BTFTLIAW – Chapter 295

Chapter 295 – Revenge! Revenge!

When Wales heard the guard, he immediately stood up and rushed towards the guard named Bogut, “Are you sure?”

Bogut excitedly replied, “Yes, the caravan is not far away from here, come immediately.”

Wales laughed and turned to run outside the tent, Yale and Mendez also followed while Bogut also ran behind them. Inside the tent, only Kony was left, gazing at the empty area.

Kony saw Wales’ excited expression, he looked at the now empty tent then muttered, “Looking too excited, let’s go see what’s so remarkable about it.” He slowly stood up and headed outside the tent.

As he arrived outside, Wales had already ridden his mount and rushed towards the plains. The sound of hooves rumbling alerted the entire camp. The Herculean Bulls were horrified, they thought that the enemies had already come and attack them. Many people clutched their weapons and went with Wales.

Kony became shocked at the situation at the camp. Of course he knew why Wales immediately rushed out of the camp, but he didn’t imagine that the people’s response would be this intense. This time he grasped the clan’s current situation, he now knew that his perception of his clansmen was wrong.

Kony couldn’t help but be stunned, then he what Yale said. In the entire Herculean Bull camp, only Yale could move him, since Yale and himself were of the same generation and the two of them were friends. In addition, Yale had always been smart, so Kony would almost always listen to Yale, because of this, Kony wouldn’t object to Yale’s words.

And Kony wasn’t a completely coarse fellow, otherwise he wouldn’t attain his current position. Currently, he realized that the state of the clan is far from what it was before. The young clan members were as if rabbits that were being hunted, easily getting frightened by the sound of arrows, this made Kony angry.

In Kony’s mind, the Herculean Bulls shouldn’t be afraid of anyone, they should be the bravest warriors in the entire prairie. No matter what kind of enemy they face, they should be courageous enough to charge into battle. No matter how many times they were defeated, they should still charge head on at the next confrontation. Looking at it now, these young Herculean Bulls fell short of his requirements.

Wales did not have the means to change this right now, he had long been aware of this fact, but did not have any solutions. Currently he was leading Bogut and the others away from the camp. At this moment, he saw a beastman friendship flag from afar and below the flag was a carriage followed by a long caravan of carts.

Wales laughed and patted his mount, the mount moved faster and soon arrived next to Zhao Hai’s carriage. Zhao Hai was standing outside his carriage at this time, watching Wales approach.

Wales jumped down from his mount, he laughed, opened his arms and hugged Zhao Hai, “My goodness, you really made me wait.”

Zhao Hai also laughed and said, “You really cannot blame me, but brother, if you don’t let go now I’ll actually be killed by you.”

Wales laughed, then he put Zhao Hai down on the ground, he turned around and glanced at the grain carts behind him, he looked at Zhao Hai, “Why did you use carts to transport grain?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Don’t you think that this effect is better? Let your people see the grain, we have quite a few.”

Wales laughed and patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder forcefully. He knew that Zhao Hai did so to help his men recover their morale.

At this time, Mendez and Yale had also arrived, and they both walked towards Zhao Hai and laughed, leaving the people following them stunned, unable to understand what was happening.

Wales also noticed that behind Zhao Hai’s grain carts were about ten thousand argali, these argali were from Zhao Hai’s trades with West Wonder King. Zhao Hai knew that when regards to beastmen, if they did not have any argali, then it would be akin to a human having no land, it’ll make them restless. Therefore he took these argali out and planned to give them to Wales.

Wales didn’t need to say anything, he led Zhao Hai towards the camp. Although there were many argali in their camp, compared to the the tribe’s hundreds of thousands of people, their argali were still too few, this made the Herculean Bulls feel unease.

However, the grain that Zhao Hai brought this time would give relief to the Herculean Bulls. After arriving at the camp, the people of the Herculean Bull camp were very surprised as grain cart after grain cart were being unloaded until a pile of grain appeared in the camp. Looking at the huge pile of food, the people from the Herculean Bull camp became shocked silly, some even knelt down and started praying to the Beast God.

And standing at the side was Kony staring blankly at all of these, he now finally understood why Wales was filled with the thought of Zhao Hai arriving, it was because of this.

Konly looked at Zhao Hai, he really cannot see how this thin and small human could have such ability.

After unloading about 100 million jin of grain, Zhao Hai stopped. Wales patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and then jumped on top of the grain pile, he looked around his clansmen and spoke loudly, “My people, this year has been a disaster for our Herculean Bull tribe. Our late chieftain was killed. We were even driven out of our homes by the traitorous Fighting Bulls. Many people thought that our Herculean Bull tribe was finished, that we are already defeated, but I would not say that the Herculean Bulls are finished. We Herculean Bulls were just taking a nap, but a thief just stole our belongings. We the Herculean Bulls, with the help of a friend, shall reclaim all that belonged to us!”

The people below looked blankly at Wales, and then towards the piles of grain, their hearts lit up with fire. Just as what Wales had said, when they were defeated by the Fighting Bulls, they felt as though the sky had collapsed, they felt that the Herculean Bulls were finished. Overnight, they lost all their grain, and all their argali, they thought that they wouldn’t have hope, that their future was bleak, they all seemed to became nobodies.

Wales looked at this clansmen. He knew that his words had an effect, so he went on, “I want to tell everyone the good news that our Supreme elder didn’t just recover from his injuries, but he also achieved a breakthrough. And he’s going to teach those Fighting Bulls a lesson!”

The Herculean Bulls burst into cheers, if the grain stabilized their hearts, the fact about their Supreme elder gave their hearts a shock of revival. Their grey future seemed to light up with hope.

Wales waved his hand, the people began to calm down. Wales continued, “The shameless Fighting Bulls didn’t actually defeat us with their own hands, they cannot defeat us with their own strength so they asked humans for help. Moreover, they did not just invite an ordinary human expert, this human is actually from the Radiant Church. All of you know that this Radiant Church had always wanted to control and enslave all the beastmen in the prairie. For the Fighting Bulls to be working for them, this is a betrayal to all beastmen, absolutely unforgivable! But we will not ask others for help, this is our Herculean Bull tribe’s own matter, so we shall take revenge with our own hands! Revenge!”

All the Herculean Bulls were shouting, “Revenge! Revenge!”

Wales went on, “My clansmen, this human is Zhao Hai, my Beheading Blood Oath brother. He is a human merchant as well as a formidable mage. He has grain and is willing to support us in our path of vengeance. Some time ago, he gathered information for as at West Wonder King’s camp and now he has arrived here carrying an innumerable amount of grain. Now that we have food, we shall fill our stomachs, we shall eat till we are full so that we can have the strength to fight. I order, that starting today, all of you shall sharpen your axes, prepare to go back and fight for revenge and claim back our territory. Claim everything that belonged to us, Claim back our clansmen!”

More and more beastmen gathered and loudly shouted, “Claim back our camp! Claim back our camp!”

Wales loudly said, “My clansmen, go get some food, eat till you are full, we have a war to fight!” He waved his hand, the guards immediately distributed grain to their clansmen.

Currently there were 500 thousand clansmen in the Herculean Bull camp, but Zhao Hai brought more than 100 million jin of grain, this means that each clansman can get 200 jin each, but some of these beastmen have families to feed to they would be given a few hundred more jin. But to them, this quantity of grain is already a lot. Even before their plight, it would be impossible for a person to be allocated 200 jin during winter season.

While they were distributing the grain, Wales led Zhao Hai to his tent. After they entered the tent, Wales laughed, Mendez laughed, and a smile was plastered on Yale’s face. Zhao Hai became quite puzzled, he did not know why they were laughing.

At this time, Kony was looking and Zhao Hai and Laura’s group. He had not thought that they could bring so much food with them, looking onto Wales’ words, he now understood what Wales meant. He believed that the Herculean Bulls now had a good chance to restore their past glory, even if they were led to battle at this very moment, the people would certainly agree.

Morale is a thing that can’t be seen nor can it be touched, but this thing can actually decide the result of a war. If the army doesn’t have morale, even if they were trained well, it would be impossible for them do defeat a crowd of enraged peasants equipped with crude weapons, this is what morale can do.

Before, what the Herculean Bulls lack the most is morale, but now they have recovered it back. The current morale driven Herculean Bull army would even dare to charge a same number of Lion or Tiger race warriors, not to mention a small Fighting Bull tribe.

After some time, Wales stopped. He turned to Zhao Hai, he smiled widely and said, “Brother you came just in time, now we can plan for the counterattack immediately.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, “It’s not too late, Big Brother did you manage to find help? When do you plan to begin?”

Wales thought for a moment then replied, “We need to be quick now that morale is recovering. If the morale dissipates, then it would be too troublesome. I think we should contact the Mastiffs, immediately invite their experts to make sure they arrive fast.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I don’t have any problems on my side, leave your army’s food supply to me. Right, Big Brother, do you want to prepare some gifts for the Mastiffs this time? When I’m not here, I’m unable to prepare various things. Now that I came, you can tell me what you need, I’ll deliver them to you.”

Wales patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder, “Brother, because of the Mastiffs my clansmen had fortunately able to live. The gave us some grains and argali, otherwise would be unable to reunite with me, how would you consider this matter?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment then he said, “I have a lot of grain on hand, but if we were to give all of it to them, then your days will be bad. Brother, how about this, we’ll give them milk wine, vegetables, fruit oil in addition to some grain as a gift, what do you think?”

Wales stared blankly, the vegetables and fruit oil he understood, but milk wine is something that beastmen always produced, did Zhao Hai plan to give that as a gift?

Looking at Wales’ appearance, Zhao Hai understood what he was thinking, he smiled and handed over a pot of milk wine, “Brother Wales, taste it, this is your brother’s milk wine.”

Although shocked, Wales smiled and took the jug, “What’s the matter? Why did you start brewing milk? You want to be a beastman?” While talking, he poured some wine on a cup.

While the wine was being poured out of the jug, the people in the tent involuntarily sucked some air into their noses, it was because the smell of the wine was too fragrant, a brand new kind of smell.

Wales couldn’t control himself, he took the cup and drained it dry. But he didn’t think that this wine would be so strong, he choked and began to cough immediately. Zhao Hai was there smiling, Laura was at the side laughing, they already expected this kind of result.

After quite some time, Wales eventually stopped coughing. He gave a complicated look at the wine pot in his hand, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Little Hai, this is milk wine? Why doesn’t it have any color? And why is it so fragrant? How did you make it?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “This I cannot tell you brother, this wine is my lifeblood product. Brother, how was it? Is it qualified to be a gift?”

Wales actually shook his head and said, “Brother, do not gift this, instead why don’t you just give it to me? I cannot bear seeing other people take away this wine.”

Zhao Hai laughed loudly.


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