BTFTLIAW – Chapter 312

Chapter 312 – Keeping Up Appearances

On the streets of Casa City, a strange convoy was slowly moving forward. One could say strange, since the convoy only composed of two carriages. The carriage at the front looked like it was made of high-quality materials, the continent’s rare lightwood. The appearance of the carriage was very succinct, it had some resemblance to the carriages that the Radiant Church uses, but it can be seen that its more likely from an old aristocratic family.

The main thing about this carriage was that it had an exotic touch to it. The style of the carriage did not purely adapt human craftsmanship, there were also beastman craftsmanship here and there.

Beastman craftsmanship was very different than the humans. The human were very rich in materials, so when they construct carriages, they would use a lot nails and metals parts.

But the beastman race weren’t blessed with resources. Since they were lacking iron, their carriages would be mostly made of wood and used wood joints for their processes, using the least amount of metal as possible, a discerning eye would be able to tell which is which.

And one can see that on this carriage’s body, there were a lot of beastman style wood joints present. If one was knowledgeable, he could  see that the carriage was very different than the other carriages used by humans.

Even more bizarre was the magic beast pulling the carriage, it looked much like a bull, but it was very different. The bull had massive horns at the sides of its head, each about 2 meters in length. When the Bull lowers its head, it would occupy about 4 meters of road width.

In addition to lightwood, the carriage also uses a lot of pure white beastman blankets. If one were to feel it and if they had experience in the prairie, they would see that this was the same material used for high-profile tents.

Driving this carriage was a warrior, he wore ordinary warrior clothing, and at his back were axes, he was calmly driving the carriage through the streets.

Following behind the carriage was an ordinary Cow-headed race’s carriage. The carriage was very large, capable of holding a lot of things, a servant was sat driving the carriage.

The pedestrians were often seen inspecting the carriages, they felt curious about the shape and appearance of it. But since it looked like the carriage belonged to a person of status, they didn’t dare disturb the owner.

The owner of the carriage was naturally Zhao Hai, it was the altered carriage originally belonging to Lindsey Becker. Because they had some Giant-horned Bulls involved in making the carriage, there obviously would be some traces of beastman craftsmanship, and because they needed to stay warm, blankets were heavily used.

Shue was the one driving the carriage, he was basically done with investigating the Iron Mountains. He took several days to explain to Green and the others his findings. When Zhao Hai noticed that Shue had nothing else to do in the fort, he made him drive his carriage.

Shue didn’t oppose, he was now very convinced of his young master’s ability, he was even pleased to be his carriage driver.

The carriage behind Zhao Hai was driven by Blockhead. Blockhead and Rockhead were now 6th rank warriors and are about to break through to 7th rank, what they needed the most was actual experience. So Zhao Hai made them come and drive the supply carriage.

Because the two looked exactly the same, Zhao Hai had one of them drive the carriage while the other would be inside the Space, switching between them from time to time.

The two were also glad, they were either in the Space or inside Iron Mountain Fort, they didn’t have any chances to go out. They are still young, so this was a good time for learning, but they didn’t have any opportunities to do so. So when they were asked to come, they certainly wouldn’t decline.

Inside the carriage that Blockhead was driving were some ordinary commodities, enough for someone to use during a long travel, this made the pedestrians even more curious.

Zhao Hai didn’t start his carriage ride to Casa City from the Black Wastelands, but instead he decided to head from the direction of the prairie. This was so that the peculiarities of their carriage as well as their supplies wouldn’t bring forth suspicions from other people.

Inside the carriage were Zhao Hai, Laura, Meg and Nier. The carriage was more spacious than Laura’s, but the designs were quite similar. There were doors on the front and back of the carriage, as well as windows made of glass. In the middle was a cabinet, suspended above it was a magical furnace where you can use either magic or charcoal to boil water, the upper part of the cabinet held various tools while the lower part had a freezer. on the left and right sides were two rows acting as seats. Even with these, the carriage was still very spacious.

On the walls of the carriage were thick wool blankets draping towards the floors. Although the outside was snowing and cold, inside the carriage was as warm as spring.

Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t leave Shue and Blockhead freezing outside. He gave the two appropriate clothes for the weather, additionally, both driver’s seats were modified so that cold winds wouldn’t directly hit them.

Amidst all of these, the main distinguishing feature of the carriage was actually its usage of glass. In the continent, glass could be considered as a top level luxury, but now they were used in Zhao Hai’s carriage. It really seemed like Zhao Hai kept up his appearance up until the end.

Looking outside through the glass window, Laura smiled at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, do you think  the people who see this carriage would think that the owner would be a beastman?”

Zhao Hai looked at Laura’s brown dyed hair, then he smiled faintly, “I don’t think so, I didn’t hear any beastman who’d be so extravagant to use windows made of glass.”

Laura just smiled then she said, “So how was it? Was my idea good?”

Meg looked at Zhao Hai’s golden hair awkwardly, then she turned to Laura and laughed, “It’s very good, you’ll have to know that the young master was also a dandy before at the imperial capital. This time, nobody would suspect his current identity.”

Worn on his face were the pink crystal eyeglasses, coupled with his golden hair and his highlighted eyebrows, it really did seem that he was a young noble master.

Looking at Zhao Hai appearance, Laura cannot help but smile, just like when he first Zhao Hai with this appearance. She became curious and asked Meg, “Meg, tell me all about how Brother Hai was back at the imperial capital. Did he really look and act like a dandy?”

Meg smiled, “Of course, he was even worse than the rumors, you didn’t know. but he…..”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but scratch his head and have a headache, but he couldn’t do anything, these things were what the former Adam did. And he was now using Adam’s body, so he had to own up to these things.

Looking at the girls chit chatting, Zhao Hai’s mood became good. He suddenly had a blissful feeling, it was very warm, very moving.

Zhao Hai’s convoy appeared at a location not far from Casa City, therefore before the day turned dark, they already arrived outside Casa City.

Because they didn’t have a identification badge, the guards stopped their convoy at the gate. But Shue took out a Mage’s badge and gave it to the city’s guards to look at. The guards allowed them to pass, Mages in the continent had the privilege of entering cities for free.

However, the city’s guards were still curious about Zhao Hai. Even though the Purcell Duchy was in the continent, they were not far from the prairie. Still, these people had not seen a giant-horned bull before. These giant-horned bulls were the companion beasts of the Giant-horned Bull tribe so they were not sold, thus the people of the continent naturally wouldn’t recognize them.

Zhao Hai entered the city and immediately attracted the attention of the people inside. The hadn’t seen a giant-horned bull before, thus they directed their curiosity towards Zhao Hai’s carriage.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind them, his carriage had already stopped in front of Casa City’s biggest hotel. Looking at Zhao Hai’s entrance, the hotel’s attendant immediately thought that Zhao Hai was some influential person. He immediately came forward and greeted from outside the carriage, “Shelley Hotel welcomes you, distinguished guests.”

Shue just stared at the attendant, then he stood up from his seat and prepared the stairs hidden under the carriage and said, “Young Master, we have arrived.”

The carriage door opened, then two figures came out and stood at both sides of the stairs. Zhao Hai came out of the carriage holding Laura’s hand, and when he descended the stairs, he let go of Laura’s hand and held Meg’s. He then slowly went down the stairs, ignored the attendant, and went directly inside the hotel.

The attendant wasn’t offended, instead, Zhao Hai appeared much bigger in his mind, he couldn’t recall any other person like him. This was maybe because of Zhao Hai’s aura. The attendant just stayed there bowing, and didn’t follow Zhao Hai inside the hotel.

Shue turned toward the attendant and said, “Look after our carriages and magic beasts. If there are any mistakes, I will not spare you.”

The attendant immediately responded, “The guest can be relieved, our Shelley hotel would ensure that there would be no mistakes. Guest, you can just hand them to me.”

Shue nodded, he then signaled to Blockhead and entered the hotel.

Entering the hall, there were resting areas at both sides of the hall. Zhao Hai was just sitting there while Laura was with the hotel’s receptionist discussing something.


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