BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2101


Chapter 2101 – Horse Carriage

When Zhao Hai entered, he quickly cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Sect Master. I’ve completed the task.”

The Sect Master looked at Zhao Hai and said, “So fast? Good, good. I’ll immediately have the things in the arsenal disposed of as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai quickly said, “Replying to the Sect Master. There’s no need to dispose of them. There’s no material in the arsenal, it’s left in its original state. After I deconstructed the artifacts, I synthesized them to their original appearance.”

The Sect Master stared, then his eyes shone, “Alright, that’s better. Did you get the refining method of those artifacts?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes.” Then he took a spatial bag out and handed it to the Sect Master, “Sect Master, inside the bag are the refining methods and the formations.”

The Sect Master opened the spatial bag and searched inside. The spatial bag contained more than a thousand jade slips. The Sect Master took one of the jade slips out and read it, “Eight Slashing Knives. Materials: myan iron, blazing sun steel, bronze powder…” The jade slip didn’t only contain a detailed list of materials, it also contained the formations used as well as the refining method. Everything was recorded clearly, there were no areas that could be misunderstood.

The Sect Master gave a satisfied nod before storing the jade slip back into the spatial bag. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I heard that you’re going out for a trial.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes. After interrogating the Ghost Cultivators, we found that there’s an abandoned den in a remote town. I heard that the town has been attacked by demon beasts and everyone died. I think there’s more to the abandoned den. I want to go there to take a look. Maybe I’ll be able to get some clues.”

The Sect Master nodded, “Go and have a good look. But you have to be careful. You have a lot of enemies now. Soulhook has yet to be found, he may be lying in wait for you. In the past, when you went to trials, you went alone. But this time, you’re taking your wives with you. The danger you’re in is higher. Be more careful. If necessary, ask the sect for help. This isn’t a shameful thing. Also, unlike your previous trial, you can reveal your identity this time. You can also contact our branches and ask for help.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I understand. Sect Master can rest assured. I don’t plan on dying right now.”

The Sect Master laughed. Then he waved his hand and said, “You can go. If you don’t go back soon, the Yin Yang Elders will come looking for me.” Zhao Hai nodded. And after cupping his fist towards the Sect Master, he left.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s departing back, the Sect Master sighed and said, “Old Yin and Old Yang really lucked out. If I knew early, I would have accepted him as a disciple.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of the Sect Master’s sighs. After leaving Heaven Slashing Palace, he immediately used his transmission formation to return to his peak. The Yin Yang Elders were already waiting for him there.

Seeing the Yin Yang Elders, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He immediately cupped his fist and said, “Masters, how did you know that I’m out?”

The Yin Yang Elders smiled and said, “I told the people in Heaven Slashing Palace to inform us as soon as you left. So as soon as you came out, we immediately knew.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then the three entered the living room and sat down. The Yin Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, how is it? Did you process the artifacts?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’ve processed them. I also gave the jade slips to the Sect Master.”

The Yin Elder replied, “Good job. Rest for the rest of the day before heading out. Right, this is for you. Take it with you all the time.” Zhao Hai took the item and looked at it. It was a circular thing akin to a jade pendant. Zhao Hai looked at the Yin Elder in confusion.

The Yin Elder continued, “This is a protection pendant for Core Disciples. It won’t only protect you during dangerous moments, it could also send your position to the sect. This way, once the shield activates, the sect could send people to support you. This is a life-saving item. Bring it.”

Zhao Hai nodded and received the jade pendant. At this time, the Yang Elder opened his mouth and said, “We already gave blade tokens to Qiu Tie and your wives. Inside the tokens are our blade qi. Remember, always be cautious.”

Zhao Hai complied. The Yin Yang Elders stood up and then left. When the two elders were gone, Laura and the others walked in. Laura had a hopeful look on her face as she asked, “Brother Hai, when do we depart?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “We’ll depart tomorrow. This time, we’ll leave by carriage.” Laura and the others cheered. Then they immediately went to pack their things.

Early the next morning, Zhao Hai bid farewell to the Yin Yang Elders before leaving the residence. When they arrived at the foot of the peak, Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a carriage. As soon as the carriage appeared, Qiu Tie who was beside him was stunned. This was because the carriage was too big.

The carriage was ten meters long, five meters high, and four meters wide. The carriage had ten wheels. It has a section for the driver in front. Behind the carriage was a door with a small platform in front. The top of the carriage also has a platform.

The carriage was bronze with a cyan glow throughout. On each side of the carriage were eight windows divided into two floors. At a glance, one could see that it was a two-storey carriage.

Qiu Tie hasn’t seen a carriage as big as this before. Such a carriage would be too heavy. It should be inconvenient to drive.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Little Tie, let’s go inside.” Qiu Tie immediately complied and followed Zhao Hai inside the carriage. When they got inside, Qiu Tie was stunned. This was because the layout of the carriage was very familiar. It was the same as Zhao Hai’s room.

Zhao Hai gave the carriage a satisfied nod. Since there was no need for him to head out secretly, he might as well go all out. Although the carriage wasn’t as expansive as the Hell King’s Ship, it was still spacious enough.

Large artifacts also existed in the True Spirit Realm, but they weren’t a lot of them. Battles in the True Spirit Realm didn’t rely on large artifacts. Large artifacts were mainly used to reveal one’s status.

Zhao Hai’s carriage was actually a modified Eight-steed Jade Carriage, which was an artifact. But in order to prevent people from thinking that it was an artifact, Zhao Hai released two Undead and eight Demon Horses. The two Undead would drive the carriage while the eight Demon Horses would pull it. Although the carriage can move without being pulled, the Demon Horses can be used to fool people from thinking that it was an artifact.

After the Undead drivers tied the horses, the carriage drove off. Laura and the others were busy decorating the carriage. The first floor of the carriage would contain the living room, the kitchen, and Qiu Tie’s room. The second floor would be for Zhao Hai and his wives. The roof platform of the carriage can be used to practice martial arts.

The horse carriage has very good shock absorption. Inside the carriage, one wouldn’t know that they were moving. Zhao Hai was in the living room with Qiu Tie beside him. Laura and the others were still cleaning the rooms. The carriage was already on the road.

Zhao Hai’s group were now beyond the range of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s headquarters. Once in a while, they would meet cultivators. When these cultivators saw Zhao Hai’s carriage, they couldn’t help but stop to watch. The carriage was too big. These cultivators don’t know who the carriage belongs to.

The carriage wasn’t very fast, but it kept moving forward. It doesn’t even need to stop at noon. Everyone ate inside. Meg’s cooking wasn’t any different than when at home.

When the sky began to darken, the carriage stopped in a small town. When the carriage entered the town, it caused quite a stir. The town hasn’t seen such a huge carriage before.

The small town also had a branch hall of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Zhao Hai’s carriage stopped directly in front of the branch hall. In front of the branch hall were two disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect. The two guards were at the Clone Stage. They were both surprised and uncertain about Zhao Hai’s arrival.

Zhao Hai smiled at the two guards and said, “This one is Zhao Hai. I’m currently out on trial. I came here to visit.”

As soon as the disciples of the branch hall heard Zhao Hai’s name, they were immediately stunned. One of them quickly responded, “So it is Senior Brother Zhao Hai. It’s an honor for Senior Brother to visit our branch. Please come inside.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ll have to ask Junior Brothers to report my arrival. I have other people with me inside my carriage. I’ll have to ask the branch to prepare some rooms for me.”

The disciple quickly replied, “Senior Brother is too polite. My name is Han Qiang, Senior Brother can call me Little Qiang. I’ll immediately arrange your request.” After speaking, Han QIang asked the man next to him to send a report. Then he immediately went to arrange rooms for Zhao Hai. As for Zhao Hai’s carriage, a place would be arranged for it.

Laura and the others followed Zhao Hai into the branch hall. Although it was just a small town, the branch hall wasn’t small. Han Qiang specially arranged a courtyard for Zhao Hai and the others to stay in.

As soon as the arrangements were done, several cultivators walked over. The group was led by a middle-aged man around 50 years old. The middle-aged man wore radiant warrior clothing. He was tall and had an imposing aura. What made Zhao Hai pay attention was his strength. This person was at least at the Teleportation Stage. He could become a region’s powerhouse. He should be the branch hall master.

Zhao Hai quickly cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Elder.” The Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall masters have the status of elder. Moreover, they were level 6 elders. Although their ranking was worse than the Yin Yang Elders, the power they held was still very big.

The Hall Master laughed and said, “You’re too polite. Are you Zhao Hai? I heard of your name. How are the Yin Yang brothers, are they well?”


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