BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2105


Chapter 2105 – Blocking the Way

“Master, the Ouyang Clan colluded with Soulhook to deal with me. Soulhook has already been dealt with. I’ll use the transmission formation later to send his confession. As for how to deal with the Ouyang Clan, I’ll have to ask for your command.” Zhao Hai looked at the Yin Yang Elders in the communicator.

Zhao Hai described his battle against Soulhook to the Yin Yang Elders. He also reported the situation of the Ouyang Clan. He was now waiting for the Yin Yang Elders’ response.

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but stare. Then the Yin Elder immediately replied, “Send Soulhook’s confession first. As for the Ouyang Clan, you can deal with them as you see fit. However, don’t reveal your identity. Make it appear that it was the Ghost Cultivators who attacked.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Yes, Master.” Then Zhao Hai switched his communication device off. He took out a small transmission formation and sent a jade slip through it. The jade slip will be sent to the Tyrant Blade Sect. 

Laura and the others were also listening in to the conversation. Hearing the Yin Elder’s answer, they revealed smiles. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s take a rest first. Tomorrow we’ll deal with the Ouyang Clan. I will let Soulhook do it. I want to see how the Ouyang Clan would react seeing Soulhook attacking them.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others couldn’t help but stare. Then they chuckled. They couldn’t recall how many times they did this kind of thing before. Naturally, they didn’t react at all. For them it was normal.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Qiu Tie and said, “Little Tie, how is the fight?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Qiu Tie’s face couldn’t help but turn red, “I’ve embarrassed Young Master. I didn’t do well. Instead of helping, I made you protect me.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. You did very well for your first fight. Your performance is already very good. You will improve after a couple more battles.”

Qiu Tie nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master.”

Zhao Hai said, “Alright, go and rest. Reflect on your experience of today’s battle.” Qiu Tie nodded and then returned to his room. To be honest, his room in the carriage wasn’t large. It only had a bed and nothing else. Nevertheless, it was already very good for a room in a carriage.

Zhao Hai and the others rested on the second floor of the carriage. As for the two Undead, Zhao Hai returned them to the Space. Only the Demon Horses were left outside, leisurely chewing on the grass.

The night passed quietly. The next morning, after eating their breakfast, Zhao Hai and the others departed. The huge carriage continued to move forward. Not long after they left, Zhao Hai felt that the carriage was being monitored. The person staring wasn’t a Ghost Cultivator, but it was very hostile.

Zhao Hai doesn’t need to find out, he is certain that the Ouyang Clan has sent people to monitor him. The Ouyang Clan should know that Soulhook attacked him the night before. Now, it seems like Soulhook disappeared while the carriage continued moving forward. They wanted to see what was going on.

Zhao Hai didn’t care. Sooner or later, the Ouyang Clan would know what happened. Zhao Hai was sure that last night, when he fought against Soulhook, the road should have been sealed by the Ouyang Clan. So as soon as he moved, the Ouyang Clan was alerted.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop, nor did catch the people of the Ouyang Clan. He moved forward without stopping. At noon, Zhao Hai’s carriage arrived at a town. The town wasn’t large, it only had one main street. Zhao Hai had the carriage stop in front of a shop. Then he led Laura and the others down the carriage.

The people in the shop looked at Zhao Hai’s carriage with a stunned expression. This was the first time they saw such a magnificent carriage. This was also the first time they saw beautiful women. Then when they turned their gazes towards Zhao Hai, they knew that this was a person that couldn’t be offended. Everyone quickly lowered their heads. Some of the more timid ones even went to the counter to pay and then left.

The owner of the shop quickly welcomed Zhao Hai. The boss was a 40-year-old fat man that wore silk clothes.

When the fat owner bowed towards Zhao Hai, he looked like a ball. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile.

As the owner bowed, he said, “I have seen Sir. Does Sir want to dine in this lowly one’s shop? I have prepared a private room for Sir and his companions. It will be a huge honor for my shop to provide our services to you.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Alright, lead us inside.” The fat owner quickly complied. Then he led Zhao Hai and the others into the shop. The two Undead stayed in the carriage to watch over it.

Before long, Zhao Hai and the others went up on the second floor of the shop. The second floor had five independent rooms. Zhao Hai and the others were settled inside a room with the Gold(金) character.

The room wasn’t very big. It was less than 20 square meters. The decorations inside can only be described as ordinary. The room has the view of the street below. Naturally, the street view wasn’t that beautiful.

There was a huge table inside the room, enough to sit ten people. After Zhao Hai and the others sat down, Zhao Hai looked at the fat owner and said, “Give us 12 of your best dishes.”

The fat owner immediately complied. Then he turned around and walked downstairs. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, why did we stop here to eat? Is the food here delicious?”

Zhao Hai replied, “We aren’t here for the food. We’re waiting for someone. I think it wouldn’t be long before the Ouyang Clan arrives here. Then they’ll see that we are alive while Soulhook is missing. If Soulhook falls here, the Ouyang Clan would definitely face the wrath of the Ghost Cultivators. Since they don’t want this to happen, they can only follow us to see whether Soulhook is alive or dead.”

Laura and the others nodded. Then they looked at the street outside. They were wondering whether the people outside were from the Ouyang Clan or not.

Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled faintly. Before long, the fat owner along with his assistants came with plates of dishes. Although it was only a small shop, the dishes actually tasted good.

As the group was eating, the sound of horse hooves was heard outside. Zhao Hai looked out and found ten people rushing along the street. All of them were dressed in warrior clothing with blades on their backs. Zhao Hai saw that a few of them were among the people he saw the day before. As for the red-haired captain, he wasn’t present.

The group arrived in the town and immediately went straight to the shop where Zhao Hai and the others were in. They jumped down from their horses as they were welcomed by the fat owner.

Not long after, Zhao Hai and the others heard footsteps before the room next to them opened. The group of ten walked in and then their leader ordered, “Go get us some good wine and food.”

The fat owner was a slippery figure. When he saw that these people weren’t in the best mood, he didn’t dare talk more and left right away.

Before long, the sound of cups and dishes were heard next to Zhao Hai’s room. Laura and the others looked at Zhao Hai. After picking up his cup, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s go eat. We’ll leave after lunch.” Laura and the others complied and then went on to eat. It was as if they weren’t aware of the people right next door.

After eating their meal, Zhao Hai’s group drank tea for a while before setting off. Not long after, the Ouyang Clan’s people left the shop. Acting like they didn’t know Zhao Hai, they got on their horses and left the town.

Zhao Hai just chuckled at the Ouyang Clan’s actions. He knew that the Ouyang Clan was panicking. From their actions, they should be waiting for them outside the town.

Once Zhao Hai and the others got on the carriage, the carriage slowly left town. Not far from the town, the carriage stopped. The road ahead has been blocked by more than 10 cultivators. As soon as the carriage stopped, even more cultivators poured out and surrounded the carriage. At the head of the group was the red-haired captain.

Zhao Hai opened the carriage door and walked out. As he stood on the carriage platform, he looked at the red-haired leader and said, “Why are you blocking my way?”

The red-haired cultivator coldly snorted and said, “Enough. Where is Soulhook?”

Zhao Hai looked at the red-haired cultivator and sneered, “So you’re colluding with Ghost Cultivators. This is the end of the Ouyang Clan. The sect will certainly go after you.”

The red-haired captain harrumphed, “As long as we kill you, who would know? If you die, we will say that you colluded with the Ghost Cultivators to blame our Ouyang Clan. When the time comes, who would the sect rather believe, a nobody disciple like you, or an elder?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Do you think I’m an ordinary disciple? You didn’t even ask my name. Hahaha. The Ouyang Clan is really arrogant.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the red-haired captain couldn’t help but stare. Then his complexion changed, “Who are you? Even if you’re a core disciple, how could you be more influential than the Patriarch? The Tyrant Blade Sect will believe the Patriarch more than you.”

Zhao Hai laughed even more, “Your ignorance is laughable. Even if Ouyang Gang didn’t collude with the Ghost Cultivators, with his status, he still wouldn’t be able to do anything to me.”


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