BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2127


Chapter 2127 – Preparing For Travel

In Zhao Hai’s mind, a huge clan must have a very strict hierarchy. They wouldn’t just promote people just because of a gift, it was impossible.

But seeing how Shopkeeper Chen easily agreed, this matter might not be as big of a problem as Zhao Hai thought. Was a good gift really important for the clan head?

Shopkeeper Chen understood Zhao Hai’s look. He smiled bitterly and said, “Mister, you might be unaware of how the clan handles its matters. In the eyes of the clan, if someone doesn’t know how to prepare a good gift, then they also don’t know how to do business with others. Because of this, this gift was actually a means of looking into someone’s ability. This is the reason I treat it very highly.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t think the clan would have such strange views. But this also made Zhao Hai understand why the seal was so important to Shopkeeper Chen. If Shopkeeper Chen was able to present the seal and leave an impression, then his position would certainly skyrocket.

However, Zhao Hai suddenly thought of an issue. He looked at Shopkeeper Chen and said, “If you obtained the map from the clan, this means other people can also get their hands on it. With how important the seal is, other people should have looked for it. Has nobody found it yet?”

Shopkeeper Chen nodded, “It has yet to be found. If people found it, they would no doubt take it. The clan also sent plenty of people to look for it in the beginning, but they all returned empty-handed. Now, they still send people to search every year. It’s also because of this that the map was no longer a secret. Someone of my status can also get it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “In other words, finding the seal this time is only an alternative. You’re betting on your luck. You should have already prepared your gifts. Am I right?”

Shopkeeper Chen didn’t hide the truth from Zhao Hai. He nodded and said, “Correct. Actually, I already have a gift prepared. I’m only trying my luck in finding the seal. But if you succeed, my status will become completely different. I can do more than help the Blackwood Group. Although I have a few cultivators under me, I am not at ease with those people. Those guys are only following me for money. Who knows when they will sell me to my enemies. So, I need someone I can trust but hasn’t been noticed too often with me. You are the most suitable for this position.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “You can send the map to me later.”

But instead of giving the map later, Shopkeeper Chen decided to hand it over now. He reached into his pocket and took out a spatial bag. Then he took out a jade slip from the spatial bag and then handed it to Zhao Hai, “This is the map. Don’t worry about people finding out about it. You can depart at any time, but you have to come back within three months. If you don’t return in three months, even if you find the seal, it would be useless since the clan head’s birthday is in three months. I can only give gifts during the clan head’s birthday. And I’m not certain if I will have a chance next year.” 

Zhao Hai understood Shopkeeper Chen’s message. There are no impermeable walls in the world. If Zhao Hai can’t hand the seal to Shopkeeper Chen within three months, then Shopkeeper Chen can only keep the seal in his hands for a year. But if within this year, someone found out that Shopkeeper Chen had the seal, they would definitely steal it. With Shopkeeper Chen’s strength, he wouldn’t be able to keep the seal.

Zhao Hai received the jade slip and said, “You don’t have to worry when I’ll leave. If I don’t come back within three months, then there’s only one possibility, I died in the Mountain of Demon Beasts. If I return within three months, then there’s also only one possibility, I’m back with the seal.” After speaking, he cupped his fist towards the two and then left.

Shopkeeper Chen looked at Zhao Hai’s back as he was leaving, then he let out a long breath. He looked at Liu Wei and said, “Brother Liu, I feel that this fellow isn’t simple. Perhaps he might give me a pleasant surprise.”

Liu Wei smiled bitterly and said, “I also can’t see through him. But I want him to come back alive. To be honest, you shouldn’t look too much into his appearance. He acts very low-key. But I can be sure that nobody in the Blackwood Group is his opponent. Even if everyone in the Blackwood Group fought him, we can’t defeat him. He’s too strong.”

Shopkeeper Chen looked at Liu Wei and said, “Where did you find him? With his strength, why is he willing to stay in the Blackwood Group?”

Liu Wei forced a smile, “I didn’t look for him, he took initiative to come to our door. He should be from the Righteous Dao League, and he offended people there. I’m certain of this. He can’t be from the Demonic Dao Alliance or the Evil Dao Coalition.”

Shopkeeper Chen looked at Liu Wei in confusion and asked, “How can you be sure that this guy isn’t from the Demonic or the Evil Faction?”

Liu Wei smiled, his eyes full of recollection as he replied, “It’s simple. I have been to all three factions. Although I was born in the Demonic Dao Alliance, I have also visited the lands of the Righteous Dao League and the Evil Dao Coalition. To be honest, compared to the other two places, rogue cultivators have an easier life in the Demonic Faction. The rogue cultivators in the Righteous Faction earn very little while rogue cultivators in the Evil Faction disappear from time to time. They were likely caught by evil cultivators for experiments or something else.”

After saying this, Liu Wei sighed and said, “It’s precisely because I wandered to these places that I’m very clear about the style of the cultivators living in them. Rogue cultivators from the evil faction might have similar cultivation methods as us, but they always carry a cold aura in their bodies. Rogue cultivators from the demonic faction carry a hostile aura because of how competitive we are. Righteous faction rogue cultivators are always low-key and quiet. This is because of the righteous faction’s strict control over rogue cultivators. Zhao Ming’s low-key and quiet appearance tells me that he’s from the lands of the righteous faction.”

Shopkeeper Chen nodded, “If he’s from the righteous faction, then things will be easier to handle. By the way, what kind of person do you think he is after coming in contact with him for a few days?”

Liu Wei sighed and said, “He’s a good person.”

Shopkeeper Chen didn’t expect Liu Wei to give such a reply. But those words were enough. He nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll head back first. This meeting is made under the pretext of cooperation. If I stay any longer, others might get suspicious.”

Liu Wei nodded, “Just wait for the news. People like Zhao Ming wouldn’t accept anything without further thought. If he can do it, I really want you to help him join the clan. He has potential, unlike the rest of us. We’re basically just waiting and waiting to die.”

Shopkeeper Chen nodded and no longer said anything. He turned around and left the place with Liu Wei escorting him out. The two chatted as they walked out, no different from how they usually did.

Zhao Hai returned to his room and searched the jade slip with his spiritual force. After reading through the contents, he immediately contacted Laura and the others.

All this time, Laura and the others were in the Tyrant Blade Sect practicing earnestly. They were aware that Zhao Hai’s trial wouldn’t be short. However, they could still meet every night. Their peak now has an underground base where they could return after the day finishes and then enter the Space. Although they seem to be separated, they weren’t.

Hearing Zhao Hai call them, Laura and the others immediately went to the underground base. After securing the door, Cai’er immediately liked with Zhao Hai. It must be said that of all of Zhao Hai’s women, he was the closest with Cai’er. Cai’er and the Space have unified, and the Space was Zhao Hai’s ability. Because of this, no matter what Zhao Hai did with the Space, Cai’er would know. The first to know that Zhao Hai wanted to get in contact with the women was definitely Cai’er.

“Brother Hai, what’s the matter?” Cai’er also knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t contact them during daytime unless there was something important. Therefore, she immediately got to the point.

Zhao Hai immediately replied, “Go pass this map over to the Space to be analyzed. First take a look if the map is real. If it’s real, calculate the best route of travel. Second, go look into the matters of the Mountain of Demon Beasts. The more detailed information, the better.”

Cai’er immediately complied and then passed Zhao Hai’s words to Laura and the others. The women immediately analyzed the map that Zhao Hai provided. They even went to the Miscellaneous Hall to inquire about the Mountain of Demon Beasts.

The Righteous Faction didn’t have a lot of information regarding the Mountain of Demon Beasts. After all, the mountain wasn’t inside the faction’s territory. The faction wouldn’t be sending disciples to the mountain for trials. Because of this, information regarding the mountain was quite scarce in the Tyrant Blade Sect.

Cai’er and the others were also trying their best to analyze the authenticity of the map. This was actually an easy task. They only need to see through the details. The map that Zhao Hai got wasn’t just a simple geographical map. It also contained records such as dangerous places as well as the tracks of the clan’s young master. All of these were written in detail. It was because of this that Cai’er and the others judged that the map was real.

Now that the map was deemed authentic, the next step was to calculate the route. What Zhao Hai wanted to know wasn’t the best entrance to the Mountain of Demon Beasts, but instead the entrance that the young master used.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t know where the clan was, it could be seen from the map that there were quite a few entrances to the Mountain of Demon Beasts. All of them then concentrated in one direction, so Zhao Hai could ascertain the direction of the hidden clan. He could also use this information to calculate the movement of the young master. He would use that entrance to enter the mountain.

All of these were the preparations that Zhao Hai required. These preparations might be useless, after all, the other party has already died. Zhao Hai also wasn’t aware of the other party’s personality. The route that they plan might be wrong, but it would give Zhao Hai a starting point.

There were plenty of routes on the map. However, Zhao Hai was clear that those routes have already been searched countless times. The possibility of finding the seal on those places wasn’t very high. Zhao Hai could only follow his own plan.

In less than a day, Laura and the others collected all the information about the Mountain of Demon Beasts that could be found in the Tyrant Blade Sect. This time, they asked a lot of people in the Miscellaneous Hall for help. These disciples were also willing to give a hand. Everyone knew that Laura and the others were Zhao Hai’s wives. As long as Zhao Hai continues to get stronger, he would no doubt be one of the top experts of the sect. It was precisely because of this that nobody stopped Laura and the others from what they’re doing.

Laura immediately had Cai’er send the information to Zhao Hai. The moment he received the information, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel a headache. This Mountain of Demon Beasts wasn’t a good place.

The mountain was very big. It spanned a very large region. It was almost as big as half of China. And this only involved the area that the cultivators have explored. Nobody knows the full extent of the Mountain of Demon Beasts.

With how big the mountain was, it was certain that it contained powerful beasts. But one thing was very strange. The demon beasts of the mountain rarely left. It was as if they were unwilling to leave the mountain. 

The demon beasts of the mountain weren’t easy to deal with. Compared to demon beasts of the same level outside, the combat strength of the demon beasts in the mountain was at least three levels higher. If a cultivator was caught unprepared, they would definitely suffer a lot.

What’s most annoying about the demon beasts was that they weren’t afraid of death. And even if they run away, they would certainly bear a grudge. From then on, one would need to watch their backs at all times.

The Mountain of Demon Beasts don’t only contain demon beasts, it also housed multiple types of demon plants. In fact, these plants can also be categorized as demon beasts. Compared to demon beasts, these demon plants were more numerous. However, one shouldn’t underestimate these demon plants. They were stronger than most beasts. 

And now, Zhao Hai was about to go to such a place. He would face danger in all directions. He might not see ordinary grass. He might be stepping on demon grass if he wasn’t cautious.


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