BTFTLIAW – Chapter 350

Chapter 350 – Insane Level Ups

Laura nodded, “If we can really form a relationship with the Calci Family, then it would certainly be a good thing for us. That way, if we decide to reveal our identity in the future, nobody would dare to say anything.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “If we don’t reveal it then nobody would know. Our territory is in Aksu Empire anyway. If we let people know who we are, then we’ll always get into trouble, and that would be annoying.”

Laura agreed, although Cai’er can make them survive inside the poisonous fog, it wasn’t a complete protection. There were a lot of 9th ranks all throughout the continent, as well as people with divergent abilities. Moreover, they shouldn’t underestimate the strength behind an empire. Right now, not only are they enemies with Aksu Empire, there was also the more formidable Radiant Church.

The Radiant Church’s capabilities are massive. Moreover, Light element magic has qualities that can suppress the poison fog. If the Radiant Church actually came to know Zhao Hai’s identity, they will certainly go to the Black Wasteland, this situation was what Zhao Hai didn’t want to happen.

When Zhao Hai saw that Laura didn’t say anything, he continued, “What’s the situation with your subordinate who went to the prairie?” Zhao Hai was naturally asking about Ah Tai, Laura’s subordinate who was in the prairie.

Originally, Zhao Hai was meant to see Ah Tai when he arrived in the prairie and together they would head towards Beast God City. But because of Wales’ matter, that didn’t happen. However, Laura still instructed Ah Tai to head to Beast God City to act as the advance party.

Laura nodded, “I received info a few days ago, he already arrived at Beast God City, now he’s currently understanding the situation there.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good, currently, Brother Wales is our only customer there. But his tribe alone cannot consume all of our grain. We must head to Beast God City later on and hopefully come in contact with those huge Warring Clans. I think that after we have settled in Sky Water City for some time, we’ll see if there’s a ship headed for the Beastmen Prairie, then we’ll board it.”

Laura frowned, “I think we should wait until spring arrives before we head back to the prairie. There’s no business there at this time, beastmen had already prepared grains to survive the winter, going there would be a waste of time.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “It is exactly because all merchants think that there’s no opportunity that we have to go there. Who knows, some special event might happen.”

After saying this, Meg suddenly said as she was looking at the monitor, “Young Master, something isn’t right. The ship’s hull seem to be shaking more and more.”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment and then left the Space with Laura. Upon exiting, he could clearly feel the violent shaking of the ship, it felt like the previous Arrow Turtle attack but much more intense.

Zhai Hai immediately arrived at the top deck along with Laura. Stack was stern faced while looking at the river. Zhao Hai quickly went on to his side and saw a lot of Arrow Turtles. These Arrow Turtles seem to ram the ship non-stop.

When he saw the situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown and ask, “Stack, what is all this? Did these Arrow Turtles go crazy?”

Stack shook his head and said, “They’re not crazy, but quite similar. We’ve been plotted against. Arrow Turtles prefer a type of wood known as Fragrant Cedar Wood. So as long as a ship made from this material travels along Law river, it would be frequently be beset by attacks from Arrow Turtles. My ship had just been repaired at River Law City, so I suspect that they might have used Fragrant Cedar Wood to patch it up and then just covered it with paint. The paint immediately fell off as it touched water, revealing the wood underneath. The Arrow Turtles must have smelled it thus they have attacked our ship.”

Zhao Hai started, then his complexion changed as he looked at Might. Might also frowned, and as soon as he saw Zhao Hai look at him, he didn’t freeze but instead creased his eyebrows even more, “Mister, is it that?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It is, I suspect that this matter is Grand Duke Lionheart’s doing. He should be able to do that.”

Might’s face turned ugly, “Does he have any shame? To deal with us, he’ll sacrifice the other people onboard?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “For the Grand Duke, killing others as collateral isn’t important, eliminating our group is. He will be mocked continuously as long as we are alive so how could he let this opportunity pass?”

As soon as Stack heard their conversation he said, “So you’re saying that this is Grand Duke Lionhearts doing? Just to kill you?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It’s highly probable that it is so. Right from Hundred Battles Fortress, the Grand Duke didn’t stop attacking me. And in the entire process, I had managed to kill about ten thousand of the Grand Duke’s people. You could imagine his hatred towards me. Brother Stack, it seems like I have implicated you this time. But this seems very strange, how did they know that I would ride your ship?”

Might smiled bitterly, “It must be because of me. Our Shelley Family’s cooperation with the other merchants was quite clear to Grand Duke Lionheart. Ever since we arrived inside River Law City, the Grand Duke hadn’t been able to deal with us, so he may have placed his hand on Brother Stack’s ship. It might be possible that he also set up some ambushes on the road since he couldn’t be sure whether we’ll continue by land or water. It seems like we had underestimated him this time.”

Stack also smiled bitterly, he didn’t think that he would become a collateral victim. Law river’s Arrow Turtles were quite a difficult creature to deal with. A single turtle might be manageable, but a large scale attack like this was absolutely a nightmare for a ship captain.

Might turned his head to Stack and said, “Stack, what means do we have to survive this?”

Stack forced a smiled as he replied, “We can only abandon the ship and take refuge on another one to survive, but the ship is already done for.”

Might nodded, “So we need to leave the ship behind. Don’t worry Brother Stack, Shelley family would certainly compensate you. This matter is caused by us, so we cannot let you suffer some losses.”

Hearing Might, Zhao Hai secretly nodded. He heavily approved Shelley Family’s approach. From his point of view, Zhao Hai thought that Shelley Family couldn’t be bad people.

Seeing the amount of Arrow Turtles gathering below, Zhao Hai suddenly said, “I’ll try to see whether I could do something about these turtles, maybe we don’t need to abandon the ship. Stack, anchor the ship and make all the other people take refuge inside.”

When Stack heard what Zhao Hai said, his eyes couldn’t help but light up. Then he immediately had his crewmen anchor the ship. Although Might said that they will compensate for the ship, Stack much preferred keeping this one. This ship was made by him from scratch, it was a family member to him. He has feelings for this ship so he didn’t want to leave it behind as much as possible.

However, he still prepared the lifeboats. Keeping lives was much more important. Now that there were a lot of Arrow Turtles in the river, the ships around it have left the vicinity so there were no other ships that could be seen close by. This also brought more convenience for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s method was actually very simple. It was based on what Laura just suggested before, to just have the river water enter the Space. Doing so, the other creatures in it would also get carried along. Naturally, these Arrow Turtles weren’t exceptions.

When the ship was properly anchored, Zhao Hai turned to Stack and said, “Brother Stack, you need to control the ship and have the sails retreat. I’ll be causing the river to shake a lot, so if something goes wrong, the ship may turn over.”

Stack thought that Zhao Hai would use water element magic, so he didn’t ask anything more. He just nodded and commanded the sailors to take down the sails. Then he went to the helm and took control of the ship.

Seeing that they were prepared, Zhao Hai immediately brandished his Ghost Staff and went to the side of the ship. Then as he supposedly muttered a spell, he ordered Cai’er to make a spatial rift on the river and absorb the water directly.

Might and Stack looked carefully at Zhao Hai, they didn’t know what Zhao Hai intends to do. At this time, at the surface of the river a huge spatial rift suddenly appeared, absorbing the river. Before long, a giant whirlpool was sucking everything towards it, even the ship they were riding on.

Might and Stack were frightened, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to not use water element magic. Instead, it seemed like Zhao Hai just used the very rare spatial magic.

Space Mages were the most difficult type of people to meet in the continent. Some people didn’t even know many space magic spells, but all of them were aware of the most iconic spatial magic out there which was the spatial rift.

Seeing the spatial rift on the surface of the river, they certainly thought that Zhao Hai was a Space Mage. Might’s eyes lit up as he looked at Zhao Hai, he also heavily praised the family’s good luck.

Space Mages were very precious in the Continent. Any Power wanted to obtain a Space Mage for themselves. If the fact that Zhao Hai was a Space Mage were to become known, he would get the highest reception everywhere he’ll go.

Might and the others felt the amount of water in the river was slowly decreasing. With their naked eyes, they could see the volume of water the spatial rift was absorbing.

Zhao Hai let Cai’er observe the Arrow Turtles in the water. As long as all the turtles were gone, only then will he stop.

Before long, Cai’er informed him that all of the Arrow Turtles surrounding the ship, about 300, had already been absorbed. Zhai Hai immediately stopped the rift, making the rift vanish from the surface of the river.

As soon as the rift vanished, the people on the boat immediately let out sighs of relief. Even though the ship had loosened its anchor, they felt that they were still gonna get sucked into the rift. So when they see the that the rift was gone, they immediately relaxed.

A short while after the rift was stopped, the river’s water level became normal, and it became calm. But the people onboard the ship looked at Zhao Hai strangely.

One must know that Space Mages were the most exalted among all the other Mages. And it was clear that what Zhao Hai just used was a Space Mage’s spell.

Might looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I didn’t think that mister is unexpectedly a Space Mage, I had been very disrespectful.”

Zhao Hai looked at Might’s appearance and laughed, “Come on, I’m just a Space Mage, not your mother. No need to be serious.”

Might also laughed, then Stack came over. He looked at Zhao Hai strangely and said, “If I tell others that I have a Space Mage as a friend, nobody will believe me.”

Zhao Hai and Might laughed. Zhao Hai looked at the river and said, “These turtles definitely aren’t the only things waiting for us along the river. I’m afraid that Grand Duke Lionheart still has some tricks up his sleeves. We should get going, the sooner we arrive at Sky Water City, the safer we’ll be.” Stack agreed and immediately had the crew set the ship up for sail.

Zhao Hai pretended to be tired and said, “Right, since you’ll be busy, I’ll go back to my room and rest.” Then he waved his hand to Might as he walked towards his room. Might didn’t stop him, in fact, he was even more excited as well as happy for the family. For Shelley family to get in touch with a Space Mage was a very fortuitous encounter for them.

When Zhao Hai entered his room, he immediately went into the Space. Upon entering the Space, Zhao Hai seemed to hear a prompt on his mind but he didn’t notice what it was. So when he arrived at the Space, he went to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, what just happened.”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, the Space levelled up. The Farm went up by one level while the Ranch went up by five, now it is level 14. Moreover, the Space has gained a new function which are the fisheries. If young master is thinking about farming fish, he could go to the ranch where the river is placed. The aquatic animals will not account for the limit imposed on land animals. Master can raise another 10,000 magic beasts in the river. After reaching level 10, all of the animals raised in the ranch will be immediately upgraded to become magic beasts, so common animals will be upgraded to magic beasts.”

Zhao Hai felt great happiness upon hearing the news. He didn’t expect to gain such a huge benefit. After upgrading the Ranch to level 10, all animals inside would actually be turned into magic beasts. Moreover, he can now breed some fishes, this was an excellent gain.

However, he immediately had a thought, he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, are the Fire Fishes I raised inside the hot spring included in the fisheries function?”

Cai’er nodded, “So long as the animal lives in water, it is included in the function. Not only can you raise aquatic animals, the amount of land animals that can be raised has been increased to 10,000 as well. Master can now raise 10,000 aquatic magic beasts as well as 10,000 land magic beasts.”

Hearing Cai’er, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Good! Fantastic! Let’s go, when we enter the house you’ll have to tell me about the benefits of this upgrade.”


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