BTFTLIAW – Chapter 284

Chapter 284 – Seeing West Wonder King

The next morning, Beta went to find Zhao Hai to tell him that everything is ready, ten fighting bulls, ten wild blood cows, 1000 argali, and 600 wool blankets. Beta told Zhao Hai that he can take them away any time.

Zhao Hai went with Beta outside, Beta already loaded the blankets to the carts. The argali, fighting bulls, and wild blood cows are outside the camp. Zhao Hai casually inspected the blankets, they were very good, one of the finest blankets he has ever seen. Just by seeing the blankets, one would see the amazing workmanship of the beastmen.

After Zhao Hai expressed his gratitude, then he made the convoy leave, he commanded the undead to herd the argali, fighting bulls and wild blood cows outside.

Just like before, Zhao Hai let them carry the Ghost Staff, otherwise they wouldn’t have any place to store the beasts.

After everything was done, Zhao Hai returned to his tent. He is still waiting for news as to whether he could meet West Wonder King today, he’s very curious regarding this West Wonder King.

After his convoy has left, the grain that Zhao Hai brought has officially changed ownership. The elder has traded him with products and beasts in exchange for the grain, naturally, the grains are no longer Zhao Hai’s.

Zhao Hai has also witnessed the ability of a big tribe to consume food. It still hasn’t been an hour before the convoy left but the 3 million jin of grain can no longer be seen, they completely vanished, Zhao Hai felt very stunned.

Zhao Hai returned to his tent, he couldn’t see Laura, but he knows that she went outside to trade with other beastmen. Even though Zhao Hai doesn’t have any more grain, he still has fruit wine in his possession. Even though this type of liquor is not very popular with beastmen because they liked milk wine, most beastmen still traded for fruit wine, to be used when entertaining guests.

Vanity is also present within Beastmen, so some live in fairly decent homes, thus they’ll also prepare some fancy wine when a special guest arrives.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about any of these, he’s not planning on leaving his tent today, he’ll stay here in order to await news from Beta. If West Wonder King wants to see him today, and he still needs to find Zhao Hai, it would be somewhat annoying.

Zhao Hai didn’t fear West Wonder King, but he needs to see West Wonder King. He needs to asses what kind of person West Wonder King is so that he could make appropriate plans.

He quietly watched the scenes on the monitor, the beastmen are still busy, the difference compared to a few days before is that there are no longer people observing them, not even one, this all began this morning. This allowed Zhao Hai to confirm his theory that the elder no longer suspects him of being a spy. And this result is what Zhao Hai wants the most.

Zhao Hai is quietly sitting in his tent, he also observed the undead convoy walk away. Because he fears that the convoy would get raided, he got Beta to stick West Wonder King’s flag on his convoy. He believes that in this area, there shouldn’t be anyone who won’t give West Wonder King face.

Beta didn’t say anything, he asked the elder, to which he agreed. After all, Zhao Hai is currently trading them grain at a very cheap price, and very good quality grain at that. If Zhao Hai isn’t eligible to carry West Wonder King’s flag, then all other merchants are even more so.

However, to be sure, Zhao Hai still placed the fighting bulls and wild blood cows inside the space, then he sent them towards the ranch. As the fighting bulls and wild blood cows entered the ranch, Zhao Hai heard an alert, “Bull Variant animal detected, Level 25, mentally unstable, irritable. Improving the animals’ weaknesses… Animal Maturing time, 20 hours, may produce offspring 6 times, produces six calves each time. Consumes three grass per hour. Converting animal to data… Can now be purchased in the shop.”

“Bull Variant animal detected, Level 25, special ability: resilient. Improving the animals capabilities… Animal Maturing time, 18 hours, may produce offspring 8 times, produces six calves each time. Consumes two grass per hour. Converting animal to data… Can now be purchased in the shop.”

“Space’s Pasture has met Level Up requirements, promoted to Level 7. Increased quantity of beasts that can be reared. Current number of beasts the space can breed: 1300. Hopes that host continues to put in more effort.”

Zhao Hai smiled. Good, finally time for a level up. He immediately took out 100 calves and placed them in the space. He turned to Mu’er and said, “Mu’er, I’ll hand this space’s ranch to you, make sure to maintain the number of argalis and bulls.” Mu’er complied with a sound, at this moment, Cai’er informed him that Beta was coming and is soon to arrive at his tent.

Zhao Hai commanded with his mind, he immediately reappeared inside the tent. He walked outside and at this time was seen by Beta who said, “Brother Zhao Hai, come see the elder with me quickly. The elder shall take you to see the prince.”

Zhao Hai nodded and walked with Beta. The West Wonder King’s title, he himself claimed it. But he didn’t dare call himself a royal, he could only claim to be a prince in private. But this prince likes to keep up appearances, like others calling him ‘Your Majesty Prince’. Zhao Hai noticed this point yesterday when he asked  the elder if he can meet with West Wonder King, and the elder himself called West Wonder King ‘prince’.

They quickly arrived outside the elder’s tent, Beta led Zhao Hai inside the tent immediately. The elder saw Zhao Hai and he immediately stood up and said, “Regarding mister’s request, the prince has agreed. Please follow me.”. After that, the elder led him outside.

Zhao Hai is appreciative of the neat way beastmen handles things. Zhao Hai followed the elder towards outside. He froze for a moment, because right outside the tent is a cart pulled by a bull. The cart is very big and also has a carriage on it, obviously meant for them to ride on.

Zhao Hai rarely sees beastmen riding carriages. They generally want to ride on top of their mounts, they think riding on top of a mount is more comfortable than inside a carriage. The elder seems to know what Zhao Hai is thinking, he said: “This elder is now quite old, it’s impossible to stay still at the back of a bull, I can only manage by riding a carriage. Mister please.” Zhao Hai returns the elder’s gesture, then he rode the ox carriage.

The ox carriage is very large, much larger than Laura’s cart, but the inside decorations are obviously inferior, it only has two simple seats on both sides of the carriage, and the above is covered in beast skins, a simple and crude set-up.

After Zhao Hai and the elder had sat down, the ox carriage began to move. When the elder got inside the carriage, he closed his eyes. It is obvious the he does not want to make conversation with Zhao Hai. Since there’s no other way about it, Zhao Hai had to sit quietly inside the carriage.

After about half an hour, the carriage stopped, Zhao Hai who has almost fallen asleep immediately woke up. He opened his eyes and saw a pair of smiling eyes. Zhao Hai cleared his mind, looked at the elder and embarrassingly said, “Hehe, sorry elder, I almost fell asleep.”

The elder didn’t mind it, he smiled and said, “It’s not a big deal, was the road too boring? Let’s continue on, we don’t want to make the prince wait.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and along with the elder, they got off from the carriage.

Zhao Hai went out and gawked, he thought that when they arrived they would be outside West Wonder King’s tent. But now, he was mistaken, after he got out, what he saw was that he was outside some wooden fences, and inside these fences should be West Wonder King’s tent.

This is the first time that Zhao Hai has encountered this situation. There are no fences nor railings outside the beastmen camps. There are no fences outside the camp but instead there are fences surrounding West Wonder King’s tent, it was as if he’s a captive himself.

Of course, West Wonder King doesn’t think that it is so, he just wanted to express that he and humans are different.  However, in Zhao Hai’s eyes, it is like a monkey that trapped himself in a cage, to express that he is different from humans is just ridiculous.

Standing at the front of the fence are two guards, once the guards saw the elder and Zhao Hao go off the carriage, they immediately gave a bow, the elder waved his arm and then led Zhao Hai inside,

While walking, Zhao Hai inspects West Wonder King’s tent. The tent gave Zhao Hai the feeling of magnificence. In the open area outside the tent, two teams of cavalry can be seen patrolling back and forth. The cavalry are wearing leather armor and is equipped with a mace on their hands. You could sense the murderous aura emanating from them, one could see that these men were elites.

West Wonder King’s tent is very white, it’s very clean as well. The roof is gold colored and inserted above it is West Wonder King’s war flag.

Zhao Hai understood that this is the camps’ central tent, very magnificent. While Zhao Hai was observing, the elder actually didn’t stop, he immediately led Zhao Hai towards the entrance.

From the outer gate to the tent entrance is about 100 meters, the two quickly arrived at the entrance where eight guards stood. The guards placed on both sides of the entrance of West Wonder King’s tent stared at Zhao Hai, sizing him up.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind it too much, he just wanted to follow the elder in entering the tent. The elder stopped right at the entrance and told the guard, “Foreign affairs elder Belluk brings the tribe’s human friend Zhao Hai to seek an audience with the prince.”

This is the first time that Zhao Hai has head of the elder’s name, but he felt uncomfortable. This isn’t because he was dissatisfied with Belluk, but instead he became dissatisfied with West Wonder King. West Wonder King’s faction on the cow-headed domain, is at most a medium tribe, which are innumerable inside the prairie. But this fellow not only dubbed himself as king, he also wants his subjects to address him as ‘prince’ or ‘his majesty’. The main point is, his ego is too big, he places himself too highly, completely unlike a beastman. He’s just like those Human nobles, wickedly arrogant.

Zhao Hai didn’t know, but in truth, West Wonder King did this arrangement on purpose. When he sees a human merchant for the first time, he would exhibit an imposing stature before the human gets to meet with him to make them cower.

However he did not think that what he is doing is just deepening Zhao Hai’s dislike for himself. Zhao Hai can even be sure that this West Wonder King isn’t a big deal. Even though his strength still hasn’t reach its max, he still acted as though he is someone grand. If such a person accomplishes something, the result wouldn’t be considered noteworthy, simply not enough. Zhao Hai now understood why the Herculean Bull clan chief decided to support this West Wonder King, it is because this West Wonder King doesn’t have the capability  to threaten the Herculean Bulls.