BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2103


Chapter 2103 – Soulhook Appears

Because the incident wasn’t revealed, the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t make a move on the Ouyang Clan. Elder Ouyang has already been killed and interrogated. He confessed that there were people in his clan who had become Ghost Cultivators.

However, the Tyrant Blade Sect wasn’t planning to alarm these Ghost Cultivators. The sect decided to leave the Ouyang Clan in the meantime while they were formulating a way to clean them thoroughly. 

Since he was aware of the true situation, Zhao Hai asked the red-haired captain which family he belonged to. And when he knew that he was talking about the exact Ouyang Clan, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but turn frigid.

Despite this, Zhao Hai maintained his composure, “So it’s Elder Ouyang’s Clan. I offended you a moment ago. Please excuse me.”

The red-haired cultivator heard Zhao Hai’s words and couldn’t help but become more arrogant. He coldly snorted and said, “It’s good that you know. Mister, we still have to return and make a report. Right, I have to warn Mister about the thieves and bandits around these areas. I can see that you’re not very strong, so you should be careful.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then his complexion changed. As for the red-haired Captain, he only laughed before turning around and leaving.

Zhao Hai looked at the departing Ouyang Clan members and sneered, “He’s really arrogant. Hmph. He really thinks that he’s someone.”

Laura said, “Brother Hai, what do you think about the thing they’re looking for? From what I can see, it’s very important to them. I’m afraid they will definitely cause trouble later on.”

Zhao Hai replied, “They certainly will. It seems like we have to be more alert. The Ouyang Clan. Hmph. If I wasn’t worried about alerting the Ghost Cultivators, I would have destroyed them a long time ago. They actually dared to be arrogant. But this is fine. I’ll grind them down one by one.” After he said that, Zhao Hai returned to the carriage and resumed their travel.

Time passed and the skies began to turn dark. However, Zhao Hai and the others haven’t found a place to rest. But with the carriage, they can just stop anywhere. The accommodations inside ensure that they could rest comfortably.

When it was completely dark, the carriage stopped outside a forest. The two Undead cleaned the carriage the moment it stopped. Zhao Hai also took out two tables from the Space and placed them outside. Meg was busy preparing food inside the carriage.

The dinner was sumptuous. After dinner, Zhao Hai and the others stayed outside and drank tea. Then they returned inside the carriage.

Upon returning to the carriage, Zhao Hai immediately said, “We have been targeted, I can feel gazes directed towards the carriage. Moreover, it’s a familiar gaze. It reminds me of Soulhook.”

Laura replied, “Bewitching Bell Soulhook? How can he be here? Is it because of the Ouyang Clan? Soulhook is hiding inside the Ouyang Clan? This must be the reason why the Sect was unable to find him.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s very possible. The Ouyang Clan has completely sided with the Ghost Cultivators. Soulhook’s position among Ghost Cultivators shouldn’t be low. Hiding in the Ouyang Clan is very safe. Even if the Tyrant Blade Sect looked everywhere, it wouldn’t be able to guess that he’s inside the Ouyang Clan.”

Laura nodded, “What do we do now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The item that the Ouyang Clan lost should be very important to them. And they don’t dare kill me openly. They asked Soulhook to deal with me. If something happened to me, the Ouyang Clan could just push the blame to the Ghost Cultivators. Haha. The Ouyang Clan must think that they’re very smart. Unfortunately, their plot wouldn’t work on me.”

Zhao Hai replied, “We do nothing. We’ll wait for our old friend here. I reckon he’ll be here soon. This is a remote area, nobody would come here. If the Ouyang Clan wants to get rid of us, they can do it here. Even if the sky is overturned, nobody would notice.”

Laura and the others nodded. Zhao Hai looked at everyone and then at Qiu Tie before saying, “Soulhook’s ambush makes use of other cultivators. He’s good at using artifacts. In a while, he would use his artifacts to attack us. If he releases ghosts, then you can fight them. Use this opportunity to practice dealing with Ghost Cultivators.”

Qiu Tie was somewhat anxious. After all, he’s still a child. This was the first time he’s faced with a dangerous situation. But at the same time, he was excited. He hoped to fight.

Seeing Qiu Tie, Zhao Hai smiled. Qiu Tie’s reaction satisfied him. Qiu Tie might be anxious and excited, but he wasn’t afraid.

Mentality holds a heavy impact on cultivators. When facing an enemy, fear should be the last thing you think of. Because once fear begins to invade one’s heart, failure would soon follow. And to cultivators, a single failure was the difference between living and dying.

The upcoming battle would be Qiu Tie’s first, but he wasn’t afraid at all. Conversely, he was excited to fight. This was a good reaction. This meant that Qiu Tie’s mentality was in the right place. A cultivator in a good condition could display 100% of their strength during a fight. They might even surpass their strength. Such a cultivator would achieve great things, even if their talents are very low.

The group continued to chat inside the carriage as they waited for Soulhook to arrive. Zhao Hai also felt the gloomy aura getting closer and closer.

At about 10 o’clock in the evening, Zhao Hai felt the gloomy aura intensify. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile as he said, “All of you, prepare.” Laura and the others nodded.

Just after Zhao Hai said that, a cold laughter was heard along with a voice, “Hahaha. I didn’t expect to run into an old friend here. Zhao Hai, come out and die!”

Zhao Hai slowly stood up before leading Laura and the others outside. To Zhao Hai’s surprise, Soulhook wasn’t hiding this time. He stood in the forest looking at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Soulhook’s appearance. To be honest, Soulhook’s looks are very good. He was dressed in a scholar’s robe. He had thick black hair. His face was a bit pale, but he was handsome. He gave the look of a weak scholar. However, his eyes ruined his looks. His eyes weren’t bad to look at, but they gave off an uncomfortable feeling. As soon as you met his eyes, you would immediately think of an animal, a poisonous snake.

Soulhook’s gaze made one feel that they were being targeted by a poisonous snake. His gaze was gloomy, cruel, and cold-blooded. It also carried a bit of madness. Soulhook’s figure looks like a ghost hunting in the night.

Zhao Hai looked at Soulhook and said, “Soulhook, I didn’t expect your life to be so long. You can even live until now. Good, really good. I don’t even need to go to you, you came here yourself. This saved me a lot of work.”

Soulhook laughed, “Zhao Hai, you know what, I’m starting to like you. Just you? And you want to take revenge? Hahaha. You’re reckless.”

Zhao Hai replied, “I don’t know who’s reckless. But you’re now in the Tyrant Blade Sect’s territory. You actually came here to kill me.”

Soulhook sneered, “The Tyrant Blade Sect’s territory? Do you really think I’m afraid of making a move inside the Tyrant Blade Sect? Zhao Hai, you’re too naive.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Talking is useless. Come, let’s fight.”

Soulhook looked at Laura and the others and said, “Are they your wives? Zhao Hai, you’re daring. You took your wives with you here. I really hate to kill them. How about this, after I kill you and refine you into my ghost slave, I’ll make sure to use your wives as furnaces.”

Zhao Hai sneered, “Soulhook, you can continue daydreaming. You want to kill me? You can try. Enough chit-chat. Let’s begin.” After he said that, Zhao Hai took out his blade. Laura and the others also took their weapons out.

Soulhook sneered. Then he waved his hand, causing a pitch-black ghost flag to appear. Soulhook waved the flag and said, “Ten thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts. Kill!” Along with Soulhook’s command, ghastly wails were heard. Then a jet black ghost appeared all around Soulhook. These ghosts had the appearance of soldiers. They don’t have a lower part, but their upper parts were fully armored. 

Soulhook waved the flag once more, causing the ghosts to fly towards Zhao Hai. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai didn’t make a move. Instead, Laura and the others charged forward. Zhao Hai just stood in place, paying attention to Soulhook.

Laura and the others began clashing with the malicious ghosts. The ghosts weren’t very strong. At most they were at the Clone Stage. Their only advantage was their numbers. Because of this, Laura and the others were able to fight against them.

Soulhook wasn’t surprised by the fact that his ghosts were stopped. He waved his hand and took out another artifact. The artifact was a hand-cranked bell. The bell was engraved with ghost faces. It was as small as a human fist, but it looked very refined.

Soulhook sneered at Zhao Hai, then he swung the bell gently. An intermittent sharp chime was heard from the bell. The bell didn’t have the same tone as ordinary bells. Instead, it had a grating sound akin to ghost cries. Its sharpness went straight to the soul.

Bewitching Soul Bell! Zhao Hai knew that Soulhook would use this artifact, but he didn’t expect it to be used this early. However, Zhao Hai still didn’t move. He wanted to see how Laura and the others were going to deal with the bell. It must be known that the Bewitching Soul Bell was a special artifact. Dealing with its effects wouldn’t be easy. It should be enough practice for Laura and the others.


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