BTFTLIAW – Chapter 329

Chapter 329 – How did I get a stupid son?
Robert just glanced at Fernand without saying anything. He turned to the cavalrymen and asked, “Who is in command today?”
A man in a horse went to Robert and bowed, “Third Battalion Commander Nicholas has seen Marquis Robert.” It was a rule that only in the presence of the Emperor would cavalry men dismount when giving a salute, therefore even though the cavalry were Robert’s subordinates, they didn’t dismount when giving him a salute.
Robert looked at Nicholas and nodded, “Head back and receive 50 canes, go on.” Nicholas immediately bowed and said, “Yes”. Then he waved and led the cavalry away.
Nicholas knew why he was punished. He was part of the Sarte city’s defense force, so even though they were subordinates of the Iksa Family, they couldn’t just be ordered around. It would need Robert’s command token to make them move. But this time, because of Fernand’s words, they went out, this was enough justification for Robert to punish them.
Looking at Nicholas’ cavalry leaving, Robert turned his head to Fernand and said, “Go home. Mister Wales and Bell will go to the mansion with me.”
Then Robert turned to Illin and apologized, “Manager Illin, the young one had been impolite. Please don’t take it to heart, one of these days I’ll come visit and formally apologize.”
Illin smiled faintly, “Sir Marquis is too polite. This one wouldn’t dare make the Marquis apologize. Marquis had already taken good care of the hotel.”
Robert laughed and said, “Mister Illin is also very polite, pulling the business’ merit to my head. Hahaha, good, I’ll certainly find time to come. But not today.”
Illin quickly said, “Sir Marquis can come anytime.” Robert nodded, then he gave a signal to the carriage as he drove off.
Zhao Hai hastily went to Bell and rode his other horse. Then the both of them followed the Marquis towards his mansion. Fernand was also inside his carriage heading back to his home.
At the mansion, Robert invited Zhao Hai and Bell to the living room while Fernand followed them. When they entered the living room, the maidservants immediately prepared tea, then were driven out by Robert.
After the maidservants left, Robert’s face immediately changed. He slapped the table and looked at Fernand, “You fool! How did I manage to get such a stupid son. You know what kind of place Shelley Hotel is? Even when I eat there, I still need to pay full. But now you just lead some people and want to barge in? Do you want to die?”
Fernand lowered his head and didn’t dare to make any noise. Robert looked at Fernand and continued, “Just because our family had such a large domain doesn’t mean that we’re someone great. The reason we managed to get this territory was because the other Great Noble families didn’t take a liking to it. And now you regard yourself as someone powerful? If you add up all of the branches of the Shelley Hotel chain, they would reach up to ten thousand. They’re considered as one of the most powerful families in the continent. And you dared provoke them? Do you want to take the entire Iksa family down with you?”
Fernand was still quiet, still lowering his head, but deep in his heart he was not convinced. In his opinion, Robert was exaggerating. He didn’t believe that a hotel could have such power.
Looking at Fernand, Robert knew that his words didn’t reach his son’s heart. Robert couldn’t help but sigh, “Also, can’t you see that Ruyen was deliberately instigating the conflict? You became too blinded and became stupid. Me, Robert, had been smart my entire life, how did I manage to sire a stupid son? Aside from women, don’t you have anything else inside your head? Also, I wouldn’t even have any problems if you were playing around with a good woman, but Ruyen is different. Didn’t you know that she was quite infamous inside Purcell Duchy? It even made Evan decide to send her away to study in Rosen Empire. For such a women, you are willing to drag a lot of people in trouble?”
It wouldn’t be proper for Zhao Hai to open his mouth at this time. Since Bell was in close terms with Robert, he quickly said, “Sir Marquis, you really cannot blame this matter to the young master but instead to princess Ruyen. It’s too easy for her to pretend and fool men. If I were to meet the young lady when I was younger, I also wouldn’t be able to stop myself.”
Robert stared at him and said, “Can’t stop? Then how can Wales stop himself? I can see it, Wales didn’t have any reaction towards the young lady. Wales, what’s this about? Care to explain why you don’t harbor any favor towards her?”
It wasn’t a mystery why Robert was puzzled. He sees that Zhao Hai was given the Viscount title by Evan. So naturally it would be correct if Zhao Hai were to be more attentive to Ruyen. But why did Zhao Hai dislike her instead?”
Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he prepared a reponse, “Young lady Ruyen is beautiful, but her reputation in the Purcell Duchy isn’t likeable, I won’t dare marry her. The title was willingly given by Duke Evan, I didn’t want it. He just saw my capabilities and decided to give me this title.”
Robert chuckled and said, “It looks like I didn’t misread you. Your current appearance is just a disguise, no? What’s the matter? “
Hearing this, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, “Nothing, isn’t it just nice to wear this attire? It even excuses me if I do something outrageous, hehe, it’s extremely convenient.”
Robert laughed, then he turned to Fernand, “It seem like I also need to prepare you for studying at Rosen Empire.”
When Fernand heard Robert, he immediately begged Robert, “Father, I’ll promise to be obedient from now on. Please don’t send me to Rosen Empire, it’s too far, I don’t want to go there.”
Looking at his son’s appearance, Robert helplessly smiled and said, “Forget it, you go back first. Don’t’ forget to come back in a while and accompany Wales and Bell for dinner.”
Fernand looked at Bell and Zhao Hai then nodded and went away. Looking at Fernand’s unwilling face, Robert couldn’t help but sigh and said, “His mother had spoiled him too much. He’s already a big man, but still acting like a child.”
Bell smiled and changed the topic, “Yesterday, I didn’t manage to visit you and tell this. This is the league’s new member Zhao Hai, you should have heard of him.”
Both Robert and Zhao Hai were surprised at Bell’s words. Bell’s message told both Robert and Zhao Hai that they were on the same side.
Zhao Hai and Robert stared at each other then back at Bell. At this point, Bell was chuckling. Robert couldn’t help but smile, “So it’s true that the two of you were in a partnership. I didn’t know that you had another secret.”
Zhao Hai also couldn’t help but smile, he didn’t expect that the Iksa family’s patriarch would be a member of the League of Dark Mages.
However, he changed his thoughts and saw that something was not right. He heard the Robert was a 7th rank Wind element Mage. How could he be a member of the league?
Looking at Zhao Hai expression, Bell smiled and said, “Don’t assume that the League of Dark Mages’ members are all Dark element Mages. There are also quite a few number of people of different backgrounds that are members of the league, like me and Robert. We became too tired of the Radiant Church’s antics. Seeing that we had a common hatred with the league, we decided to join.”
Zhao Hai nodded. Robert looked curiously at Zhao Hai and said, “You’re also in the league? Are you a Dark Mage?”
Zhao Hai smiled and said, “When I joined the league back then, I was a Dark Mage. But a fire, earth and wind tri-element mage’s status is much more convenient in the continent at this time.”
Robert and Bell both stared at Zhao Hai. Looking at the two people, he smiled and added, “Don’t stare at me like that, I don’t actually know magic. I have a Divergent ability, it can imitate magic spells. Presently, I could imitate earth, wind, fire, dark, and light element mages. This is how I can pretend to be a three element mage.”
Zhao Hai’s words further surprised Robert and Bell. But Zhao Hai couldn’t blame them, Divergent abilities were very rare and mysterious. Therefore, when they heard that Zhao Hai had a Divergent ability, they were very surprised.
On the other hand, the reason why nobody was surprised about Shue is because he was already quite well known early on his life. Everyone knew his ability and were not surprised. But now that Zhao Hai also said that he had such ability, Bell and Robert almost didn’t believe him.
Zhao Hai looked at the two and smiled bitterly. Then he didn’t talk anymore, he knew that the more he talked the more mistakes he would make, so he decided to settle for less.
Bell and Robert saw that Zhao Hai didn’t want to divulge more information so they didn’t push him further. The league was quite a loose organization and everyone had their secrets, so they didn’t inquire anymore.
Robert shifted the topic, “Right, Zhao Hai, what did you see Bell for? This fellow is a sleazy businessman. Why would you want to do business with him?”
It was obvious that Robert and Bell’s relationship was quite good, seeing how they tease each other. Zhao Hai quite admired these types of friendships.
Bell looked at Robert, “What? You’re asking why Zhao Hai went to me for business? Did you forget what he did in the past?”
Robert froze, he remembered the Haven brand products in the Purcell Duchy some time ago. These products were all provided by Zhao Hai. Thinking about it, it wasn’t surprising for Bell and Zhao Hai to team up.
Robert nodded then he turned to Zhao Hai, “So what business are you doing with Bell? Haven products?”
Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Not this time. I want to sell Milk wine at them moment. I’ll give them to Bell and he’ll be the exclusive seller for Aksu Empire.”
Robert said, “Milk wine? Why sell that? Would people buy it?”
Bell smiled and said, “I’ll make you try it later, and I promise you, you wouldn’t want to drink any other liquor after then.”
Looking at Bell’s expression, Robert knew that the wine would surely be good. But he was also curious, his family’s domain was bordered with the prairie, and also had some businesses with the beastmen. So naturally. he didn’t drink a small amount of milk wine, but he still couldn’t get used to it.


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