BTFTLIAW – Chapter 328

Chapter 328 – Power and Prestige

Fernand didn’t expect that Illin would disregard his face, his expression changed and he said, “Illin, you’re just a servant, what gave you the balls to oppose me? Are tired of living? Get out of the way or else I’ll wreck your entire hotel.”

Illin’s eyes flashed a cold light, he replied, “Since our Shelley Hotel opened our shops in the entire continent, there wasn’t anyone who dared to say that they would wreck our place. If the young master really plans to demolish our hotel, then I, Illin, wouldn’t stop you. But you’ll have to know that the Marquis would have to provide substantial reasons when this matter reaches the ears of the family.”

Fernand calmed down, Although he was a spoiled young master, he wasn’t dumb. His father told him about certain groups inside the domain he couldn’t offend. The Shelley Hotel was one of them.

His earlier words were only caused by his momentary rage. Now that Fernand heard Illin’s words, he calmed down. What Illin said wasn’t a lie, there were numerous Shelley Hotels spread out in the continent, being able to handle such a huge business, how could the Shelley Family’s influence be small? Not to say about Iksa Family, even the Aksu Empire’s Imperial Clan would still have to think twice before offending Shelley Hotel.

Thinking about this, Fernand couldn’t do anything other than suppressing the rage in his heart. Then he said, “If don’t want me to cause trouble, just go call Wales out. We’ll settle our own dispute.”

Illin shook his head and said, “The young master has to forgive me, we need to follow the rules of the hotel. Unless the guest informs us beforehand, we cannot just disturb their rest.”

The anger that Fernand suppressed erupted, he shouted, “Illin! I have already given your Shelley Family enough face and didn’t care about your rudeness. But now you’re being completely unreasonable! Men, charge!”

Just as the cavalry was about to rush in, ten stone golems appeared, blocking the hotel’s entrance like a wall. Afterwards, Zhao Hai’s words could be heard, “Young Master Fernand, if you want to see me, just wait for me to come out. Why are you too impatient?”

After saying that, Zhao Hai walked out of the hotel. He first performed a salute to Illin and said, “I thank Mr. Illin’s protection, I will never forget this favor until I die.”

Illin showed a faint smile, then he said, “As long as mister continues being a customer at our hotel, then we’ll always guarantee your safety.”

Zhao Hai smiled, then didn’t say anything more. He remembered Illin’s gesture in his heart. At this time, Zhao Hai turned to Ferdinand whose face was red with anger, “Young Master Fernand, aren’t you being too serious about our conflict? You hit my servant, I hit your servant, we’re now even. I don’t know why young master dragged these people here, what are you planning to do?”

Fernand sneered, “What? You want to admit defeat now? Too late, you knew this was our domain and yet still dare to offend me. You’re courting death!”

Zhao Hai looked at Fernand and faintly smiled, “Does the young master really think that I’m afraid of you? To tell you the truth, I don’t want to make this conflict bigger than it already is in consideration of the Marquis. Somebody wouldn’t have a happy end if this continues, I hope the young master thinks twice.”

Fernand sneered, “Saying these words is already too late, men, capture him!” The cavalry resumed their charge.

At this time, a voice was heard, “Stop! Quickly stop!”

When Zhao Hai heard the voice, he couldn’t help but smile. This was Bell’s voice, he finally came. If he was late, then Zhao Hai feared that he may actually have to make a move.”

Fernand turned to look at Bell. He couldn’t help but frown, he wasn’t willing to annoy this man. Bell was the largest merchant in the domain as well as a very close friend of his father. Although he looked down on merchants, he still needed to give Bell face.

Seeing that Bell had suddenly  arrived, Fernand frowned a bit. With Bell present, the situation became more complex.

At this time, he also remembered Ruyen’s words. Ruyen told him that Zhao Hai came to Iksa Domain to meet with Bell to discuss some partnership. Now, it seems that the partnership has gone through.

Bell was very anxious, he didn’t ride his carriage this time but rode a horse instead. Shue was right behind, also riding a horse.

Bell quickly arrived at the hotel, he looked at Zhao Hai and nodded. Then he turned to Fernand and said,” Eldest Young Master, how did my friend offend you? Please consider this little one’s face and quell your anger.”

Bell was a merchant, so when he apologized, he put on a smile, with this, people would generally be too embarrassed to get angry.

Fernand looked at Bell and listened to what he said. Fernand didn’t want to be in conflict with Bell, he knew that he couldn’t offend him. At this time, Ruyen came out of the hotel, and looked at Fernand.

When Fernand saw Ruyen appear, he became delighted. Ruyen looked at him with despise, then turned her head to Zhao Hai and made a face of admiration. Fernand anger flared up again, he looked at Bell and sneered, “Bell, you’re just a merchant, why would I give you face? You became an honored guest at our house, became father’s friend, and had me call you uncle, and now you think that you’re someone great? Get out of the way, or else I’ll have to capture you along with Wales.”

When Bell heard Fernand, his complexion paled. He clearly saw Fernand’s rage reduce, but suddenly it came back. Bell knew Fernand, so he turned around and see the reason for his change.

He turned his head and saw Ruyen. Looking at Ruyen’s appearance as well as her looks, Bell immediately knew that she was Purcell Duchy’s young lady who was travelling with Zhao Hai. He also understood the current situation.

Bell took a deep breath, then turned to Fernand. He couldn’t help but sigh inside, Robert was a perceptive person, so how could he sire a son be as idiotic as Fernand. Such clear motives but still couldn’t see through it, he was too stupid.

Bell didn’t know what to do. If the eldest young master really made this mistake, Bell wouldn’t have anything to say. No matter what, this man was the Iksa Family’s successor.

Then a voice came, “Such power and prestige, why don’t you also capture me then.” The voice wasn’t loud, it was just ordinary, you almost couldn’t hear it. But when Fernand heard this voice, his expression changed.

Bell and Illin became relieved upon hearing this voice, Zhao Hai also turned to look at the source. There was a carriage that had just arrived. The carriage was large and majestic, but a kind of majesty that was low-key, a humble type of majesty.

A middle aged man stood in front the carriage. Although he was a noble’s robe, he wore clear glasses. His noble’s robe looked very refined, and paired with his eyeglasses, it gave him a scholarly aura.

Seeing the man, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel a favorable impression towards him. Back on Earth, Zhao Hai was an author, so his body naturally would express a scholarly tone. This made Zhao Hai form a connection with the man, giving Zhao Hai a good impression of him.

The man was naturally Robert. Although Robert had a calm face, everyone who knew him understood that he was angry. Seeing Robert arrive, Bell greeted him, “Marquis Robert unexpectedly came. How dare we make the Marquis work hard. Wales, quickly greet the Marquis.”

Zhao Hai hastily bowed and said, “Wales had seen Marquis Robert.”

Robert nodded as he looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was dressed like a dandy, but when Robert looked a bit more, he felt something was not right. Although Zhao Hai wore clothes that might make him flamboyant, and also wore pink eyeglasses, something that he didn’t understand, Robert was very sure that him and Zhao Hai were the same. Robert also noticed Zhao Hai’s aura.

Because of his occupation as a novel writer back on Earth, as well as his fondness for ancient literature, and also the relative calmness of Earth’s society compared to Ark Continent’s, Zhao Hai’s aura exhibited a calm and tempered attribute, a strange temperament that didn’t belong in the Ark Continent.

Robert was a perceptive man, when he saw Zhao Hai’s temperament as well as how he was dressed, he immediately understood. He couldn’t help but smile, but he didn’t reveal it, he nodded to Zhao Hai and said, “Young man, very good, hehe, what a pity that you have such temper.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai knew that he was found out. His face couldn’t help but redden, he really was quite impulsive, he replied, “Marquis was right, I had been impulsive.”

Robert chuckled, then he turned to Fernand. Now, Fernand’s face was pale ever since Robert arrived. Fernand knew that he was in deep trouble, but he didn’t dare to run away. Robert didn’t teach him that power and influence came with time. Robert was very lenient with him, making Fernand act unreasonably in their Domain.


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  2. i’d like to thank all the patreon donators on behalf of all the freeloaders and baitclickers.

    All of this would not have been possible without you. You have my sincerest gratitude.

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