BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2111


Chapter 2111 – Kidnapped Wives

The Yin Yang Elders weren’t alarmists. Although Maze Town wasn’t big, its location wasn’t very far from the headquarters of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Also, the labyrinth located underneath it was very large. Up until now, nobody knows how large the labyrinth really is. If the Ghost Cultivators establish a base there, the impact on the Tyrant Blade Sect would be very large. Most importantly, with how large the labyrinth was, it might become impossible for the Tyrant Blade Sect to find the ghost cultivator base.

If the base of the ghost cultivators wasn’t found, the ghost cultivators would slowly invade the entirety of the underground labyrinth. This would become a ticking bomb to the Tyrant Blade Sect. This was a dangerous situation.

The moment they thought about these things, the Yin Elder immediately said, “Alright, I’ll report this matter to the sect immediately. Reach your destination as soon as possible to see if you can find clues about the ghost cultivators.”

Zhao Hai complied. The Yin Elder turned off the communicator. Then the two elders immediately went to see the Sect Master. The Sect Master knew that if there’s nothing wrong, the two elders wouldn’t come to him. So he immediately invited the two into the Heaven Slashing Palace.

When the Yin Yang Elders entered the Heaven Slashing Palace, the sect mater was currently looking into a jade slip with delight. His mouth couldn’t stop from commenting, “So it’s like this. Really exquisite. I didn’t expect the butterfly blade to have so many intricacies. Extraordinary.”

After saying this, the Sect Master put the jade slip down and then looked up at the Yin Yang Elders before saying, “You’re here? I’m enjoying the jade slips that Little Hai handed over. I must say, Little Hai is a true genius. The jade slip that he wrote….”

All of a sudden, the Yin Elder waved his hand to interrupt the Sect Master, “Senior Brother, we’re not here to listen to you praising Little Hai. Actually, Little Hai just sent over some heavy news. We have to take action as soon as possible.”

When the Sect Master heard what the Yin Elder said, his face couldn’t help but turn serious. He knew clearly that Zhao Hai was currently looking for clues regarding ghost cultivators. Hearing that the news was from Zhao Hai, it would certainly be related to ghost cultivators. And everything involving rogue cultivators wasn’t a small matter.

The Sect Master replied, “Is it related to ghost cultivators?”

The Yin Elder nodded, “It’s related to ghost cultivators. But the location isn’t the abandoned town, but instead Maze Town.”

The Sect Master couldn’t help but ask, “Maze Town? Did Little Hai go to Maze Town? It is in a completely different direction to the abandoned town. How did he find out about Maze Town’s matters?”

The Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “During his Clone Stage trial, Little Hai went to Maze Town’s underground labyrinth. He got to know a rogue cultivator who helped him. So when he left, he gave that rogue cultivator a communication token.”

“A couple of days ago, that rogue cultivator asked Little Hai for help. As it turns out, a group called the Ghost Shadow Gang appeared in the underground labyrinth. After Little Hai did some investigation, he found that behind the gang were the ghost cultivators. He says that the ghost cultivators are planning to build a base in the labyrinth.”

The Sect Master wasn’t a fool. As soon as he heard the Yin Elder, he immediately understood the implications of this matter. If they allowed the ghost cultivators to build their base in the underground labyrinth, the Tyrant Blade Sect would be threatened directly.

The Sect Master stood up and said, “Sound the Elite Gathering Bell. The entire sect will be in a state of combat readiness. Order the Maze Town Branch to lock the entrance to the labyrinth. Also, recruit all the rogue cultivators who are familiar with the underground labyrinth.”

The Sect Master’s aides immediately complied and began issuing orders. The Sect Master turned his head to the Yin Yang Elders and said, “How about Little Hai? Will he come back?”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “I asked Little Hai to proceed to the abandoned town. In any case, the information has already been delivered to us. It wouldn’t matter if he came back or not.”

The Sect Master nodded and said, “Alright. You get ready as well. This matter will be headed by a Supreme Elder.”

The Yin Yang Elder nodded. They also attached great importance to this matter. If they allowed the ghost cultivators to create their base, the Tyrant Blade Sect’s troubles would increase. Therefore, the Tyrant Blade Sect needs to clean up the underground labyrinth.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know how the sect reacted to his report. After he sent the word to the Yin Yang Elders, he walked out of the carriage. Laura and the others weren’t in the courtyard, they should be out exploring the place. After walking around the courtyard, Zhao Hai returned to the carriage and thought about the situation in the underground labyrinth.

Thinking about the labyrinth, Zhao Hai’s thoughts couldn’t help but wander to the little mouse that he accepted. The mouse was a treasure hunting mouse. But after Zhao Hai returned, he immediately went into seclusion. This caused the little mouse to be inside the Space all this time. The little mouse eventually became the king of mice in the Space.

Zhao Hai’s thoughts moved and took the little mouse out. When the little mouse saw Zhao Hai, it couldn’t help but chirp happily. Seeing the little mouse, Zhao Hai smiled and petted its head. Then he took out a few strips of dried meat and fed it to the mouse.

The little mouse stood on Zhao Hai’s shoulder as it ate the dried meat. Compared to before, the mouse was fatter. But this made it even more cute.

While the mouse was happily munching, Zhao Hai suddenly heard a voice from outside, “Zhao Hai, your wives are in my hands. If you want to see them again, come to Whitehead Mountain outside the town. I’ll wait for you there.” Then the voice faded away until it disappeared.

Zhao Hai recognized the voice, he fought against its owner. This person made Zhao Hai a famous person all throughout the realm. It was Lu Sheng.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he waved his hand and released a demon horse. Before long, he was away from the courtyard and heading out of town.

It didn’t take a long time before Zhao Hai saw Whitehead Mountain. He quickly ordered his demon horse to gallop towards the mountain. He could feel a formidable aura waiting for him in Whitehead Mountain. Moreover, the aura was familiar.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop and went directly towards the mountain. Whitehead Mountain wasn’t famous. It was neither a tall mountain nor was it short. With the demon horse’s ability, traversing the mountain wasn’t a problem.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the peak of Whitehead Mountain, he saw Lu Sheng along with Laura and the others in the distance. Laura and the others were also looking at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai saw that Laura and the others were alright, then he turned his head to Lu Sheng. Lu Sheng’s face was full of hatred. He looked at Zhao Hai and sneered, “Zhao Hai, I never expected you to be such a passionate individual. Hahaha. Now that I caught your wives, your ran immediately. Now let’s see how you’ll escape this time.”

Zhao Hai jumped down from his demon horse. He looked at Lu Sheng with contempt as he said, “Do I need to run in order to deal with a bastard like you? Last I remember, I wasn’t the one who ran away.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Lu Sheng’s hatred became thicker. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You will die today. Then I’ll kill the people you care about one by one. I want you to feel the pain that I felt.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Really? You’ll kill them? See if you can kill me first.”

Lu Sheng heard this and stared. Then his complexion couldn’t help but change. This was because he could no longer sense Laura and the others. Lu Sheng turned his head to see that Laura and the others vanished from sight.

Actually, Zhao Hai noticed that Cai’er wasn’t with Laura and the others. This means that Cai’er was inside the Space. He immediately spoke to Lu Sheng to distract him. While this was happening, Cai’er pulled Laura and the others into the Space. So by the time Lu Sheng noticed, Laura and the others were already gone.

Lu Sheng’s complexion sank. Then he turned his head back to Zhao Hai and snapped, “Alright, I underestimated you. But it doesn’t matter. Now that you’ve come, don’t think about leaving. Now die!” After speaking, Lu Sheng pulled his sword out and slashed at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted. His hand moved and a blade appeared in his hand. He looked at Lu Sheng and said, “Everyone who dared touch my women have died. You’re no different.” Then he raised his blade and met the attack.

Boom! A loud sound was heard as Zhao Hai clashed with Lu Sheng’s sword. The clash caused Lu Sheng’s complexion to change. Zhao Hai’s spiritual qi wasn’t any worse than his. They were evenly matched!

Lu Sheng flew back. With an expression of shock, he said, “How is this possible? You’re only a Soul Fusion cultivator. Why is your spiritual qi so strong?”

Zhao Hai sneered at Lu Sheng, “I have long said that you were only fortunate to cultivate a few years earlier than me. If we practiced at the same time, killing you would be easy. Last time, you missed the opportunity to kill me. Now you don’t have a chance. In the future, I’ll be the one killing you.” After saying that, Zhao Hai’s blade technique blossomed, enclosing Lu Sheng in a blade light.

It didn’t take long for Lu Sheng to discover his mistake. He shouldn’t have fought with Zhao Hai on the ground. Fighting against Zhao Hai in close combat was a problem. Zhao Hai had the advantage in physique. If Lu Sheng flew instead, he could use long-range attacks to get an advantage. His sword technique has advanced rapidly. Most importantly, Lu Sheng was a Teleportation Stage cultivator. He can conduct short-range teleportations. This was an advantage that only Teleportation Experts have.


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