BTFTLIAW – Chapter 321

Chapter 321 – Apologizing

Blockhead’s words made Zhao Hai and the others stare. At this time, Blockhead continued, “Look, we just came back from the prairie and immediately got a title from Grand Duke Evan. All of these meant that we had a common ground between the Grand Duke and the prairie. Before, the only person who had a relation between the Grand Duke and the prairie was the Dark Mage Zhao Hai. Therefore, today’s mastermind wanted to see whether Young Master is a Dark Mage. If they proved that you are a Dark Mage, they could know of your identity which would be very troublesome for us.”

Zhao Hai and Laura looked at each other, then they nodded. They felt that Blockheads speculation was spot on, otherwise, there wouldn’t be any plausible explanation for today’s attack.

Then Zhao Hai turned his gaze towards Shun. He looked down and said, “You should have guessed who I am right about now. Well, do you still want to be my follower? If you do, I won’t treat you any worse than Shue. But if not, you should know how I do things.”

Zhao Hai’s method was widely known in the Purcell Duchy. They knew that he liked to turn people into undead, making them his eternal slaves.

Naturally, this method was also widely used among Dark Mages. This was the reason that any ordinary person didn’t annoy Dark Mages for no reason. Nobody liked to die and have their corpse serve others in eternity.

Shun kneeled on the ground and said, “Yes, I am willing.” Then he bit his finger and made a blood oath. Zhao Hai’s body felt the same way as the time when Shue made his blood oath. Now, Zhao Hai believed that he was not deceived.

Zhao Hai looked at Shun and said, “Good, you’re now my follower. Shue, take him, explain to him the rules here.” Shue complied, then he led Shun out.

Zhao Hai looked at Blockhead who was beside the door. He smiled and said, “Blockhead, who would’ve known that you would think of things we hadn’t thought of.”

Blockhead laughed, “It’s because the Young Master thinks of too many things, so it’s natural to miss things from time to time. My brain is very simple, it doesn’t need to think of many things. So I accidentally thought of it.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “You guys are getting more and more interesting. Right, we didn’t get much sleep tonight. I think the enemy wouldn’t dare make another move, go get some rest.” Blockhead nodded and walked out.

Like any other high-class hotel suite, there would generally be three-four rooms in each accommodation. Brown Hotel’s high-class suite had three rooms, Shun, Shue, and Blockhead lived in one room, Laura, Meg, and Nier lived on another, and Zhao Hai occupied the third. In fact, even if their arrangements were like this, they actually prefer resting inside the Space. But because of tonight’s situation, they chose to not go to the Space, they just rested on their hotel rooms.

While Zhao Hai’s group rested quietly, the rest of the people in the hotel didn’t get any sleep. The hotel owner Brown was rescued from his room. He wasn’t harmed, but he was in shock. After knowing of what just happened, he was even more distressed. He didn’t know how to explain to Zhao Hai what happened tonight.

Brown himself had a bit of background, he was the Blanca town lord’s wife’s younger brother. Because of this, he was able to open his hotel. But Blanca’s town lord is only a viscount, a rank similar to Zhao Hai’s. Even more, from Ruyen’s carriage, the Purcell family  emblem had been hung. They were people that Brown couldn’t offend, but they were attacked on his hotel, Brown thought that he was already dead deep in his heart.

At the same time, Ruyen’s heart couldn’t calm down. She didn’t expect that Wales turned out to be a three element mage. On the continent, having a skill in one element is considered as average talent, knowing two elements were considered to be geniuses. Knowing three elements, however, was a very rare talent in the continent, most people wouldn’t even see one in their entire lives.

However, even if one was a three element mage, they would still major in a single element, otherwise they would be very distracted in their studies. But looking at Zhao Hai, he was a three element mage, but it looked like his spells were high ranked in all elements. What did this mean? It meant that he had very high innate talent for magic.

Originally, Ruyen was very proud of herself. Although she was still young, she was a talented Water Mage who reached the 6th rank, this achievement was considered rare in the continent.

However, over these two days, she felt her confidence being attacked. Not to mention Zhao Hai being a three element mage, Meg who was beside Zhao Hai wasn’t any weaker than her, this made her disappointed with herself.

Ruyen sat down in her room, her two maids were standing behind her while Jill and another warrior was standing opposite her. Ruyen looked at them calmly and said, “What do you think of what happened tonight?”

The warrior looked at Ruyen and replied seriously, “That group was obviously after Mister Wales, but I think that group of people didn’t belong to any organization or group, like Eight-armed demon Shun, he was a very famous assassin in the continent but he was a paid hand, he didn’t join any group. He was a very hard to deal with character, I heard that besides his hidden weapons and disguises, he is also very proficient with poison. The weapons on his arsenal are all poisonous. His employment showed that tonight’s attack mostly involved mercenary assassins, those who receive cash for tasks.”

This moment, Ruyen frowned, “Doomed soldiers are also mercenaries? How come I haven’t heard of mercenary doomed soldiers?”

The warrior calmly replied, “There are some of them in the mercenary circle, some escaped from their Clans and some rebelled. They would even sometimes find a wife outside and later bear a child which they would pass their skills to. This situation isn’t unusual.”

Ruyen nodded, he turned to Jill and asked, “You were with Shue and Blockhead’s room tonight, did you manage to get any information?”

Jill shook his head and said, “I didn’t, after eating their meal and returned to their room. Their lights were immediately turned off, and no sound could be heard from then on. I called them later, but they said they were too tired and needed to rest, unwilling to come out.”

Ruyen knitted her brows, “I just want to know what father told them, why he gave them the viscount title, and why father had me travel along with them. This matter is really strange. Right, how many night guards were incapacitated? How many were killed?”

The warrior replied, “All were killed, there are no living witnesses left. It seemed to be under the hands of another doomed soldier, they only have one wound on their neck, their throats were sliced by a sword. It wasn’t Shun’s doing also, or else he would have used his poisonous hidden weapons.”

Ruyen nodded, “Cremate their corpses and send their ashes back to the Grand Duke’s mansion. Tell father to give their families some compensation.” The warrior nodded.

Ruyen continued to frown and said, “Tonight’s attack is too strange, Mister Wales’ identity is too mysterious. No matter what, we should be more careful for a few more nights. Increase the number of night guards by a few more people.” Jill and the warrior nodded.

Ruyen looked at the two, “You go back and rest, send some people to patrol tonight. Jill, Mister Wales is currently in your room, go rest with the guards tonight.” Jill complied, then he asked to be excused.

Watching Jill leave, Ruyen murmured to herself, “Things are getting more and more interesting, hehe.” Then she yawned and went to her room to rest.

The next day, Zhao Hai and the others woke up quite late. Zhao Hai’s bady wasn’t very good so he needed a good rest, so he slept till it was late.

After they washed up in their rooms, they came out of their suite just to see a fat figure standing outside their door. When he saw them come out, the fat man immediately went to greet Zhao Hai, but he was blocked by Shue and Blockhead. The fat man could only stop and bowed his body and said, “This little Brown has seen Sir Viscount. Sir Viscount was frightened yesterday, this one apologizes deeply to Sir Viscount.”

Zhao Hai looked at the fatty, this fatty looked the same as the fatty that Shun just imitated. But this one had very bloodshot eyes and a very sweaty face, he wore an expression as though his mother just died.

Zhao Hai calmly replied, “It’s nothing, I don’t blame you. Those people came for me. I apologize to Mister Brown for destroying a few things in your hotel.”

Brown’s body bowed even lower, “This little one had heard the Viscount. This one is very happy. This one has prepare some liquor to get over the shock, I invite the Viscount to the dining hall.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he headed towards the dining hall. When he entered the dining hall, he saw Ruyen sat there drinking tea. She was in the middle of drinking tea when Zhao Hai entered, Ruyen immediately place his cup down and stood up. “Mister came, how was mister’s rest?’

Zhao Hai calmly replied, “Fortunately well, young lady, please take a seat.” After having said that, Zhao Hai sat down.

Fatty Brown who was at their side bowed, “Your Highness young lady, Sir Viscount, this one specifically prepared liquor and some dishes to overcome yesterday’s shock. I hope you two could accept my invitation.”

Ruyen didn’t speak, she looked at Zhao Hai, giving the decision to him. Zhao Hai calmed the nervous Brown, “Good, Boss Brown doesn’t need to be polite, let them serve it. We’ll leave after eating. Just as what I said before, I don’t blame you, you don’t need to be so nervous. When we head down, we’ll provide the payment for our rooms.”

As soon as Brown heard Zhao Hai’s words, he immediately replied, “This one wouldn’t dare, the room charges could be considered to be my apology. Right, I’ll excuse myself and make the staff serve the food. I invite the Your Highness Young Lady and Sir Viscount to take your time.” Then Brown bowed and went back.

Note: Pitiful Brown, imagine living peacefully then getting caught up with some noble’s dispute. How unfair would that be, he got off well.


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