important thing was that Zhao Hai learned Water element Magic as well as gaining a Profound Glacial spring.

Upon entering the Space, Zhao Hai went to the Profound Glacial spring first. The profound glacial spring was just right next to the life liquid spring and the hot spring. The life liquid spring’s water looked very clear, but even if it looked very ordinary, people could actually feel their vitality filling up just by looking at it. The hot spring has mists that filled its vicinity, and it’s temperature certainly wasn’t low.

The profound glacial spring showed a completely different appearance. It showed a very deep blue color, and acted like stagnant water. Looking at it gave people a deathly feeling.

Zhao Hai poked a wooden stick towards the glacial spring. The stick immediately turned into ice as soon as it entered the spring, covering its entire surface with a layer of frost.

Zhao Hai immediately withdrew the stick and gently touched it, but the stick immediately turned into shards. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but murmur, “I didn’t expect this profound glacial liquid to be so powerful. Amazing.”

Laura and the others also nodded, they didn’t think that the profound glacial spring would be this fierce. It surprisingly destroyed the wooden stick easily, no wonder the ancient black permafrosts became rampant in the continent just by having profound glacial liquid.

The group arrived at the Ranch where the Swordfish was. The Ranch has a river, and now that it has been expanded, the Swordfish happened to fit inside.

Zhao Hai and the others got up the Swordfish and examined it well. The Swordfish had more than 5,000 people inside, 120 magic cannons, as well as 360 ballistas. The ship also had living commodities, enough for 5,000 people to last for three months. This ensures that the warship could fight for a considerable amount of time.

The decks on the ship reached ten levels. It had a total of ten main and secondary masts, enough for it to reach 25 knots. This type of ship can definitely be called a fast ship. This type of speedy vessel was considered to be Rosen Empire’s main naval force. Although it wasn’t the largest of warships, it was the type of naval warship the empire mostly used.

Zhao Hai was impressed, this ship was very good. Another important point about this ship was the quality of lumber used to build it. With this type of lumber as well as its thick hull, it could withstand sailing for a very long time, a very good quality for a military product.

After staying inside the Space the entire morning, Zhao Hai came out at lunch and saw Stack and Might. Zhao Hai went towards them and asked, “What happened? What are you looking at, is there more trouble?”

The two saw Zhao Hai coming out and smiled. Stack had a very sincere smile while Might had a hint of awe in it.

Stack smiled and said, “It’s all right, we’re now inside Sky Water City’s waters. Nobody would dare do anything on this region, even Grand Duke Lionheart. See that? That is Calci Family’s Spectre Battleship.”

Zhao Hai followed Stack’s gaze, not far away from their ship was a black battleship. The ship’s entire body was black, and had a size just enough to allow for freshwater travel. When it just stayed there, it really looked like a spectre.

The Stack continued, “Don’t think that Calci Family’s Spectre battleships are inferior to the Swordfish ships just because of its size. That ship is very equipped for magic attacks. If a spectre and a swordfish face each other out in sea, the swordfish would certainly lose.

Zhao Hai asked, “Do the Spectre Battleships not belong to Rosen Empire’s Naval command?”

Stack nodded and smiled, “They’re not, these Spectre ships are Calci Family’s private escort vessels, so they don’t belong to the empire. There were a lot of Great families on the empire that have their own fleet. These ships were used to increase the family’s strength as well as escort these families’ cargo on sea. They were rarely used for attack, they were mainly for protecting cargo ships.”

Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like Rosen Empire was much more powerful than he expected. Having these families build their own fleet, one could imagine the entire country’s overall strength.

The following travel was smooth, they didn’t encounter any more trouble. They would also see Spectre ships from time to time. After sailing for half a day, the amount of Spectre ships they saw amounted to about 20, this wasn’t a small number, it was quite astonishing.

When they arrived, their ship slowed down. In fact, they couldn’t help but slow down, there were now a lot more ships along the river. It looked just like the lively scene back at Hundred Battles Fortress. There were docks everywhere, and ships would go there often to load and unload their cargo. The entire region looked very busy.

  1. Actually thought that the name of the treasure was ‘Ancient Black Permafrost’ but it turns out that it was actually their group name. I decided to not change it anymore because it still fits XD


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