BTFTLIAW – Chapter 320

Chapter 320 – Eight Armed Demon

After shouting, Zhao Hai waved the staff in his hands, then a one meter diameter Fireball flew towards the hotel door. Boom! The entire hotel shook, then outside Zhao Hai’s door, a pitiful yell could be heard. Naturally, the doomed soldier’s slealth had been broken by Zhao Hai’s fireball.

At this time, the door of the room right next to Zhao Hai’s opened, Blockhead and Shue were carrying their weapons, “Young Master,what happened?”

Zhao Hai loudly said, “Some doomed soldiers attacked, I already killed them.”

Zhao Hai’s voice was too loud the the entire hotel was alarmed. Ruyen’s guards grabbed their weapons to took action, they didn’t even have time to wear their armors.

Jill ran up to Ruyen’s room, holding what looked to be a rapier. It seems like Jill wasn’t just an ordinary servant.

At this time Ruyan also stumbled out of her room and looked at Jill confused, “Jill, what happened? Why is it noisy?”

Jill replied, “Your highness, someone just attacked Mister Wales. But Mister Wales already took care of it. The night guards we sent to patrol earlier seemed to have met unfortunate ends.”

Ruyen was smart, so she immediately sobered and turned to look at the scraps of Zhao Hai’s door which he destroyed with a fireball. Her face became ugly then she commanded, “Immediately send someone to see who dared to attack.”

At this time, Ruyen’s two maids also arrived, on the hands of one of the maids were a set of clothes, she turned to Ruyen and said quietly, “Your highness, put some clothes on first.”

Ruyen was currently wearing her night garments. Moreover, they were the sexy type of night garments. The hotel was currently chaotic, it would not be good if someone ran over and saw her.

Ruyen nodded, then returned to her room and quickly wore her clothes. After a short while, she went out of her room and asked Jill, “How is Mister Wales’ condition?”

Jill replied, “He’s alright, mister hadn’t exited his room yet, Shue went out to deal with the enemies. But the attackers seriously underestimated mister. They didn’t know that Mister was a Fire element Mage.”

Ruyen started, then she nodded, “Looks like mister is really formidable. Mister is a Fire element Mage, his maid is a wind element mage, and his carriage driver is Shue of a thousand shadows. Who knows how strong the driver of his other carriage is.”

At this moment, battle cries could be heard outside, and before long the sounds vanished. Then Shue walked in from the outside, he quickly went to Zhao Hai’s room, “Master, it has been taken care of.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he went out of his room, already wearing his clothes. Laura and Meg followed behind him. The group walked toward the courtyard of the hotel. Ruyen also hastily followed them. Her guards were holding their weapons while being extremely vigilant.

Zhao Hai quickly arrived at the courtyard, there a fat person had already been waiting for them. When he saw Zhao Hai come out, the fat person quickly ran toward Zhao Hai, Shue stopped him from going further.

The fatty immediately stopped, then he greeted Zhao Hai, “Respectable mister, I am the boss of Brown Hotel. Sir, I must apologize regarding the earlier matter. I ask mister to believe me when I say that it had nothing to do with our hotel.”

Zhao Hai was sizing up this fatty. The fatty was wearing very magnificent clothes with perfectly combed hair. Sweat could be seen hidden along his fat head, but there was no expression on his face, it made him look very weird.

Zhao Hai felt that something was a bit wrong, but he just couldn’t put his finger into it. At this time, footsteps could be heard, Zhao Hai turned around and sees Ruyen. Ruyen’s head was very messy, her clothes looked like they were worn hastily. This surprised Zhao Hai, but he immediately knew what was going wrong.

He turned to the fatty and said, “You are the boss of this place?”

The fatty immediately nodded and said, “Yes sir, I am the owner of this long-established place, Brown.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then when he sees that the fatty relaxed, he suddenly told Shue, “Kill him”. Shue stared blankly, but immediately took action, his axe striked towards the fatty’s head.

The fat boss suddenly demonstrated a flexible body-maneuvering technique that looked strange when coupled with his body. His body moved, avoiding Shue’s axe. But he seemed to forget Shue’s nickname, a thousand shadows. As soon as his body evaded, a whole troop of shadows suddenly appeared around him, making the place extremely packed. On their hands were similar axes, eyeing the fatty maliciously.

Feeling that he had no other place to go, the fatty suddenly cried out and his figure moved. Clothes fell off of his body, and when the people’s attention were still on his garments, a small and thin man suddenly emerged and threw himself towards Zhao Hai. Simultaneously, he raised his arm and sent cold lights towards Zhao Hai as well as striking with his two hands.

Shue saw the situation and cannot help but be alarmed, “Eight armed demon! Young Master, be careful!”

As his voice fell, Zhao Hai suddenly became surrounded by four stone golems, each to his four sides. The stone golems looked like walls keeping everything off from Zhao Hai who was in the middle. Following the ‘dang dang’ sound after the cold lights hit the stone golems, two huge golem hands went and captured the small and thin figure.

The small and thin form immediately stopped, then he pitifully yelled, “Surrender, I surrender, I’ll take a blood oath and follow you, please do not kill me!”

Zhao Hai became surprised, then he waved his hand, making the golems vanish. However, the small figure still couldn’t move, his body looked to be bound by invisible chains, he cannot move whatsoever.

The discerning people among the crowd could tell that this was wind element magic. Everyone was shocked, presently, Zhao Hai had used two elements of magic. Adding on to the fireball he casted earlier, it would make him a three element Mage.

Zhao Hai looked at the small figure, he turned to Shue and said, “Shue, you know this guy?” Ruyen was also observing the man, he wasn’t very tall, maybe 1.5 meters tall. He was very thin, he probably weighed less than a hundred jin. He wore black clothes, his head was wrapped around with a black cloth only revealing his two eyes. On his backside was a very short stabbing sword, it wasn’t even right to call it a sword, maybe just a long dagger.

Shue looked at the captured person then turned to Zhao Hai, “Young Master, this person is a very famous freelance Assassin with a nickname of Eight-armed demon. His name is Shun. And while he didn’t have a divergent ability, he held techniques of doomed soldiers. His unique skills are related to hidden weapons. Nobody knows where he hides his hidden weapons, but no matter what he could manage to bring them everywhere. He has formidable skills of disguise, and can act as anybody for a short time, making him very difficult to deal with. Being an assassin, coupled with the quick skill of his hidden weapons and his formidable strength, he could whip up weapons as though he has eight arms, thus people called him the eight-armed demon.”

At this time, Shun shouted, “Right, I am the eight-armed demon. Mister, can I know how you managed to see through my disguise?”

Zhao Hai looked at Shun and faintly smiled, “Your costume was very well made, but do you think that the hotel’s boss could still organize his clothes and tidy himself while his hotel was having an accident?”

Shun stared for a moment, then he sighed, he didn’t think about that. Zhao Hai looked at him and asked, “The hotel boss?”

Shun breathed helplessly and replied, “In his room, knocked out.” Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t care anymore, he turned around and told Shue, “Bring him to my room.”

Zhao Hai nodded to Ruyen then headed to his room. His room’s door was broken but luckily Shue was just staying right next door, and his door was still intact. Zhao Hai immediately entered Shue’s room. Shue carried Shun in his arms, Blockhead shut the door and acted as a guard.

Zhao Hai sat down, he looked curiously at the small and thin Shun, “Who sent you?”

Shun shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I was at a restaurant when I got the task, I didn’t know who hired me.”

Zhao Hai looked at Shun, “What is your task? Kill me?”

Shun shook his head and replied, “I wasn’t asked to kill you, they only said to attack you. Regardless of what happened, as long as I am able to escape, then I can obtain ten gold coins as commission. They also probably sent someone to monitor us, if someone didn’t come, then they would pay for it.”

Zhao Hai became surprised, then with a gesture, a screen appeared in front of him. Zhao Hai carefully looked at the projection, then he asked Cai’er, “Cai’er, did you find the monitoring person?”

Cai’er appeared on Zhao Hai’s shoulder, she shook her head and said, “I presently cannot, there are many people in the hotel. The monitoring person could be a resident of the hotel, there are currently no means to find out.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then turned the monitor off. He paid no attention to the dumbfounded Shun, instead he turned to Laura and asked, “Laura, why did you think they sent people to attack me, without taking my life?

Laura knit her brows, “From the task, they seem to not want to kill you, only probe. I just don’t know what they are probing for.”

Zhao Hai frowned, “Who was it? We’re currently disguised and didn’t have any enmity with others. How come some people suddenly want to attack me?”

At this time, Blockhead who just stood there silently, talked, “Young Master, someone is probing to see if you know dark element magic!”

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Note: I decided on Shun other than “Junichi”, makes it more convenient to remember now that two assassins under Zhao Hai has names starting from “Sh”.


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