BTFTLIAW – Chapter 291

Chapter 291 – Inside Information

Bell looked at Zhao Hai, “Mister Zhao Hai, are you sure you aren’t joking? Are you really Wales’ Beheading Blood Oath brother?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Therefore I need to know information about the Fighting Bull chieftain, to make brother Wales’ counterattack against the Fighting Bull clan more successful.”

Bell stood up, and walked back and forth twice while muttering, “Good good, this is heaven’s will, this must be god’s will.”

Zhao Hai puzzlingly looked at the excited face of Bell, he didn’t know what elated Bell. It took a while before Bell managed to calm himself down. He turned towards Zhao Hai who still wore a puzzled expression, he couldn’t help but laugh then he said, “Mister Zhao Hao, you really are a lucky star, out League of Black Magician’s big lucky star.”

This made Zhao Hai even more puzzled, he looked at Bell, “What is going on Mister Bell? Do you care explain it to me?”

Bell looked at Zhao Hai’s face, he showed a faint smile and then sat down. Red drunk with wine, Bell let out a long breath and then said, “Mister Zhao Hai, because you just joined the League, there are a few things you know about what is going on in the inside. In fact, the Hercules Bull’s matter this time is in fact a contest between the League of Black Magicians and the Radiant Church, a contest on another level.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he looked at Bell and said, “What you mean is that the human expert who helped the Fighting Bulls was from the Radiant Church?”

Bell nodded, “Yes, that person was from the Radiant Church. In fact, the Radiant Church had long wanted to extend their claws towards the beastman prairie. They have tried controlling the tribes using business, but the beastmen have always believed in fellow beastmen, the Church didn’t succeed on several occasions.

After this matter was made known to our League of Black Magicians, we naturally needed to act on it. If we allowed the Church’s control to reach the beastmen, then our difficulties would increase in the future, so we kept an open eye on their actions with the beastmen. After learning that the Church wanted to cooperate with the Fighting Bulls,  we tried to destroy their plan several times but we haven’t succeeded. Finally, they managed to draw in the Fighting Bull chieftain to their side. The League wanted to ally with the Herculean Bulls, but their clan chieftain is a stickler for tradition, he didn’t want human help, thus we have not succeeded yet.”

Bell looked at Zhao Hai, “The next thing we know, they actually sent a 9th rank warrior to aid the Fighting Bulls, helping the Fighting Bulls to expel the Herculean bulls in one go, becoming the Cow-headed race’s royal clan. You can say that this was their first success in invading the prairie, moreover there was nothing we can do about it. Now that you became Wales’ beheading oath brother, you can help him openly, standing behind you will be the League of Black Magicians. Even if the Radiant Church were to send a 9th rank expert, you do not need to fear, the League will send a 9th rank expert to protect you.”

Zhao Hai stared blankly for a moment, he didn’t think that the fight between the Church and the League would reach to this point. But he still shook his head, “No, it would be best if the League refrain from participating. You already know that the beastmen have been rivals with the humans for many years, and they are not simpletons. The cow-headed race can only count as a medium rank race in the prairie, so those truly big warring races wouldn’t care about their conflict. But if those warring races were to know that humans have tried to control beastmen, then no matter which organization it is, they would suffer the wrath of the beastmen, and it may lead to a war. Being in the forefront of the war isn’t in our League’s best interest, moreover I am also preparing to use this information to take care of the Radiant Church personnel, therefore the League can opt not to participate.”

Bell was stunned, then he looked at Zhao Hai and nodded, “Good, let’s do it according to you advice, it seems the rumor that you have a grudge with the Radiant Church is real.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, then he waved his hand, an undead wearing a white magic robe appeared in front of him, he smiled towards Bell, “This is a Church’s White-Robed Bishop, he is now my servant.”. The Bishop was Lindsey Becker, this guy was infamous in the League of Black Magicians and his father was a red-robed Archbishop, Zhao Hai took him out to show Bell that he indeed has a hatred towards the Radiant Church.

Bells also knows Lindsey Becker, so when Zhao Hai introduced him, Bell was shocked. Disbelief was plastered on his face, “How did you do it? Didn’t they say that Light Magicians can’t be turned into Advanced Undead?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he waved and Becker disappeared, he replied, “My Magic Staff can do black magic variations, hehe.”

Bell did not comment any further, he knows that each Mage had their own secrets so he didn’t prod any further, he just nodded and said,”I didn’t expect you to be more ruthless than the average Black Mage, killing a white bishop immediately.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Not the same, at that time there were five others. Five Radiant Bishops attacked along with 18 Radiant Cavalry, but they were extinguished by me in the end. Mister Maru was also there. Right, let’s not talk about this anymore, tell me some information about the Fighting Bulls that you know of.”

Bell nodded, with a serious voice he replied, “The Fighting Bull clan has long been preparing for their confrontation with the Herculean Bulls, but with their attack against the Herculean Bulls, their losses were certainly not small. They originally had a total clan number of 800 thousand, with available military strength of 250 thousand, and if you include their slaves, their forces would reach about 400 thousand. The Hercules Bulls is a large tribe numbering about a million people, their available strength is 300 thousand and if we also include their slaves, it will reach at about 500 thousand. But the Herculean Bulls didn’t think that the Fighting Bulls will move on them, moreover on their 9th level expert. Their defeat had dampened their morale, adding on to Gasol’s effort to replace his father as chieftain by killing him, and also his plot of killing his brother, this made the wills of the Herculean Bulls unsteady. When the Fighting Bulls attacked, Gasol was absent, the Herculean Bulls didn’t have a complete line of command, therefore they were quickly routed, but they also made the Fighting Bulls lose about 50 thousand personnel. Now, the forces of the Fighting Bulls only amount to 200 thousand, adding the slave soldiers it would number to about 300 thousand but this time they didn’t have a human expert to help them anymore since they were being pursued by 9th rank Beastmen experts.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “So this means that the current Fighting Bull troops is only about 300 thousand, and 100 thousand of these are slave soldiers, this is good news.”

“When will Wales’ counterattack be ready?”, Bell asked Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai shook his head and replied, “It’s still not known, this time the Herculean Bulls have suffered a great loss, this winter will be very sad. I am only responsible for gathering information for Brother Wales, he also has his own worries. And Brother Wales is very similar to his father, a very traditional man, he still has reservations regarding asking humans for help.”

Bell did not doubt Zhao Hai’s words, he nodded “I also thought so, otherwise the old Herculean Bull patriarch won’t pass his seat to Wales, not even considering Gasol from the very beginning. Right, when will you return to human territory? Maybe we can cooperate at that time.”

Zhao Hai looked at Bell, he smiled bitterly and said, “Mister Bell are you serious? You must know my current situation with the Aksu Empire? It’s what everyone is shouting about these days, if those people were to know that you were cooperating with me, there will be no advantages for you. You’ll also become a target for the Radiant Church as well as Southern King if this information were to be known. I think that you being able to keep your current identity is much more advantageous for the League.

Bell nodded to what Zhao Hai said, “You’re right, but there are a lot of good things in your hand, if you gave it to me, I can make a lot of money with it.”

Zhao Hai stiffly smiled, “I also know that I hold a lot of good things, but because of these things, I was chased around in the Aksu Empire. You don’t want to be like me. Right, we can do another type of business, this business is absolutely good.”

Bell stared, he looked puzzled at Zhao Hai and asked, “What business?”

Zhao Hai smiled slightly, “Milk wine, do you want to sell milk wine to Humans? I know that milk wine couldn’t be preserved for a long time but my milk wine is different. My milk wine can be preserved for a long time and it wouldn’t affect its taste, I think there would be people willing to try it.”

Bell stared, to be honest, although he went to the prairie many times, he still was not used to the taste of milk wine because the absurd smell of mutton. And the flavor isn’t something that any ordinary human could bear. He did not understand why Zhao Hai spoke of his milk wine with an appearance of infatuation, was this person a beastman?

Zhao Hai looked at Bell’s appearance, he smiled faintly and said, “You need to taste my milk wine to understand. Right, should we not celebrate our meeting as fellow members of the league? Why don’t you go roast some argali? I’ll take care of the milk wine.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s appearance, Bell suddenly laughed. He felt Zhao Hai to be a very interesting person compared to the other members of the league. He immediately beckoned towards the servant by his side, “Cassie, go kill an argali to roast. Also, ask the captain to come, today we’ll be drinking nicely.”

Cassie complied, then he turned around to arrange the roast. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then I should go and prepare some vegetables and milk wine, we’ll see each other at the camp.” Bell nodded, then Zhao Hai led Laura and Meg as they returned to their tent.



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