BTFTLIAW – Chapter 294

Chapter 294 – Leaving West Wonder King’s Camp

Seeing Bell leave, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, we can produce more than 1,000 jin of milk wine every month, why do we only sell 1,000 jin?”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, “Good things should be in low supply to be valuable, if we control the supply then it would never become cheap. Right now, our 1,000 jin is still a small number when being sold to something like the Iksa territory. But there is still an adjustment time for the people since we had just introduced the milk wine to the market, in the future when there would be more demand, we shall increase our supply then.”

Laura was also a merchant, so he understood what Zhao Hai is saying. She smiled and didn’t say anything else, then she immediately frowned, “Then how do we deal with supplying Bell? We have no transfer point in Iksa territory.”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “Even if we have a delivery point in the territory, it still couldn’t be used because the people on the continent would think we have some sort of special means to make milk wine. Our supply point for Bell should be in the prairie since nobody would find out due to milk wine being common here. They will only think that we bought it from the beastmen to resell.”

Laura understood, but she still couldn’t help but worry, “There is a great deal of risk having trade with the beastmen, especially in the prairie. But if we suddenly appear in this huge prairie, nobody would notice. Then there probably won’t be any more trouble.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he still said, “There’s no need to worry about this right now. We’ll go to the border where the Iksa territory and the Prairie meets, we’ll decide where to place our supply point then.”

Laura agreed, she had not been to the Iksa territory before and was not familiar with the situation there. However, another reason she agreed with Zhao Hai’s words was that if they want to sell milk wine, it would indeed be better to do so in the prairie so that no one would have any suspicions.

Although Bell told them that the Radiant Church had some influence in the prairie, the Radiant Church’s influence was too small to cover the entirety of it. Even the large warring beastmen races couldn’t possible monitor the entire place.

Today had been a peaceful day, in fact, it has been quite tranquil these past few days in West Wonder King’s camp. Even though they lost 5,000 clansmen, they couldn’t even find any traces of them so they eventually let the matter go.

The camp was very calm, after all, winter was approaching. People had many things to do in preparation. There was no time to be distracted. Zhao Hai had no more information to collect since he already got all he needed, so he had nothing to do but idle about in the past few days. Now he was only waiting for the last convoy to arrive before leaving the camp.

The next day, Bell left West Wonder King’s camp. As was said before, winter was already fast approaching and the winter in the prairie is very terrible. Not to mention the winds and blizzards, there would also be devil wolves wandering about.

The demon wolves can also be categorized as one of the disasters in the prairie. In the winter, because these magic beasts would find it hard to get food, many small magic wolf packs will join forces and attack beastmen tribes. Due to this, there were a lot of beastmen tribes who were eliminated in the winter.

It was precisely because of those that humans would return to their territory during the winter. When the spring of next year comes, there would be flocks of humans returning to the prairie, this process had become like a tidal movement every year.

In the following days, Zhao Hai’s life was very calm. From time to time, Beta would come find him sporting a reddened face, it seemed that he was drunk with wine. This made Zhao Hai a bit regretful, he did not think that because of his liquor, Beta would turninto a drunkard.

However, like the first time, Zhao Hai still gave some wine to Beta, after all, they were both friends. And even if Zhao Hai didn’t give any wine to him, Beta was already an alcoholic, sending or not sending wouldn’t make any difference.[1]

Soon, six days had passed and Zhao Hai’s convoy arrived at the camp for the last time. Before the convoy arrived, Zhao Hai already had all his things packed up. When the convoy came, Zhao Hai immediately said his farewells to Belluk and left the camp.

But before leaving, Zhao Hai gave Beta another 50 jins of milk wine. Beta was very happy, but this time he did not dare get so drunk. He decided to keep the wine and wouldn’t use them all up before Zhao Hai returns to the prairie. But what a pity, he would never imagine that the next time him and Zhao Hai would see each other, they would be enemies.

After Zhao Hai left West Wonder King’s camp, he followed his previous route and walked towards the Pig-headed race’s domain. Zhao Hai didn’t want to play any tricks inside the Cow-headed race’s territory because if he suddenly disappeared, people would find it odd.

Zhao Hai immediately sent Wales a letter after leaving the camp telling him that he was already out of West Wonder King’s camp and would soon come to find him.

Then they hurriedly headed to the Pig-headed race’s domain, but not too anxiously, they rushed but at a controllable rate to avoid suspicion. Five days after leaving West Wonder King’s camp, they managed to enter the Pig-headed race’s territory.

Upon arriving at the Pig-headed race’s domain, Zhao Hai walked a bit further before he was certain that he wasn’t followed by another person. Then he went into the space and gave the Ghost staff to a blood hawk to head towards the Mastiff clan.

Wales’ recent days had not been well, although there was the grain that Zhao Hai provided to get through difficult times, the grain was not sufficient enough. This gave the people in the tribe a pessimistic mood, everyone seemed to think that their situation wouldn’t turn for the better.

Although Wales was trying to find ways to change the situation, there hasn’t been a solution found. Even if he got grain everyday from Zhao Hai, the space bag had a limited size, there would be no way to send food at huge quantities for his people. Every time food was delivered to the camp, it’ll be devoured instantly, making people worry about their next meal which further adds to the pessimism.

Right now, Wales really wanted Zhao Hai to just appear in front of him. Although he already received a letter from Zhao Hai five days ago that he was coming, five days had already passed and Zhao Hai hadn’t arrived yet. Currently, Wales felt that every day seemed to be as long as a year.

He knew that the best time to counterattack would be right now. Because currently the Fighting Bulls are lacking in troops, their human helpers were away, and now he received information from Zhao Hai that the human helpers were from the Radiant Church, which was good news since he can use this information to get aid from other beastmen.

Although these facts made it clear that there was definite reason for success against the Fighting Bulls, if his men’s morale is not high, then all of these might as well be empty talk. After all, he may invite other race’s experts to deal with the Fighting Bulls but he could not invite other’s troops. Otherwise, they may face resistance when passing by other Cow-headed tribe’s area.

Having said that, Wales also had his own pride, he hopes that what the Herculean Bulls had lost, they themselves would be the ones to reclaim or otherwise the Herculean Bulls couldn’t hold the title of being the Royal Clan of the Cow-headed race.

Currently, Wales was sitting inside his tent, Yale and Mendez were sitting right next to him. There was also another man sitting inside the tent. The man looked old, his face wrinkled, but his body looked very strong, had eyes that showed wisdom, and an aura of a lord.

This person was a Herculean Bulls’ elder, Kony. He was a friend of Wales’ father, the two grew up together so they were as close as brothers. It could be said that Wales and his group grew up while looking up to him, he was also an 8th rank expert and is very loyal and devoted to Wales’ father. He was also one of the reasons why Gasol couldn’t snatch the seat of chieftain after having killed his father.

Moreover, this elder Kony is quite well-known in the tribe as a brave warrior, for the Herculean Bulls to have this much military prowess and fame, he contributed greatly through his achievements.

However, there was also a small issue regarding this man. Like Wales’ father, elder Kony never did have any trust towards humans, he did not make contact with humans, he did not cooperate with humans, more so wanting to ask for help from a human.

Wales suddenly said to Mendez, “Sixth Brother, didn’t Little Hai deliver his letter a few days ago? Why hasn’t he arrived yet?”

Mendez replied, “Five days, forget it, don’t worry, Little Hai will surely arrive.”

Kony knit his eyebrows and said, “Little Seven, why do you always mention that human, do we not have any other means? To me, since winter still isn’t in full bloom, why not go towards the Feline race’s territory and pillage some grains, not only would we have food, we can also develop a good relationship with the Mastiffs.”

Wales cannot bear with Kony’s suggestions. Although Kony was very powerful, he was a military man through and through, and this time he wants to go raid the Feline race. If the Herculean bulls were to cause trouble for the Felines, then the Felines may be pushed to ally with the Fighting Bulls, which would create more trouble.

If the Feline race were to side with the Fighting Bulls and suddenly attack them, they would be finished. Therefore, Wales had never thought of attacking the opposite party, he can only wait for Zhao Hai to arrive. As long as Zhao Hai comes and brought some grain, the morale of his troops would be stabilized, then they could prepare for the counterattack.

Yale sighed and said, “Kony, please talk less nonsense, if we go and attack the Felines, wouldn’t that create more trouble? Our main concern now is to stabilize the morale of our men, then counterattack now that the injuries of our Supreme elder has been cured. Moreover, the Mastiffs has agreed to help us, while the Fighting Bulls currently don’t have any helpers, now is the best time to counterattack, attacking the Feline race now would only worsen our position.”[2]

At this time, the sounds of running footsteps could be heard outside, then Wales’ guard entered with an excited face and said,” Chieftain, young master Zhao Hai has arrived.”

  1. O, rly?
  2. Yale was that prophet guy that was with Wales.



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