BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2122


Chapter 2122 – Taking Tasks

An ordinary gang like the Blackwood Group wouldn’t hold a welcoming ceremony for Zhao Hai. In fact, it simply couldn’t afford to hold a ceremony. Because of this, Zhao Hai joined the gang in silence.

After joining the Blackwood Group, Zhao Hai also understood the gang’s situation. To be honest, the Blackwood Group was truly struggling. Its monthly expenses just equaled the earnings of the members. The gang itself has no savings. Even if they had some extra money, they would use it to help the people in Blackwood Alley.

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately take money out to help the gang. This won’t solve the problem in the long term. The money might even cause a disaster to the gang.

If a small gang like the Blackwood Group suddenly obtained a large amount of money, its strength won’t be enough to protect it. Having such abundance wouldn’t be good.

The Blackwood Group belonged to the lowest gangs in Raging Flames City. Moreover, it has no background. In this case, if they suddenly had money, it would be strange if others didn’t come to take it by force or by deceit.

After staying in the Blackwood Group for two days, Zhao Hai obtained an understanding of the Demonic Dao Alliance. The demon cultivators believed in the law of the jungle. Nobody held power in the city other than the gangs. But outside the city, the situation was different. In the demonic faction, banditry was rampant. There’s a large number of rogue cultivators who became bandits. In their eyes, robbing people was better than taking missions.

It was because of this that merchants would spend money to hire escorts. In turn, it allowed the gangs to thrive.

Taking tasks was an important source of income for many cultivators. It can be said that bandits and gang cultivators were in an opposing relationship. One would feed the other, and vice versa. Any change in this balance would increase the burden on ordinary people.

However, these things were out of Zhao Hai’s control. Now that he had stayed in the Blackwood Group for two days, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned. He couldn’t help but think about taking on a task immediately. This was because the Blackwood Group was very poor. If they didn’t take on a task right now, they won’t have anything to eat.

A gang being dirt poor was a strange thing. But later on, Zhao Hai found out that most of the gang’s resources weren’t given to the gang leader, nor to the guest elder. Instead, it was given to the youngsters who were cultivating.

Seeing this Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be affected. He didn’t expect a gang like this would exist in the demonic faction. Even members of the righteous faction couldn’t achieve this.

Because he saw this situation, Zhao Hai could no longer sit still. He needed to go to the mission hall and accept a task. Only then could the gang have money to nurture the young.

On the third day after Zhao Hai joined the Blackwood Group, a group from the gang managed to accept a task. The task was taken two days ago. It needed ten people to complete, and it had a rich reward. Liu Wei and the others already discussed and had Li Shan complete the task along with nine other members.

Originally, this task didn’t have anything to do with Zhao Hai. But upon seeing the gang’s situation, Zhao Hai took the initiative to participate. Liu Wei didn’t decline. Zhao Hai was now a member of the Blackwood Group. Sooner or later, he would take on tasks. It’s better for him if he gets acquainted soon.

With Liu Wei’s consent, Zhao Hai would follow the group with Li Shan leading. Li Shan was experienced, naturally he would lead.

In the morning, Zhao Hai got up and had a simple breakfast. Then Li Shan led the members of the group to the city’s business street.

Roaring Flame City’s business street was a land of prosperity. There were shops on both sides with cultivators and ordinary people constantly leaving and entering. 

Zhao Hai and the others stopped in a shop named Full Moon Pavilion. Li Shen turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Elder Zhao, come with me.” Zhao Hai followed Li Shan inside.

Upon entering the Full Moon Pavilion, Zhao Hai saw that the shop’s selection was quite broad. The shop sold items used by both cultivators and mortals. There were pills, weapons, beast skin, and herbs. There were also farming tools sold. Zhao Hai hasn’t seen such a comprehensive shop before.

Back in the Righteous Dao League, shops for mortals and cultivators were separated. Besides inns and restaurants, shops were almost always separated. Shops selling mortal goods wouldn’t sell cultivator goods. And shops selling cultivator goods wouldn’t sell mortal goods. This has become an unwritten rule.

Li Shan looked very familiar with the Full Moon Pavilion. As soon as he entered the shop, he immediately went towards the shopkeeper. Upon seeing Li Shan, the shopkeeper immediately said, “Gang Master LI, you’re here. Quick, have your brothers go to the back. The goods are ready to transport. We’ll leave immediately.”

Li Shan nodded, then he said, “Shopkeeper Chen, this is the Blackwood Group’s new Guest Elder Zhao Ming. Elder, this is a long-time collaborator of our Blackwood Group, Full Moon Pavilion’s Shopkeeper Chen.”

Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Ming has seen Storekeeper Chen.”

Hearing what Zhao Hai said, Shopkeeper Chen couldn’t help but stare. He was familiar with the Blackwood Group. He hasn’t heard of the gang having a guest elder. But since he was a businessman, he also cupped his fist and said, “Chen Feng has seen Elder Zhao.”

At this time, Li Shan looked at Shopkeeper Chen and said, “Shopkeeper Chen, I’ll bring everyone to the back to check the goods.” After that, Li Shan walked outside the shop and whistled to the rest of the Blackwood Group members. Everyone quickly went around the back of the shop using a side path.

Li Shan and Zhao Hai followed Shopkeeper Chen to the back. Before long, the three arrived at a courtyard. Inside was a caravan that was preparing to depart. The caravan was composed of ten horse carriages. Each carriage had plenty of cargo.

The goods were all packed in either boxes or bags. All in all, the ten carriages would transport quite a lot of goods. The carriage in front had a very wide space for the carriage driver. There was also enough space for Zhao Hai and the other guards.

Shopkeeper Chen looked at Zhao Hai and then turned his head to Li Shan, “Gang Master Li, please come with me. I have some matters to discuss with you.”

Li Shan nodded. Shopkeeper Chen cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai and then led Li Shan back to the store. Zhao Hai also nodded towards Shopkeeper Chen before looking back at the convoy. Zhao Hai understood what Shopkeeper Chen was going to say to Li Shan. This wasn’t the first time that Shopkeeper Chen worked with the Blackwood Group. Zhao Hai’s sudden appearance would naturally cause Shopkeeper Chen to be vigilant. He was probably asking Li Shan for Zhao Hai’s details.

Zhao Hai wasn’t offended. This was very normal. After all, Shopkeeper Chen was a businessman. He would naturally ask about a previously unknown person that would escort his precious goods.

Looking at the Full Moon Pavilion’s scale, Zhao Hai suspected that it also has a background. Otherwise, its business wouldn’t be as big.

Before long, Shopkeeper Chen walked out with Li Shan. There were no changes to Li Shan’s expression, but there was a smile on Shopkeeper Chen’s face. At the same time, Zhao Hai noticed that Shopkeeper Chen also had a hint of surprise on his face.

At this time, the caravan was fully prepared to depart. Shopkeeper Chen cupped his fist to Li Shan and Zhao Hai and said, “I’ll be leaving the caravan to you two.”

Li Shan nodded and said, “Shopkeeper Chen can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai also cupped his fist towards Shopkeeper Chen, “Shopkeeper Chen is too polite. We’ll protect the caravan with all our strength.”

Li Shan glanced at the convoy and said, “Elder Zhao, please guard the back. I’ll lead the caravan.” Zhao Hai nodded. Li Shan went to the first carriage while Zhao Hai went to the last carriage. The other also found carriages to ride. Before long, the caravan left the courtyard.

Naturally, Raging Flames City had routes for caravans to leave the city. The caravan proceeded with no problems until it reached the east gate. There were other people who left with Zhao Hai and the others. Some of these people were carrying goods on their backs. These people didn’t dare get too close to the caravan, but they also didn’t dare go too far away.

Looking at these people, Zhao Hai knew that they were prepared to travel with the caravan. They were taking advantage of the caravan’s guards to ensure their security. Moreover, it was clear that this wasn’t the first time they had done this.

Since the carriages had a lot of goods inside, the speed of the caravan wasn’t fast. However, because the carriage drivers were familiar with the road, the speed increased by noon. Then the caravan stopped on a post house below a mountain. After everyone got out of the carriages, they looked for a place to eat. The carriage drivers also took out some grain to feed the horses.

Zhao Hai also got down from the carriage and found Li Shan. When he arrived beside Li Shan, he pointed not too far away from the caravan and said, “Brother Li, those people, are we alright with them following?”

Li Shan looked at the people following the caravan, then he shook his head and said, “It’s fine. They’re too poor to hire guards, so they follow caravans.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked around and said, “How many days is the trip going to take? The drivers seem to be familiar with the road.”


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