BTFTLIAW – Chapter 299

Chapter 299 – Snowstorm

Seeing the tribe ready, Zhao Hai knew that the time for attack was coming. His heart was a little agitated, this will be the first time that he’ll witness a battle between several hundred thousand people, he cannot help but be excited.

Zhao Hai was also preparing, since he knew that the time for revenge is not far. While they were busy in their tent, the tent curtain was suddenly lifted, then Wales came in. The action caused a cold breeze to come in, Laura couldn’t help but shrink her head into her coat.

Wales saw Laura’s appearance, he laughed and said, “Laura, you have to get used to the temperature soon you know, because the coldest time of winter hasn’t arrived yet.”

Laura’s face paled, she shook her head and replied, “I’m afraid I cannot get used to it. If the coldest time came, I think I’ll just freeze to death.”

Wales cannot help but laugh, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Zhao, come with me, the Supreme Elder wishes to see you.”

Zhao Hai stared blankly, he didn’t think that the Herculean Bulls’ Supreme Elder would want to see him. The Supreme Elder is a 9th rank expert, people on that power level cannot be met just casually.

Zhao Hai immediately responded, he nodded and replied, “Okay, then let’s go, I don’t want the elder to wait long.” Wales nodded, then walked outside with Zhao Hai.

Although Zhao Hai’s physique isn’t that good, he was not afraid of the cold. This may be related to the previous him who lived at the northern part of China. The winters in Northern China were also very cold, Zhao Hai was already used to this temperature.

They quickly arrived at Wales’ tent. Wales was not polite, he immediately raised the curtain and entered together with Zhao Hai.

Mendez and Yale were sitting inside the tent. However, they both look solemn, as though they were of the younger generation. Zhao Hai also noticed an additional person inside the tent.

Inside the tent sat an old man, plainly dressed, with a tall and mighty body. He looked extremely majestic sitting there as firm as a mountain. Although the old man’s eyes were closed, Zhao Hai felt that every movement inside the tent couldn’t escape the notice of this old man.

When they entered the tent, Wales was very careful, his footsteps were very formal as he slowly arrived at the side of the old man and said with a soft voice, “Elder, Zhao Hai has come.”

Zhao Hai went forward and performed a gesture toward the old man, “Zhao Hai has met the Supreme Elder.”

The old man slowly opened his eyes, he sized up Zhao Hai then faintly smiled, “Get up young man, I express my gratitude for giving me medicine.”

Zhao Hai hurriedly replied, “The elder is too polite, it was this Zhao Hai’s honor to be of help.”

The old man smiled at Zhao Hai, “You and Wales are blood oath brothers, therefore you are also part of the Herculean Bulls. I won’t be polite to you, young man, take note of this, since you are a member of our clan, remember that us Herculean Bulls have our own pride, and we’d rather die than let go of this pride. In order for the Herculean Bull flag to not fall into dust, you have to guard it with your life, can you do that?”

Zhao Hai stared blankly, he didn’t know where the old man was going with this, but he still replied with a serious tone, “I can, I can do it.”

The old man nodded, the turned and gave Wales a look. Wales bowed towards the elder, then went to the side and took out an already prepared war flag and placed it on Zhao Hai’s hands, “Zhao Hai, this War Flag is the Cow-headed Race’s King Flag, it’s a War Flag that can only be used by members of the Cow-headed Race’s Royal Clan, namely the Chieftain and the Crown Prince. Starting today, you are our Herculean Bull’s Crown Prince.”

Zhao Hai became stunned, he had not thought that when Wales went to fetch him today, he would be given a war flag, and a King’s flag at that. This King’s flag didn’t only represent the approval of the Herculean Bulls, but similarly, it also represented a special status in the Prairie, which was the status of being the Herculean Bull’s Crown Prince.

And in this special time, this King’s flag represents a huge responsibility for the upcoming counterattack of the Herculean Bulls. Giving Zhao Hai this War Flag represents their confidence in him and their success.

Zhao Hai received the War Flag solemnly, he looked at Wales and said, “Be relieved Brother, rest assured knowing that I won’t shame the Herculean Bulls.”

Wales patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder, “Little Hai, I wanted to wait after we have recaptured everything before handing you this War Flag. However, the Supreme Elder believed that such arrangement would be unfair to you. Your contribution to the Herculean Bull tribe had been astronomical, we can even say that the counterattack’s merit belongs to you. So we gave this War Flag to you before the battle to let you know that the Herculean Bulls recognize your efforts, so you must treasure this flag.”

Zhao Hai nodded seriously then said, “Don’t worry brother, I’ll treasure this flag as if its my own life.”

At this time, the Supreme Elder talked, “Good, make sure to remember your own words Little Hai, we will move after the first wave of snow, prepare yourself well.” After which he flashed and disappeared.

After setting the day for the attack, Wales immediately sent a letter to notify the Mastiffs, then they quietly waited.

The weather on the prairie changes constantly, but the beastmen had lived on this place for many years, so they had their own means of forecasting the weather. On the day Zhao Hai received the King’s War Flag, Wales also told Zhao Hai that an elder from the tribe had predicted that the first batch of snow to arrive in ten days would be the biggest snowstorm that had been seen for the past 10 years.

Zhao Hai didn’t know how strong a snowstorm never before seen in ten years is, but he knows that this will bring no small inconvenience to their attack. However, on the other hand, it is also advantageous because nobody would also think that someone would march into war during this kind of weather.

Ten days was not that long, but to people who were waiting, these ten days seemed like ten years. For this war, the Herculean Bulls had bet their all. While waiting, they’d go sharpen their axes and take care of their mounts. Also at this time, Wales had prohibited his clansmen from drinking liquor, no one was allowed to drink.

Not allowing beastmen to drink during winter is like taking their lives. But the Herculean Bulls didn’t oppose this time and just accepted the order. Since they couldn’t drink, they could only exercise in this cold weather, some even went outside and practice their martial skills there.

This is also the first time that Zhao Hai saw the beastman’s soul techniques. When using their soul techniques, a projection of a beast would appear and slowly merge with their body and after which their strengths would increase. Looking at this, Zhao Hai suddenly had a chill, he felt that the process looks very much like being possessed by a soul, giving him a feeling of gloom.

To everyone’s disappointment, after ten days had passed and the sky was overcast, snow didn’t fall down, making Wales anxious.

At this time, the forecasting elder went to see Wales, he told Wales that the weather had undergone some changes. This time they wouldn’t encounter a snowstorm that can only be seen once every ten years, but on that can only be seen once in fifty years. It would be best for the camp to group up immediately, otherwise their tents would be blown away by the snowstorm.

Although the elder’s previous forecast didn’t hit right on the spot, Wales still decided to trust the elder. He made his clansmen group up the tents, then reinforce them, as well as building a few more additional tents to have their mounts stay in.

This time the elder’s predictions were not wrong. While they were reinforcing their tents, large swathes of snow came blowing down like flying knives.

Fortunately, the Herculean Bulls were known for their strength. After deploying all of their manpower, they managed to finish their reinforcements despite the buffeting snow. They had also grouped up all of their tents, making the place much warmer.

Naturally, Wales’ and Zhao Hai’s tent were at the very center of the camp so that they couldn’t be directly affected by the cold, they were even warmer than before.

When the snowstorm came, Zhao Hai and Laura came to know how fierce a once in fifty year snowstorm actually was, for a straight 10 days, day and night it fiercely stormed. The Herculean Bulls had to send people out to clear the snow on top of the tents, they had to be tied by a rope while working because otherwise they’d be swept up by the fierce storm and die.

Laura looked at the busy beastmen and sighed, “In the face of such a storm, the power of men is truly very weak.”

Its true, in front of such a snowstorm, the power of men was really insignificant. Even  the well-known strength of the Herculean Bulls can only bow down to the power of nature, nature’s might is really great.

After ten days, the sky finally cleared and the sun finally came out. Although it was still very cold in the prairie, the fearful snowstorm had finally passed, the entire camp couldn’t help but cheer.

Laura also couldn’t help but cheer, this was a contest between man and nature, and fortunately, man had managed to win. But this also came with a price, seeing the final tally, there were 123 Herculean Bulls[1] who froze to death. Although the number was small compared to the full five hundred thousand population, it was still very sad.

Although the snowstorm had already passed, Wales couldn’t charge immediately because the area around the tents were filled with snow that was even higher than the tents. They first need to clear out the snow before they could move.

But despite this, the camp still exploded with enthusiasm and soon the snow had been cleared enough for them to pass through.

  1. When you can’t be arsed to think of a number XD


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