BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2123


Chapter 2123 – Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain

“We’ll travel for five days. The caravan travels these roads often, so they’re familiar with it. Don’t worry, there won’t be any danger. At night, we mostly rest in villages or small towns. We only need to guard against small-time thieves. Large bandit groups are already familiar with us, they won’t cause any trouble.” Li Shan calmly replied,

Hearing Li Shan, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He suddenly felt that the Blackwood Group’s style was the same to bodyguard services back on earth. Bodyguards don’t rely on their superb martial arts to protect their clients. No matter how strong they were, other people would still have means to clean them up. Therefore, bodyguard services depend on their reputation. If other people gave you face, then they would give face as well. But if other people attack, they won’t show any mercy.

Because of this, whenever bodyguard services escort a shipment of goods, they would show their flags. This was to remind others who they are, and for the onlookers to give them face.

Blackwood Group’s conduct was similar. Bandits and robbers were already familiar with the Blackwood Group. Seeing that the caravan was being guarded by the gang, they wouldn’t make their move.

Seeing that Zhao Hai was shocked, Li Shan said, “There’s nothing strange about it. We actually know those bandits and thieves. In fact, the Gang Leader visited them one by one and promised them a cut of our payment. Naturally, these people wouldn’t harm our benefits.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “What about the others? What if we encounter the ones we don’t know?”

Li Shan replied, “Then we have no other choice but to fight. Generally, those types of thieves aren’t strong. We have enough strength to protect ourselves.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then Li Shan said, “Go eat something. We’ll hurry along in the afternoon. We’ll only rest when evening arrives.” Zhao Hai nodded and then got some dry rations to eat.

The caravan took a quick break at noon and then proceeded to travel in the afternoon. Although nothing happened, Zhao Hai noticed two groups of people spying on the caravan. But in the end, they didn’t make a move. It seems like what Li Shan said was the truth. The thieves were indeed familiar with the gang.

By evening, the group rested in a small town. Because the caravan was already familiar with the journey, they already have an inn for them to stay in. The night’s rest went smoothly.

The next morning, after eating their breakfast and preparing more dry rations, the caravan left the small town. They didn’t stop at noon and continued traveling. This allowed the caravan to reach a village when night came. Then after resting at the village for a night, they departed once more.

All in all, Zhao Hai found four or five more groups spying on them. Fortunately, none of them made any moves. It seems like this road was a familiar way for the Blackwood Group. The trip was bound to be without any troubles.

Just as Zhao Hai thought about this, the caravan suddenly stopped. Then there was a whistling sound coming from Li Shan’s carriage. As soon as he heard this, Zhao Hai’s expression changed. He knew that the whistle meant that there were enemies in front.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s carriage also stopped. Zhao Hai jumped down from his carriage and went straight towards the front. When he arrived, he found that there was a carriage on the road ahead with five people standing in a row. These five people were dressed in black and each of them were holding a ghost head knife in their hands. What’s surprising about this group wasn’t their weapons, but their appearance.

The five people looked exactly the same. They looked like terror clowns; uncombed hair, upturned nose, thick lipsticks. They looked more like ghosts than people.

Zhao Hai looked at these five people and couldn’t help but frown. He looked at Li Shan and said, “Brother Li, do you know these people?”

Li Shan shook his head and said, “I don’t know them, but I heard of them. The Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain. These guys have been active in Pale Mountain for many years. They’re ruthless characters and each one of them is strong. However, Pale Mountain is far away from us. They have never been seen in this region.”

Zhao Hai looked at the five people and saw that they weren’t very strong. They were just at the Soul Fusion Stage. Naturally, this evaluation was only limited to Zhao Hai. To other people, the five were strong, especially against the Blackwood Group.

Zhao Hai said, “I can deal with the five of them. I’m not afraid of their combination technique, my movement technique is very good. I just don’t know what kind of technique they use. They might use something that I can’t escape from.”

Li Shan smiled bitterly and said, “The Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain are famous for their Five Ghost Soulseeker Technique. It seems like we’re really in trouble this time. These people don’t choose their targets, they will attack anyone they encounter.”

Just as Li Shan finished speaking, they heard a laughter from the opposing side, “If you know who we are, then obediently hand over everything you have. Then this grandfather might spare your lives. If you don’t, then this grandfather is known as Five Kings of Pale Mountain. Hand over your goods, or else you will have an ugly death.”

Any cultivator would call these five people the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain. However, they call themselves the Five Kings of Pale Mountain.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Shan and said, “Leave those five to me.” After he said that, he didn’t wait for Li Shan to reply. Zhao Hai stepped towards the Five Ghosts and said, “Friends, this one is Blackwood Group’s Guest Elder Zhao Ming. Please give me face and allow us to pass. If you do, our Blackwood Group will send you a gift of appreciation.”

“Bah! Who cares about you, Blackwood Group? I haven’t heard of such a trash gang. You even dared to ask for face? Kid, know your limits and roll off! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai’s complexion sank, “So you’re not willing to step back? Since I already asked and you declined, then I can only offend.” After speaking, Zhao Hai took out two hammers.

Zhao Hai didn’t use his blade since he might expose his identity. Fortunately, he was proficient with the eighteen weapons. To Zhao Hai, any weapon was the same.

Seeing Zhao Hai revealing his weapon, the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain laughed, “Alright, good. It’s been some time since someone dared to face us. Now, all of you won’t be able to run. You’ll die!”

Zhao Hai sneered, “It’s not easy to kill us.” After he said that, Zhao Hai roared and used his double hammers and attacked the Five Ghosts.

Zhao Hai’s hammer swing seemed simple, but to the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain, it felt completely different. Zhao Hai’s hammers didn’t only sever all escape routes, it also exuded a terrifying force behind it.

The oldest of the five ghosts looked at the hammers and his expression couldn’t help but change, then he shouted, “Not good, set up the formation!” With his voice, the other four immediately moved and surrounded Zhao Hai in the middle. Then the five ghost head knives attacked Zhao Hai simultaneously.

When Zhao Hai moved, his two hammers looked the same as fists. Each blow blocked the attack of the Five Ghosts, he even managed to make one or two counter attacks. This caused the Five Ghosts to defend themselves.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s attack, the look on Li Shan’s face froze. He knows that Zhao Hai’s hammers were heavy weapons. To be able to use these weapons, one would need formidable strength. Moreover, heavy weapons consume a lot of spiritual qi, much bigger than conventional weapons. If he kept fighting like this, Zhao Hai might not be able to last long enough to deal with the Five Ghosts.

Sure enough, just like Li Shan thought, after Zhao Hai exchanged around 50 moves with the Five Ghosts, his face began to sweat, and his breathing became heavy. The Five Ghosts saw this and they began to attack more vigorously.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly shouted, “There!” With his words, the hammer in his hand flew and hit one of the Five Ghosts. The member of the Five Ghosts didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have this move and wasn’t able to prepare. The hammer went straight for the head and smashed it like a watermelon. Red and white flesh began flying all over the place.

This sudden change caused everyone to pause. However, this wasn’t the end, the other hammer in Zhao Hai’s hand was also thrown towards another member of the Five Ghosts.

The remaining Four Ghosts seemed to be brought to senses by Zhao Hai’s action. All of them cried, “Old Fourth!” Then they looked at Zhao Hai with red eyes and shouted, “Die!” Four knives attacked straight towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai blocked the attacks with all he had. After a while, he shouted once more, “Kill!” Everyone was startled, then they heard a shout. One of the Five Ghosts had a throwing knife stuck on his throat. Even a ghost wouldn’t be able to see the knife.

At this time, Zhao Hai shouted, “Brother Li, it’s time!” The dumbfounded Li Shan recovered when he heard Zhao Hai. Then his expression turned fierce as he shouted, “Kill!” He took a copper rod out and attacked the Five Ghosts. As for the others, they didn’t make a move. They still guarded the carriages.

With Li Shan joining, one of the Five Ghosts became preoccupied. Although there were still two people fighting against Zhao Hai, they were no longer a threat.


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