BTFTLIAW – Chapter 302

Chapter 302 – Time for Revenge

Wales looked at Zhao Hai sleeping soundly, he sighed and turned to Mendez, “Sixth Brother, please return Little Hai to his tent, have Laura take care of him. Don’t disturb him today.”

Mendez asked, “But what about breakfast?”

Wales sighed and said, “Just tell everyone to endure it today. Little Hai is too tired, these days he’s the busiest person out of all of us.”

Mendez didn’t say anymore, he picked Zhao Hai up and went outside, soon he arrived at Zhao Hai’s tent and had Laura receive Zhao Hai.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai’s state and thought that he was injured. She put Zhao Hai on the ground hastily and then whispered with a low voice, “Cai’er, Cai’er, quickly come out.”

Cai’er’s form appeared, Laura immediately asked, “Cai’er, what’s all this about? What happened to Elder Brother Hai?”

Cai’er looked at Zhao Hai and said, “He’s alright, just resting. He only needs to drink water from the space to get well.” After saying this, a small vine appeared in front of Zhao Hai’s mouth, it reached towards the mouth’s opening and then water from the space smoothly rolled off the vine into Zhao Hai’s mouth.

After drinking a mouthful, Zhao Hai opened his eyes. He saw Laura and couldn’t help but be surprised, he touched his head and asked, “I fell asleep?”

Laura’s heart ached when looking at Zhao Hai, she looked at him and said, “Brother Hai, why do you try so hard? You need to be careful, we don’t know what we’d do if you get sick.”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled, “I’m alright, its nothing, I’ll only be busy for another two days. In a moment, we’ll go give them breakfast. You did not see those who were captured by the Fighting Bulls, of the three hundred thousand, a hundred thousand died. Now only less than two hundred thousand Herculean Bull captives were left, they were all dressed in unpadded clothes while having little to no food and drink. Those Fighting Bulls were too vicious.”

While speaking of this, Zhao Hai’s complexion was bad. He saw the slaves on West Wonder King’s camp as well as various slaves all throughout the prairie, but this was the first time he saw that slaves were treated like this. It was obvious that the people involved wanted the Herculean Bulls to die out completely.

This was the first time that Laura has heard of this incident since Zhao Hai never told them before. Now that she heard this information, she couldn’t help but look shocked at Zhao Hai.

Laura had also seen beastmen slaves, she also saw Human slaves in the past, but the way the Fighting Bulls treated their slaves was a first for Laura.

Although the humans did not treat their slaves that well, they didn’t make their slaves die at will. After all, the slaves were also their property, and nobody is willing to just throw away their properties.

The beastmen slaves were actually treated better compared to human slaves, therefore Laura didn’t expect the Fighting Bulls to treat the Herculean Bull captives this way, they were too cruel.

Zhao Hai sighed, “I now wholeheartedly support Brother Wales’s revenge, the Fighting Bulls were really too much. Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. I still have to serve breakfast, I’ll take a rest after then.”

Laura nodded, this was the first time that she experienced the brutality of wars in the prairie, a defeated tribe would have zero dignity left, they may even get exterminated.

Wales didn’t think that Zhao Hai would go out to serve breakfast. After breakfast, everyone returned to their tents, Wales told Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, why didn’t you rest for a little more? You didn’t need to hurry along, not being able to eat breakfast isn’t a big deal.”

Zhao Hai just faintly smiled. “Well, I can rest later, the group still needs to get full, its no big deal, no need to say anything more. Right, I’ll go sleep now, don’t look for me today.”

Wales nodded, Zhao Hai then returned to his tent. Wales looked at Zhao Hai’s departing back and muttered to himself, “Feel relieved Little Hai, Elder Brother will make sure to succeed.”

When the sky was turning dark, Zhao Hai went out of the space, he had already rested well. But what Zhao Hai didn’t know was, while he was sleeping, the whole camp was very quiet.

In the evening, Zhao Hai gave the clansmen their dinner then went to the captives along with Kony. He gave out food as well as weapons to the captured Herculean Bulls. This was in preparation for tomorrow, where the attack would commence in the evening.

Zhao Hai and Kony told them the news of the attack tomorrow evening, advising them to get away from the camp before that time.

The night passed as the food was distributed, then Zhao Hai returned to the camp and gave the other group their breakfast, after which he rested.[1]

What Kony didn’t know, was that when Zhao Hai gave food to the captives, he also included some life liquid to the soup given, this would help the recoveries of these people.

Because they needed to act tonight, instead of giving the food then, the clansmen were given an extra portion of mutton while they stayed and waited for the evening so that they wouldn’t get hungry.

During daytime, the camp was quiet, they wanted Zhao Hai to have a proper rest. They were also afraid of making loud noises since it could alert the Fighting Bulls, fortunately, there were no reactions from the Fighting Bulls.

Perhaps in the entire prairie, only crazed people like the Herculean Bulls would take revenge at this time, nobody else would wage war in such terrible weather.

As the sky was slowly turning dark, the people at the Herculean Bull camp began to act. They stood quietly outside along with their mounts. Everyone was calmly watching Wales standing in the middle.

Wales looked at the moon up above the sky, after a few moments he turned to look at his clansmen, “My people, the time for revenge has come.” After saying that, he dismounted from his mount and slowly walked towards the Herculean Bull’ sold camp.

All the other Herculean Bulls also dismounted from their mounts. They remained silent, they didn’t move too fast, afraid of making noise and alerting the Fighting Bulls. But in their eyes was a fierce gaze, they tightly clutched their own weapons as they bit their teeth together. The expression on their faces were indifferent, like sold rocks.

Zhao Hai and Laura were sitting inside Xenomorph’s body, Yale was also inside and although table inside had tea, Yale didn’t have the thought to drink right now. He had been paying attention to the camp’s situation.[2]

The Herculean Bulls were also familiar with the camp’s surrounding terrain. They know every nook and cranny here because for thousands of years, they had resided here, they were born here, and would die here. But they never thought that one day they would be driven out from this place, and needed to fight to take it back.

The army very slowly approached the Fighting Bull encampment because of the snow on the ground, they also managed to sneak up because of this. Wales was at the front, followed by the young warriors of the clan then the elders, the women, and finally the children.

Zhao Hai’s undead army was also beside the group and was commanded by him alone as Wales couldn’t command the undead.

As the camp was getting closer and closer, Wales movements became even more careful. Just about 500 meter away from the camp, Wales suddenly issued a warcry and rode his mount, then he rushed towards the camp. The others also rode their mounts and followed Wales on his charge.

They held their axes on one hand and a lit torch in the other. When they charged towards the camp, the place they chose to charge through was right at the center, where a huge tent was erected. One must know that the when it comes to understanding this camp, the Herculean Bulls were much more adept that the Fighting Bulls.

The Fighting Bulls were obviously alarmed, and the whole camp fell into panic. The Fighting Bulls didn’t imagine that the Herculean Bulls would do their counterattack at this time. One must know that the Herculean Bull camp was just captured about two months ago, and the Fighting Bulls also pillaged the Herculean Bulls of all their commodities. They were thinking that the Herculean Bulls would be too preoccupied of surviving the winter and didn’t think of their counterattack. This made the Fighting Bulls lower their guard, which gave Wales a huge advantage.

Wales’, however, was very ready for this attack, they had brought rope, a flare, and their weapon. Two Herculean Bulls would collapse the tent by pulling it with ropes, and as the inhabitants ran out, what waited for them were axes.

In the entire camp, flames were rising from all directions. The scene almost resembled the day of Judgement. Zhao Hai didn’t participate in the attack, he was at the side observing. He knew that at this time, Wales’ wouldn’t want him to intervene, their enemies must only be dealt with by themselves.

At this time, there were two roars that can be heard inside the camp. Zhao Hai’s face changed since he can hear that this roar can only be made by 9th rank experts.

This time, not far from the camp came a loud roar which was made by a 9th rank expert, a flare went up and Zhao Hai saw two bodies flying from the camp, one was a tall and large figure while the other one was noticeably smaller.

The former was the 9th rank expert of the Fighting Bull clan, while the latter was obviously a human 9th rank expert. Zhao Hai didn’t expect that the Human expert actually didn’t leave the Fighting Bull camp. It seems like there were errors from the information he got from Bell.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t worry much since in addition to the Herculean Bull’s 9th rank Supreme Elder, they had also invited two 9th rank experts from the Mastiffs to help them deal with the Fighting Bulls.

A 3 versus 2, this scenario was very advantageous for the Herculean Bulls.

  1. Fukin hell, the sheer number. Just imagine, Jesus only fed five thousand.
  2. Big croc thing


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