BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2097


Chapter 2097 – Finally Going Out

It has already been three years since Zhao Hai started his seclusion. This information wasn’t only known in the Tyrant Blade Sect. It also caused quite a stir in the True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a nobody in the True Spirit Realm. He’s the peak Clone Stage cultivator in the latest competition. It won’t be too much to say that he was the strongest Clone Stage cultivator in the True Spirit Realm. The other sects knew that he secluded himself when he returned to the Tyrant Blade Sect. The other sects expected Zhao Hai to exit a month after. They weren’t blind, they could see how talented Zhao Hai was.

However, Zhao Hai has secluded himself for three years. This came as a surprise to everyone. Even the Yin Yang Elders didn’t think that Zhao Hai would seclude for so long. It must be known that almost everyone in Zhao Hai’s group has reached the Soul Fusion Stage. Just a few months after participating in the competition, Li Fei and the others became Soul Fusion cultivators. Only Zhao Hai closed up for three years and had yet to come out. 

Everyone began to worry. They don’t know what happened to Zhao Hai. Fortunately, Laura and the others didn’t appear to be nervous. Instead, they were comforting others. Seeing how they look, the people of the Tyrant Blade Sect felt assured.

Li Fei just returned from a mission. As soon as he returned to his residence, a servant immediately came over and bowed before saying, “Sir, there’s a message for you.”

Li Fei nodded and received the jade sword message. This sword message was like the one in the Great Realm of Cultivation. However, jade sword messages in the True Spirit Realm allowed voice and images to be recorded. As long as the recipient’s spiritual force probed it, the message would be relayed.

After probing the message with his spiritual force, Li Fei found out that it had been sent by Laura, “Hello, Senior Brother Li Fei. I am Zhao Hai’s wife, Laura. Zhao Hai will be out on the 8th day of the seventh month. If you have the time, he wants to see you and get together.”

Li Fei stared. Looking up the date, he found that it was today. He would be late if he didn’t leave right now.

Like Li Fei, there were plenty of people who also received jade sword messages. Lin Ling, Xiang Ying, the 12 Dao Brothers, and the cultivators who went with Zhao Hai to the competition, also received invitations.

This invitation came from Zhao Hai himself. He finally fused with all of his clones. He doesn’t know how strong he became compared to before. The strength increases from fusing a thousand clones wasn’t as simple as getting a boost a thousand times. There were bound to be other effects. What surprised Zhao Hai the most was the fact that he can now fly.

In other words, although Zhao Hai was still in the Soul Fusion Stage, he should be as strong as a Teleportation Stage expert. This was a huge leap in strength.

Naturally, Zhao Hai doesn’t plan to tell others about this matter. He would only display the strength of the Soul Fusion Stage. Naturally, he would be the strongest Soul Fusion cultivator.

When Li Fei arrived on Zhao Hai’s peak on Lower Earth Mountain, there were already a lot of people present. Everyone was waiting for Zhao Hai to come out. Laura and the others were busy welcoming everyone in the dining hall. They prepared snacks and tea while chatting with everyone so they wouldn’t be bored.

When noon came, Zhao Hai walked from the outside. Seeing Zhao Hai enter, Lin Ling and the others immediately stood up. Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards them and said, “I’ve made everyone wait. I finished my seclusion the night before. I just went to my Masters to report.”

Lin Ling smiled and said, “It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s good that you’re already out. I must say, you really practice differently than us. Even your seclusions are special. This is the first time I saw someone go into seclusion for three years to break through to Soul Fusion. I really don’t know what to say.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I made Senior Brother Lin worried. I also didn’t expect that it would take that long for me to break through. But no matter what, I’m out now. I haven’t seen you for several years. Let’s have a feast!”

After saying that, Zhao Hai also talked to everyone before sitting down. Laura and the others took away the tea and snacks and replaced them with wine and dishes. Everyone began to eat and drink, toasting Zhao Hai from time to time. The atmosphere in the hall was very lively.

It’s impossible for the news of Zhao Hai’s gathering to not spread. While Zhao Hai was drinking with Lin Ling and the others, information already spread outside.

Naturally, the first to receive the news was the Tyrant Blade Sect. Then the rest of the sects knew about it through various channels.

To be honest, the True Spirit Realm was paying a lot of attention to Zhao Hai. He was the strongest Clone Stage cultivator, an ascender, had two monstrous Masters, and the willingness to harvest lives. It would be hard to ignore such a person.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the news spreading. He continued to drink with Lin Ling and the others. 

Zhao Hai returned to normal life the next day. He looked at Qiu Tie’s progress. Qiu Ti was now at the peak of the Rebirth Stage. He could attack the next realm at any time. His progress was very quick.

Seeing Qiu Tie practicing the blade in front of him, Zhao Hai had a delighted expression on his face. The blade technique that Qiu Tie used wasn’t a powerful technique. It was a low-level blade technique. However, he practiced it very seriously and has reached the minor perfection stage. Qiu Tie became stronger than ordinary cultivators.

People might not care much about practicing their techniques, but Zhao Hai was the opposite. Zhao Hai cared a lot about perfection.

Although Qiu Tie would walk the Body Cultivation path in the future, body cultivation doesn’t only utilize the body. 

Qiu Tie received his blade and stood before Zhao Hai. He was now over ten years old. Zhao Hai looked at his appearance and chuckled, “Good job, Little Tie. Your technique and cultivation are doing well. Don’t forget that foundation is most important. Don’t underestimate the basics. All advanced techniques have developed from the basic cultivation methods. These basic methods have existed in the True Spirit Realm for many years without being eliminated. It’s enough to see that they are extraordinary. You have done well in this regard. Very good.”

Qiu Tie couldn’t help but get excited upon hearing Zhao Hai, “Young Master, are you telling the truth? I will practice hard. I won’t ruin your reputation.”

Zhao Hai laughed, then he patted Qiu Tie’s shoulder and said, “Alright, go take a rest.” Qiu Tie complied and then left.

Zhao Hai returned to the living room where Laura and the others were waiting for him. After he sat down, he looked at Laura and asked, “Laura, is there any recent news about Ghost Cultivators?”

Laura shook her head and said, “There’s nothing. The Ghost Cultivators seem to disappear. It’s very strange. The actions of the major sects have rooted out some Ghost Cultivators. According to the past, there should have been movement. But the Ghost Cultivators didn’t react at all. This isn’t their style.”

Zhao Hai replied with a serious expression, “They wouldn’t act at this time. The Ghost Cultivators have fought against the Great Sects for many years, so they have learned how to endure. If they attack at this time, the animosity from the Great Sects will be at its all-time high.”

Laura nodded, “From what I can see, the Ghost Cultivators aren’t fully prepared. If they’re ready, they would have made their move. They should be close to acting. Even before the sects looked for spies, the Ghost Cultivators were already reducing their actions in the realm. This showed that they needed manpower for something. The recent matter with the spies might delay their plans, but it wouldn’t be for long.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I heard that the sect caught a few spies and are waiting for me to exit my seclusion. Now that I’m out, it won’t be long before they call me over to interrogate them. They hope to get something useful from the spies.”

Laura shook her head, “I’m not optimistic. The spies all have poison in their bodies that they could use. I’m sure that isn’t the only countermeasure they have. It’s impossible for spies to know a lot of things.”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “It’s the only thing we can do. We need to do this step by step. The Great Sects of the True Spirit Realm have been dealing with the Ghost Cultivators for a long time. I don’t believe their means to be that useless. The sects aren’t fools. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived this long.”

Laura agreed, “What do you want us to do now? Should we prepare? You should know that you’ve greatly offended the Ghost Cultivators. Once they make their move, you’ll be one of their first targets.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Our preparations will be useless. If the Tyrant Blade Sect and the other Great Sects can’t deal with the Ghost Cultivators, then it’s impossible for us to do something. Even if we use everything in the Space, we still can’t compare to the collective strength of the True Spirit Realm. And if the Ghost Cultivators sweep through the True Spirit Realm, our struggles would be useless.”

Laura and the others agreed to Zhao Hai’s words. In their current state, their contributions would be very small. If the Great Sects can block the Ghost Cultivators, then they would be safe. If the sects fail, then even the Space couldn’t do anything to threaten the Ghost Cultivators.


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