BTFTLIAW – Chapter 303

Chapter 303 – The Chieftain Flees

A fight between 9th rank experts weren’t only just decided by numbers. One should remember back then when two 9th rank Herculean Bull Supreme Elders were battling the 9th rank Fighting Bull expert and 9th rank Human expert, of the two Herculean Bulls, one died while the other was injured. Hence this time, nobody could be certain of the outcome.

In fact, if a 9th rank expert really wanted to survive, even though he was injured he can still escape while being attacked by two similarly ranked experts. Only when he was besieged by three can he be killed.

It was precisely for this reason that the Mastiffs sent two 9th ranks to help the Herculean Bulls. Only then can they truly exterminate the 9th rank expert of the Fighting Bulls.

But they didn’t think that this time, someone would help the Fighting Bull 9th rank escape, for the Herculean Bulls, this was a dilemma. It wouldn’t be good for the Herculean Bulls for these two if they were to escape, especially the 9th rank Fighting Bull. If he were to escape, it would be possible for the Fighting Bull clan to rise up again.

Thus, when Zhao Hai and Yale saw the two 9th ranks, their expressions sank. They clearly knew what this battle represented to the Herculean Bulls, if they were to leave some loose ends then it’ll be troublesome in the future.

Yale’s face changed, “Why is the 9th rank Human still here? This’ll be troublesome.”

Zhao Hai’s expression was also very unpleasant, he said, “It does look troublesome, but I believe that my information was true. It seems that this expert just returned to the Fighting Bulls. Hmph, let him stay here forever then.”

Yale sighed, “It wouldn’t be easy, the Fighting Bull Supreme elder’s strength is ordinary, just on par with the previous Supreme Elder before his breakthrough. This 9th rank Human, however, was very strong. He is a few steps more powerful than the Herculean Bull’s Supreme Elder, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to take down the other 9th rank Herculean Bull.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted, “In the beginning, I actually didn’t plan to intervene, having a human meddle with a beastman’s battle would leave people ridiculing Big Brother. But it seems that it wouldn’t be good if I didn’t help.” Zhao Hai waved his hand and released Zhao Wen, then he asked her to deal with the 9th rank Human. Zhao Wen’s figure moved, then disappeared from inside Xenomorph.

Then Zhao Hai began releasing a large number of blood devouring mosquitoes, this would be the second time that he used these mosquitoes. The last time he released them was during the attack of West Wonder King’s army. This time, the mosquitoes role would be much more direct, they now would deal with the Fighting Bulls straight on.

Do not underestimate these small blood devouring mosquitoes, with enough numbers, they could become a fearful disaster on the Continent.

And in the dark night, these small blood devouring mosquitoes were like assassins, the people’s eyesight would be affected by the dark so defending against the mosquitoes at this time would be impossible.

Yale saw what Zhao Hai just did, he looked at Zhao Hai confused. After releasing all the mosquitoes, Zhao Hai turned to Yale, “Mister Yale, it’ll be okay now, I sent Little Wen to help Big Brother. Little Wen is also a 9th rank expert, a 9th rank magic beast expert, I believe she’ll be of help.”

Yale stared at Zhao Hai, shocked, “You mean you have a 9th rank expert on hand? And she listens to your commands?” Yale wasn’t an idiot, he knew how strong 9th rank experts were. And he understood that the 9th rank expert that Zhao Hai meant was that crystal-like insect magic beast. But what he was surprised the most was, from Zhao Hai’s actions, it looked like he wasn’t interacting with a 9th rank expert, instead it looked like he was talking to a subordinate.

After Zhao Hai heard Yale’s questions, he faintly smiled and replied, “You could say that Zhao Wen listens to my commands, but she’s not a subordinate, she’s a family member.”

Yale was stunned by Zhao Hai, he knew what a 9th rank expert represents. In the Herculean Bull tribe, even in their highest peak, only had three 9th rank experts. On an average generation they would have two 9th ranks, and now that they were in a dire situation they had only one. And the influence of a 9th rank is higher than that of the chieftain, if the 9th rank had any opinions, the chieftain must listen to it.

However, Zhao Hai actually had a 9th rank expert that listens to his words, what did this mean? It meant that Zhao Hai could deploy a 9th rank expert anytime to get rid of an enemy. But he didn’t do so, only in troublesome times would he ask the 9th rank expert to make a move.

At this time, Wales already crashed into the camp. The Fighting Bulls were obviously ill-prepared, they were running around in panic, some people wanted to escape, some actually wanted to fight. But those who wanted to fight couldn’t find their mounts and those who wanted to escape couldn’t find their family members, this plunged the camp into confusion.

Under such circumstances, the Fighting Bulls weren’t able to organize themselves. However, Wales didn’t stay at the area. His goal was to make a huge move, to increase the morale of the Herculean Bulls. What he needed to do now was to target the morale of the enemy, once this was crushed, they would crumble.

The Fighting Bulls were in a chaotic state of disunity, on the other hand the Herculean Bulls were like a pointed knife.  The sand cannot block a blade, Wales killed towards the Golden tent in the middle.

The golden tent quickly came into sight and Wales could see his enemy, the Fighting Bull chieftain. On the chieftain’s side were about a thousand guards, completely in formation to defend.

Meeting his enemy and particularly enraged, Wales immediately roared and charged to kill the Fighting Bull chieftain. The Fighting Bull chieftain also saw Wales and a flash of fear was seen on his face, then replaced by a ruthless expression. The Fighting Bull chieftain brandished his scimitar then also started to charge towards Wales.

Following on his sides were the elites of the Fighting Bulls, on their hands were pure metal maces lace with gold that the Fighting Bulls made, they were more lethal compared to the scimitar that the chieftain wielded.

The cavalry of the two sides crashed together as though two floods colliding from different directions. With a bang, the two waves crashed onto each other, but instead of water splashing, severed limbs and blood were what came out.

The two sides had irreconcilable enmity with each other, but the morale of one of them was off the roof while the other was fighting desperately. The exhilaration from this battle was completely out of Wales’ imagination.

Blocking Wales with only a thousand people was impossible, but the strengths of the chieftain and the elites were nothing to scoff at. The worst of them were at the 6th rank and the strongest had 8th rank strength, for such a thousand man group, their fighting strength would be astonishing.

When Wales’ charge was suffering some setbacks, a commotion was happening on the left and right wings of the Fighting Bulls. Amidst the chaos, Wales managed to take a glance at the commotion. He saw two groups of Fighting Bull cavalry attacking both sides and charging towards the Fighting Bull chieftain. Judging by how the two cavalries were moving, they seem to be Zhao Hai’s undead. The two groups of cavalry totaled up to seven thousand warriors.

The undead cavalry charge was very difficult to stop. This was because they were not afraid of death, they were not afraid of injuries, they forwent defense and went full on attack. Such type of enemies were very terrifying in the battlefield.

Currently the Fighting Bull chieftain was very perplexed, he didn’t understand why a group of Fighting Bull cavalry was attacking him. Moreover, these Fighting Bulls weren’t afraid of death, he witnessed them being pounded off their mounts by maces, chests all broken to pieces but still crawled to attack, they were very scary.

The Fighting Bull chieftain was a smart person, his strength was only at the 7th rank, so he didn’t go to the front lines to battle. But this time, fear had struck him, he felt that he may actually die in the hands of those monsters, so he immediately turned around to escape.

The chieftain escaping made his guards stare blankly. To the beastmen, escaping was a shameful act, it was precisely because of this that after managing to escape, the Herculean Bull’s morale had hit rock bottom. This was because in their minds, they were cowards, shameful runaways.

But it was also because of this that when Wales mentioned taking revenge, they went all in just to wash away their shame. Initially, they ran away because they didn’t have a commander, but now that they have one, even if they paid with their lives, they would reclaim their lost pride.

However, the Fighting Bull chieftain escaping was another matter. He was a leader, it was an unspoken rule that everyone should be able to escape before the leader. Before, in this very camp, Wales’ second brother Paul died while being surrounded by Fighting Bull cavalries. Even though he had no chance he still fought and died with his group in his charge. For the beastmen, this kind of person is worthy of respect, completely different to the Fighting Bull chieftain who was very shameful. He didn’t only shame himself, but also the entire Fighting Bull tribe.

The guards looked at their chieftain, stunned, their faces full of disbelief, they didn’t know what they were supposed to do.

While they were dumbfounded, the Undead Cavalry arrived, and immediately overwhelmed the group.

Wales looked at the escaping chieftain and quickly commanded, “The Fighting Bull chieftain escaped, don’t let him, give chase!”

The guards at his side also shouted, “The Fighting Bull chieftain ran, don’t let him escape, give chase!”

These words were very important, when the resisting Fighting Bulls heard this, they froze. They were in disbelief when they looked towards the golden tent, their chieftain’s shadow was nowhere to be seen and their King’s flag was also cut down to the ground.


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