BTFTLIAW – Chapter 314

Chapter 314 – Meeting His First Fiancee

Ruyen stood outside the giant-horned bull’s pen. The giant-horned bull looked very carefree while grazing leisurely. These giant-horned bulls were docile magic beasts, even under Ruyen’s gaze, it didn’t even respond, it would only occasionally flap its ear.

After looking at the bull’s massive horns, Ruyen was speechless for some time. Then, her eyes lit up, she walked towards the bull and reached her hand out towards its horns.

This move scared Jill and Wellen, although the bull looked very docile, the way it was brought up was unknown. The two quickly moved to stop her, but they were a step too late. Ruyen had already traced her hand along the horns of the giant-horned bull.

Despite this, the giant-horned bull didn’t do anything, as if nothing happened, it just stood there leisurely chewing on its fodder.[1]

Seeing its response, Jill and Wellen breathed a sigh of relief. The two were also very curious of this magic beast, they couldn’t help themselves and also traced their hands on the bull’s horns.

The giant-horned bull didn’t have any reaction at all. Even if it was surrounded by these many people, it just went on and ate its fodder calmly.

The more Ruyen looked at the docile giant-horned bull, the more she liked it. She turned towards Wellen and asked, “Wellen, who owns this bull? Tell me, I want to buy it.”

Wellen smiled bitterly, “Your highness, you know the rules of the hotel, we cannot just disclose our guest’s identity. Moreover, from what I could tell from that guest, it was very unlikely that he would sell this bull.”

Ruyen snorted, “Telling me this is useless, I didn’t ask you the identity of the guest. Just tell me where the guest stays and were fine. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Wellen smiled bitterly for a moment, he knew that the lady was irritated. This lady was a very troublesome person, but it was like what she said, their hotel cannot disclose information about the guest, but if some people like to visit a guest, the hotel could comply.

Wellen told Ruyen Zhao Hai’s room number. Ruyen understood that this accommodation was one of the hotel’s best, not counting the rear courtyards, this room would be the best one.

However, she was also relieved, although Ruyen was quite unruly, she wasn’t a fool. In her mind, Zhao Hai’s identity wasn’t that high, otherwise he would have rented the rear courtyards.

Actually, her idea was correct, Zhao Hai’s identity was indeed just normal. Since he cannot use the status of his Buda family, and Laura cannot disclose her identity, they didn’t have the status of a noble. With only Zhao Hai’s magician identity, the other nobles won’t pay attention to them.

Jill understood the young lady more than Wellen, so he didn’t obstruct Ruyen. Ruyen continued to walk towards the hotel.

The hotel was divided into six floors, the sixth floor contained the best rooms, the fifth floor was a notch lower, the fourth floor would even be worse, the third floor was the restaurant, the second floor had the conference rooms and leisure quarters, and the ground floor contained the reception and basic rooms.

Zhao Hai’s room was at the sixth floor, but Shue and Blockhead stayed at the fifth floor. Although Shue’s status outside was higher than Blockhead, he knew that to Zhao Hai, he wasn’t more important than Blockhead and Rockhead. Blockhead and Rockhead grew up together with Zhao Hai since they were little, and they were ready to sacrifice their lives for Zhao Hai at any time. Zhao Hai regarded the two of them as his own brothers, so even though Shue acted like he was more important than Blockhead in front of the hotel staff, he didn’t act all highly when they entered their room.

Zhao Hai didn’t give them orders, they just wanted to look at Casa City’s situation while they were passing by as they head towards Iksa Domain. They didn’t want to stay here for long, therefore they maintained a low profile.

However, even though Zhao Hai wanted to be low-key, there were some people that don’t want him to maintain his low profile. It was just like what other people said, “even when staying at home, a calamity would still come”. This was Zhao Hai’s current situation.

Laura also did nothing, she just looked outside the window at the people being busy outside. To be honest, being at a high place while looking at the scenery outside felt very good.

Zhao Hai was holding a glass of red wine while Laura stood beside him, they were looking at the people below Casa City through the window. Suddenly Zhao Hai sighed, “One day, I want to build a tall building within Iron Mountain Fort so we can see the entire landscape of the Black Wasteland.”

Laura smiled, “We do need to construct a tall building, hehe.”

While she said that, a knock was heard. Laura immediately wore her veil, then Nier’s sweet and delicate voice was heard, “Yes?”

Shue’s voice replied, “Young Master, an attendant from the hotel just came to see me, it seems that there’s someone who wants to visit you.”

Seeing that it was Shue, Nier opened the door to let him enter. When Shue entered the room, Zhao Hai looked at him while holding his wine glass, “Visit me? With my identity, there should be no one who knows of me in Casa City right? Why would people want to see me?”

Shue glanced at Laura and the others. Then with a weird expression, he replied, “The identity of the person who wanted to visit the young master is quite special, its Purcell Duchy’s young lady, Ruyen Purcell.”

Hearing Shue mention this name, Zhao Hai and the others were shocked. These people knew of Zhao Hai’s true identity, so they would naturally know of the conflict between Zhao Hai and Ruyen Purcell. They didn’t think that Ruyen would pay them a visit this time.

Zhao Hai frowned, “She wanted to visit me? What did the hotel attendant say?”

Shue replied, “The attendant said that young lady Ruyen would be waiting for you at the third floor dining room. Because the name we registered this time was Wales, nobody knows about our identity, the hotel attendant just told me that Her Highness Ruyen wanted to see Mister Wales.”

This time, Zhao Hai used Wales’ name, Wales personally knew a few people in the continent. So when it happened that Zhao Hai needed a name, he used Wales’.

Zhao Hai nodded, “I seems that she doesn’t know my identity, then what did she want to see me for?”

Laura smirked, “Why? You don’t want to see your former fiancee? She’s Casa City’s most beautiful woman and also very famous, moreover she likes person with distinguished status. With Elder Brother Hai’s current appearance, she will definitely like you.” Meg and the others laughed. With Zhao Hai’s current appearance, he truly looked like a distinguished person.

Zhao Hai cannot bear but force a smile, he turned his head and said, “Well, let’s stop talking about this, Purcell Duchy’s princess is waiting for us. Not accepting her invitation wouldn’t be good for us. I also wanted to see what young lady Ruyen really wants.” With this, the group started heading downstairs.

Blockhead was waiting for Zhao Hai below, when he saw Zhao Hai walk out, he immediately followed him. Together, the group headed towards the third floor dining hall.

Shelley hotel’s third floor dining hall was open to the outside. Also, the chef here was very capable, he’s very famous inside Casa City. If someone of high status in Casa City wanted to treat someone, they would definitely take them to Shelley Hotel.

Right now, there were many people inside the dining hall, eating. These people were the most distinguished and influential people in Casa City. Some were residents of the hotel, whose identities were not simple. In fact, if you stay in Shelley hotel, your status wasn’t ordinary, at least a wealthy businessman, otherwise, the hotel’s prices would make your wallet cry.

Ruyen had already entered the dining hall for quite some time. All that knew her in the dining hall gave her a salute, they all knew that Ruyen wanted to be in the spotlight, so they would be happy to cooperate.

Ruyen was sitting there drinking, her golden whip was on the table. Jill and her maids stood behind her. At the same time, the guests of the dining hall were paying attention to her, they didn’t know who Ruyen would meet today.

Ruyen’s romantic affairs were quite well known inside Casa City, this included the fact that she wanted to break her engagement with the Buda clan, which made the Purcell clan to place pressure to the Budas to break the engagement. Despite this, many people believed that one reason the Buda clan broke the engagement by themselves was because of Ruyen’s romantic affairs.

An aristocrat’s life was sometimes very boring, and they also wanted to look for some entertainment. So these matters of romance became the most popular topic among nobles.

At this time, a group appeared on the dining hall’s entrance. These nobles looked towards the group, and their eyes turned bright. What made their eyes lit up were Laura and the other two women. These nobles were flower plucking experts, they didn’t need to look at a woman’s face to determine whether they were attractive or not. They only need to see these women’s body to determine their appearances. [2]

Without a doubt, Laura and the other two were rare beautiful women. More importantly, when they saw Laura and the other’s stature, they knew that they were unmarried girls, this fact made their eyes brighter.

The other person that caught their eyes were Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wore a low-profile yet elegant robe. His eyeglasses and mustache showed his style. These people could see that Zhao Hai’s age wasn’t young nor old, but he still happened to sport a mustache. Paired with his pink eyeglasses, it showed his status. They felt like Zhao Hai’s identity wasn’t simple, and that he was someone of a distinguished background.

The people inside the hall knew that Ruyen liked distinguished people. Those who were rumored to had been with her were all of distinguished background, Ruyen liked associating with those kinds of people.

Now, those inside the hall understood who Ruyen was waiting for. Ruyen was surely waiting for this glasses wearing gentleman with an arrogant look on his face. But they had no objection to Zhao Hai’s fashion, they were just waiting to see a show.

Ruyen also saw Zhao Hai, but she didn’t express anything. Although Zhao Hai’s fashion style was good, and his temperament was what she liked. Zhao Hai had a disadvantage, he was not handsome enough. Ruyen just gave him a glance.[3]

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