BTFTLIAW – Chapter 323

Chapter 323 – Trap

Shue looked at the direction that Shun had pointed to. He saw a very typical farmhouse courtyard wall built with stones. The courtyard wasn’t large, and because of the winter, you cannot clearly see what is inside it.

In it were four clay houses, ordinary commoners would construct these types of houses, only few made their houses using stones. Clay brick houses were warmer compared to stone houses, therefore their houses were generally made of clay brick.

The sky was already dark, and at the distance a small light could be seen, maybe to provide warmth. However, Shue suddenly felt that something was off.

At this moment, Shun’s ears suddenly moved. He could hear something different coming from his family’s room, it sounded like the friction of a full body armor. This made Shun stare blankly, when he was about to set out, a voice suddenly told him, “Don’t make unnecessary moves. Your family has been taken hostage. You’ll bring them more harm if you go.”

This was Zhao Hai’s voice, Shun couldn’t help but be surprised. He clearly remembered that Zhao Hai didn’t go with them. Shue was already accustomed to this, he said, “Young Master, why did you come?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I didn’t plan to come originally, but seeing Shun’s family being held hostage I had to. Stop the carriage, Shun’s family is surrounded by ten people, all the family members are in the same room with one person inside as a lookout. The remaining nine are outside preparing for an ambush. It appears that they are completely ready for Shun. Weird, they seem to have just arrived, did they know that Shun will come back today?”

Naturally, Zhao Hai saw Shun’s family’s situation through the monitor.  He just didn’t understand why the other party decided to set up an ambush here. According to Shun, his family should be very well hidden.

Zhao Hai turned to Shun and said, “Shun, are there other people who know where your family are? If not, how did they trace your family? Looking at their appearances, they should know about your identity. Otherwise they wouldn’t send such people to deal with you. Moreover these people had shields as well as full body armor. They were obviously guarded against your hidden weapons.”

Shun froze, and after a moment he shook his head, “Nobody should know about my family. I generally act alone, and even though this village isn’t that remote, nobody would generally come here. So how could other people notice my family?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Very well, no use getting bothered over it. First, we need to save your family, then we go deal with those guys.” Zhao Hai waved his hand, then a monitor appeared showing the situation with Shun’s family.

Shun’s mother, wife, and two children were grouped up at the east side of the house. Another man who wore a shield and full body armor was standing by the door, coldly staring at the family.

Shun’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red. Zhao Hai talked with a deep voice, “Cai’er, deal with that fellow, don’t make any noise.” Cai’er complied, then under Shun’s gaze, a vine silently appeared behind the armored man, then the vine turned into an extremely sharp point and aimed at the person’s head. His head was punctured, then his body trembled and didn’t make any sound anymore. The vine didn’t immediately retreat, instead it wrapped around the warrior’s body. The vine was always behind the warrior, so Shun’s family wasn’t able to see it.

Zhao Hai nodded then said, “We’re good.” His hand moved, then the three immediately appeared in front of Shun’s family. As the family see Shun and was about to shout, Shun immediately stopped them, “Don’t make any noise, come with me.” Zhao Hai instructed him to say this.

Seeing Shun, the family immediately nodded and tightly closed their mouths. Then they vanished from the room, Zhao Hai brought them to the space along with the warrior that Cai’er killed.

After entering the Space, Shun and his family members just stared. Zhao Hai looked at them and then smiled faintly, “Well, Shun, this is our greatest secret. After knowing this, you wouldn’t be forgiven if you betray me.”

Shun quickly said, “Young Master can be assured, ever since I have followed you, I didn’t even think of being disloyal. This time, I want to thank Young Master for saving my family.” After saying that, Shun introduced his family members to Zhao Hai.

Shun’s mother is named Suju, his wife is called Nalan, and his two children are called, Shungan and Shunliu. After hearing the children’s name, Zhao Hai almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing. The names Shunliu and Shungan were too domineering, Zhao Hai almost asked Shun if he had participated in the Sino-Japanese War.

Zhao Hai nodded, then sat down with the group inside the Space’s villa. Zhao Hai turned the screen on and the group looked at the courtyard. The armored group was ready for an ambush. Although they only faintly surrounded the house, it was clear that they intend to seize the victim in one fell swoop.

Zhao Hai looked at the people, then he said seriously, “Look at what these people are wearing, it looked like they aren’t any ordinary mercenary. Their armor are very refined, it seems like they are employed by a big family. Shue, what do you think?”

Shue looked at the screen for quite some time before he said, “Right, even though they didn’t wear any emblems, you can see that their weapons and armor are made in the same style. Ordinary mercenaries simply don’t use these kinds of equipment.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Seems like a powerful figure had their eyes on Shun. We’ll capture these guys later, I want to know who wanted to deal with Shun.”

Shun felt touched while looking at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai knew that it was already late, so he turned his head to Shue and said, “Shue, arrange two rooms for Shun’s family. Then we’ll go take care of those guys, we still need to go back to Laura and the others.”

Shue nodded, then went and settled Shun’s family down. And since Zhao Hai was afraid that they still didn’t have their dinner, he gave them some food to eat. He also told them to go to the bathroom and wash up. Not for long, the family exited the living room.

Seeing the other warriors, Zhao Hai turned to Shue and Shun and said, “Shue, Shun, remember their locations.” The two confirmed, then Zhao Hai sent the two of them outside.

As soon as they arrived outside, Shue immediately released a hundred shadows, Shun also prepared his hidden weapons, then the both of them carefully walked towards the house.

When Shun entered the courtyard, the waiting warriors immediately jumped from their hiding spots and surrounded him. On their hand were big shields, two of them were actually holding crossbows loaded with bolts.

It seems like they were completely prepared to deal with Shun. They knew that Shun was very mobile, therefore they prepared crossbows and bolts to cope with him.

Seeing the situation, Shun pretended to be shocked, then he talked as his expression changed, “Why are you here friends? I didn’t offend any of you, right?”

One of the warriors said, “Enough spouting, your family has fallen to our hands. Comply obediently, my family’s master has some words to ask you.”

At this time, footsteps could be heard outside the courtyard which caused the group to be surprised. Shun immediately made his move, he quickly had his weapons take out the crossbows from the hands of the two people, since they held the most threat. Taking those crossbows out would make everything easier for Shun.

Since the group are experienced in battles, they quickly sobered up from their shock. The two who held the crossbows immediately held their shields up. But this way, they couldn’t take a proper shot. At this moment, Shue came rushing in.

These warriors aren’t very strong, they were only about 6th rank. But since they are wearing armor, general hidden weapons cannot penetrate them. Adding on to the fact that they held Shun’s family, they dared to face him.

However, with the help of Shue, whose strength was comparable to them. The group immediately got captured, this time they were captured, not killed.

Shue and Shun brought the captives to Zhao Hai’s carriage. When they entered, they saw the corpse of the warrior that was killed by Cai’er. Seeing the puncture wound caused by the vine, the group of warriors immediately thought that it was caused by Shun’s short sword.

Zhao Hai sat in front of the warriors and looked at them, he smiled faintly and said, “You people, tell me why you wanted to attack my follower, is it against my follower or to me?”

When the group of warriors heard Zhao Hai, they didn’t say anything. Each and every one of them tightly closed their mouth, looking like martyrs.

Looking at their appearance, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smiled, “Not talking? Very well, you are currently wearing full body armor, what would happen if I grill your armor with fire? What do you think would be the effect?”

After Zhao Hai said that, the groups faces immediately paled. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be that cruel, their armor were all made with metal plates.

If such armor was roasted with fire, they would naturally become barbeque.

At the same time, Zhao Hai wielded his Ghost Staff. A head sized fireball appeared and flew towards one warrior.

The warrior’s face immediately lost its color, the he said hastily, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk! Please don’t burn me.”

Zhao Hai also looked at the other warriors. The group of warriors looked at each other and knew that they couldn’t escape. They immediately nodded and said, “We’ll talk, we’ll also talk.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to Shue, “Shue, take them inside the house and interrogate them one by one. If two people says different things, inspect the others and find out who lied. When you find out who lied, kill him.”

This was the first time that Shue encountered this type of interrogation. The group now knew that there really wasn’t any other way to fool Zao Hai. They immediately complied, Shue took four people to the house and interrogated them one by one. These warriors didn’t dare to speak untruthfully, each of their faces showed bitter expressions.


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