BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2106


Chapter 2106 – Long-distance Kill

The red-haired captain heard Zhao Hai and his face couldn’t help but show a trace of fear. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Who are you?”

Zhao Hai looked at the red-haired cultivator and sneered, “Listen properly. My name is Zhao Hai. Inner Sect disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect.”

When the red-haired captain heard Zhao Hai’s name, his expression drastically changed. He was a captain with a small status in the Ouyang Clan, so he naturally knew who Zhao Hai was. In the Tyrant Blade Sect, Zhao Hai’s status wasn’t low. His status might even be higher than Ouyang Gang. 

Zhao Hai was the personal disciple of the Yin Yang Elders. He also became the champion among the Clone Stage cultivators during the Topfire Mountain competition. How could such a person collude with the Ghost Cultivators? According to rumors, since Zhao Hai came out, plenty of Ghost Cultivators died in his hands. Therefore, the Tyrant Blade Sect wouldn’t believe it if the Ouyang Clan reported that Zhao Hai collaborated with Ghost Cultivators.

What terrified the red-haired captain the most was that Soulhook couldn’t defeat Zhao Hai during their first fight. A few Ghost Cultivators who went with Soulhook at that time were poisoned by Zhao Hai’s insects and died. Soulhook suffered heavy losses against Zhao Hai. And at that time, Zhao Hai was still at the Clone Stage.

Zhao Hai could make Soulhook suffer losses when he was still at the Clone Stage. Now that he has broken through to the Soul Fusion Stage, Soulhook might have really died under Zhao Hai’s hands.

Thinking of this, panic began to overwhelm the red-haired captain. He witnessed the cruelty of Ghost Cultivators. If the Ghost Cultivators found out that Soulhook had been killed by Zhao Hai, the Ouyang Clan would definitely be exterminated.

Finally, because of his fear of the Ghost Cultivators, the red-haired captain’s eyes turned resolute as he said, “I don’t care who you are. If you know the secret of the Ouyang Clan, then you will die. Brothers, attack! We cannot allow him to escape.” After he said that, the red-haired captain took out a black mace and smashed it towards Zhao Hai.

The others also took their weapons out and threw themselves at Zhao Hai. Seeing this, Zhao Hai sneered. Then he took his blade out and welcomed the attacks.

Laura and the others also took their weapons out and joined the battle. In an instant, the clashing of weapons was heard. Zhao Hai alone fought against more than ten people, this included the red-haired captain.

The red-haired captain was an Earth Monarch. Seeing that Zhao Hai was just a Soul Fusion cultivator, he thought that he would be able to easily deal with Zhao Hai. But to his surprise, Zhao Hai wasn’t falling back. Moreover, the spiritual qi that Zhao Hai gave out had a very heavy feeling to it. Zhao Hai’s blade techniques were also practiced to the peak. The red-haired captain roared again and again but he still couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai.

At this time, a pitiful yell was heard from the side. The red-haired captain took a moment to look and saw that his companions were getting killed. By this point, four Ouyang Clan guards have been killed. This caused the red-haired captain to panic.

After fighting for more than an hour, of the more than 10 people attacking Zhao Hai, only the red-haired captain remained. The others have been cut by Zhao Hai. The opponents of Laura and the others weren’t doing well either. Even the cultivator who fought against Qiu Tie has been wounded, he couldn’t even injure the child.

In the beginning, Qiu Tie was anxious about fighting the cultivator. But afterwards he gained confidence. He practiced body cultivation methods; therefore, his body was very strong. And because his blade fundamentals were very firm, Qiu Tie was still able to contend against his Clone Stage enemy.

The longer the battle continued, the more confident Qiu Tie became. At the same time, his opponent was surprised. He didn’t expect a child to be so strong.

Before long, Zhao Hai’s blade reached the red-haired captain. He received his opponent’s corpse to be turned into Undead. Then he turned his head towards Laura and the others. He didn’t plan on lending a hand. This was a rare opportunity for Laura and the others to gain fighting experience,

The cultivators who were fighting against Laura and the others were becoming nervous. They saw Zhao Hai chopping their comrades like they were fruits and vegetables. Even the red-haired cultivator who was the strongest among them has been cut down. Such a strength was something they couldn’t offend. Because of this fear, their skills were cut down by 40 percent. This made it easier for Laura and the others to fight.

Before long, Laura and the others finished their opponents off. The only one left fighting was Qiu Tie. By this point, Qiu Tie entered a special state. He became focused on one thing, and that was defeating the opponent in front of him.

Qiu Tie’s opponent has four serious blade wounds. As soon as Zhao Hai saw this, he couldn’t help but smile. Qiu Tie’s performance was becoming better and better. He should be able to finish his opponent in twenty moves.

Zhao Hai has no plans to help. He had to let Qiu Tie draw blood. As a cultivator, he would see blood sooner or later. Zhao Hai might as well use this opportunity to let Qiu Tie see blood.

Sure enough, in less than twenty moves, Qiu Tie cut the neck of his opponent. After killing his opponent, Qiu Tie couldn’t help but rush to the side to vomit. After some time, he calmed down, but he was still gasping for air.

Zhao Hai arrived at Qiu Tie’s side and said, “Good job. These people are criminals, they deserve to die. Killing them will save the lives of many innocent people.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Qiu Tie’s expression recovered. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, killing criminals will save innocent people, is that right?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s right. You killed a criminal, so you saved the lives of many good people. You are a hero, like my two Masters.” Qiu Tie nodded. The panicked expression on his eyes due to his first kill began to vanish.

Zhao Hai received the corpses of the Ouyang Clan members before the group returned to the carriage. By evening’s time, Zhao Hai and the others stopped at another town and went to an inn. They were given their own personal courtyard. Once they were settled, Zhao Hai took Soulhook out and said, “From now on, you will deal with the Ouyang Clan with all your strength. Don’t let anyone escape. Now, go.”

Soulhook complied and then vanished from the courtyard. Sensing that Soulhook had gone away, the corners of Zhao Hai’s mouth rose up. He wanted to see the reaction of the Ouyang Clan upon seeing Soulhook attacking them. 

The town where Zhao Hai was located was some distance away from the Ouyang Clan. The Ouyang Clan lived northwest of the town, around a thousand kilometers or so. The clan lived on a mountain named Yin Yu Peak. The entire mountain belonged to the Ouyang Clan. Because the clan’s Patriarch was an elder of the Tyrant Blade Sect, the family was able to occupy the entire mountain without anyone saying anything. After all, this was the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect. It wouldn’t be surprising for an elder’s clan to occupy an entire mountain.

Zhao Hai has no plans to go to Yin Yu Peak. There was no need for him to do so, Soulhook would be enough to deal with the clan. Soulhook has lived in the Ouyang Clan for some time, so he should be familiar with the clan’s situation. 

The night passed without interruptions. The next morning, Zhao Hai and the others departed from the town and continued towards their destination. As they were traveling, the carriage stopped. In front was a carriage. The horses of the carriage seemed to be tied to the tree. Because of this, the carriage was parked across the road, sealing it.

Zhao Hai ordered an Undead to check the carriage. At the same time, his eyes darted around. Then suddenly, Zhao Hai felt a cold wind going across his neck. Zhao Hai was able to turn his body into crystal before feeling a sting on his neck. He quickly got down to the ground. Even with his crystallized body, he could still feel pain. This showed the strength behind the attack. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel fear.

Zhao Hai knew that he was attacked by a long-ranged artifact. This artifact should have been used by a powerful expert. In other words, the carriage in front was deliberately arranged in order to stop Zhao Hai and kill him in one go.

Now Zhao Hai wanted to know who wants to deal with him. Is it the Sword Hegemony Sect? The Imperial Beast Sect? Or the Ghost Cultivators? These groups were highly suspicious. All of them could come up with a long-ranged weapon.

Laura and the others also felt the attack from inside the carriage. However, they didn’t go out to look at Zhao Hai’s situation. They believed that Zhao Hai would be fine. Conversely, all of them got down and peeked from the window.

Only one person was running upstairs, and that was Qiu Tie. Although he was confident in Zhao Hai’s strength, he was still worried. Just as he was about to run upstairs, Julie pulled Qiu Tie down and said, “Stay here. If you go out, you will also get attacked. Don’t worry about Brother Hai, he’ll be fine.”

Qiu Tie was puzzled with Laura and the others’ reactions. He saw that they were very calm. Despite this, Qiu Tie wasn’t relieved. He immediately said, “Is the Young Master fine? Why did I feel that he went down?”

Laura smiled and said, “Don’t worry about him, he will be fine.” As she said that, she heard the sound of glass shaking. Laura and the others turned their heads to look and saw an iron arrow hitting the glass. The arrow was still trembling from its momentum. However, there were no scratches on the glass. The arrow only stayed in the air for a short time before its energy ran out.


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