BTFTLIAW – Chapter 309

Chapter 309 – An Idiot Who Can’t Distinguish Good and Evil

Bowman naturally recognized Rhine, in fact, the matter regarding the Fighting Bulls and Herculean Bulls was entirely the work of the two.

Bowman also knew that Rhine was already defeated, but what he didn’t expect was seeing Rhine in this situation. This time, Rhine wasn’t his companion but instead a revived undead.

As for Lindsey Becker, he wasn’t familiar with him, but when he looked at Lindsey Becker’s robes, he knew that he was from the Radiant Church. Bowman didn’t understand how Zhao Hai managed to turn a White Mage into an undead.

Zhao Hai saw Bowman’s appearance, he smiled faintly,”You two, say hello to mister Bowman, you and him used to be on the same side, but I think he would soon be like you.”

All present in the tent understood what Zhao Hai’s words meant, West Wonder King also came to know that Zhao Hai was unexpectedly a Dark Mage.

Thinking that Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage, West Wonder King felt very fearful and tensed, to think that he drank a cup of a Dark Magician’s liquor. West Wonder King felt that this was the biggest mistake he made in his entire life.

Rhine looked at Bowman’s eyes, then calmly said, “Hello Bowman, I didn’t think that you actually stayed.” Rhine was a superior undead, in addition to becoming undead and having an unwavering loyalty for Zhao Hai, he was also capable of his own thoughts.

Bowman was not convinced, he ignored Rhine and turned to Zhao Hai, “No need for this acting, he does not posses the ability to think, a devil like you had controlled his mind to posses wicked thoughts, you cannot deceive me.”

Zhao Hai smiled and replied, “I cannot control his mind, he has his own thoughts and knows every single conversation between you and him before. You can ask him if you don’t believe me, if he knows what color underwear you’re wearing before, he’ll certainly still remember now.”

Wales couldn’t help himself as he laughed. Zhao Hai just smiled and looked at Bowman, “Do you also know this gentleman?”

He referred to Lindsey Becker, Bowman shook his head and replied, “Who knows, maybe you just found a White Robe and placed it on some random undead to pretend being a Bishop.”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “He isn’t any small figure as well, he is called Lindsey Becker, you may not have heard of his name, but you may have heard of his father, Lundi Becker, an Archbishop of the Radiant Church. This is Lundi’s son, Lindsey Becker.”

Bowman paused for a moment, of course he knew about Lundi Becker, in fact, there was nobody in the Radiant Church who hadn’t heard of his name. Besides the Pontiff, he was the most influential Red-robed bishop, if you didn’t know of this person, then you didn’t need to belong to the Radiant Church.

Zhao Hai looked at Bowman’s expression, he couldn’t help but be amused, “So? Have you heard his name? Back in the continent, Lindsey wanted to attack me, but I can only apologize because he failed, so he became like this. So do you think your god can do anything to me? Forget it, and now you use poison? Haha, too laughable, you think that as a Herculean Bull, you are an orphan just because they said you are an orphan? I’m quite confident that the Radiant Church had kidnapped you instead. Did you think that a Beastman can just join the Radiant Church’s inner circle? Too stupid, you’re clearly brainwashed by the religion. I actually praise you, for being an idiot that couldn’t distinguish from good and evil.”

Wales and West Wonder King didn’t know that Zhao Hai’s wanted status in the human domain had something to do with the Radiant Church, especially Wales, Zhao Hai had only told him that his name couldn’t be exposed while inside human territories, it seems like what he said was correct.

Although Wales and West Wonder King couldn’t be considered as high-level members within the beastman race, there would be no problem classifying them as intermediate-level. Therefore they were privy to some information about the Radiant Church’s influence among the humans. Seeing that Zhao Hai had turned a Red-robed archbishop’s son into an undead, they understood why he could not stay within the human domain.

Zhao Hai looked at Bowman’s flushed face, it wasn’t that Bowman was shamed, but he was instead angry. Just like Zhao Hai said, he was already brainwashed to the point of being unable to distinguish between good or evil, so how could he believe Zhao Hai’s words? In his mind, Zhao Hai was the devil, and a devil naturally wouldn’t say good things about the Radiant god.

Zhao Hai looked at Bowman and said, “It seems that you’re still not convinced when I said the you cannot tell between good or evil, then I’ll ask you. When the Radiant Church sent you to the prairie to deal with the Herculean Bull clan, surely you would’ve observed the Herculean Bulls? Moreover, since they didn’t make you start your plans immediately, then surely you had lived together with the Herculean Bulls, then made your plans slowly. Did you see the Herculean Bulls treat the other cow-headed beastmen unfairly? Did you see that the Herculean Bulls were the type of clan that would wholeheartedly exterminate any race? Even if you were brainwashed by the Radiant Church, surely you still had some ability to think for yourself? Or did you already become a puppet?”

Zhao Hai’s words were like a sharp blade that stabbed directly at Bowman’s heart. In fact, Bowman had been in the prairie for quite some time, and he also had developed some suspicions of the Radiant Church’s view of the prairie. However, after years of being brainwashed, he had already acquired the style of taking orders without questions. Therefore, even though the beastmen race were different from what he had heard, he still valued the church’s commands.

Hearing what Zhao Hai said had brought the doubts that he had hidden on the depths of his heart, therefore he became angrier, angrier at Zhao Hai and also himself.

He hated himself for doubting what the church had said, he only became what he is because of the church but now he had actually listened to the enemy and brought doubts to his heart. He felt that he had betrayed the church, to naturally he felt so enraged.

However, he cannot take revenge personally. He was raised by humans, therefore he can’t use soul techniques, battle qi, nor magic. This meeting, he could only use poison. So right now, he could not take action against Zhao Hai, he can only poison him, but it seems that his poisons were not up to level.

Zhao Hai didn’t care what Bowman was thinking, he thought that a man as brainwashed as Bowman wasn’t worth killing personally, therefore he turned to West Wonder King, “West Wonder King, you really think that your poison can deal with me and my brother? I was being polite for not poisoning you earlier, now you’re playing with poisons in front of me? Ridiculous.”

West Wonder King looked coldly at Zhao Hai, “Do you really think that I only depended on that to deal with you? You’re being funny.”

Wales cannot help but be interested, he looked at West Wonder King with a curious face, “You have other ways of dealing with us? Did you invite a 9th rank expert? But if you have invited a 9th rank expert, you wouldn’t need to poison us, but fight us directly.”

West Wonder King sneered, “Using a 9th rank expert to deal with you? You think too highly of yourselves.” After he said that, he threw his wine glass towards the ground.

Zhao Hai patted his head, “Smashing the cup, that’s another one, damn, all the cliches had added up together.” At this moment, war cries could be heard outside the tent.

Zhao Hai looked at West Wonder King once, he shook his head then waved his hand, rows of undead Fighting Bulls appeared in the tent, before long, their numbers collapsed the tent. Under their protection, Zhao Hai and Wales who were on their mount and carriage respectively managed to escape the camp under the protection of nearly ten thousand undead cavalry.

When Zhao Hai released the undead, West Wonder King was frightened. He had heard about human Dark Mages, but he didn’t hear about any Dark Mages capable of commanding so many undead, this scale was very scary.

While he was dumbfounded, Wales and Zhao Hai left the tent and headed outside the camp. The prepared ambush simply didn’t succeed because they were repelled by the undead.

West Wonder King wanted to rally some troops to chase Wales down, but it was already too late, Wales managed to leave the camp. West Wonder King saw Wales leaving the camp and knew that he was already done for. With the strength of his camp, it was impossible to contend with Wales’ army, he knew that he was already dead.

However West Wonder King didn’t want to just willingly die, he was not a heroic character. He was ambitious and unwilling of living under another person, he thought that the Fighting Bull chieftain was inferior, thus he cooperated with the Herculean Bulls and betrayed the Fighting Bull chieftain.

But he was also a person who covets life and fears death, a person who would cling to someone powerful. Otherwise, why did the first thing he did when hearing that the Herculean Bulls were defeated was to reduce the Herculean Bull’s 2nd and 3rd princesses to slaves.

This time, to deal with Wales, he completely depended on Bowman, considered the possibility of succeeding, and ended up agreeing. This was his last chance, so he was quite desperate.

In his mind, currently in the Cow-Headed Race, besides the Herculean Bull clan, he had the most strength. The Fighting Bull chieftain had already been dealt with by the Herculean Bulls. If, at this time, he could deal with the Herculean Bulls, he may become the king of the entire Cow-headed Race.

Because of this greed, he decided to take the risk and planned to eliminate Wales. But he didn’t calculate the existence of Zhao Hai, thus he was already doomed to fail.

It was not only West Winder King who didn’t calculate Zhao Hai, Bowman had also miscalculated. In the beginning, when Bowman was concocting his plan, Zhao Hai still wasn’t present in the prairie. Zhao Hai only arrived when they had already begun with their plans. Wales was unable to return to the main camp in time, thus they had not received any information about Zhao Hai. When Wales returned, the main camp was already defeated, thus they only thought that he was escaping so they didn’t take note of Zhao Hai again. Now that they had been made aware of Zhao Hai’s existence, it was already too late.