BTFTLIAW – Chapter 346

Chapter 346 – Lionheart’s Hidden Issues

Zhao Hai frowned as he responded, “Captain, I am a victim. Ninety of our escort guards were killed, and those mercenaries ran away. How can you say that I killed them in retaliation?”

The Heavily Armored man coldly snorted and said, “Don’t waste your breath, some people already seen that the mercenaries were killed. I suspect that you have killed them, now come with me.”

Zhao Hai looked at the man coldly, “Captain, I think that you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m a noble of the continent, a recognized noble of the continent. You have no right to place unwarranted suspicions on me. Now get the hell out, or else I won’t be polite with you.”

The Armored man’s gaze also turned cold, “So you don’t intent to cooperate, then don’t blame me for being…” Before he even finished his words, Zhao Hai already sent a fireball down his way. Zhao Hai looked at the soldier as he said, “Wasting too much time talking, I might as well take the first step. Shue go kill them.” Shue immediately transformed into multiple shadows and charged towards the group of soldiers outside the hotel.

The soldiers of the Heavy Armor unit didn’t think that Zhao Hai would take the first action so they weren’t prepared. In fact, these soldiers weren’t suited to clashes inside cities. With their heavy armors, moving became very inconvenient. If they needed to chase a person, they wouldn’t’ be able to catch up.

If these Heavy infantry were used in a battlefield, then they would become impenetrable walls, even able to withstand a cavalry charge. But their mobility isn’t something they could brag about.

The man who spoke with Zhao Hai was immediately killed by the fireball. Shue transformed into a thousand shadows almost instantaneously and appeared right by the heavy armored soldiers. The soldiers wanted to dodge but their armor became a hindrance to their movements, this made Shue’s killing spree very easy.

It may be possible that the city lord knew that fighting would happen here because he imposed martial law on the few blocks nearby, making the residents stay inside their homes so no one could see the battle. Zhao Hai let Shue deal with the soldiers while Shun targeted the people at the hotel.

Yesterday, they wanted to deal with Zhao Hai so naturally nobody inside the hotel was spared. The other people who were in the hotel were those mercenaries, and after the failure of their operation they withdrew. So there was no other guests in the store other than the attendants and the hotel’s boss, who tried escaping.

When Shun managed to finish the boss, Shue was also done with the heavy infantry. Zhao Hai immediately waved his hand and turned all of the soldiers into undead. Then he made Shun prepare the carriage so they could get out of the city fast.

The entire event was witnessed by Ruyen. She was afraid of the thousand or so heavy infantry, as well as the other people inside the hotel. But these 1,000 people were actually killed by Zhao Hai, the shock she received was too large.

The city was very small, so they quickly managed to get outside. The first to come out was Zhao Hai’s convoy followed by a single carriage which belonged to Ruyen and driven by Jill.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything to them. Instead, he turned to Shue and said, “Shue, since Ruyen doesn’t need to head to Carson City anymore, go change directions and go straight towards Sky Water City.”

Shue complied and took a detour. Carson City was Lionheart’s playground, if Zhao Hai’s group goes to Carson City, they would undoubtedly enter into the lion’s den. Zhao Hai couldn’t possibly allow that.

He initially thought that Lionheart would respect Ruyen’s status and wouldn’t touch her. Ruyen was a Grand Duke’s daughter, but Zhao Hai didn’t expect Lionheart to not care about that fact and immediately made plans involving the young lady. In this case, if Zhao Hai made Ruyen go to Carson City, then he would only be sending her to her death.

Zhao Hai also knew that as long as they were inside Rosen Empire, it was impossible to hide their whereabouts. So he didn’t conceal his movements, but he still didn’t stay inside any cities and always stayed outside to rest.

On the following days, Zhao Hai’s group always took a rest outdoors. It was quite normal inside Rosen Empire to stay outdoors like they did. So to the average person, what Zhao Hai’s group were doing wasn’t strange.

But Zhao Hai’s situation was quite special. Almost every night, some people would go and attack them. Sometimes they were mercenaries, sometimes they were a city’s garrison. There was no time for them to stay for a long time.

Zhao Hai became used to this. When they were moving inside their carriages during the, they would sleep. In the evening, they would be fighting against the attackers. Everywhere they go they would get attacked, further terrifying Ruyen.

This routine of travelling and killing went on for seven days, but they still didn’t manage to find a city with a Shelly Hotel in it. Moreover, during this seven days, Zhao Hai had managed to surprisingly kill 5,000 people.

Looking at the amount of undead Zhao Hai had amassed, Ruyen felt her hairs stiffen. To her Zhao Hai’s name became synonymous with the devil.

Zhao Hai also became very impatient. He didn’t’ dare enter a city in order for Lionheart to be unable to use official means to deal with them. He didn’t want to face against the judicial system of Rosen Empire. If that happens, they wouldn’t fare well.

Now that Zhao Hai was targeted by Lionheart, the other City Lords also got involved. The Rosen Empire didn’t issue a proper command, this matter was very beneficial to Zhao Hai.

As long as he wasn’t issued an arresting order, he will not become an enemy of the whole Rosen Empire. Even if the Grand Duke was powerful and influential, he also had enemies. For him to crazily pursue Zhao Hai was nothing but making a statement. He wants other people who wanted his power to know that it wasn’t’ easy to mess with him.

But Grand Duke Lionheart didn’t expect even in his dreams that Zhao Hai would become a hard bone to chew. He sent a lot of people as well as have the city lords help him but he still couldn’t eliminate Zhao Hai. Now Zhao Hai has became a thorn on his side, as long as Zhao Hai lived, Grand Duke Lionheart wouldn’t be able to rest well. The other people around him looked at him with ridiculing looks for being unable to deal with a single person.

Grand Duke Lionheart had been favored these past few years. This made him arrogant, walking around impudently, and offending a lot of people. These people were looking forward to the day the Grand Duke would make a fool of himself.

The Grand Duke also had another slight issue, which was Rosen Empire’s Emperor. He and the Emperor were good friends even before the Emperor became crowned. Moreover, the Emperor being crowned had a lot to do with Lionheart. Without his help, the Emperor possibly couldn’t have a smooth coronation.

Because of this, after the Emperor had ascended to the throne, he gave Lionheart his extreme favor and trust, giving him the lucrative position of First Lord of the Treasury. Because of this backing, Lionheart became more and more arrogant and overbearing as time passed by.

This was where Lionheart forgot something. He forgot that he was only an official, while the Emperor was the sole master of the nation. No matter whether he helped the Emperor ascend to his throne, was his best friend, say good things to him, but if Lionheart begins to threaten the crown’s position, the Emperor wouldn’t be polite.

This time, when Lionheart was going after Zhao Hai, he only released a message but there were a lot of city lords who answered. It showed how much influence he had. And the greater influence he had, the more the Emperor was dissatisfied with him. This point didn’t strike Lionheart, since he was fully absorbed in dealing with Zhao Hai.

However, the Grand Duke’s enemies wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. From time to time, these people would report Lionheart’s activities to the emperor. At the same time, they also reported about his attitude. Although these points eventually convinced the Emperor, he stood back and didn’t reprimand Lionheart. But these people already knew that the Emperor now placed his sights on Lionheart.

Zhao Hai naturally didn’t know of these. He was still very annoyed by Lionhearts daily attacks. These days, the attacks had become more and more fierce. This gave Zhao Hai a very difficult time because it was impossible for him to release hundreds of thousands of undead inside Rosen Empire. If he really did that, it would make the Rosen Empire issue an order to chase him.

Zhao Hai was resting outside tonight and waited for Lionheart’s attack. He sat outside his tent and ate lamb and mutton soup. Since it was still winter, such food was the best. It was delicious, warm and can stave of hunger.

At this time, Zhao Hai turned to Shun and said, “Shun, go over to Ruyen and invite her here. Tell her that I have a matter to discuss with her.” Shun complied and headed towards Ruyen’s tent.

These days, Ruyen was extremely behaved. When they go and rest every night, her group would always stay inside their tent and only come out during dawn, making Zhao Hai unable to see her face.

But Zhao Hai didn’t care, Ruyen acting like this was better. He was free of worry and he also didn’t like to interact with Ruyen.

Before long, Ruyen’s group was seen following Shun and heading towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai had a bonfire in front of him, but since it was winter and they were outdoors, it didn’t feel warm.

Zhao Hai looked at Ruyen and calmly said, “Young lady, we will pass through River Law City tomorrow. The city is a large-sized city in Rosen Empire so there should be a Shelley Hotel there. We’ll rest for a few days inside River Law City while we send a letter to Grand Duke Evan and wait for his reply. Does the young lady have any objections?”

Ruyen shook her head and replied, “I don’t, I’ll leave every decision to mister. If there’s nothing else, Ruyen will head back.” Zhao Hai nodded, then Ruyen lead Jill and the maids back to their tent. At this time, hoofbeats could be heard, making Zhao Hai and the others attentive.


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  1. Am I allowed to hate Ruyen because of her reaction to him? It reminds me of those cliches where the protag saves the girl, but because of the way he did it, the girl becomes afraid of him.

  2. Man is it really ok to keep wasting soldiers and mercenaries like that? I mean all zao did was stay in the enemy’s hotel, but now because of that guy stupid pride the rose empire is more than 5000 soldiers weaker, makes one wonder how cheap is a human life in these novels….

    1. I mean, he’s making some people very happy.

      Single-handedly causing the deaths of thousands of the nation’s trained soldiers over a petty grudge and mobilizing nobles and city lords everywhere to attack a traveler over such a grudge right in front of the emperor without asking him.

      Great leadership. Political enemies can’t help but rejoice!

    2. it’s not only in novels, real life this happens too, where the higher ups in a government would usually just send troops to be slaughter.

  3. Well a 5000 undeads is only a portion of hundred thousand undeads
    But hey free undeads are free undead

  4. Can’t he just drug her, then teleport her back home? Just keep her asleep for two or three weeks😴, she won’t know what happened.😵
    Problem solved.😈

    1. The problem is that he doesn’t want (rather, author doesn’t want to for plot) use his abilities properly. With his space, he can literally assassinate anyone in the world. He could kill Lionheart while being on the other side of the world, and no one would be able to connect the two.

      Just send the Blood Hawk with the staff near Lionhearts mansion (finding it wouldn’t be hard, asking in that town), teleport to his room at night, kill him (that flower can kill even rank 9’s without making a sound for crying out loud), drag him into space and voila. There is absolutely no one that could know anything at all about what happened.

      This story is quite entertaining, but objectively speaking, it is absolutely horribly written. The numbers hardly ever check out (Caravans with thousandths of carriages, really?! With one carriage being 6m, that’s several kilometers…for a single caravan), the main characters behavior is erratic, he’s inconsistent, and the author contradicts himself frequently. If this story were to be turned into a proper light novel, it’d requite a lot of rework and editing. Being entertaining alone just isn’t enough.

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