BTFTLIAW – Chapter 308

Chapter 308 – Such an Idiot

Seeing Zhao Hai smiling, West Wonder King was struck silly, his impression of Zhao Hai was very deep since Zhao Hai had traded them food for a cheap price. He just didn’t think that out of all people, he would see Zhao Hai here.

Immediately West Wonder King understood who rescued Wales’ sisters, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be that capable.

However, he was also too deep into his plans, West Wonder King immediately said, “It turned out to be Mr Zhao, I didn’t expect to see mister soon, has mister been well?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “I’m quite fine, the prince had taken care of me well.”

At this time, Wales interjected, “West Wonder, Zhao Hai is the Crown Prince of the Herculean Bulls, you should address him as His Highness next time.”

West Wonder King’s complexion changed, he didn’t expect that Zhao Hai turned out to be the Herculean Bull’s Crown Prince, he looked at Wales, confused, “My king, you said that Mr. Zhao was the Crown Prince?”

Wales smiled faintly and said, “Zhao Hai is my Beheading Blood Oath brother, why can’t he be the Herculean Bull clan’s Crown Prince? West Wonder, do you expect me to stand here forever?”

West Wonder King bowed as an apology, but deep inside his eyes was a look of anger. He was irritated with Wales’ arrogant attitude.

Wales and Zhao Hai, along with a hundred guards entered West Wonder King’s camp. They seemed to have a complete trust of West Wonder King and didn’t suspect him a little bit.

Wales had already met West Wonder King before, their relationship had been good and Wales didn’t have any discontent with him. So in the eyes of West Wonder King, his lowered attitude today wouldn’t be seen as strange, Wales shouldn’t be more wary of him than normal.

He didn’t think that his image in Wales’ and the Herculean Bull’s minds already wasn’t clean. Wales already had a strong vigilance against West Wonder King. His actions today was only to make West Wonder King continue on with his play. And Wales wasn’t any bit worried with Zhao Hai by his side, the number of undead under Zhao Hai’s command had already reached hundreds of thousands, plus he also has a 9th rank expert, so what else could threaten him?

Naturally, West Wonder King had no idea, he was thinking that his plans were a success. He had lured Wales to his tent while leaving his army behind, this meant that Wales already fell into his hands.

The group quickly entered West Wonder King’s tent, the tent had been set up magnificently, the desk had been removed and has been replaced by small tables. In the middle of the tent was a brazier cooking mutton. Milk wine had also been placed at the sides of the small tables, Fighting Bull women were present specifically for pouring liquor.

West Wonder King and the group sat down, the Fighting Bull women immediately arrived at their sides and served them liquor, the liquor was warm, just right for the current weather.

West Wonder King took up his wine glass and said to Wales, “My king, your arrival had made this West Wonder happy, please take a drink of this wine that I prepared with cordiality.”

Wales and Zhao Hai also held the wine glasses up, then drained their glasses dry. West Wonder King watched as the two of them drank their wines, his eyes turned happy and his focus became sharp.

As the liquor reached Zhao Hai’s stomach, a prompt from the space could be heard, “Toxic substance detected inside host’s body, the toxin’s potency is low, suggested that the Host drink Spatial Water to detoxify.”

Zhao Hai was surprised for a moment, then understood the West Wonder King had put poison inside the wine. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, he had the Space, it could be said that he had an immunity to a hundred poisons, to poison him, interesting.

He put the wine glass down slowly the turned to West Wonder King and smiled, “Seeing West Wonder King today made this one happy, I had prepared a bottle of Fruit Wine, I ask the prince to taste.” His hand turned and a bottle of Fruit Wine appeared.

West Wonder King didn’t suspect him, he immediately replied, “Good, His Highness’ wine also gives West Wonder pleasure.” After he said that, a Fighting Bull woman went to serve them the wine.

West Wonder King took a moment to observe the bottle of wine, seeing that the bottle was completely sealed and didn’t have any traces of being opened, he was relieved.

West Wonder King had frequent contacts with Human merchants, he also drank a lot of their wines, so he could see at a glance whether the bottle was tempered with or not. And if the wine has been opened, then it meant that there was something wrong with the wine bottle, and he wouldn’t dare to consume it.

Wales didn’t understand what Zhao Hai’s actions meant, he looked puzzlingly at Zhao Hai. Seeing Wales appearance, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and his eye turned towards the wine glass, Wales immediately understood and a never before seen anger filled his eyes.

Contained in this bottle was life liquid added by Zhao Hai, he was now more skillful in using the Space, as long as it was inside the Space’s range, he can direct poison to anything without worrying that he may tamper with it, after all the Space itself can make space cracks, of course, applying life liquid also works.

After the women opened the bottle, they first gave a glass to Wales, then to Zhao Hai and finally to West Wonder King. The three then raised the glasses to drink.

After Wales placed his wine glass down, he looked at West Wonder King with a faint smile on his face, “West Wonder, you’re hesitating, or are you waiting for something? We have already been here for quite a long time, when are you gonna make your move?”

West Wonder King stared, his face changed, he looked at Wales and said with a serious voice, “My king, what do you mean?”

Wales smiled faintly, “You’re not convinced, why someone so young Herculean Bull like me would be the chieftain of the entire Cow-headed race, and I’m also sure you also had met Fighting Bull refugees from the old camp. You’re just holding up, acting, you want to lure me in your tent while leaving my army outside so that my life would be in your hands. I have already followed the script to your play, I went to your tent, I even obediently drank the  poisoned wine you prepared for me, so why are you still acting? Are you waiting for something?”

West Wonder King listened to Wales’ words, he didn’t think that Wales would guess his plans correctly, he looked at Wales contemptuously, he could not bear to see Wales’ face anymore, he replied to Wales with a fierce tone, “You know all of these but still followed? Are you an idiot?”

This time Wales laughed, “Why do you still have such stupid ideas? Do you think I’ll just follow you without confidence in myself? If I did not confirm that this wine won’t be a threat to me, would I still drink it? West Wonder, West Wonder, it seemed that my father had a very high vision of you, you are nothing but an idiot. No wonder that even with our help, you still can’t take care of the Fighting Bull chieftain, eventually giving him the opportunity to attack out camp. But you really are an idiot by siding yourself with the Fighting Bull chieftain, you didn’t think that since you rebelled before, the Fighting Bull chieftain would just forget? It surprises me that a person as stupid as you could still live till now.”

West Wonder King looked at Wales and sneered, “So what if you knew, can you detoxify it? Let me tell you the truth, that poison was the same on that killed your father, hahaha. When your old camp was reclaimed, someone found me and told me the news. It was his plan for the Fighting Bulls to usurp the Herculean Bull’s throne and now you had been doomed by his hand, he is an enemy of the Herculean Bulls.”

Wales’ eyes lit up with a cold gaze, “Did he? Then please let him come out and let me see his face.”

West Wonder King showed a smile then said, “Invite Mister Bowman in.” After his voice sounded, a person entered from the outside. Zhao Hai and Wales stared at the person and thought that he must be a Human, but they didn’t actually think that the person was a pure beastman, a Herculean Bull.

Wales didn’t expect the opposite party to be a Herculean Bull, he was stunned, and looked confused at Bowman, he can absolutely be sure that he didn’t see Bowman before, he didn’t know who he was.

Although Bowman was a Herculean Bull, his posture isn’t as tall as other Herculean Bulls nor did he look physically strong. He wore a white magic gown, with a look of a cultured and well-mannered man, he seemed to be a Light Element Mage.

Bowman looked at Wales, he smiled faintly and bowed, “Bowman has met Chieftain Wales, has Chieftain Wales been well?”

Wales looked at Bowman, confused, he asked, “Are you a Herculean Bull?”

Bowman smiled, “It is proper to say that I am a Herculean Bull orphan that was adopted by a human, the Radiant Church gave me everything, I devote my entire life to the Radiant God.”

As Bowman said his words, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pat his own head and said, “Another brainwashed idiot, no wonder he would plan such a thing.”

Bowman stared at Zhao Hai, “Sinner, you dare slander the church!? You will be punished by the Radiant God.”

Zhao Hai chuckled and said, “Oh really, your god will punish me? Back in the human domain he couldn’t, now that I’m in the prairie how would he do that, how? Oh right, do you want to see your friends?” Zhao Hai waved his hand, at his side two people appeared. One of them was Lindsay Becker, which was the white-robe Bishop that Zhao Hai made into an undead, whose father was a red-robed Archbishop. The other also  wearing a similar robe but red in color, he was that 9th rank expert that Zhao Wen defeated, the Radiant Church’s Fire Element Ultimate Weapon, Rhein.