BTFTLIAW – Chapter 351

Chapter 351 – Ancient Black Permafrost

Laura and the other were also in the Space and had heard Cai’er’s words. Upgrading the Space was very important for Zhao Hai, the farm rose by a level, while the Ranch by five.

What made Zhao Hai surprised was that not only did the Ranch increase the capacity of animals that can be reared, it also turned all of them into magic beasts.

The fact that the Ranch can now support a total of twenty thousand animals, ten thousand aquatic and ten thousand terrestrial, was a great outcome. These magic beasts not only can bring Zhao Hai some income, it could also bolster his fighting strength by a lot.

Another important thing that Cai’er told Zhao Hai was the fact that because of the massive amount of river water he absorbed this time which contained plankton as well as some single celled organisms, they managed to create their own ecosystem inside the Space which was very helpful in its further evolution. If Zhao Hai kept doing this, the Space could slowly develop into its own world, a world that completely belongs to Zhao Hai.

Hearing Cai’er’s words, Zhao Hai understood the main direction of the Space, which was forming a complete world. This sounded very good.

Currently, many things inside the space were data. Although this was very convenient for Zhao Hai, it also can only function like a machine, everything was lifeless. If the Space becomes a complete world, then it would be filled with abundant vitality.

Zhao Hai became excited with the prospects of what Cai’er just said, he now has found a direction for the Space to evolve to. However, what he needed right now was fully utilize the abilities of the Space.

Zhao Hai didn’t need the magic beasts to fight for him, he has undead to do that. The biggest use of the space currently was to provide him with income. Therefore he was currently prioritizing raising cattle and argali as well as some fire fishes, but he only raised 5,000 of them while the other 5,000 is for raising some ordinary Scaleless Fish.

This fish was very common all throughout the continent, so long as there was freshwater, this fish will be there. This was also the fish that was mostly consumed by humans in the continent. Before, Zhao Hai always wanted to purchase this fish for frying, but it didn’t get go through.

With the amount of water he took in from the river, it was impossible for the Arrow Turtles to be the only animals that Zhao Hai managed to catch. There were also many kinds of fish present, each one had their own unique picture inside the Ranch shop. Zhao Hai can buy these anytime whenever he wanted to try some fried fish.

Zhao Hai didn’t care too much about the living conditions of these animals inside the Space. As long as Cai’er and Mu’er was here, Zhao Hai didn’t need to worry.

Not only did the Space level up when he place river water in it, it also gave Zhao Hai the idea towards the Space’s further progression. Now if he placed seawater inside the Space, wouldn’t it level up? If this was the case, then it would be fantastic.

Probably because Zhao Hai had seized the surrounding Arrow Turtles, there were no attacks that came to the ship the rest of the day. But they also didn’t see any other ships, possibly because they fled when the group of Arrow Turtles arrived. Arrow Turtles could heavily damage any ship, so the other vessels may have sought a safe place and didn’t dare travel on the river in the meantime.

Zhao Hai didn’t go out in the evening, he was inside the Space studying. There weren’t a lot of new function that was provided to the Ranch. Apart from raising and upgrading the animals, there weren’t much.

But the fact that the Farm leveled up made Zhao Hai excited. One should know that it had been quite a long time since the Farm leveled up to the point where Zhao Hai became worried.

WIth continual upgrades to the Farm, he could open the processing field function. It was only through this that Zhao Hai could solve the poison inside his body. Now that he has two beautiful fiancees, he doesn’t want to die early. But if the poison from the Water of Nothingness couldn’t be removed, he could only live the lifespan of an ordinary person, perhaps even shorter. It was known that ordinary people in the continent would live until about 80 to 100 years old, while those with magic and battle qi in them could live until 120. Moreover, Zhao Hai’s body was weaker than an average person. At this rate, he could only live until he is about 60 or 70.

Nobody doesn’t think about living a long life, so Zhao Hai was naturally the same. He has not lived enough yet, so he would find ways so he could live a bit longer. Removing the poison was first in the list.

But it was currently winter season, so looking for special plants would be an arduous task. Therefore, Zhao Hai can only wait until the beginning of spring to do anything.

However, absorbing the river’s water gave Zhao Hai a wake-up call. Many common things in the continent could upgrade the Space as well. This definitely was a good thing for Zhao Hai.

The next morning, Zhao Hai appeared early on the top deck. To be honest, the river’s scenery was very beautiful. Back on Earth, Zhao Hai had also been crossing rivers. But back then, the water was already filled with pollution, so even if he rode a boat he wouldn’t dare go in the water since it looked extremely dirty.

But now, Law river still hasn’t been polluted so the surface was very clear. The morning sun would reflect onto the water and make the surface red, it was very attractive to look at.

Zhao Hai looked at the surface of the river and sighed, “It’s so beautiful. I can’t seem to get tired of this scene.”

Then Stack’s voice suddenly came from his side, “Don’t worry, if you stare at it everyday, you’ll eventually get tired of it. How are you feeling? Are you well?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’m fine. Don’t say any more. I was really exhausted yesterday.” Stack smiled and didn’t say anything more. He turned to look at the river and the two of them enjoyed the scene.

At this time, a crewman came over. At first he looked at Zhao Hai with an idolizing gaze but then recovered and turned to Stack, “Captain, I think there’s something strange going on. Ever since yesterday, we couldn’t spot even a single ship. Even if they were afraid of the Arrow Turtles, they couldn’t have stalled sailing for such a long time.”

Stack stared blankly, then his complexion changed as he said, “You didn’t see any ships even yesterday evening?”

Because Law river was a major waterway, ships travelling at night was a common occurance here. Stack had already saw quite a lot of them throughout his time sailing.

But if they didn’t see any ships travelling at night yesterday, then that would be very strange. The sailor nodded and replied, “Yesterday night, not even one ship passed by. Ever since our ship was attacked by the Arrow Turtles, we didn’t see any other ships around.”

Stack’s expression was gloomy as he turned to Zhao Hai, “Wales, it looks like some people really wants to deal with us, you should get ready. I suspect that this is Grand Duke Lionheart’s doing. After today, we’ll be able to arrive at Sky Water city. The fact that he came to deal with us meant that we are about to enter Sky Water City’s territory. And when we arrive there, we shall be within Calci Family’s jurisdiction, the Grand Duke cannot act on us then so he only has this morning to deal with us.”

Zhao Hai was also gloomy as he replied, “There is really a possibility that it is Grand Duke Lionheart, he will not just let us off easily. If we arrive at Sky Water City, he may not have any opportunity to deal with us. If we survive, then he would suffer from criticisms in the capital, it seems like we must really prepare ourselves.”

At this time, Might also walked out, with anger on his face he said, “Lionheart, good. I really thought that he will behave these days. But rest assured, as soon as we arrive at Sky Water City, Lionheart wouldn’t be able to threaten your safety again. The Grand Duke has this time as his last opportunity to deal with us, after we survive this, our safety is guaranteed.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “We still have to survive today. Talking about it is useless, let’s just see how far Grand Duke Lionheart would go just to deal with us.”

After he said this, they saw a small boat appear at the distance. The boat looked like a ship’s lifeboat, it was something not normally used to travel in the river.

On the small boat, five figures could be seen. The five wore magic robes that were sky-blue in color. On their hands were magic staffs. Their boat didn’t have and sails nor paddles, but the boat was travelling very fast.

Might looked at the boat and said, “Water element mages. It’s a good plan, in this river, dealing with us using Water element mages is the most appropriate thing to do. Brother, prepare yourself.”

After his voice fell, the mages on the boat moved. They held up their magic staffs and pronounced some incantations. Then the group saw ten water dragons appear, travelling along the surface of the river and heading towards the ship.

Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate and waved his staff, a giant wind blade appeared and went to chop towards the water dragons.

However, the dragons were made of water. Although the dragons lost their form, they managed to recover after only a short while. After reforming, the dragons resumed to hit the ship.

Zhao Hai’s complexion changed, he didn’t think that these things would be difficult to deal with. He waved his staff again as several huge fireballs appeared to block the water dragons.

Water and Fire were incompatible with each other, the dragons didn’t stop upon the arrival of the fireballs and instead intended to pierce through. To the mages’ dismay, Zhao Hai’s fireballs were very tenacious, halting the dragons’ advance. The two spells got entangled with each other and both refused to budge, it was a surprise that the fireballs even managed to continually fight back.

At this time, several ice arrows were shot towards Zhao Hai. Each ice arrow emitted a blue light, but the blue that it showed wasn’t something resembling the color of common water. Instead, it looked surprisingly like a poison’s blue color.

Seeing the arrows appearing suddenly, Might’s face turned ugly as he exclaimed, “Ancient Black Permafrost!!”

A mage riding on the boat coldly laughed and said, “The boy has good eyesight. Dying under the hands of this old man and my companions wouldn’t be shameful.”

When the arrows arrived right in front of Zhao Hai, and when it seems like he couldn’t evade. Might became shocked when he saw Zhao Hai’s figure suddenly vanish from the deck of the ship.


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