BTFTLIAW – Chapter 315

Chapter 315 – Completely Speechless

Ruyen liked people with status, since they tend to be tall and handsome. Moreover, they all knew how to flatter women, which, for Ruyen’s own vanity, was very important.

Ruyen didn’t care what connotation your status has, as long as you look good and knew how to please her, you pass. She looked like a queen playing with her men.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to enter her qualifications. This was because even though Zhao Hai was charming, he wasn’t able to catch her attention.

Zhao Hai also looked at Ruyen, he knew about this fiancee of his since a long time ago. But this was the very first time that he came to see her in person, Ruyen was a beautiful woman with a long brown hair and fair skin. She was wearing bright clothing, she looked like a beautiful spring flower just by sitting there.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t like women like her. It was widely known that she was extremely arrogant. Even though she was extremely attractive, she always gave the impression of arrogance and frivolity. Such attitudes weren’t to Zhao Hai’s liking.

Laura looked at Ruyen, unlike Zhao Hai, Laura and Nier had seen Ruyen many times before. Ruyan was a woman constantly in the spotlight on Casa City. They had some interactions before, but since their dispositions were vastly different, they didn’t manage to have much connections.

Zhao Hai didn’t take initiative to greet Ruyen, instead he turned his head to Shue. Shue immediately understood Zhao Hai’s intention, he arrived at Zhao Hai’s side and said, “Young Master, like what the attendant said, a young lady Ruyen wanted to see you, but was afraid of disturbing your rest, thus waited for you at the dining hall, this is young lady Ruyen.’ He said as the referred to Ruyen.

Although Shue’s words sounded normal, it clearly expressed what Zhao Hai wanted to convey. Shue said that Ruyen wanted to visit him but was afraid to disturb him and therefore she waited at the dining hall. But what it did not express was the fact that Ruyen sent a request to see Zhao Hai, and thus making Zhao Hai come see her at the dining hall.

Shue’s words echoed throughout the dining hall, the people inside the dining hall all knew Ruyen well, she cared very deeply for face. Now, with Shue’s words, it seemed like she begged for Zhao Hai’s attention, this was something that she couldn’t bear.

When Ruyen heard Shue’s words, her complexion turned for the worse. She placed her wine glass heavily on her table, making the entire dining hall silent. All the people present looked at Zhao Hai as if they were waiting to see a good play.

They saw Zhao Hai as a small noble coming from somewhere unknown that only came here to keep up appearances. Nobles would always flaunt their status when meeting someone of a lower social standing. But this method wouldn’t work well against Ruyen.

In the Purcell Duchy, Ruyen was a princess. It was unwise to not give Ruyen any face while inside the Duchy.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care, he thought that Shue’s words were said very well. He didn’t pay attention to Ruyen’s reaction since currently, he was supposed to act like a dandy who didn’t know about the immensity of heaven and earth. So if he were to act normally, people would be suspicious.

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to Ruyen and said, “This one doesn’t know why the young lady wants to see me.”

Ruyen looked at Zhao Hai’s impolite expression, with a pale complexion she asked, “You are Wales?”

Zhao Hai nodded and replied, “I am Wales.”

Ruyen banged the table, “Impudent, you dare to be impolite with me?”

Zhao Hai looked as though he was curious at Ruyen, “This is impolite? Firsty, I am not a citizen of the Duchy. Secondly, I am a Mage, I have a corresponding authority. It can’t be that the young lady didn’t know about this?”

Ruyen’s white face was riddled with anger, she stared at ZHao Hai and said, “Impudent Mage, don’t forget that you are still in the lands of the Purcell Duchy. Daring to be rude to me? It seems like you don’t want to live anymore.”

Zhao Hai knitted his brows, “Young lady, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll take my leave.” It seemed like he didn’t take Ruyen’s threat seriously.

The people inside the dining hall looked at Zhao Hai. They didn’t expect to see such a scene. In their view, Zhao Hai’s balls were too large. Inside the Duchy, those who didn’t give Ruyen face were simply looking to die.

Ruyen was too mad to speak. Zhao Hai looked at Ruyen’s appearance, then he calmly added, “Young lady, if there is really nothing else, then I would have to say my goodbyes. I still need to hurry along tomorrow.”

Ruyen couldn’t bear how Zhao Hai treated her anymore. She held her whip and sent it whipping towards Zhao Hai, but suddenly a wind blade appeared, striking the whip away from her hand.

The wind blade was from Meg, she was a 6th rank Mage. Although she had the Iron Book in her hands, Merine always instructed her to not use it as much as possible and instead use her own magic. This was so that she could enhance her own strength as soon as possible, the Iron Book was, after all, only an external tool, and relying too much on external tools wasn’t good.[1]

At the same time, Shue also made his move. Another Shue appeared beside Ruyen, grabbing her neck.[2]

The dining hall’s visitors froze for a moment, then an uproar quickly followed. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai would dare to lift a hand against Ruyen, his balls were too large.

Meanwhile, they also noticed Shue’s prowess. They didn’t think that a formidable warrior such as Shue would be serving Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai coughed and said, “Right, Shue, please let go of the young lady.” Shue snorted, then the clone beside Ruyen disappeared.

Ruyen was actually terrified, she really thought that Shue would kill her. One had to know that for someone like Shue who had killed a lot of people, there would be a murderous aura that surrounded them. Ruyen was like a plant grown in a greenhouse, except for when she used magic spells during practice, she didn’t have any other occasion that she needed to use magic. So when Shue went to seize her, she couldn’t react at all.

After Shue released Ruyen, Zhao Hai looked at her and said, “I apologize to the young lady for my subordinate’s rudeness. But if the young lady didn’t attack me, he wouldn’t act. So what does the young lady actually want with me? If there’s nothing, then I really would like to rest.”

Ruyen answered, her response made all present feel odd, she looked at Zhao Hai with a complicated look. “Mister, please wait a minute, I think that we had started on the wrong foot. I only came to ask mister if he would be willing to sell me that bull that pulled his carriage.”

Ruyen’s response made all people in the dining hall speechless. They blankly looked at Ruyen, they didn’t think that Ruyen would give such a response.

Hearing Ruyen’s words, Zhao Hai finally understood why she came to find him today. He could not help but be surprised, then he smiled, “I’ll have to apologize to the young lady. That bull was something my beastman friend gifted me, I cannot sell it to you, I’m sorry.”

Ruyen suddenly became a polite speaker, she quickly responded, “Sir is too polite, since the magic beast was something important to mister, then I won’t raise the matter of buying it anymore. Right, what matters did mister come to the Duchy for? Maybe I can help?”

This sudden transformation of Ruyen made Zhao Hai mind blank. But since Ruyen was being polite, he couldn’t keep giving her the cold shoulder. He shook his head and replied, “The young lady is too polite, this time I was just passing by Casa City, tomorrow I will leave the Duchy to head towards Iksa Family’s territory. There’s no need for the young lady to trouble herself. Well, I’ll have to excuse myself, young lady.”

Ruyen looked at Zhao Hai’s appearance, then she nodded, “Mister can do as he pleases.” Then Zhao Hai led Laura and the others to return to their accommodations.

Seeing that Zhao Hai has left, Ruyen turned her head towards Jill, “Let’s go back.” Then she turned and walked toward the dining hall’s exit without even retrieving her golden whip.

Ruyen’s actions were very unusual, this was far from her usual behavior, all that was present looked confused as they looked at the leaving Ruyen. The didn’t know what Ruyen was thinking, but they were clear that Ruyen was someone who would definitely think of ways to get back at Zhao Hai. The knew that Ruyen wasn’t someone who would take a beating without retaliating.

After Zhao Hai’s group had returned to their room, Zhao Hai frowned as he said, “What do you think about Ruyen’s actions? Shouldn’t she be furious? Why was she calm?”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai , then she coldy harrumphed, “Because of what you did, Ruyen seemed to look at you with flames in her eyes. Brother Hai, do you want to bet with me? Ruyen will join us tomorrow to visit Iksa Domain.”

Zhao Hai stared, he shook his head and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, I almost killed her. I think that after she heads back, she’ll find someone to deal with me. How could it be possible that she would want to travel with us?”

Laura harrumphed again, “You’re too naive. You can ask Meg whether Ruyen’s eyes while looking at you was right.”

Zhao Hai turned to look at Meg. Meg nodded, “Young Master, the way Ruyen looked at you was indeed not right. I think what Sister Laura said was right. It seems like young lady Ruyen would join us on our trip tomorrow.”

Zhao Hai was stunned, he didn’t think that Meg would agree with Laura. He was puzzled, “Was it really too obvious? Then why didn’t I notice it? Also, in addition to not giving her face, Shue also nearly killed her. Wouldn’t she bear a grudge at all?

Laura harrumphed for the third time, “Who knows, maybe she was born with deficiencies. Still, we need to see whether the young lady has made any indications of travelling. If she made preparations, then she really might follow us.”

Zhao Hai tapped his own head, he was completely speechless.

  1. Iron Book was the item the group managed to loot from the light mage Garan(now Gamma) before during the Stony Mountain arc.
  2. Shue had the ability to make clones of himself. His name in the chinese raws was Shue of the thousand shadows. His ability was classified as a Divergent Ability, Zhao Hai’s space was placed in this category.


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