BTFTLIAW – Chapter 304

Chapter 304 – Ultimate Weapon

For the beastmen, War flags were extremely important. Their War flag is the pride of their race, it was as important as their lives, a beastman would rather sacrifice his life than to let their war flag be discarded.

Now their most important War Flag has been cut down and fallen to the ground, the Fighting Bulls felt that the sky just collapsed, they had lost their motivation. Many Fighting Bulls could be seen giving up their resistance, they were just blankly standing there while they were hacked to death by Herculean Bulls. Some turned around and escaped towards the plains, but in such weather, as well as having nothing to bring, running to the prairie is akin to suicide.

Wales didn’t think that the Fighting Bulls would be routed this quickly after only having fought for a few moments. Other Herculean Bulls immediately brandished their weapons and gave chase to the escaping Fighting Bulls.

Although this happened, the fighting still continued, there were still many Fighting Bulls resisting since the news of their chieftain escaping still hasn’t reached their ears. They were resisting but were disorganized, it can only be seen as a futile struggle.

The fight continued on up until dawn, at this time the Fighting Bull resistance had become weak. While some Fighting Bulls ran away, their slaves actually didn’t escape, it was very clear to them that they had no other place to go, so they might as well remain and keep on becoming slaves for the Herculean Bulls. The Herculean Bulls also didn’t kill them, they were just slaves, it was just like they changed ownership.

Sure enough, just as the slaves thought, the Herculean Bulls didn’t care for them at all. They just basically forgot about the slaves since they were preoccupied with chasing the Fighting Bulls. As long as a Herculean Bull sees a Fighting Bull, no matter they were women or children, they killed entire families due to their extreme anger.

But what Wales didn’t think of was the group of captive Fighting Bulls, when they were attacking the main camp, the captive group also went to intercept groups of fleeing Fighting Bulls. They would block the fleeing Fighting Bulls then immediately threw their hatchets towards them, hacking them to death. Then they would run towards the dead Fighting Bulls to retrieve their hatchets while looting the bodies of their weapons, after which they would move again to find another group. That evening, they managed to eliminate 30 groups of Fighting Bulls, both large and small. The total number of people they hunted reached ten thousand, which was never in Wales’ expectations.

He thought that because these captives have suffered for many days, their body simply didn’t have enough strength to fight. But he actually didn’t think these elderly, women, and children would achieve such success, it was very commendable.

Wales knew that the reason why these people had their current fighting strength was because of Zhao Hai. He added life liquid to the mutton soup that the captives consumed, this made them recover quicker, some elderly even had more strength in them than before they were captured.

Zhao Hai didn’t participate in the pursuit. He went to the place where the Fighting Bulls stored all their supplies and guarded it. He was afraid that some Fighting Bulls would come here and burn the supplies out of desperation.

Because of this decision, Zhao Hai didn’t let the blood devouring mosquitoes kill the other Fighting Bulls but instead had them protect the storehouse. At the same time, Zhao Hai had his undead put out the fires in the camp as well as turning dead Fighting Bulls into undead.

When the evening passed, Zhao Hai has managed to turn three hundred thousand Fighting Bulls into undead.

Including women and children, the Fighting Bulls number about eight hundred thousand. And now three hundred thousand of these people had become undead, most of which where adult men and women, they were those who had taken up their weapons and resisted and became the primary targets of the Herculean Bulls.

One could imagine the scene of tragedy in this war, the ground of the camp was stained red. While sitting inside Xenomorph, Laura’s face was pale.

Not out of Zhao Hai’s expectations, attacks came from Fighting Bull deserters while he was defending the storehouses. In the entire evening he could count about a dozen attacks by the Fighting Bulls who wanted to burn the supplies, but in the end they did not succeed.

Yale was now in full admiration for Zhao Hai, while everyone was out pursuing the Fighting Bulls, Zhao Hai stayed behind to protect the very important storehouse. Now even if the entire camp were to be destroyed, they could still manage to rebuild it.

Dawn was when the camp had finally stopped fighting, there was no living Fighting Bull in sight. No matter young or old, nobody was spared, now Zhao Hai has about four hundred thousand undead. Even those escaping Fighting Bulls wouldn’t be spared, they couldn’t survive the upcoming weather.

Zhao Hai didn’t went away. He went around the camp and continued to turn all Fighting Bulls into undead while waiting for Wales to return, he believed that Wales would return soon.

What he didn’t expect was Wales continuing his pursuit of the fleeing Fighting Bulls for a full three days. In these three days, they depended entirely on milk wine. After expending the milk wine and having sobered up, the group then returned back to the camp.

Zhao Hai, however, took advantage of these three days to rebuild the old camp. Now, excluding Zhao Hai’s undead, the near two hundred thousand Herculean Bull captives were also inside the camp. They didn’t go after the Fighting Bulls since they didn’t have any mounts to ride.

The captives received food from Zhao Hai so they already knew of him. Under Zhao Hai’s command, they rebuilt the entire camp and gathered all dead Herculean Bulls to prepare for a mass burial.

The camp’s ground had turned red, but since it was winter, it was very difficult to remove because the blood had become frozen. But it was also clear that the Herculean Bulls never planned to clean these bloodstains up, they just rebuilt their tents and cleaned the corpses of their clansmen.

When Wales returned to the camp, the place had been cleaned up properly except for the corpses and the blood. It looked like there was barely anything that happened here.

In the camp was a large cauldron, mutton, mutton soup and milk wine were ready. When Wales returned, he immediately drank some milk wine, ate some mutton and drank some steaming hot mutton soup.

Wales and the others were exhausted, after eating mutton and drinking soup, they immediately slept for axwhole day and night. At about the time they were waking up, Zhao Wen had also returned, she also had brought with her the corpse of the 9th rank Human expert.

After turning him into undead, Zhao Hai confirmed that he really was from the Radiant Church, an Ultimate Weapon that the Radiant Church had trained since childhood.

The Radiant Church had long been carrying out this Ultimate Weapon program. Their plan was to select some gifted children and gave them extreme training as well as some near-death experiences. These children’s sole purpose were to become experts, 8th rank and 9th rank experts, those who couldn’t meet this criteria were killed off.

Bringing up 9th ranks wasn’t an easy task, thus after all these years, the program finally made three 9th ranks. But the amount of 8th ranks they’ve acquired reached several hundreds, this was also one of the pillars of the Church’s strength.

This time’s Fighting Bull helper was a 9th rank Ultimate Weapon that the Church had produced, and he was a Fire Mage. But he was still turned into an undead by Zhao Hai in the end, giving Zhao Hai’s Staff fire element magics.

Now, Zhao Hai’s Ghost Staff can do Light, Dark, Earth and Fire element magic. He only needs Water and Wind elements so that he can pretend to be an all around Mage.

Unfortunately, Zhao Hai didn’t manage to get much intel from this person since he was only a weapon for the church. Who in their right minds would tell their plans to a mere tool? Weapons do not need to know so much, as long as they can kill then they are already fine.

And apparently his appearance in the Fighting Bulls this time was coincidental. This time he just came to inform the Fighting Bulls that the Herculean Bulls had fled towards the Mastiffs and to put pressure on the Mastiffs in order for them to not take in the Herculean Bulls. But he didn’t expect that the Herculean Bulls would counterattack and was finally killed by Zhao Wen.

Also from Zhao Wen, Zhao Hai managed to know that the Supreme Elder of the Fighting Bulls was also slain by the joint forces of the Herculean Bull Supreme elder as well as the two Mastiff Supreme Elders. Wales can feel relieved.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t manage to get many information, he still managed to get a significant lot. He knew that the Radiant Church had a minimum of five 9th rank experts, and this was without calculating the three 9th ranks that the Ultimate Weapon program had produced. Only god knows how many 9th ranks the Radiant Church did have.

What was the most important was the number of their 8th rank experts, which reached several hundred. Even in the prairie, a tribe of near 1 million like the Fighting Bulls can only have a few numbers of 8th ranks, in the guard regiment of the eliminated Fighting Bull chieftain, although they had 8th rank experts, they only number in about a dozen, the others were 6th and 7th ranks. But from the undead, the Radiant Church seemed to have a few several hundred 8th ranks, this was a very fearful amount of strength.

While he was asking about these matters, Wales finally woke up. Zhao Hai immediately went to Wales’ tent, Wales was chatting with Mendez inside while eating some mutton.

After seeing Zhao Hai come, Wales immediately welcomed him and laughed, “Little Hai, come quickly, Hahaha, this time we won ,the Fighting Bull cannot recover anymore.”

Looking at Wales’ proud face, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but sink, “Brother, I have something to tell you.”

Wales looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and knew that this was an important matter, he quickly replied, “What’s the matter? Sit down and eat while we talk.”

Zhao Hai nodded and sat down, they immediately handed him some milk wine, mutton, and soup. Zhao Hai didn’t touch the food but he talked, “First I had to say to Big Brother that the two 9th rank experts of the Fighting Bulls were killed, there would be no more threat from the Fighting Bulls.”

Wales became ecstatic, since the Supreme Elder still hadn’t come back, he still hadn’t received this news. But he already knew from Yale that Zhao Hai had sent a 9th rank expert to enter the battle, so what Zhao Hai said couldn’t be a mistake.

Zhao Hai looked at his happy face and added, “I’ve also determined that the Fighting Bull helper was indeed a 9th rank Fire element Mage of the Radiant Church. This time he only came to deliver a letter and has gotten caught up with out counterattack, the information we got before was not wrong.”

Wales nodded, then Zhao Hai continued, “The Radiant Church’s strength was completely out of my calculations. At present, they have a minimum of five 9th rank experts, they also have 8th ranks that number to several hundreds. Big Brother should be more careful in the future.”

Hearing what Zhao Hai said, Wales’ face couldn’t help but change. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, is what you’re saying true?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It couldn’t be wrong, I turned the 9th rank into an undead. He told me personally that the Radiant Church had started their Ultimate Weapon program about a dozen years ago. They selected a batch of children with good talents and gave them the strictest training since their childhood. Their goal was to turn these children into 9th rank experts, and if they were inadequate, they still could acquire 8th ranks. Those who couldn’t manage the training died, this way they had produced so many experts.”

Wales put down his glass, and with a serious voice he said, “Good, the Radiant Church is actually farsighted, good.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “But the Radiant Church wouldn’t dare send these people to the prairie, otherwise they would be killed. Now about the Fighting Bulls, I had managed to acquire four hundred thousand undead just from the camp. If we scour the prairie I’m sure that these numbers would only pile up. And adding the fact that their 9th rank expert died, the Fighting Bull’s threat has been majorly diminished.”

Wales nodded and smiled, he had already expected these numbers. After all, they didn’t capture any Fighting Bulls, all Fighting Bulls they’ve met were all killed.

Zhao Hai looked at Wales and said, “But Big Brother shouldn’t be careless, since 2nd and 3rd sister had been rescued, West Wonder King would surely be more careful. And now that the Fighting Bull chieftain has been killed, his men may join the ranks of West Wonder King, making his strength increase. He also knew from the Fighting Bull refugees that the Herculean Bulls had returned so they may try to escape. If they manage to do so, there may come a time where they can find an opportunity to come back. Thus, Brother should charge towards West Wonder King as soon as possible, taking care of West Wonder King is the right thing to do.


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