BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2110


Chapter 2110 – Moving

Upon hearing the exchange between the two ghost cultivators, Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave. He suspected that the changes to the underground labyrinth were caused by the ghost cultivators. Evil and Demonic Cultivators would still care about the Tyrant Blade Sect’s reaction. They weren’t so careless to go to the underground labyrinth and establish a group like the Ghost Shadow Gang.

Zhao Hai’s suspicion began when he heard about the changes to the rogue cultivators. Those who joined the Ghost Shadow Gang had their strength improved by some method. And from the faces of those who attacked Wang Hu and the others, this method shouldn’t be safe. If the gang wasn’t supported by a large force, they wouldn’t have the ability to pull in so many rogue cultivators as well as coerce other people into joining.

Demonic and Evil Cultivators weren’t brave enough to offend the Tyrant Blade Sect. The only group left who would run to the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect and made such a gang of rogue cultivators were the Ghost Cultivators.

Hearing the two ghost cultivators, Zhao Hai was able to confirm his thoughts. He now knew that the ghost cultivators were planning to turn the underground labyrinth into a base. Since he already received his information, Zhao Hai quickly left. He would send his report and leave the underground labyrinth for the sect to deal with.

But just as Zhao Hai was about to leave, a ghostly voice was suddenly heard, “You want to leave? How about staying for a while?” Along with this voice, a jet black sword qi flew towards Zhao Hai’s location.

As soon as he heard the voice, Zhao Hai knew that the situation was going well. He quickly moved to the side. What Zhao Hai didn’t expect was that the moment the sword qi hit the ground, it immediately spread into a cloud of black qi and exploded.

Zhao Hai grunted secretly. He didn’t expect the enemy’s sword qi to be so strong. Zhao Hai quickly came out of the ground and rolled over before standing up.

At this time, a floating person came over. He looked coldly at Zhao Hai. Seeing this scene, Zhao Hai was shaken. This person looked scary. He was essentially a skeleton with a thin layer of skin, looking gloomy and grim.

The emaciated man wore a red robe, making him look more strange. The man gave Zhao Hai the feeling of looking at the Undead in the Space.

The red-robed man didn’t have a single hair on his head. At the same time, his age couldn’t be seen. Because of how thin he was, his eyes bulged a lot. His eyes also carried a ghost-like green glow.

At the same time, black-robed individuals surrounded Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked around and saw that all the black-robed individuals were ghost cultivators. These ghost cultivators weren’t strong. The strongest among them were at the Earth Monarch Stage. Zhao Hai could simply ignore such people.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai could feel danger coming from the red-clothed ghost cultivator. Zhao Hai was certain that this cultivator was at least in the Teleportation Stage.

The red-clothed ghost cultivator looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “Kid, you actually dared. A Soul Fusion youngster has the guts to enter this place. You might have depended on your earth element divergent ability, but it’s useless against me. See if you can still escape.”

Zhao Hai looked at the red-clothed ghost cultivator and sneered, “So what? You will know in a while. You think your people can stop me? Let me tell you, you don’t have the ability to keep me here. People who can only hide in the shadows will never be my match.”

The red-clothed ghost cultivator was angered by Zhao Hai’s words. He gave Zhao Hai a cold look before saying, “From your tone, you seem to be from the Great Sects. Kid, tell me your name. Let this old man know who you are. If I have heard your name, then I might spare your life for the sake of your sect’s elders.”

Zhao Hai looked at the red-clothed ghost cultivator, then he laughed, “Old Ghost, you’re really naive. You think I’ll tell you my name? Just because you respect my elders? If you want to get my background, then you’re wrong.”

The red-clothed ghost cultivator sneered, “If you don’t want to tell me, then forget it. This old man doesn’t care. Everyone, go capture him alive. I want to refine an artifact and I need the soul of a cultivator. His soul should be suitable.”

When the ghost cultivators heard this, they immediately complied. Before long, various types of artifacts began flying towards Zhao Hai. Ghost cultivators focus mostly on distance battles. There were very few ghost cultivators who fought in close combat. 

The artifacts used by ghost cultivators were related to ghosts. Because of this, all kinds of ghastly beings flew towards Zhao Hai. Ghost screams were heard all over the cavern.

Zhao Hai saw this and couldn’t help but sneer. Then his hand moved as a blade appeared in his hand. Zhao Hai used his blade and blade qi began flying outwards. All ghosts hit by the blade qi vanished from sight.

After Zhao Hai used his blade technique, eight golden gates appeared around him. Seeing this, the eyes of the red-clothed ghost cultivator couldn’t help but shrink. He exclaimed, “Grand Dao comprehension! You actually practiced this blade technique to a high degree. Kid, I can’t let you survive.” After he said that, the ghost cultivator pointed forward, then a dark sword qi shot towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his blade as another yellowish blade qi appeared. Then sword qi and blade qi collided with each other. 

Boom! A loud sound was heard as Zhao Hai’s blade qi hit the enemy’s sword qi. The entire cavern was shaken by the clash. Like an earthquake, countless particles flew up.

When the dust vanished, Zhao Hai also vanished. When the red-clothed ghost cultivator saw this, he couldn’t help but sneer. Then he stroked his eyes and said, “Specter’s eyes, open!” With this sound, the sound of ghost screams was heard. Then his two bulging eyes emitted a strong green light.

The red-clothed ghost cultivator searched in all directions. However, even after scanning the entire cavern, he still couldn’t see Zhao Hai. His complexion couldn’t help but turn ugly.

After scanning around once more but still finding nothing, the red-clothed ghost cultivator shouted in anger, “Seal all the exits, we need to find him!”

The ghost cultivators quickly scattered in all directions. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was still underground. In fact, he didn’t go anywhere at all. He was now using his spiritual force to merge into the surrounding earth. This was the reason why the red-clothed ghost cultivator couldn’t find him at all.

After the other ghost cultivators left, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately get up. Instead, he stayed lying underground. Half an hour later, the red-clothed ghost cultivator looked around one last time before leaving. As he left, he muttered, “It looks like he really escaped. Lucky kid. I’m afraid this base could no longer be used. What a pity.” 

Zhao Hai was still underground, seemingly entering into a meditative stage. He simply didn’t notice the happenings outside.

Another half an hour passed and the red-clothed ghost cultivator reappeared in the cavern. After looking around for another time, he coldly snorted and then flew away.

When the red-clothed ghost cultivator left. Zhao Hai slowly moved. His speed wasn’t great. He didn’t make any noise nor was there any fluctuation in the surroundings.

Zhao Hai was able to reach a relatively safe area two hours later. It was an ordinary cavern in the labyrinth. Zhao Hai believes that even if the Ghost Cultivators were planning to build a base in the underground labyrinth, they wouldn’t be able to control the entire labyrinth. The labyrinth was too big, it’s impossible to control it fully.

After Zhao Hai reappeared, he immediately used his portable transmission formation and vanished from sight. The next moment, he appeared back in his carriage.

The carriage was currently stopped in front of a courthouse belonging to an inn. Laura and the others were currently out playing.

When Zhao Hai reappeared in the carriage, he immediately took his communicator out and called the Yin Yang Elders. It didn’t take long before the Yin Yang Elders answered. When the call connected, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Masters, there’s an issue. Ghost Cultivators have been seen in Maze Town’s underground labyrinth. They are planning to build a base there. Please ask the sect to take action as soon as possible.”

Upon hearing the report, the complexion on the Yin Yang Elders’ faces changed. They knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t joke about this matter. The Yin Elder immediately said, “Tell us everything. How did you know that there are ghost cultivators in the underground labyrinth?”

Zhao Hai quickly answered, “During my Clone Stage trial, I went to the underground labyrinth and came to know a rogue cultivator. When I left, I gave them a small communication token in case he met danger. A couple of days ago, I received a message from him asking for help. When I went to the labyrinth, I found that there’s a new group called the Ghost Shadow Gang. They said that the gang is in control of a few areas in the labyrinth. When I did my investigation, I found out that there are ghost cultivators behind the gang. There’s even a Teleportation Stage ghost cultivator among them. It took quite some effort for me to escape.”

Hearing this, the Yin Yang Elders became serious. They immediately realized that this was a crisis. If it wasn’t dealt properly, it would have a huge impact on the Tyrant Blade Sect.


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