BTFTLIAW – Chapter 326

Chapter 326 – Robert

Fernand quickly replied, “Right, I actually forgot about that. The Rosen Empire Institute’s admission has very strict requirements. However, I believe that with the princess’ natural talent, admittance is not a problem.”

Ruyen covered her mouth to chuckled, “Come on, what talent. You hadn’t seen talent until you meet the Viscount that I travelled with. Even though he is just over 20 years old, he actually knows wind, earth and fire element magic, a three-element mage. Moreover, his talent in the fire element is very good, an absolute genius.” She said with twinkling eyes.

Seeing Ruyen’s expression, Fernand’s heart felt uneasy. Fernand already considered Ruyen as his prey, but now in front of him, Ruyen was praising another man. He couldn’t stop his expression from turning ugly.

At this time, footsteps could be heard approaching. Then, while he still hasn’t passed through the door yet, a man’s voice was heard, “Hahaha, little Ruyen, Uncle hasn’t seen you for quite some time.” The man said as he strode into the room.

Entering the door was an over 40-year old man. His body wasn’t that tall and he looked thin and weak. He wore a noble’s clothes and had worn transparent eyeglasses, he looked quite attractive. He was the patriarch of the Iksa Family, Robert Iksa.

Although Robert is still 45 years old, he was already a 7th rank Wind element Mage. Moreover, he started managing the family at 25 years old so he was already the family patriarch for 20 years. In the past two decades, although the Iksa Family didn’t have much to show, they made lots of money by taking advantage of their border with the beastman prairie by smuggling and collecting private taxes.

Iksa Family was different to Purcell Family. The Purcell family had an Elder’s assembly to restrain their patriarch, while the Iksa family, however, did not have an Elder’s assembly. This meant that Robert, as the Iksa Patriarch, had complete authority in the domain.

Robert and Fernand had different personalities. In his life, Robert only had one wife and one concubine, which was his wife’s maid dowry. Because of this, Robert couldn’t get used to Fernand’s actions, but his wife is alright with it so he couldn’t do anything about it.

Seeing Robert arrive, Ruyen and Fernand immediately stood up and gave a salute. Robert nodded and looked at Ruyen, “Well, little Ruyen had already grown to be a lady. The last time I saw you, you were still 7 years old, that was way back in the past. Right, how is you father?”

Ruyen smiled, “Father is well, this time he made me visit uncle personally and give uncle a gift, Jill.”

Jill took a box and walked forward, in that box was a very well-made magic staff. Robert was a Mage, so it was natural to gift him a magic staff.

Robert received the gift with a smile. Then he turned his head to Ruyen and asked, “Ruyen, what matter made you visit this time?”

Ruyen quickly replied, “Nothing, I was just passing by on my way to Rosen Empire so study. Father didn’t trust me in travelling alone, so he had a Duchy’s Viscount accompany me. But the Viscount came here to discuss business with Bell, so I felt that it was best to come visit you along the way.”

Robert smiled, “Is it? Your father was actually willing to send you far away to study? Well, I need to learn from your father. Maybe I should also send my disappointing child away to study.”

Fernand’s face turned bitter, he had the same situation as Ruyen. In their Domain, he was someone, but if he went to a big place such as the Rosen Empire, he wouldn’t have any status, and he knew this quite clearly.

Ruyen just smiled and said, “Father was saying that I needed to go out and get some experiences, hehe.”

Robert smiled, “Right, gathering experience is a good decision. Ah, this old man couldn’t chat with you for long. Fernand, accompany little Ruyen around that mansion. At noon remember to come back and have your lunch here.”

After saying that he stood up and left. Seeing his father leave, Fernand relaxed. Normally, Robert was very strict to him, always giving him lessons, this made Fernand develop a habit of being nervous whenever his father was around.

Ruyen looked at Fernando’s appearance, her heart couldn’t help but despise him. Before, if she saw someone like Fernand, she would be in the mood to tease him. But after meeting Zhao Hai, she didn’t have that feeling anymore.

Ruyen also clearly saw the fire inside Fernand’s eyes. So she deliberately boasted Zhao Hai’s qualities  in front of him. He wanted to annoy Fernand and at the same time bring some small trouble to Zhao Hai.

Ruyen had eaten a few losses by Zhao Hai’s hands, and Zhao Hai also hadn’t given her enough face, so her heart felt very annoyed. And now looking at Fernand’s actions, she was sure that if she always talked favorably of Zhao Hai, this playboy Fernand would certainly look for trouble, wanting to flex his masculinity. Ruyen wanted to see how Zhao Hai would deal with this matter.

Fernand invited Ruyen to explore the mansion and to take a good look at Sarte City. However, while on the road, Ruyen didn’t stop giving praises to Zhao Hai. This made Fernand very mad.

For a playboy like Fernand, it was very unbearable to have a woman he fancied continue to praise another man, let alone in front of him. As time passed by, Fernand’s face got even more ugly.

When noon came, Fernand led Ruyen back to the mansion to have their lunch. The two were told to head to the dining room where Robert was already waiting for them.

The meal was a very pleasant experience, Robert had been the patriarch for 20 years, so he had met countless amounts of people. So naturally, he would know how to make the table’s atmosphere very enjoyable. In addition to Robert’s efforts, the dishes presented were also very good, Ruyen was very pleased with the meal.

After having their lunch, Robert left again to deal with his busy schedule. Ruyen wanted to go explore the city with Fernand, but instead Fernand said that he wanted to see the Viscount that Ruyen was travelling together with.

Hearing what Fernand said, Ruyen couldn’t help but laugh inside. At the same time, she brought Fernand to the hotel where they were staying at.

Since Zhao Hai chose this hotel to stay in, naturally it wouldn’t be bad. Since he was currently acting as a young master, it was natural that he wouldn’t go to low quality hotels, thus he chose to live in luxury.

When the two arrived at the hotel, except for her guards, Ruyen saw that there was only Blockhead. Since Blockhead was supposed to be Zhao Hai’s supply carriage driver, he didn’t have the status to come with him to see Bell. Ruyen led Fernand to her room and immediately sent someone to get Blockhead.

Although Blockhead didn’t know what was happening, he still came. He went to Ruyen’s room and gave a salute, “This one had seen the young lady, what does the young lady need me for?”

Without waiting for Ruyen to speak, Fernand stood up and gave Blockhead’s face a slap. Blockhead touched his face and gave a puzzled look at Fernand, “Who are you? And why did you hit me?”

Fernand looked at Blockhead’s expression and proudly said, “It was your own undertaking. Seeing the princess but not kneeling? And seeing the Marquis’ successor and didn’t salute? So why shouldn’t I hit you? What kind of lord has such a subordinate, looking at you tells me that your lord is not that good.”

Ruyen didn’t expect Fernand to use his title for such petty matter. It was the lowest thing that a Nobleman could do. Ruyen couldn’t help but look down on Fernand even more.

However, to cause Zhao Hai trouble, Ruyen held back and only looked at Blockhead. Blockhead was very angered right now, he wished that he could draw his sword and kill Fernand immediately, but for Zhai Hai’s sake, he held back.

He endured, but Zhao Hai didn’t need to. As Blockhead was about to give Ruyen and Fernand a salute, a voice could suddenly be heard, “Marquis’ successor, such great power and prestige. But what is you actual title right now?”

When seeing Zhao Hai coming through the door, Ruyen didn’t get frightened. This was the effect that she was waiting for, she wanted to know how Zhao Hai would solve this matter.

Fernand also looked at Zhao Hai. What he saw was an ordinarily dressed man that had a very ordinary appearance. When he heard Zhao Hai, Fernand knew that he was Blockhead’s lord, thus he couldn’t help but snort and said coldly, “So you’re saying that the heir of a Marquis can’t scold you?”

Zhao Hai looked at Fernand, even though he had no idea what happened, when he saw Blockhead being hit, he became enraged. One must know that Blockhead was already in the Buda Clan even before their tragedy struck, Zhao Hai already considered him as his brother, and now that his brother had been hit, he just couldn’t let this matter slip.

Hearing what Fernand said, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, “A Marquis’ title is very high, but I do know that his successor’s title wouldn’t be at same level, so what right do you have to teach my servant?”

Fernand’s expression changed, although his father was a Marquis, his title wasn’t that high up, only a Viscount, the same as Zhao Hai. Him wanting to teach Zhao Hai’s servant was indeed too excessive. It was a manner of, before beating the dog, find out about the owner. When he berated Blockhead, he also hit Zhao Hai’s face. This was a taboo for Nobles.

Although it was a taboo, Fernand didn’t care. In Sarte City, he could afford to be domineering, he wouldn’t care about a small Viscount.


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