BTFTLIAW – Chapter 325

Chapter 325 – Calci Family

Bell and Zhao Hai quickly arrived at Spring Grass Residence’s courtyard. Here, only the most important friends of Bell could enter, so naturally Zhao Hai would be among them.

After the group arrived inside and sat down, Bell looked at Laura and the others and laughed, “Dressing up like this, I really couldn’t recognize you, but this is also good, now nobody would pay attention to you, hahaha, otherwise it would be really troublesome.” Zhao Hai knew that he was just joking, the group just laughed.

Bell looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, regarding the Herculean Bull’s information, I really didn’t think that the Radiant Church would actually return to the prairie. When I received the information, it was already too late to inform you.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “It’s alright, actually, this time I came because I have a lot of information to give you. Pass this information to the league.” Then Zhao Hai told Bell about the brainwashed beastmen children as well as the Ultimate Weapon program.

Bell clearly didn’t know about this information, his complexion became heavy as he talked, “There’s actually such a thing, it was fortunate that you are able to get these. I think that the the league was also in the dark about these, this is very important information.”

Zhao Hai just smiled, “Helping the league is good,  now that we are of the same group, we have a common enemy. So naturally I would tell the league information about them, I just don’t know if the league could do anything about this information.”

Bell smiled and replied, “Rest assured, these intel that you gave won’t be in vain, the league will reward you. If you want money, the league would provide money, but if you don’t, you could turn them into contribution points. If you want some information, you could obtain them through these points, you won’t need to spend money. And you can get more than information, there are many advantages.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Listening to you, it seems like you want me to exchange them to contribution points? Alright, change them. Let’s discuss about our milk wine cooperation, what do you think? Do you want milk wine?’

Bell replied, “Of course, I already had the preparations in place. As long as you send the milk wine, I could immediately continue on to distribution. We should also make the system more refined, so that we could sell it at a proper price.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’ll hand that matter off to you, but I need to tell you that the delivery point should be on or near the prairie so that other people would not suspect. I don’t want them to know that the milk wine had any relation to me.”

When Bell heard what Zhao Hai said, he knew that this was the matter that Zhao Hai cared about. He smiled and said, “This is easy to handle, I have an outpost in the prairie, you can send your milk wine there, I’ll give you the map for it in a while. That outpost had been with me for a long time, and the tribe has a partnership with me, you don’t have to worry.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s good. How many milk wine do you think your shop can sell?”

Bell thought for a moment then said, “Our initial agreement is good, a thousand jin for the first month, and when the market catches on, we’ll buy more.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That is good, you’ll be my partner in Aksu empire. But now that I’m heading to Rosen Empire, I need to find another partner. Do you have any connections there? It’ll be better if they have a relationship with the league, otherwise, I’ll be going blind when I arrive there.”

Bell smiled, “There is enough market in the Aksu Empire which can bring revenue to the league, I alone wouldn’t be able to swallow it. Have you considered it already?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, he didn’t know what to say. Bell was a fanatic believer and is willing to give anything to the league. Compared to Bell, his contribution to the league is very small.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s expression, Bell moved on, “Let’s consider that matter finished, right, did you say Rosen Empire? What city, Carson City? If you go to Carson City, I don’t have any connections there. That place contains both snakes and dragons, it’s not a good mix of people. In Rosen Empire’s port city, Sky Water City, the city lord is a member of the league. If you go to Sky Water City, you can get in touch with him and have him cover for you, then you won’t have anything to worry about.”

Zhao Hai froze for a moment, he didn’t think that the league really had connections in the Rosen Empire. Moreover, it was with a City Lord, Zhao Hai quickly urged, “Quickly, tell me about him.”

Bell nodded, “Sky Water City is an important port city of the Rosen Empire. It was ruled by the ancient Calci Family. The Calci Family is a very influential family inside Rosen Empire, they had members serving in the army as well as the imperial court. But many people didn’t know that the Calci Family only reached their current standing due to their previous military exploits. They initially began by serving as doomed soldiers and most importantly, Dark Mages. It could be said that their family was brought up by Dark element Magic. Currently, there are a lot of Dark Mages in the family, possibly because of their bloodline inheritance. When someone from the family develops a talent for magic, it would almost always be an innate talent with the dark element. Because of this, they obviously would be a member of the League of Dark Mages, and at present, their family provided the largest contributions to the league. Moreover, their family also held several seats for the league’s elder congregation. One could see that the Family had become a backbone of the league even back during its establishment. The league and the family were inextricably linked to each other.”

Zhao Hai was surprised, he didn’t expect that there would be such a family of Dark Mages. Good, this was really good for Zhao Hai. With Calci Family’s help, Zhao Hai believed that what happened in Purcell Duchy wouldn’t be repeated in Rosen Empire.

Zhao Hai nodded, “Good, I’ll go to Sky Water City. I’m going to Rosen Empire mainly to do business anyway. It’ll be the same everywhere, and Sky Water City is a port city, trade would be more lucrative there.”

Bell smiled, “Right, I’ll write you a letter of introduction for you later. In the meantime, let me tell you about the matters of the Calci Family, so that when you get there you won’t be clueless.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Bell replied, “It’ll be my pleasure, you also gave me some intel as well as the milk wine business, this would be a lot of help for the league, I’ll tell them about this.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Thanks, when you hand me your stronghold’s map later, It’ll take two days before the milk wine will be prepared for delivery. Remember to tell you people in the prairie that I won’t be personally be delivering the milk wine. I still need to head towards Rosen Empire.”

Bell smiled, “You are very busy, right, I’ll give you the money later, maybe you’ll find use for it.”

Zhao Hai declined, “No, we’ll do it according to our previous agreement. Only pay me when the goods arrive. Give the money to the person in charge of the delivery, no need to hand it to me personally.”

Bell nodded, and then he looked at the sky and said, “It’s already near noon. Let’s have a meal here first, let me express my hospitality, but you’ll have to provide the liquor.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the liquor.”

Bell immediately ordered his servants to prepare lunch, and of course, to prepare good dishes. There were a lot of people in Spring Grass Residence, this included Bell’s family, he had six wives and a few children. Including the servants, the total number present reached the hundreds.

And also, being a prolific merchant, Bell also had a lot of guards. For someone of his status to not have guards would be preposterous, there were guards wherever you went inside the mansion.

When noon came, their lunch was already prepared. Bell also used this time to introduce his seven children, three sons and four daughters, to Zhao Hai. Bell’s children were very young, with the eldest only at 14 years old, they still couldn’t help Bell manage his business.

Looking at it, Bell already considered Zhao Hai as his peer, otherwise he wouldn’t introduce his family to him.

Regarding Bell’s hospitality, Zhao Hai didn’t have any complaints. The two of them were allies in the same organization, moreover, they were business partners, so their relationship was very good.

Meanwhile, Ruyen’s trip to see the Iksa Family Head wasn’t going as smoothly.

When Zhao Hai left in the morning, Ruyen also went out of the hotel. She sat on her own carriage and went towards the Marquis’ Mansion which was not far. Although the two clans’ relationship wasn’t too deep, they still had plenty of interactions in the past. Thus, when she arrived in Sarte City, Ruyen had no other choice but make a visit.

And also, for Ruyen’s convenience, Evan had her bring some gifts to give out. These gifts were all put together by Evan to give away to certain families or groups. Evan had Jill manage these so Ruyen didn’t have to worry.

Ruyen sat in her carriage as it approached the mansion. The mansion was more stylish than Spring Grass Residence. It had a wall more than three meters tall and a four meter tall gate. By the gate were two guards, one for each side. On the gate, the Iksa Family’s insignia could be seen, a majestic galloping horse.

Ruyen’s carriage stopped right in front of the gate, a servant went towards Ruyen’s carriage and greeted, “Welcome, her highness Ruyen.” Then the servant personally guided the carriage towards the main mansion.

When the carriage arrived at the mansion, a young man could be seen walking out. The young man looked over 20 years old, he had a pair of glossy eyes with long eyelashes, and he wore a Noble’s robe. His hair was properly combed, and had glasses worn on his eyes. He also had a somewhat pale complexion. The young man was Iksa Family’s first in-line, Fernand Iksa.

This young master Fernand was quite well known in Sarte, not because of his ability, but because of his libido.

Young master Fernand, although still 22 years old, already had a wife as well as concubines surpassing 20. Moreover, he also had at least seven sweethearts in Sarte. His romantic matters could fit inside a book.

This day, when Fernand heard that the Purcell Family’s young lady Ruyen would come visit, he was very excited and was the first to rush out and meet her. He was also clear that this young lady was very infamous inside Casa City as having relationships with many young masters, and that she liked men of distinguished backgrounds. Fernand thought of himself as a man of distinguished background, so how could he let go of this opportunity.

Ruyen just disembarked from his carriage when young master Fernand arrived, he looked at Ruyen’s flower-like appearance and his heart couldn’t help but jump. He immediately greeted her, “Fernand came late, beautiful princess Ruyen, please forgive me.”

Ruyen’s eyebrows twitched, she looked at Fernand and said, “Young master Fernand is too polite, I wouldn’t dare blame the young master.”

Fernand looked at Ruyen’s face, his heart was jumping crazily, but he didn’t dare be too rude so he replied, “Princess, please come in, I have sent someone to inform father, I believe father will arrive soon.”

Ruyen chuckled and said, “I wouldn’t dare trouble the Marquis.” Then she lifted her hand gently, Fernand almost didn’t understand what was happening, then he quickly extended his arm and lead Ruyen towards the mansion.

Jill and the others also followed the two immediately, holding gifts in their hands. But they also knew of the young lady’s personality, so they didn’t dare be noisy, they just silently followed the two.

They quickly arrived at the mansion’s living room. The ornaments inside the living room were very magnificent. And standing inside the living room were six maids. When they saw Fernand come, they immediately became busy, they brought hot towels and prepared hot tea, they also lit the fireplace to keep the place warm.

Fernand hesitantly let go of Ruyen’s hand, he asked Ruyen to sit down and said, “I didn’t know of princess’ visit, I had been disrespectful. For the princess to visit the mansion, what matters are you handling here?”

Ruyen showed a faint smile and said, “I’m just passing by, I must head to Rosen Empire to study. But my father didn’t trust me, so he had me follow a Duchy’s Viscount. The Viscount had come here to visit Bell to discuss some matters. So I decided to visit Uncle Robert at the same time and send some gifts that father prepared.”

Fernand replied, “So the princess was actually headed to Rosen Empire to study. The mountains are high and the road is pretty rough, how could the Grand Duke allow you to travel to Rosen Empire at these conditions?”

Ruyen just smiled and said, “This time, if we wait till spring to head towards Rosen Empire, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to finish my admissions before the beginning of the school year.”


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