BTFTLIAW – Chapter 281

Chapter 281 – Finding Clues

The elder looked at Beta and said, “Beta, you should know about our present situation. Nowadays is a very tense period, and this human merchant appearing is very strange. They have just arrived, so they would obviously act normal, but a merchant not reaching out to others for a few days? Impossible, therefore in these couple of days them contacting other people is normal, but if they are still acting honestly in their tent, then there is definitely something fishy, we should stay alert, do as I say. In addition, do not put all our trade resources on them, do not break relations with other merchants, we don’t dislike too much grain.”

Understanding the meaning of the elder’s words, Beta nodded, “Yes elder, I will immediately go handle it.”  The elder nodded and turned around.

The elder looked at the waving curtain and murmured, “Prince, your choice in this matter is really wrong, do you really think that the Herculean Bull tribe would be defeated easily? And that the Fighting Bull tribe invited the Humans for help, oh!”

The tent immediately fell into silence as the elder’s mood became heavy. Recently due to the defeat of the Herculean Bull tribe, West Wonder King began to think of ways in order to please the Fighting Bull tribe. The first thing he did is rounding up their tribes’ two Herculean Bull princesses who he married and sent them out to be slaves so that they’d completely lose their dignity.

Regarding this practice of the West Wonder King, the elder is very much in disagreement, Herculean Bull tribe was a great help to the West Wonder King, without Herculean Bull tribe there would be no West Wonder King today, although the Herculean Bull tribe helped the West Wonder King so that they could keep the Fighting Bull tribe in check, in the end they still helped out West Wonder King. And the West Wonder King’s current practice isn’t something that a proper beastman would do, but would instead be like what some ungrateful humans would do, the kind of humans that are despicable.

In fact, many people in the tribe are in opposition with the West Wonder King regarding this, but in the eyes of West Wonder King, Herculean Bull tribe is done. Of their two supreme elders, one is dead while the other is heavily injured, what other hopes do they have? Additionally, they lost their territory as well as all their properties, at this point, they can only become a vassal tribe to the Mastiffs. Forget about getting vengeance, they couldn’t even return to the bull-headed tribe’s territory, so West Wonder King decisively demoted the two princesses to slaves.

Zhao Hai did not know about any of these, as he returned to the camp he immediately made the undead unload the grains from the carriage and had them drive the carriage away. Zhao Hai also had them carry the Ghost Staff.

After completing all of these, Zhao Hai returned to the tent, Laura followed Zhao Hai from the side. Inside the tent Laura immediately asks, “Elder Brother Hai, do you really want to sell the grain to West Wonder King?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, do not forget, currently we are merchants, we couldn’t afford to show any flaws, so why shouldn’t we sell? Right, starting from tomorrow do not stay inside the tent, go around the area and find if they have any special magic beasts, talk to them to see whether we could buy it.”

Laura nodded, then frowned and said, “Then should we not ask for news about the second and third princesses?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “We do not need to inquire about it right now, we are acting as merchants, we’re not supposed to care about these matters as long as there is profit to be had. For now, pay special attention to special plants and magic beasts, these are also integral to our trip.”

Laura smiled, “Don’t worry, but they are still monitoring us, is it appropriate for us to walk around?”

Zhao Hai faintly smiles, “Why would it be inappropriate? We are human merchants, don’t forget about that. And human merchants that are unwilling to make contact with beastmen? Now that is unusual.”

Laura also understood, so she did not say anything, she looked at outside the tent and quietly said, “I don’t know how the 2nd and the 3rd princesses are faring right now, their situation must not be good nowadays, I just hope that the West Wonder King is a grateful person, or else their days would be much harder.”

As it is getting late, Zhao Hai returned to his Space, he also needs to pay attention to the undead carrying the goods. As soon as the undead leave the Tauren tribe’s area, they are to be filled with food so that they could come back immediately. His caravan currently has 100 large carts each able to carry 5,000 jin of grain, these 100 carts can altogether transport about 500,000 jin. Additionally, Zhao Hai still has additional 1000 or more carts available that could transport 2,000 jin each which adds more than 2 million jin of grain to the total amount. In this case, their supply would be very close to 3 million jin, a number couldn’t be considered small.

But from West Wonder King’s camp, if you want to leave the Bull-headed beastmen’s area, the most direct way was to head towards the Iron Fort. If you head straight there it would take about six days before you can leave the Bull-headed beastmen’s domain. But Zhao Hai can reduce this travel time to three days, so it takes about six days to travel back and forth, and each trip can carry almost 3 million jin each time.

A trip of 3 million jin each, in one month they could transport 15 million jin, although not at the level of 30 million, for Zhao Hai this income is already a lot. Additionally, he does not really want 30 million jin of grain to be sold to West Wonder King, 15 million is good enough.

At night, Zhao Hai entered the space to rest, but after they entered the space, they didn’t immediately went to sleep, but instead they let Cai’er bring out the recordings acquired during the day.

The recorded events isn’t just around the tent they were living in, as Beta led Zhao Hai to the tent, the camera also followed and recorded everything 2 kilometers around.

For Zhao Hai this video function seems very normal, but for Laura they look really amazing. They saw everything Zhao Hai went through throughout the day, event though she knew that these were obviously things that happened during the day, she still felt very excited and tensed.

Looking at her appearance Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, he didn’t say anything. This made Zhao Hai remember the first time he watched television and also similar to when he first started playing with a computer.

Zhao Hai has been observing the expressions of all the people he passed by along his way. There is nothing special about this route. Afterall, he did not go far from the camp, he’s just in the immediate vicinity.

Zhao Hai listens to Beta calling out to the foreign affairs elder, the elder seems to be the elder who manages the external affairs in West Wonder King’s camp.

There is nothing strange about the elder setting up the visitor’s tent here. The outsiders who arrive to visit naturally won’t be immediately invited to the center of the camp. Just like Zhao Hai’s caravan, they would be place on the outskirts of the camp. So the elder also erected his tent at the periphery of the camp to easily facilitate contact with the visitors. Another reason is for possible scouts to have no chance of getting inside the camp.

Zhao Hai attentively observed the elder because he found that the elder is very uncommon, his beastman body seem to express wisdom, this feeling made Zhao Hai very vigilant.

Zhao Hai has been paying attention to the tent, right now, he and Beta just came out. At this time, the tent is still in the vicinity of the record range, Zhao hai immediately said to Cai’er, “Cai’er can you transfer the camera view to inside the tent?”

Cai’er nodded: “Yes”. As she said it, the video suddenly turned, Beta and the elder appeared on screen, the words exchanged between the two entered Zhao Hai’s ears.

Upon hearing the elder’s words, Zhao Hai’s face suddenly changed, he turned to Laura, “It seems that this West Wonder King is trying to throw their lot with the Fighting Bull tribe, Laura, in the next few days, you must pay more attention to any information regarding the 2nd and 3rd princess. If West Wonder King wants to rely on the Fighting Bull tribe, he would certainly won’t be polite towards the 2nd and 3rd princesses, remember, only listen do not directly inquire.”

Laura has now been accustomed to the magic of the monitor, when she heard Zhao Hai’s command she understood immediately, then she replied with a straight face, “I did not think that West Wonder King is unexpectedly that type of person.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said,”If he is not that kind of person, then he wouldn’t have betrayed the Fighting Bull tribe chieftain, this situation is normal, I have already thought about this scenario, but I did not think that he’ll really disregard his morals.”

Laura sighs, “As a result, Big Brother Wales has lost a lot of strength, this has become a great blow on his part.”

Zhao Hai replied with a cold expression, “We’ll have our revenge soon, for now we should collect more information about the Fighting Bull tribe’s situation, I think there are a lot of people in this battalion that will talk about the bull-headed race’s matters, we must pay attention and listen to the 2nd and 3rd princesses’ matters, we should see if they are still alive or dead. If they are living, look at their current situation, if they’re not treated well, we’ll find a way to rescue them and then find Brother Wales, we still have a month of time in any case.”

Laura nods, “This seems to be the only way, trying to count on West Wonder King isn’t possible in our situation anymore, let’s just leave it to Brother Wales to find another solution, right Hai-ge, do you want to tell Brother Wales about the current situation?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “We should tell him, otherwise Brother Wales would still be hoping there would be no trouble here, we should find a chance to inform Brother Wales one of these days whenever possible.”