BTFTLIAW – Chapter 331

Chapter 331 – They’re as close as brothers?
Laura and the others already had their meals when Zhao Hai returned, currently they were in the living room talking with each other. When Zhao Hai came in, they immediately stood up and looked at him. Seeing their reactions, Zhao Hai said, “What are you looking at? Did something happen?”
Laura smiled and said, “Happen? Looking at what you just did, didn’t Marquis Robert give you problems?”
Zhao Hai smiled, “It’s fine, we drank liquor and became good friends, so how could he give me trouble? Right, what about you? Did you already have dinner?”
Laura replied, “We’ve already eaten, but what did Robert talk with you?” Zhao Hai smiled and told them about what happened at Robert’s mansion. When Zhao Hai said that Robert was someone from the League of Dark Mages, the group became surprised. They didn’t expect Robert to be someone from the league, it seems like the league’s influence isn’t small. No wonder they dared oppose the Radiant Church.
Zhao Hai continued, he also talked about his and Illin’s milk wine agreement. Laura nodded and said, “Good, I’m also worrying about this aspect. Currently, we had two businesses, one from the Purcell Duchy and the other is in the Beastman Prairie. Our milk wine is a new venture, we produce about 1000 jin per day and Bell certainly wouldn’t be able to handle all of it. It’s also not good to have a single channel for this product. With our agreement with Illin, we obtained another outlet.”
Zhao Hai and smiled, “Moreover, another important point is that we had drawn a connection with the Shelley Family. You didn’t see Robert’s expression when he mentioned the Shelley Family, his reaction clearly showed the power of the family. If we can get a relationship going with them, it will be give us an advantage in the future.”
Laura agreed, “That would be good, but highly unlikely. The Shelley family is a huge merchant family. They wouldn’t just make connections if they don’t get a huge benefit. If there are nothing in it for them, then they would not care about you at all.”
Zhao Hai smiled then replied, “This isn’t bad at all. If we are just ordinary, then Southern King wouldn’t deal with us. The League of Dark Mages wouldn’t help us at all. Not everything is a benefit anyway. This time’s cooperation with the Shelley Family isn’t a bad thing.”
Laura smiled, “In any case, we already made a deal with them, and we shouldn’t hurry our plans. I think that if we go back to the Black Wastelands, we can recall all the bulls and argali from the space. We could also farm some fire fish and try to make more deals with Shelley Hotel. If we manage to get their attention, they might help us. What do you think?”
Zhao Hai replied, “Good. Also, it looks like we need to stay for an additional day, I need to see Bell and discuss about Illin’s deal, then we can leave. Right, I plan to have Shue return to Casa City and tell Uncle Evan about Ruyen’s situation. I won’t dare accompany her anymore seeing how she already tried to harm me once, I don’t like to see her every day.”
Laura smiled, “That’s also good, but I think we should have Shun go. He’s small and light, I think we could try to make him ride a blood hawk and see if the hawk could carry him. If we succeed, then maybe we can have some aerial battalions in the future.”
Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up when he heard Laura’s words. Having an air force was his dream. Although the hawks were not that small, carrying humans was still quite troublesome for them. But Shun was different, Shun was light, Zhao Hai believed that if the hawk can manage to carry him, then they would be able to set a standard in the future.
Since it was still already late, Zhao Hai didn’t drink again. The group chatted for a while and then rested. The next morning, Zhao Hai’s group went to the dining hall to eat. When Ruyen came in, she looked at Zhao Hai and coldly snorted. Then she sat on another table and ordered dishes for herself.
Zhao Hai didn’t care whether she joined or not. He and the others ate together instead. This was also the first time Laura and the group ate together in a dining hall since the start of their journey.
At this time, a horse’s neigh could be heard outside. Then a person came in, Zhao Hai curiously looked at the person and saw that it was Fernand. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, what did he want this time? Last night, Zhao Hai remembered that Fernand had drank too much, why did he come so early in the morning?
Fernand swept through all the guests in the dining hall, he gave Ruyen a salute first, then ran up to Zhao Hai’s table and said, “Brother, I see that you’re eating, I didn’t have my breakfast yet, so let me join you. Ah, I didn’t bring any wine this morning, brother, come give me some of yours.”
Looking at the alcoholic in front of him, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he said, “Brother Fernand, why are you here? So early in the morning and looking for liquor to drink, aren’t you afraid that Uncle Robert will scold you?”
These two people chatting here gave every person inside the dining hall a shock. Most of them knew that the two were in conflict yesterday and Fernand even got the city’s garrison involved, forcing Marquis Robert to act. The scene they were seeing today made them all speechless.
In just one night, the two became as close as brothers? Was the world changing too fast? Everyone looked at the two, puzzled and shocked.
Ruyen was more dumbfounded, she knew that Fernand almost fought with Zhao Hai yesterday because of her instigations. How could Fernand disregard her today and instead ran up to Zhao Hai?”
Fernand didn’t care about these people’s reactions, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I’m always scolded daily, I’m already used to it. And aren’t you gonna leave? So I might as well go out drink, quickly take it out.”
Zhao Hai said helplessly, “Don’t worry, I won’t be leaving today. Also, when I transport some wine, you can go to Bell and buy from him. I also made a partnership with the hotel to serve the wine here later on. You wouldn’t need to fear about not drinking my wine.”
Hearing Zhao Hai’s words made Fernand’s eyes light up, “Really? Fantastic, I actually feared that I wouldn’t be able to drink the liquor anymore. But I’m actually poor person, if you don’t provide the wine, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to afford it.”
Zhao Hai gave him a look, “Why are you telling me you’re poor? I didn’t ask you to lend me money. Really, the successor of the Marquis running to me and telling me he’s poor.”
Fernand forced a smile, “Brother, you don’t know my pain. Although I’m the Mansion’s eldest young master, my monthly allowance isn’t that great. If I manage to overspend, my father would come and pick me up. But I can’t help it, if you were in my position, you will always want to spend as much as you want.”
Zhao Hai rolled his eyes, “You have it easy, compared to me who always travelled everywhere, or maybe do you want to change places?”
This time, it was Fernand who rolled his eyes, “Now you’re telling me that I have it better. If I had such beautiful women to travel with, I would be willing to be on the road everyday.”
Zhao Hai was helpless against Fernand. Fernand wasn’t a bad fellow, he just had the problem all rich young masters have. But Fernand was also different, if he liked a woman, then he’d find ways to bring her back home, otherwise he wouldn’t have that many wives and concubines. And if he wanted to go out and play, he could find some who are willing. Ruyen, however, was an exception, she was worse than the other women.
Moreover, Fernand’s age was close to Zhao Hai’s. And since he was spoiled by his mother from an early age, his attitude was just like Zhao Hai’s friends back on earth. This made Zhao Hai chat with Fernand comfortably.
Looking at Fernand’s appearance, Laura felt it funny. Fernand and Zhao Hai ate their meals, but in the end, Zhao Hai still didn’t give Fernand any wine.
Watching them laughing and eating at their table, Ruyen’s expression worsened. She didn’t understand how this happened. Why did the playboy Fernand not come to her but instead went to Zhao Hai?
After breakfast, Zhao Hai set out towards the outskirts of the city. Although Fernand didn’t know what Zhao Hai was doing, he also joined him outside.
Stopping the carriage and seeing that there was nobody around, Zhao Hai made howling sound as a Blood Hawk came down from the Space. The Blood Hawk was naturally released by Zhao Hai, but since Fernand was present, he pretended to howl to call the hawk over.
Fernand, who was with Zhao Hai, was very curious of this majestic hawk that fell from the sky. Zhao Hai didn’t bother with him and called out to Shun.
Imagining Shun riding the hawk, Fernand could help but laugh. His short stature, compared to the eagle, was very disproportionate.
Then Zhao Hai turned to the hawk and said, “How is it? Can you carry Shun on your back?”
The Blood Hawk paused for a moment then nodded. Zhao Hai also nodded and then handed Shun a letter, he instructed, “Shun, take the Blood Hawk and go to Casa City. Give this letter to Grand Duke Evan. This is my badge, take it. After handing the letter to him, tell him that I would be waiting for his response.”
Shun was skeptical when Zhao Hai told him to ride the hawk. But when he saw the Blood Hawk’s appearance, his heart became nervous. Nevertheless, he nodded and carefully received the letter and crawled to the back of the bird. The hawk gave Zhao Hai a cry then flapped its wings and took off. Before long, the two became two black spots in the sky.


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