BTFTLIAW – Chapter 290

Chapter 290 – One of Us

Bell appearing here was unexpected, Laura had cooperated with him before but not too deep, they didn’t get to see face to face, they only knew each other’s names.

The reason why Laura didn’t get too deep with their cooperation was because Bell didn’t hold a good reputation.

According to the rumors, Laura judged that Bell and Thompson were the same type person. They would resort to all means in order to achieve their goals, even though unethical. This mindset let Thompson transform the Markey family into a famous merchant family. Also, by using various means, Bell also made himself the largest grain and commodity trader in the Iksa Family territory.

Because of Bell’s style, Laura felt repulsed. Therefore there weren’t much cooperation between the two of them.

Zhao Hai was sitting in the tent while looking at the picture on the monitor. Currently the picture showed Bell’s image. Bell’s location isn’t far away from where Zhao Hai stayed, in a similar tent prepared by West Wonder King which were prepared for the use of human merchants.

After he heard about Bell’s character, Zhao Hai felt that this Bell was a formidable man, therefore he paid special attention to Bell.

He wanted to know the other people accompanying Bell, and there were a lot of them. Bell himself is mediocre, only a 6th rank warrior, but in his entourage he had two 8th rank warriors, a 7th rank black magician, five 5th rank warriors, twenty 6th rank warriors, and 500 fifth rank and below personnel.

Such group, their strength isn’t something to be looked down at. If they were to fight on the surface, then they would be a lot stronger than Zhao Hai.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t worry too much that Bell would find trouble with him because Bell wouldn’t dare do it. They were in the beastman prairie, they would have to obey beastmen rules, if they were to cause trouble, it would be equal to slapping the beastmen on the face, and they will not like it.

Zhao Hai knew that he is not in a low position in the hearts of these beastmen. He sold them grain at low prices. He also bought them items, and he didn’t charge too much. All these beastmen felt good about Zhao Hai, so if Bell dares to cause trouble with Zhao Hai, then it’d be the end for Bell.

However, since Bell still hadn’t done anything, Zhao Hai could only act amicably. But looking at Bell’s fat face, Zhao Hai felt uncomfortable, he had thought of an expression for a person with a kind face but a cruel heart, a smiling tiger. In Zhao Hai’s eyes, Bell was a smiling tiger.

Because of this, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to Bell as there doesn’t seem to be any movements from West Wonder King. Zhao Hai is spying at Bell, he wants to know what measures he could prepare to cope with this man.

With his fourth batch of grain arriving at the camp soon, Zhao Hai fears that Bell would make a move then.

On the monitor, Bell was sitting still inside his tent. In his hand is a cup of fruit wine, and in front of him unexpectedly were fruits. One must know that in the prairie, it is very difficult to acquire them. Zhao Hai looked at the fruits and noticed that they were frozen, it looked like Bell didn’t have any spatial equipment with him.

In front of Bell sat a person, Laura and Zhao Hai had not seen this person before. His appearance is that of a subordinate, he looked to be over 30 years old, but his face has the color of frost and wind, seemingly like a bachelor.

Zhao Hai turned his head towards Laura, “Laura, do you recognize this person?”

Laura shook her head and said, “I don’t, maybe its an undead that Bell raised.”

Then, they heard Bell speak, “How’s the probing?”

The man said to Bell, “It’s okay, there’s nothing odd with Zhao Hai and Laura. Their names don’t seem to be fake. The food they sold to the beastmen was haven rice, and they only sold it at half the normal price.”

Tasting the wine in his glass, Bell said, “A completely careless and wasteful use of nature’s gifts, if this haven rice were sold on the mainland, then they wouldn’t sell for cheap, what a pity. Radiant Church, those bastards and Southern King that buffoon, they deserve to fall off their horse and die.”

The man then followed, “Currently the Aksu Empire is still tracing the origin of Zhao Hai, but its a mess and they can’t figure anything out . But it is certain that Zhao Hai came from a large aristocratic family and in his hand were space equipments, and that he is also a very strong black magician, other than those there aren’t any leads.”[1]

Bell nodded, “This is normal, we can see from Zhao Hai’s actions that he does not want others to take notice of him. But sometimes he does things that can only make other people pay turn their heads to him. How do you say it, low-key but arrogant. To be honest, I’m very like this Zhao Hai. Unfortunately my reputation is not good, otherwise I might have accomplished more right now. Right, what message did the league want to transmit?”

The servant suddenly smiled, “The league only transmitted a few words, three words, ‘One of Us’.”

Bell became surprised for a moment then he laughed, “I knew those old fogies of the league won’t give up on Zhao Hai, one who is this powerful. In addition he is someone the Radiant Church wouldn’t certainly let off. We can certainly pull him closer to the alliance, good, ‘One of Us’, perhaps,  Haha, I must chat with him for cooperation.”

The servant looked at Bell and said, “Will he believe you?”

Bell showed a faint smile and said, “I have this.” He took out a small badge, it was a League of Black Mages’ identification medallion.

Zhao Hai and Laura who saw this were shocked. They had not thought that Bell, this successful merchant, was unexpectedly a member of the League of Black Mages, this fact surprised Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai turned his head towards Laura, then he showed a faint smile, “The league’s range of power really isn’t to be underestimated, for a successful merchant like Bell to be a member of the league, really surprising.”

Laura smiled, “Yes, what a coincidence, we should go see him, since he is in the league, let’s just ask him for news about the Fighting Bull clan.”

Zhao Hai smiled, then he stood up, “Come, let us go meet him.” He said as he walked out, Laura, Meg and Nier followed hastily.

Even in his dreams, Bell would not think that all of what he said would be heard by Zhao Hai. Before he made his move, Zhao Hai beat him to it.

While Bell was discussing with his subordinate about when to see Zhao Hai, suddenly a voice came from the entrance of his tent, “Master, Mister Zhao Hai along with Miss Laura, Miss Meg, and Miss Nier, have come to see you.”

Bell became surprised for a moment, he turned to his subordinate and asked, “They came first, what do you think?”

The man shook his head, “I’m unable to guess, even master wouldn’t know.” Bell nodded then he said, “Invite them in quickly.” The servant on the entrance complied then turned to invite the visitors in.

Bell stood up , ready to meet Zhao Hai. The tent’s entrance was opened, Zhao Hai and his group came in, Bell immediately smiled and greeted, “For Mister Zhao Hai to come suddenly, it really gave me a scare.”

Zhao Hai smiled as he replied, “May Mister excuse my disturbance of your rest,  I apologize.” He said as he gave Bell a simple salute.

Bell quickly responded, “Mister is too polite, I am very honored, Mister please sit down.” After Zhao Hai finished sitting down, a servant came and poured him a cup of wine, then they took out a bowl of fruit and place them on the table in front of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, he turned his head and looked at the two servants by the entrance, he then turned to Bell and said, “Mister Bell, I have somewhat of an important matter to discuss with you so can you please invite them to leave.” Zhao Hai gestured towards the two servants by the entrance.

Bell stared blankly as he looked at Zhao Hai, then he nodded, he signalled towards the two servants, the servants bowed then drew back.

Seeing that the servants were now away, Zhao Hai turned his head to Bell and said, “This time I came to find mister bell to inquire about something.” After he finished talking, a League of Black Mages’ medallion appeared on his hand.

Bell didn’t think that Zhao hai would show his badge to him, he stared for a moment then looked at Zhao Hai before he laughed, “Mister is really bad, you already knew about my identity.” He also took out his badge, the two people stared at each other and laughed.

Some time after the two persons have calmed down, Bell looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I really didn’t think that you could know of my identity so quickly, what do you want to know?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “I wanted to know for how long have you cooperated with West Wonder King? And if whether you have any other cooperation with others?”

Bell became surprised for a moment, he looked at Zhao Hai puzzled, “Why do you ask? Mister Zhao Hai, do you have matters to take care of?”

Zhao Hai nodded, and replied, “Mister Bell, I’ll be honest with you, presently I am in an alliance with the Herculean Bull’s chieftain, the tribe’s seventh prince Wales is my Beheading Oath Brother. The reason that I’m moving about in the prairie is to gather information for Brother Wales with regards to the Fighting Bull clan. But you also know that it’s my first time in the prairie, therefore I am lacking with regards to information here, thus I wanted to ask you for help this aspect.”

Bell looked at Zhao Hai, the information Zhao Hai told him really gave him a shock. He didn’t know of a beastman performing a Beheading Blood Oath with a human. But Zhao Hai has unexpectedly managed to do it in his first year in the prairie, this is too astonishing.

  1. Note here that our MC uses his name Zhao Hai for his dark magician persona. His name in this world is Adam Buda. This is the reason why people are having a hard time finding out about his background.


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    1. The church was attacking him at some point, I think they had Laura’s house surrounded, and a black magician showed up to warn him and invite him to the Black Magician Association. The church teamed up with the Southern King and they sent several hundred warriors and some deacons. One of them was like the son of a cardinal or something and had some sort of teleportation ring or something. After he turned them into undead that’s how he found out about the Southern King allying with the Church.

    2. The old classic: those that practice black magic are evil and must “purified”, the black magicians formed a league to counter the church, due to zao being a black magician plus zao apparently killed someone (don’t remember who) who was related to some high up from the church, the church send a small army to kill zao, zao killed them and the departed to the beastman country

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