BTFTLIAW – Chapter 287

Chapter 287 – Poison!

The sky slowly darkened, because of the preparations for winter, the whole camp had their dinner a bit later than before, sometimes at almost dark. The camp was filled with smokes rising from the tents.

Zhao Hai looked outside and sees beastmen beginning to cook, he could not help but smile, “Let’s get started”, he said. Laura nodded, as per usual, they prepared their dinner in their camp, nothing very out-of-place.

Zhao Hai didn’t come out, through the space’s monitor, he watched the Fighting Bull Cavalry in charge of the Herculean Bulls. The cavalry were currently cooking, one could see that the food was very good, a pot of boiled mutton. Some took out their pouches that were used to hold milk wine.

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile while seeing this scene, which was very suitable for him to use poison. Initially, Zhao Hai planned to have the hawks deliver the poison from the air but after thinking about it, it was very unrealistic. The blood hawks were not aircraft, and even aircraft cannot guarantee that the dropped bomb could hit 100% of the time, let alone the blood hawks by raining poison down.

Since there is no way to use poison with blood hawks, Zhao Hai thought of another ultimate weapon he had inside the space, the blood devouring mosquitoes.

Since the blood devouring mosquitoes have entered the space, Zhao Hai hadn’t used them. This time he had the opportunity to do so, but Zhao Hai didn’t make them bite, instead, he made them deliver poison.

The heads of these mosquitoes were not small, so one or two can secretly infiltrate a camp, and if too many were sent, they would be discovered, so Zhao Hai sent five blood devouring mosquitoes.

These blood devouring mosquitoes gained some improvements from the space so they were not afraid of the space’s poisons. Therefore, Zhao Hai got them to suck up some poison to their bodies, then they dived towards the Fighting Bulls and spat out some poison to the big pot of mutton.

Zhao Hai, after asking Zhao Wen, knew that the mosquitoes possess such an ability. But he didn’t expect that in addition to sucking liquids to their belly, they could also spit it out, they were too overpowered.

Initially, Zhao Hao planned to have them dive towards the pot in a suicidal attack. But it looks like there is no need for it now, the current setup is much better.

Zhao Hai only poisoned the Fighting Bulls that monitored the Herculean Bulls while excluding the Herculean Bulls. He feared that he may injure the 2nd and 3rd princesses, if that happens then he’d have no explanation to give Wales.

While the poison was doing its job, at this time Laura was preparing food outside. Today they also cooked delicious mutton. In the prairie, people didn’t eat mutton daily because they regard Argali as their most important property, so how could the possibly always eat mutton

For herders in the prairie, they would usually eat bamboo rice. Only in special occasions would they cook mutton. Laura also knows this so they usually eat bamboo rice and some pie, they wouldn’t eat mutton regularly.

However, today is a special day therefore Laura prepared mutton. Outside the camp stands a large pot, cooking inside the pot is the mutton, several people are laughing while preparing food.

Of the three, Meg was the one who coked the food. She used to assist Merine prepare food, therefore she’s a very good cook. Laura and Nier cannot cook food, since Laura was a genuine young lady, there would always be someone to prepare for her, and since Nier is always at Laura’s side she also cannot cook.[2]

However the two have not been idle, they followed by Meg’s side laughing and joking being more of a hindrance than help, sending Meg into a flurry.

Zhao Hai sat in the tent, he faintly smiled while looking at the scene of the three women. Zhao Hai felt that he was fortunate that they got along so peacefully, if his backyard were on fire, then it would be a big problem.[3]

Zhao Hai has also been paying attention to the condition of the several camps, seeing that the Fighting Bulls began to eat, Zhao Hai prepared to begin his plan. He selected a far away camp, with a wave of his hand he released some udnead Fighting Bull Cavalry and Jackal Cavalry and had them head towards the camp.

Zhao Hai had to admit that these Fighting Bulls have good physiques. Even after eating the poisoned mutton, they were not affected immediately and were still drinking milk wine. But at the moment, there were people currently charging at them so they immediately equipped their weapons and readied to fight.

However, Zhao Hai’s poison isn’t that easy to deal with. This concoction is made from mixing different kinds of poisons, thus making it very overbearing. At the beginning, the Fighting Bulls didn’t feel anything. Only when they rode their bulls to start fighting did problems arise.

As they readied to fight, naturally their blood flow would speed up thus increasing the rate of absorbing the poison and allowing the poison to reach the heart faster. So as these Fighting Bulls were charging, after a hundred meters, they suddenly felt their body turn weak and their arms numb, at present they can only become accessories stuck at the back of their bulls.

At this time, the Jackal cavalry came. When it comes to harvesting life they are very good. Zhao Hai also immediately stored the undead Fighting Bulls, because the Fighting Bulls would cause much noise when running and may alert the surrounding camps.

The remaining matters became simple, the Jackal Cavalry completely slaughtered all Fighting Bulls. Later, Zhao Hai turned all of them into undead. This camp had 1000 people therefore Zhao Hai gained 1000 troops, after which they headed toward the second camp.

In the first camp, because the Fighting Bulls had just consumed the meat, the poison had yet to affect them. But when Zhao Hai reached the second camp, all the Fighting Bulls there were already poisoned and fell to the ground waiting for the blade to slice them.

Five camps became useless after Zhao Hai dealt with them. After cleaning up the battlefield, Zhao Hai took out all of his fighting type undead. Presently he has six battalions of undead fighters, 5000 of which were West Wonder King’s subordinates.

Zhao Hai let 5000 men of West Wonder King take the lead, followed by 1500 cavalry behind, then they headed towards the place where the Herculean Bulls were located.

The Fighting Bulls that were with the Herculean Bulls were very anxious at first. But after seeing that they were encircled by their own people, they relaxed and even prepared to send greetings.

However, having suddenly appeared here, their clansmen immediately started to charge. And instead of responding to their calls, they were instead met with maces pounded on their heads.

6500 versus 300 who were totally unprepared, one doesn’t need to look to know what the result would be. So the men under West Wonder King that couldn’t react to what is going on immediately got slaughtered clean while the enslaved Herculean Bulls didn’t react. The only looked blankly at all that happened, they really couldn’t wrap their head around what is happening here.

But then suddenly they felt their head go dizzy, afterwards they lost their awareness. Before long, all of the Fighting Bulls vanished along with the Herculean Bulls. On the camp all commodities also vanished. The prairie became peaceful, it became extremely quiet, as if nothing happened.

But because they made a lot of noise while fighting, West Wonder King’s camp naturally heard the commotion since the place is not that far away. So West Wonder King’s camp immediately sent ten thousand cavalry towards where the Herculean Bulls were.

At this time, Zhao Hai seemed to be oblivious to all that was happening. He just ate mutton outside his tent. Midway through their dinner, Meg went out looking for beastmen to trade milk wine, with the reason that their supply of milk wine has run out.

It is normal for many beastmen to have dinner outside their tent, Zhao Hai’s group also had dinner outside several times, especially during the times they were still monitored. During that time, Zhao Hai didn’t return to Iron Mountain Fort nor to the space for dinner and always had their dinner outside so that the observers could always see them.

Later, after the people who monitored them were withdrawn, Zhao Hai still had his dinners outside. To the beastmen, this is nothing strange, everyone had no suspicions at all.

However, this night the camp was not peaceful. In the middle of the night, Zhao Heard a bugle ringing outside. They immediately ran outside the tent in a panicked manner. Currently, the entire camp was boiling with commotion. All Fighting Bull people went out their tents carrying their weapons.

Fortunately, these men didn’t enter Zhao Hai’s tent. But a few Fighting Bull cavalry were patrolling outside their camp, they didn’t know whether they were sent to protect Zhao Hai’s group or monitor them.

Zhao Hai pretended to restlessly walk back and forth in his camp while wearing a very worried face. At this time Beta came, Zhao Hai immediately saw him and moved forward to greet, with a panicked face he asked, “Brother Beta, what happened? Why did you suddenly mobilize troops?”

Beta looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Zhao, I’ll have to inconvenience you, do not leave your camp. Just now we had one team of cavalry suddenly disappear outside when they went to forage some grass. The prince is very angry, we are currently tracing them, do not go out of your camp. We have sent some men to protect you, you’ll be safe inside the camp.”

Zhao Hai pretended to be startled and said, “Good, I’ll definitely refrain from going out. Thank you, brother Beta.” He immediately turned back to his tent and looked at the monitor.

The monitor was guided by a blood hawk carrying the Ghost staff so that the situation around the camp can be seen. Teams of fully grown Fighting Bulls have equipped their weapons and rode their mount before heading out to the prairie, prepared for combat.

  1. Zhao Wen was the big mosquito Zhao Hai captured way back
  2. After all this time I thought Laura did all the cooking
  3. maybe a chinese idiom, so I just left it as is