BTFTLIAW – Chapter 310

Chapter 310 – My Own Kingdom

When Zhao Hai made it outside the camp, he immediately recalled all the undead, fearing that the troops would misunderstand. But waiting for Zhao Hai and Wales outside was Kony, so when Kony saw the two approaching, he immediately led troops to escort them.

As Wales was entering the camp, he already instructed Kony to prepare to aid them at any time. Therefore, Kony was paying attention to the camp’s condition, he even refused his troops to drink the milk wine provided by West Wonder King.

He was right in not drinking, because the milk wine given by West Wonder King was also poisoned. If they were poisoned then Zhao Hai would need to detoxify them when he came out.

Naturally this was only possible because Zhao Hai added life liquid to the mutton soup that was served. This reinforced their bodies against poison, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to wait until Zhao Hai would come out, they would have been killed before then.

After Kony escorted Wales, they didn’t immediately charge to attack, instead they retreated a bit before organizing their lines properly.

Zhao Hai’s carriage also retreated to the very back of the army, he knew that although he could exterminate the camp using his undead, Wales certainly wouldn’t want that. Wales wanted to take care of their matters themselves, so Zhao Hai didn’t participate in the assault, instead just went to the back.

Looking at West Wonder King’s camp with a cold gaze, Wales shouted, “My clansmen, West Wonder King, the ungrateful bastard, had finally betrayed us and also colluded with the Radiant Church to poison me. My clansmen, I declare that the Fighting Bulls shall be reduced to slaves from today on, charge!!”

After saying that, he lifted his ax, and along with the other Herculean Bulls, issued a war-cry and charged towards West Wonder King’s camp.

In the previous battle between the Fighting Bulls and the Herculean Bulls, they were fighting inside the main camp so they were quite wary of the destruction in their camp. Now, however, was different, they were battling at West Wonder King’s camp, so even if they did destroy the camp they wouldn’t need to be worried. Therefore they just charged towards the camp without abandon, back at the main camp, they would hesitate upon which to charge, but this time they didn’t need to.

This time Zhao Hai had finally experienced the terrifying effect of a full-on Herculean Bull charge. No matter person, carriage, nor tent, as long as they were in the way, they would absolutely be blown off, it was an impact power no less than a tank.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a bit worried, and was just quietly watching at the back. This time, he didn’t bring Laura and the others with him. He left his Ghost Staff back at the main camp, this way, he can instantly teleport to the main camp, and Laura could also use the space to appear at his side.

Zhao Hai knew that this battle would be the last battle he’d experience in the Prairie this year. After this battle, he would return to the human territories and head towards the Rosen Empire.

Zhao Hai was certain that West Wonder King would be defeated, West Wonder King’s military strength was inferior to Wales’. His personal strength was also inferior to Wales. And now that Wales was at the prime of his victories, morale was at its peak. But West Wonder King’s troops were terrified upon spotting the Herculean Bulls, making the fighting strength of both sides very disproportional. West Wonder King would without a doubt, be defeated.

Zhao Hai now wanted to see how Wales would treat the commoners inside West Wonder King’s camp. While Zhao Hai was waiting, suddenly a loud voice echoed throughout West Wonder King’s camp, “Those who want to surrender, kneel, and they shall be spared. Those who want to surrender, kneel, and they shall be spared.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai was relieved, this shout didn’t just came out of a single person, but all the the Herculean Bulls. Those innocent Fighting Bulls wouldn’t be dealt with by Wales, so they will certainly surrender.

It was as what Zhao Hai thought, these ordinary Fighting Bulls didn’t want to make war with the Herculean Bulls. No matter what West Wonder King thought, in their minds the Herculean Bulls had helped them before, so they shouldn’t be thinking of the Herculean Bulls as enemies.

When the Herculean Bulls were defeated, what West Wonder King did wasn’t what they wanted. Many weren’t in line with West Wonder King’s thoughts, furthermore they were just ordinary Fighting Bulls, so a large number quickly surrendered.

West Wonder King wanted to escape, but was unable to, in the end he was killed amidst the chaotic clash. Bowman already died in the hands of Zhao Hai’s undead, he cannot use magic, battle qi, nor soul techniques, he could only poison and plot, he was completely useless. Naturally, in this battle, he would be the first one to fall.

The fighting finished as the day ended, this time the Fighting Bulls were utterly defeated. Of the original five hundred thousand, a hundred thousand were killed, leaving behind four hundred thousand people. And also, in this battle, Wales had lost about twenty thousand Herculean Bulls.

Now, it could be said that in the prairie, there would be no more Fighting Bulls, they can only be known as Herculean Bull’s slave clan, impossible to be called an independent clan.

After the battle ended, Zhao Hai and the other took three days to recover inside West Wonder King’s tent. Then they set off towards the main camp. Of course, they also brought everything from West Wonder King’s camp.

Zhao Hai originally wanted to see Beta, but after asking, he discovered that Beta had been killed in the chaos. This made Zhao Hai sad, he didn’t think that his friend would die.

After more than ten days of hurrying along, they finally returned the Herculean Bull’s camp. Once they reached the camp, Wales immediately demoted the Fighting Bulls officially as slaves and confiscated all of their weapons and made them live with the other slaves.

Because it wasn’t easy to transmit messages during the winter, not many knew that the Fighting Bulls had been reduced to being slaves. Even among the Cow-headed race, there were plenty who didn’t know that the Herculean Bulls had managed to claim back the old camp. This was the prairie’s winter, arid, and very desolate.

After returning to the camp, Zhao Hai discussed his plans with Laura, then prepared to head back. Although Wales was reluctant, he also knew that Zhao Hai and the others weren’t comfortable being here, so he agreed.

But this time, he cannot make Zhao Hai return empty-handed. He gave Zhao Hai about two hundred thousand argali and a hundred thousand slaves, he was now filthy rich, such numbers already didn’t mean a thing to him. He also knew that Zhao Hai liked strange animals, therefore he had some people get some Stoneskin Bulls to give Zhao Hai. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the Ranch level-up, a Stoneskin Bull wasn’t enough to upgrade the ranch.

However, the evaluation of the Stoneskin Bull was very good. The space evaluated it as level 30, with a maturation time of 24 hours, can give birth 8 times and produces five calves each time, needing five feed every hour.

Generally speaking, Zhao Hai was very satisfied with his time in the Prairie. However, he didn’t immediately send the slaves that Wales gave him towards Iron Mountain Fort, the fort wasn’t able to support such number at this time. Zhao Hai would only bring them when spring comes, when he would expand the fort.

Wales didn’t object, anyway, they had enough food for the entire tribe. They simple didn’t have any food problems, Zhao Hai also gave them so much food, so raising these few people wouldn’t be a problem.

Zhao Hai only brought with him the two hundred thousand argali. Now that it was winter in the prairie, it would be difficult to also leave these argali here with Wales.

Although he had decided to leave, there were still many things that he had to take care of. So only after ten days did he manage to finish preparing, they were already ready to go.

Wales escorted Zhao Hai for about ten li, he didn’t want to part with Zhao Hai. Seeing Zhao Hai’s convoy leave the horizon, Wales has still very hesitant.

By his side, Mendez turned to Wales, “Little Seven, let’s go back, in the spring, we would see Zhao Hai again. He is our Herculean Bull clan’s Crown Prince, he’ll certainly come back.”

Wales sighed, “It’s a pity that Little Hai wasn’t a true Beastman, otherwise, the Herculean Bull Clan wouldn’t need to fear anyone.” Having said that, he patted his mount and began heading back to the camp. Mendez also followed behind hastily. They wouldn’t just give up on Zhao Hai, even though the time that they spent together was quite short, Zhao Hai had given them many things. And Zhao Hai was very considerate towards them the whole time, they had developed a special sentiment towards Zhao Hai, he had their benevolence, friendship, as lastly, their sense of gratitude.

The Beastmen were very sentimental people, they would express their feelings directly, who was good to them, they would treat well, while those who were not good to them, they wouldn’t bother giving them face. Zhao Hai did so much for them, naturally they would see him as someone good.

Zhao Hai had also been looking at Wales, when he saw that Wales and the others were headed back to the camp, he took a breath and gathered all of his things and returned to Iron Mountain Fort.

Because of the war, Zhao Hai hadn’t been able to return to the fort. After he arrived, he cannot help but stare, he didn’t think that Iron Mountain Fort would be surprisingly warm.

Zhao Hai estimated that the temperature of the prairie to be 40 degrees below zero, but here at Iron Mountain Fort, it was actually 10 degrees above zero, as long as people wear a bit of thick clothes, they would be fine.

Zhao Hai and Laura did not think that Iron Mountain Fort would be this warm, Laura immediately replace her thick body coat with something much more comfortable.

They appeared at the living room inside the fort. Currently, there was no one here, Zhao Hai looked for Green and Kun, but they were apparently not inside the fort, they should be outside.

As the four people went out of the living room, they immediately saw some slaves that had their commoner status restored. These people had already become accustomed to Zhao Hai mysteriously appearing and disappearing, they just bowed towards the group then went on to their busy jobs.

Currently, everybody had their own work, they felt extremely fulfilled. Their stomachs were full, they were well-dresses and also well-paid. They felt like everyday was a dream. These kinds of days were something that they even didn’t dream of before.

Zhao Hai went to inspect several factories first, each factory was very busy, which was normal. The milk wine production was very high, everyday they would be able to deliver about a thousand jin. The wool factory was producing products like the beastmen did, but even better.

Before, when the beastmen were making these products, they were using their ancient ways, therefore their style were very practical. Now, in the wool production factory, there were also many human women at work, these women were very clever and deft. They carried on to improve the beastman’s method, making the products made in the factory look more refined compared to the beastman’s.

The rice mill was also busy everyday, the oil processing plant was also at the same state. They didn’t stop having transactions with the Purcell Duchy, but Cai’er informed him that there were a few people monitoring Stony Mountain, but because they couldn’t see Zhao Hai’s shadow, they slowly withdrew.

Zhao Hai and the group slowly walked outside the fort, once they were outside the fort, Zhao Hai saw that the once black lands was now covered white with snow. The skies were dropping snow, although not to the point of being the same intensity as the prairie.

Looking at all of these, Zhao Hai cannot help but draw a long breath, “I don’t know why, but after seeing this scene here, why do I feel that much better compared to when I was back at the Beastman Prairie?”

Laura smiled and replied, “This is our own place, so it would surely look better. Now, I really admire Cai’er’s ability, can you see the difference between inside and the outside?  I really didn’t expect Cai’er’s capability to be this strong. It seems that in the later winters, we wouldn’t need to prepare thick clothes anymore.

Zhao Hai laughed, “True, with Cai’er, we wouldn’t need to wear thick clothes in the next few days. But we cannot do that next year, next year we would have more than hundred thousand people, thinking about this gives me a headache, where would we place a hundred thousand people?”

Laura just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the Black Wasteland is vast, there should be places we could use. What I’m mainly worried right now is the need for stone in expanding Iron Mountain Fort. Though we could mine stone, the progress was very slow, if we build stone houses for the hundred thousand people, the amount of stone we would need would be too large. We shouldn’t make the hundred thousand people live inside the fort. I think we should carry out our plan of building a hamlet.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he looked at the vast white plain. He cannot help but feel passionate, “Yes, we should start implementing our plans, we must establish our own kingdom.”


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