BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2104


Chapter 2104 – No Intention

This was the first time that Laura and the others encountered this situation. However, they were still able to react better than most. Although they haven’t fought for many years, they still participated in some of Zhao Hai’s battles. They immediately used their spiritual force to keep their minds intact. At the same time, they continued to fight against the ghosts.

As for Qiu Tie, he wasn’t doing good. After all, he’s just over ten years old. Moreover, he hasn’t encountered this situation before. He doesn’t know how to deal with it. His spirit was continually being shredded by the Bewitching Soul Bell.

Seeing Qiu Tie’s situation, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Little Tie, quickly close your mind!”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Qiu Tie began to sober up. He quickly closed his mind and began to counter-attack. At the same time, he let out a sigh. He felt ashamed and somewhat angry.

Qiu Tie was also beginning to go against the Bewitching Soul Bell using his spiritual force. He also began to use his blade to fight against the ghosts. 

However, if the Bewitching Soul Bell could be countered that easily, it wouldn’t have become Soulhook’s main artifact. The Bewitching Soul Bell’s effects began to get stronger and stronger. The movements of Laura and the others also began to be affected. Their actions became slower and slower.

At this time, Zhao Hai made his move. He took out a drum and placed it in front of the two Undead. The Undead immediately began beating the drum. The huge drum banged and reduced the pressure on Laura and the others.

Soulhook naturally expected Zhao Hai to use this move. He waved his hand and took out a staff with a skull on it. He waved his staff and skulls with blue ghost fire began appearing in the surroundings. Then these skulls flew towards Zhao Hai.

Soulhook inserted his staff into the ground before taking a cloak out and draping it over his body. As soon as he wore the cloak, Soulhook’s body disappeared.

Zhao Hai has been paying attention to Soulhook all this time. When he saw what happened, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Then his expression changed. But since he couldn’t do much about it, he moved and charged forward. He waved his blade repeatedly as blade qi repeatedly cut ghosts and skulls.

Zhao Hai’s blade qi was overbearing. Both ghosts and skulls screeched as they vanished. At the same time, Zhao Hai used his blade technique to protect Laura and the others.

Laura and the others didn’t see Soulhook disappear. As soon as Zhao Hai protected them, they let out a sigh and glanced around. The ghosts and skulls were still surrounding them, and the Bewitching Soul Bell was also ringing, yet Soulhook has disappeared.

Laura and the others looked at each other, then they looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, where is Soulhook?”

Zhao Hai waved his blade a few times, then he replied, “He disappeared. Laura, take the others to the carriage. Leave this place to me.” Laura immediately complied and led everyone into the carriage, leaving Zhao Hai and the two Undead outside.

Zhao Hai was now using the Space to lock on to Soulhook’s position. The Bewitching Soul Bell has no effect on him at all. The ghosts and skulls were completely ineffective. As soon as Zhao Hai’s blade unfolded, he quickly became impenetrable. Zhao Hai’s movement technique was also suited for group battles. And with the ghosts and skulls being weak, Zhao Hai has nothing to fear.

Before long, Zhao Hai noticed Soulhook. Soulhook was slowly inching towards the carriage. It seems like he wanted to attack Laura and the others.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. At the same time, he pretended to be unaware of Soulhook’s location. He continued to fight against the ghosts and flaming skulls.

When Soulhook was close to the carriage, the carriage shields suddenly activated. Soulhook was quickly bounced out. Being caught off guard, Soulhook’s body was exposed.

Zhao Hai was already prepared. The moment the carriage shield was activated, he immediately used his blade qi to encircle Soulhook. Seeing that he was discovered by Zhao Hai, Soulhook took out a whip and used it to defend. Bursts of ghost cries were heard from time to time as the whip attacked.

Zhao Hai discovered that Soulhook’s whip technique wasn’t weak. It was stronger compared to average cultivators in the True Spirit Realm. This came as a surprise to Zhao Hai.

As he wielded his whip, Soulhook laughed and said, “Zhao Hai, do you really believe that I have no ability to resist once I leave my artifact behind? You’re wrong. Do you know why I haven’t broken through to the Teleportation Stage after so many years. It’s not because of my injury. It’s because I was practicing my whip. Hmph. Lin Yang and Feng Xuefeng are fools. Although they reached the Teleportation Stage, their martial skills are weak. The moment I enter the Teleportation Stage, I will be stronger than them.”

Zhao Hai looked at Soulhook and coldly snorted. His blade increased in speed. At the same time, his blade technique completely unfolded. Soulhook’s whip was suppressed in a flash.

This caused Soulhook to be startled. He couldn’t help but scream, “Impossible! You’re no more than a Soul Fusion cultivator. How could you possibly suppress me? Impossible. This is impossible!”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Nothing is impossible. Soulhook, it’s time for you to die. Then after you, the Ouyang Clan will be eradicated.”

As soon as he heard Zhao Hai’s words, Soulhook couldn’t help but be stunned. His relationship with the Ouyang Clan has always been a secret. He didn’t expect someone to find out about it. So, knowing that Zhao Hai was aware of his secret, it’s natural for him to be taken aback.

It must be known that it wasn’t easy for the Ghost Cultivators to recruit Ouyang Gang. Although Ouyang Gang’s strength was high, his talent no longer allowed him to progress. He would be stuck in his current realm forever. But for a cultivator like Ouyang Gang, what was the most attractive thing? It wasn’t influence, it wasn’t money, what attracted Ouyang Gang was the opportunity to get stronger.

Ouyang Gang was stuck at the Diamond Body Stage for so many years. He couldn’t see any hope of breaking through. But suddenly, the Ghost Cultivators told him that there was a chance. If Ouyang Gang used the methods of Ghost Cultivators, it would be possible for him to advance further and become a Condensing Spirit cultivator. He might reach the Space Breaker stage one day. Because of this, Ouyang Gang agreed to side with the Ghost Cultivators.

Ouyang Gang became one of the most powerful people that the Ghost Cultivators have recruited after many years. Therefore, Ghost Cultivators attached great importance to him. Moreover, Ouyang Gang’s defection was kept secret. The Ghost Cultivators even allowed the Ouyang Clan to kill Ghost Cultivators to keep people from suspecting Ouyang Gang. 

Now that Zhao Hai revealed that the secret was known, it wasn’t strange for Soulhook to be surprised. With Soulhook being distracted, Zhao Hai used the opportunity to attack. Several blade qi broke through Soulhook’s defense. A blade qi directly cut towards Soulhook’s shoulder.

Soulhook gave out a grunt and immediately focused his mind. But it had become impossible for him to stop Zhao Hai’s barrage of attacks. Zhao Hai was unforgiving; he kept the intensity of attacks without stopping.

Zhao Hai sent one attack after another. His blade eventually slashed Soulhook’s chest. Soulhook was now unable to swing his whip. Naturally, his ghost flag, skull staff, and bewitching soul bell also stopped.

Zhao Hai received his blade and stood in place, looking coldly at Soulhook. Soulhook was now lying on the ground with blood in his mouth. His eyes held intense hatred towards Zhao Hai. Soulhook forced himself to open his mouth and said, “Zhao Hai, you might be happy now, but others will take revenge for me. Just you wait.”

Zhao Hai sneered, “Then let them come. Sooner or later, we will wage war against Ghost Cultivators. I’ll wait for them.”

Soulhook glared ruthlessly at Zhao Hai. Then he spat out blood for the last time and drew his last breath. Zhao Hai waved his hand and covered Soulhook’s body with a black mist. But to Zhao Hai’s surprise, Soulhook didn’t turn into Undead. The corpse remained motionless.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then at this time, he discovered that the Ten-thousand Ghost Flag, Bewitching Soul Bell, and the Skull Staff had vanished. Zhao Hai immediately understood what was going on. He coldly snorted and said, “You want to escape using your soul? You’re too naive.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand, and a small bell appeared in his hand. Zhao Hai struck the bell and a melodious ring sounded out. Then Zhao Hai heard a ghost’s cry. Before long a faint smoke appeared in front of Zhao Hai. The smoke was in the form of Soulhook.

Soulhook had a panicked look on his face. He was now screaming, “This is impossible. Why do you have a soul artifact! This weapon can only be used by Ghost Cultivators. How do you have it?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “You don’t know? In the past, I was a Dark Mage. I specially dealt with ghosts and undead. How could I not have this artifact? Hahaha.”

Soulhook glared at Zhao Hai, as if wishing that he could bite him to death. Unfortunately for Soulhook, he was only in his soul form right now. He simply cannot do anything that could threaten Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai laughed at Soulhook, “You used this method in the past to save your life? What a pity, you won’t be able to escape today.” After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Yin-yang revolution, soul return to your place!” Along with Zhao Hai’s voice, Soulhook felt a huge suction force coming from his body, sucking him inside. Then a black gas covered the corpse. When Soulhoook came into his senses, his resentment towards Zhao Hai completely disappeared. This was because he has become one of Zhao Hai’s obedient Undead.

Seeing that Soulhook has become an Undead, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. Then he sent Soulhook to Space. At the same time, he had the processing machine deconstruct Soulhook’s artifact. Soulhook would then be sent to the Hell Space to cultivate. Zhao Hai believed that it wouldn’t be long before Soulhook would break through.


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