BTFTLIAW – Chapter 307

Chapter 307 – Hidden Battle

The prairie’s demon wolves were universally recognized as a disaster among beastmen, especially during the winter. In the winter, when the beastmen weren’t out herding, the wolves’ method of acquiring food became scarce, therefore they would form huge packs and attack some small tribes, causing massive damage.

This wolf pack that Zhao Hai’s group met was quite a large one, about a hundred thousand wolves. Each wolf was evidently very thin, their eyes emitted a fierce green light. One could see at a glance that they had been starved for a very long time, anyone that hungry was very dangerous as they would go and attack any life form they could see.

Seeing this group of hungry wolves, Wales immediately became alert, moving forward cautiously. During the night while they would sleep, Wales wanted someone to take watch, but instead Zhao Hai sent his undead to act as sentries.

In fact, Zhao Hai wasn’t just simply having his undead as sentries, he’s actually planning to exterminate the wolves. Presently, Zhao Hai can see that in the wolf pack, there were different kinds of wolves mixed in. Zhao Hai wanted to catch these wolves and see if they would be able to make the Ranch level up, he would be satisfied if the Ranch could be upgraded.

In the evening when Wales and the other rested, Zhao Hai immediately had Cai’er come out and release some toxic gas into the camp. The potency of the toxic gas was very low, just enough to make beastmen unconscious, not doing any other damage. After doing so, Zhao Hai continued on to deal with the demon wolves.

Zhao Hai released all the undead that he had acquired and had them encircle the wolves. Although these wolves were strong, the cannot match up against six hundred thousand undead, moreover they were encircled, all chances of escape had disappeared. In the end, Zhao Hai managed to eliminate the wolves, while capturing some.

All it took was three hours, after taking care of the wolves, Zhao Hai immediately sent them towards the Space’s Ranch.

Inside the Ranch, a voice prompt could be heard: “Wolf variant animal detected, Level 25, Animal Maturing time, 20 hours. May give birth five times, each time produces five cubs, Consumes two feed per hour. Converting animal to data…. Can now be purchased in the shop.”

“Wolf variant animal detected, Level 25, Animal Maturing time, 20 hours. May give birth five times, each time produces five cubs, Consumes two feed per hour. Converting animal to data…. Can now be purchased in the shop.”


Seeing five same prompts made Zhao Hai confused, he didn’t know why. He immediately went to take a look at the store and saw five pictures of wolf-shaped animals.

Zhao Hai now understands, even though these wolves were collectively labelled as demon wolves, they were also divided into many breeds, and the Space seemed to see different breeds as new animals, which was to Zhao Hai’s advantage.

At this time, a prompt could be heard again: “Wolf variant animal, aggressive creature, listed as pest, added to space as a pest and can be released to destroy enemies.”

“Space Ranch has met Level Up requirements, upgraded to Level 8, looking forward to the host’s further efforts.”

Zhao Hai was surprised, the space upgrading wasn’t anything new, but what were these pests? He was confused.

He immediately asked Cai’er, pests turned out to be an original function of the farming space. Originally, the Space can send some wild animals to the Space of a friend to destroy their crops and gain some experience. But now that the Space had been integrated with Zhao Hai, and there were also no friends’ farms around to send his wild animals to. Thus, this function has been transformed into a release pests function, and these demon wolves had been classified as pests, so the function had been unlocked.

Zhao Hai was ecstatic,this function was too formidable. He saw this development as a good sign, the Ranch had just upgraded to Level 8. He now hoped that the Ranch could reach Level 10 soon, he wanted to look at the perks that Level 10 could provide.

Most importantly, he just didn’t achieve Ranch level-up, he also acquired about a hundred thousand wolf’s meat, skin, and bones, these were valuable things.

Zhao Hai’s face was very happy while exiting the Space, he didn’t think that his gains would be too great, the release pests function, hahaha, this would be his special weapon. The Space was too black-bellied, completely in line with Zhao Hai’s character.

The next morning, Wales and the others woke up, they felt that their sleep wasn’t very good. After getting up, they felt very drained.

However, after having served Zhao Hai’s breakfast they immediately recovered their strength. Zhao Hai knew that they were poisoned, although not very potent, it still had some effect. Zhao Hai therefore added some life liquid to the mutton soup he served, not only to remove the poison, but also to completely recover their strength.

When they started to move, Wales suddenly felt something wrong, there seemed to be some traces of battle on the plains around them, as well as the obvious disappearance of the wolves. Wales immediately concluded that this must be Zhao Ha’s doing, the entire evening, he must have taken care of the wolves.

Regarding Zhao Hai’s move, Wales was grateful, he was clear about the strength of these demon wolves. Even if they couldn’t compare to the Herculean Bull’s strength, facing a hundred thousand would certainly bring losses.

Having losses before arriving at West Wonder King’s camp wasn’t desirable for Wales, as this would have an impact on his men’s morale. But Zhao Hai had already taken care of it, saving them from this crisis.

The Herculean Bulls moved along the road again. This time, the slaves were looking at Zhao Hai as though he was the Beast God, their adoration for him had already surpassed Wales.

During the next few days, they didn’t encounter anything special, but they had come across some corpses of Fighting Bulls. One could see from these corpses that they had been attacked by demon wolves, except for a few large bones, the small bones were completely consumed, showing the demon wolves’ fierceness.

Being left with only a few bones, Zhao Hai had no way of turning these corpses into undead. Magic was not omnipotent, in order to revive a corpse into undead, there were also several conditions, having a full corpse was one of the basic requirements.

Zhao Hai couldn’t revive these corpses, and Wales was unable to apply his hatred on these pieces of corpses.

After five days, West Wonder King’s camp came into view, Wales slowed down. They carefully observed West Wonder King’s camp, the large camp was very calm, there were no commotions.

Wales saw that the skies had begun to turn dark, so they stopped and prepared to meet West Wonder King tomorrow.

The night passed silently, Zhao Hai was worried that West Wonder King might launch a night attack. He thought that West Wonder King should now be aware of the Herculean Bull’s counterattack. In this case, they should have been preparing, and now that the Herculean Bulls had come close the West Wonder King’s camp, seeing that West Wonder King was weaker, then the only chance that they could do against the Herculean Bulls would be a night attack, only then would they have any chance of defeating the Herculean Bulls.

But now, there weren’t any movements coming from West Wonder King’s camp, as if there wasn’t anything wrong, this made Zhao Hai puzzled.

Zhao Hai found Wales and went to discuss this matter with him, Wales and the others were also puzzled. Now they were suspecting that the escapees didn’t come to West Wonder King’s camp to seek refuge, thus West Wonder King had no idea of what happened.

Early the next morning, after eating breakfast, Zhao Hai stored their tents and they immediately went towards West Wonder King’s camp. When they were about five li away from the camp, a commotion happened inside the camp, then a cavalry unit rushed out.

Wales didn’t stop and instead he continued advancing, but all of them already took out their huge axes, soon the two cavalries met.

Wales looked at the person leading the opposing group which turned out to be West Wonder King. West Wonder King was wearing his iron armor, and  underneath this armor, he was wearing cotton clothes.

West Wonder King looked at Wales, he looked stunned for a moment then looked at the army behind Wales. His brow furrowed a little, he then went forward and gave a salute, “West Wonder King has seen Prince Wales.”

Wales looked at West Wonder King and said, “West Wonder, I’m now the Herculean Bull chieftain. At the same time, I also wanted to tell you good news. We had already defeated the Fighting Bull clan and reclaimed our camp, now the Fighting Bulls have fallen. Do you have anything to say?”

West Wonder King looked at Wales calm face and replied, “I have seen the chieftain, West Wonder has been preparing to help. But I didn’t think that the chieftain didn’t need West Wonder to defeat that thieving Fighting Bull chieftain, West Wonder’s heart is very happy.”

Wales looked at West Wonder King, he didn’t think that West Wonder King was this shameless, saying blatant lies to his face while acting honorable.

Wales laughed madly and replied,” You said you wanted to help me? HAHAHA! Help me? Help me by reducing my sisters to slaves? I really must give my gratitude to you.”

West Wonder King’s expression changed, “My king, if I didn’t do that at that time, the Fighting Bull chieftain wouldn’t definitely let me off. I wanted to save my fighting power for my king, so I did so. Please forgive my sins, my king.”

Wales suddenly laughed, he calmly looked at West Wonder, “Really?”

West Wonder King quickly replied, “West Wonder does not dare lie.”

Wales nodded, then said, “West Wonder you are right, it seems that I have wronged you. Right, these few days, were there any Fighting Bulls that sought refuge with you?

West Wonder King immediately shook his head, “No, we didn’t see any Fighting Bull escapees. It was because of this that I had no news of what happened to your old camp. If I knew, I would’ve helped out, my king can rest assured.”

Wales seemed to believe West Wonder King’s words, he nodded and waved his hand, “Good, I’ll take your word for it.”

Zhao Hai didn’t go out of the carriage, he strangely looked at Wales and West Wonder King. Presently, West Wonder King sees that Wales had believed him and his eyes were flashing with happiness. But Wales’ eyes were actually gloomy, Zhao Hai had a very clear understanding of Wales, those gloomy eyes were absolutely not calmness, Wales was hiding his anger deep down his heart.

To Zhao Hai, the present matter was getting more and more interesting. He knew that West Wonder King already knew what happened a long time ago, with his current actions, he must have thought about counterattacking.

Wales had also thought about this for a long time, so while he was just pretending to believe West Wonder King, in fact, he was also carrying his own plans.

It was too interesting, this hidden battle between the two people which began even before they had met. Zhao Hai can imagine that the earlier commotion inside the camp was also orchestrated to confuse them.

Now Zhao Hai wanted to see what the two would do next. Soon, the group arrived outside West Wonder King’s camp. Zhao Hai observed something different with West Wonder King’s camp, the tents were too close to each other and there was no place for an army to take rest. Zhao Hai remembered the last time he was inside West Wonder King’s camp, didn’t the camp look different than this?

But he immediately knew what West Wonder King wanted to do. West Wonder King looked at Wales embarrassingly, “My king, because of the snowstorm a few days ago, our tent arrangement had become dense. Your army wouldn’t have any way to pass through, I can only ask my king’s army to rest right beside the camp.”

Wales showed a faint smile, “West Wonder is too polite, no need to get troubled over it. I’ll have the army rest outside the camp first.” After saying that, he waved his hand and called Kony over. He whispered a few orders to Kony’s ear, Kony nodded and commanded, “Rest here.”

The Herculean Bull cavalry was unable to understand Wales’ instructions, but they still stopped. At this time, Wales turned to Zhao Hai’s carriage and said, “Little Hai, come with Big Brother to rest inside West Wonder King’s camp.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and opened the carriage door. He walked out and bowed, “Zhao Hai has met West Wonder King.”

After seeing Zhao Hai, West Wonder King’s expression worsened. He had not seen Zhao Hai carriage before, especially Zhao Hai’s personal carriage. When he saw that a King’s War Flag was inserted into the carriage, he thought that Mendez or Yale would be inside. Never in a thousand years did he expect that Zhao Hai would be sitting inside.