BTFTLIAW – Chapter 330

Chapter 330 – Illin

The group chatted in the living room unwary of the time that had passed. The topics they talked were mostly about the League of Dark Mages. Zhao Hai was a new recruit and he didn’t know a lot about the league, so he used this opportunity to discuss with the other two.

The two didn’t hide anything from him either. As it turns out, Robert was able to join the league thanks to Bell. The two’s relationship was already good before Robert joined the league, and when one time Bell asked Robert about what he thought about Dark Mages, Robert was unexpectedly fine with them. In contrast, Robert was disgusted with the Radiant Church and its overbearing attitude. Finally, after multiple contacts, Bell finally invited Robert to the league.

Upon listening to Robert’s words, Zhao Hai felt a bit anxious. From their discussions, it seems that they were already integrating Zhao Hai with the league, it was quite amusing.

But from the way things was, he had no other alternative than just make them believe that he was already a firm believer. The two also told him a lot about the league, giving Zhao Hai more understanding of the group.

When dinner time came, the group headed to the dining hall. Fernand also came to drink wine with them. At this time, Fernand’s mind was already clear. He was very embarrassed, he was not stupid, when he calmed his mind down, he realized that Ruyen was just pushing him towards trouble earlier this morning.

Although he was manipulated, his heart didn’t have any misgivings, making him suffer a loss, this made him feel very awkward. When dinner came, Robert sent someone to fetch him, so he went.

After the group sat down, Robert took out the fruit wine he prepared. But Bell quickly stopped him, he said, “Keep this wine, today, Wales will provide the liquor. Wales, you will right?”

Because Fernand was present, Robert didn’t want Fernand to know Zhao Hai’s true identity, so they decided to call him Wales. This didn’t mean that Robert didn’t want Fernand to get to know Zhao Hai. Knowing Zhao Hai was actually good for his son.

Zhao Hai’s identity couldn’t be revealed inside Aksu Empire, the less people who knew, the better. Although Fernand wasn’t that stupid, he was quite impulsive from time to time. When Zhao Hai’s status gets revealed, Evan, Bell, and Robert would be implicated. So Robert decided to make Fernand be in the dark regarding Zhao Hai’s status.

Robert looked curiously at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Right, let’s have my wine. It could also be considered as my apology to brother Fernand.” A liquor bag appeared as he waved his hand.

Seeing this, Fernand didn’t dare to underestimate Zhao Hai anymore. From Zhao Hai’s action, it was obvious that he had a spatial storage item, the Iksa Family didn’t even have one, it was that rare. Such item was a symbol of status, now Fernand didn’t have any doubt about Zhao Hai’s background.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about Fernand’s expression. He poured himself a cup and also three more for the others. Then he lifted a glass and held it to Fernand and said, “Brother Fernand, I had been impulsive today and had offended brother. Please take this cup as a sign of my apology.”

Fernand became embarrassed when he heard Zhao Hai, he quickly lifted his glass and said, “Brother is too kind, today’s matter was my fault. It should be me who has to offer a glass.” Then the two clinked their glasses and drank the wine.

Zhao Hai was used to the wine, so he didn’t have any reaction. Fernand, on the other hand, had never drank such strong liquor. After he downed his glass, he choked repeatedly with his face red.

Zhao Hai smiled and poured himself another glass. He turned to Robert and said, “Sir Marquis, today’s matter was my fault. I even troubled you, please have this glass.”

Robert looked at Fernand’s reaction and was surprised. He knew that Fernand was a good drinker. Even though Fernand was a no good son, when it came to liquor and women, he was better than Robert. For even Fernand to be like that after a glass, would he be able to take it?

Bell looked at Robert’s expression, he smiled and said, “It’s alright, the liquor is very fragrant, but it’s also very strong. It is good to be careful and not drink it like it is Fruit Wine. When you drink it, take it sip by sip, then you’ll know that it is a rare delicacy.”

Robert looked at Bell as though he didn’t believe him, Bell just returned his gaze. He looked at the glass and gently took a small sip, then his face changed into delight.

Robert looked at the glass, and took another sip. He savored the wine’s flavor, Robert couldn’t help but get quiet and appreciate the wine. After some time, he opened his mouth and said, “Good wine, nice flavor.”

Fernand also finished his glass at this time. Zhao Hai gave him another cup and said, “Brother Fernand, how was it? Was the wine good?”

Fernand didn’t react, he looked at the clear wine in the glass and nodded repeatedly, “Good, it is really good. Comparing this to the other liquors I’ve drank before, it seems like I had been drinking water all along, this liquor is very good.” Then he lifted his glass and took another sip.

Robert also continued to drink the liquor as the group ate the dishes on the table. It was said that the best way to make friends is through liquor. Before long, the group’s relationships became better. Zhao Hai and Fernand now looked like intimate brothers.

The meal was very jolly, Fernand still didn’t want to go and study, so Robert berated him, but looking at Fernand’s expression, it seemed like he didn’t take his father’s words seriously.

After having eaten their meal, Zhao Hai returned to the hotel. This time, he didn’t bring Laura and the others, so he wanted to tell them what just happened.

When he entered the hotel, Illin welcomed him. Zhao Hai quickly gave a salute and said, “Manager Illin, hello.”

Illin smiled and said, “Mister Wales had been well. Mister Wales, I have something to discuss with you, can I borrow some of your time?”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment, but his impression of Illin was good so he said, “Alright, Mister Illin.” Illin quickly reached his hand and said, “Please” Then the two went towards an office room in the first floor.

Illin’s room was very stylish. Aside from the living room, there was also a bedroom inside, but the door was closed so Zhao Hai couldn’t see in.

After Zhao Hai was invited to sit down, Illin began by serving Zhao Hai a cup of tea, then he proceeded, “Did mister experience some troubles when visiting the Marquis’ mansion? If you have any troubles, you can come see me. There are only quite a few things that the hotel can’t do in the city.”

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile and said, “I thank the manager for his concern. But the Marquis had been very good to me while I was in his mansion.” Although he expressed his thanks, Zhao Hao begame vigilant. Illin looked too eager to get his favor, it wasn’t an attitude you just show to a guest. Illin was being too suspicious.

Illin nodded and said, “That’s good. This time, I had invited mister to ask about something. Last time, you drank some wine back at Casa City’s Shelley hotel. I heard that the wine was very fragrant. Can I know where Mister got that wine from? Is it really from the prairie?”

When Zhao Hai heard him say so, he immediately understood the matter. Since the Milk wine was to be distributed anyway, he didn’t hide it, “Although the wine was made using the regular milk wine method, I made some improvements to it, making its flavor better. Why did you ask?”

Illin smiled and said, “Mister doesn’t need to be anxious, our Shelley family’s intentions are good. It’s like this, we want to buy a lot of wine from mister and sell it on our stores. I just don’t know whether that would be possible?”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment then said, “It’s possible, but I already had an agreement with Bell to have him be the sole supplier inside Aksu Empire. If I also supply you, it wouldn’t be good. Also, the wine’s output isn’t high, to tell you the truth, each wine needed a lot of raw ingredients to make. So we cannot produce it large scale.”

Illin nodded, he’s also a businessman, so he knew about Zhao Hai’s difficulty. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, how about this, the liquor you supply will only be served on our hotels. If a guest wanted to acquire some for himself, then mister Bell would handle it. Right, except for Mister Bell’s supply, how much could you provide our hotel each month? And for how much?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “Since the manager has decided on it, how about this, I’ll provide your hotel 10,000 jin of wine each month. If the productions increases later, then we’ll act accordingly, what do you think?”

Illin’s eyes lit up, “10,000 jin, although it isn’t a lot, it would be sufficient in the meantime. I hope that you could increase your production as soon as possible. Right, since the supply had been settled, for how much would you sell them?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Two gold coins per jin. This is also my selling price for Bell. What does manager Illin think of this?”

Illin nodded, “Price isn’t high, good, then we’re settled. Can I know when mister can deliver? When does mister want to be paid?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “In a few days, I’ll have Bell contact you. The money will be given to Bell and he’ll pass it to me. Can you work with this?”

Illin nodded, “Alright, I’ll do what mister said. Does mister need a written agreement?”

Zhao Hai smiled, then he replied, “No need, I believe that for the Shelley Family to handle such large business, they should be very honest in their deals. I don’t have any problems here, manager could just wait for the wine to arrive and inspect them then. If manager can find faults in the product, you can just return them to me. What do you think?”

Illin nodded and said, “Right, let’s go with that. Then, I won’t disturb mister’s rest anymore.” Zhao Hai stood up and was lead by Illin out as he headed to his room.


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